Springy Canadian Spring!

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  • Josey... I'm really glad you guys are ok! I probably would have messed in my pants! Rodeo season is awesome, I love the cowboys. But I always feel bad for the animals too.. those poor little baby calfs, getting jerked around. I'm not the most popular person at a rodeo usually.

    The wedding was nice, it was a nice day and a beautiful location. We were by a stream with the Banff hotel in the back ground. The JP rode up on an orange crusing BMW motorbike, he was a real character. Afterwards we went for dinner at the Keg and watched Vancouver lose. Then we went to the hot springs and out for more drinks.

    My diet unfortunately has really sucked the big one! After getting back from our trip hubby and I both got really sick with a bad flu. I'm only back to work now, I haven't worked out or done anything in over a week. Bleh

    Edit - Didn't we have a challenge started somewhere? Not the July 1 challenge but something else? I signed up for it but can't find it.
  • It's summer! It's summer! It's summer!

    Well, technically anyway.... it's going to rain again here.

    You guys must be all outside. Should we start a summer thread?
  • I am all for a summer thread! Bring it on! ;-) The summer and the thread I mean!