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Cindi 02-15-2001 07:15 PM

Good morning, Did everyone survive the chocolate frenzy day? I had 2 pieces of my box of chocs. not too bad. We all have our own box, my kids choc. is gone my husbands has 2 layers 1 layer is already gone! Mine has 1 layer and I hid mine! I'm really wanting to get a grip on the "moderation" thing, using this box to practice it. I've been doing my bike in the morning before work. I found that its best that I get it out of the way first thing. Have a good day!!! :) Cindi

Phoebe 02-15-2001 09:37 PM

Hi everyone!

Cindi, well done on the moderation thing. I think that is such an important issue for me. I just can't buy biscuits or sweets because I know that I absolutely cannot eat just one or two. As soon as I put them away, the rest of the packet calls my name until I cave in and eat the whole lot in one go! So well done on resisting the temptation.

Hope everyone else is having a good day. The sun has been shining over here for 3 days in a row, amazing :) I hope it lasts, everything feels so much better with some sunshine around.

Phoebe :)

cat90 02-15-2001 11:29 PM

hi girls...OP for 3rd day and i treated myself to a mini kit-kat for my VD treat..i have tons of junk food in the house and i am usually able to eat it in moderation so i am doing well in that department...cindi that is a big step if you can resist the chocs..
phoebe i'm sometimes a little like you..there is a packet of Mc'vities chocolate digestive's in the cupboard..opened..my husband has been eating them..but yesterday lunchtime i almost reached for the packet to eat some with my cup of tea..if i had.. i know i would have dunked the lot in my tea and blown it for the day so i said NO..i was really pleased with myself for doing that...i can't believe you have had the sun shining for 3 days in a row..everytime i speak to someone over there they are sick to death of the rain http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif you're right everything does seem so much better when the sun is shining..have a nice day...cathy.

thenewme 02-16-2001 10:56 AM

Well gang, I throwing in the towel on my so call diet. Instead I'm going to drink my water and excerise and watch what I eat. And no more worring about a diet. I may lose only a pound a month, but at least I won't be gaining. This daily worrying about what I'm eating is really getting to me. So out the door on diets and in comes a new way of living. And I will be a lot happier. I think the scales are going out the door also. I'm not giving up I'm just giving up on the dieting part.

It's raining here, has been for the last couple of days. Infact a ice storm is suppose to be going through tonight. I hope it misses us. In three days we've had two of our automobiles in the shop. My husbands truck for the steering and our old van for king pins what ever that is. Something had to do with the wheels. My son is driving my little van. So I've been stuck at home.
I'm waiting impatiently waiting for summer. never did like winter very much. If it snow it should only snow on the grass and stay off the roads and concrete.

Well I'm through griping for now.
So until later Sandy

Cindi 02-16-2001 06:56 PM

Good morning ~ Sandy the whole losing weight thing is a daily battle for sure, but being critical on yourself day in and day out will take its toll. I think you said alot when you said the "diet" is over instead I'm "changing" the way I approach losing. I think your going to be pleasantly surprised! It's like have you ever heard about the couples trying to get pregnant for years with no luck, then when they quit "trying" they get pregnant. I think it's the same thing. Well today was a tylenol for breakfast day! I fell out of bed last night, onto my right side! I have had something not right on that side for the last 3 mos. it feels & looks like something is in there. I went to the doc. this past Tues. (the day I ate the solid choc. santa) imagine why! Anyways I'm going for an ultrasound at the end of the month. If its scar tissue they won't see anything, if its something else it will show up. Either way it will probably mean surgery for me, which litterally makes my skin crawl!!!! I had 3 surgeries last year and I want soooo bad just to have a fun summer! Well I won't be exercising today! Actually don't know how I'm gonna be able to work! Hoping tylenol works really good! I'd call in if it wasn't pay day! Have a good day, Cindi

cat90 02-16-2001 09:35 PM

morning girls...i'm on here early for me..almost 6.30am..it will make it a long day..maybe i will get the painting done that i should have done yesterday instead of sitting in front of the pooter for hours http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif
Sandy i hope this does'nt mean you will stop posting!! i would love to hear from you even if it is just to tell us how your day is going and if your hubby has gotten any more tickets.. ;)
Phoebe i caved yesterday..those darn biscuits got the better of me..drat..anyway they have gone now..hopefully be back on track today.
Cindi so sorry to hear that you hurt your hip..hope the tylenol helps.

cya later, cathy.

Phoebe 02-16-2001 11:15 PM

Hello everyone, its Friday!!!

Cindi, ouch, I hope you feel better soon.

Those biscuits would have got me for sure Cathy, as sure as the sun rises in the morning!! Thats why I just avoid having anything like that in the house. Unless of course I'm feeling sad, emotional, tired, stressed ...... !!

Sandy, I hope you will continue to post too. I try not to think of it as being on a diet and I never tell other people that I am dieting. I just tell them that I am trying to eat healthily. Seems to be working because I lost 4 pounds this week!

Well just a quick post from me as its late Friday afternoon and I am about to go home from work!!

Take care all,

Phoebe :)

cat90 02-16-2001 11:53 PM

Whooo! phoebe..you go girl..wait till your boyfriend see's you...is it the 20 something of feb that you see him? or have you already seen him? anyways..lets hope he's not like my hubby who can't see the nose in front of his face http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif
have a great weekend everyone...cathy

thenewme 02-17-2001 09:57 AM

Hey you can't get rid of me that easy. I'm still going to post. Just change my way of looking at things. Went to the library today and checked out two books. one Make the Connection by Oprah and Bob Greene and BodyFlex (my daughter wanted that one). Well tried the breathing and got dizzy. And after reading a little in Oprahs book, I realize I haven't been putting a lot into my walking. I'm just not going to beat myself up over the scales. It does set my mood for the day, on what the scales say in the morning. Need to really get away from the scales.

Phoebe congrats on the weigh loss. Doesn't that make you feel good?

So you guys have to put up with me, I'm in this for the long haul. Unless you move and not tell me where you moved to. Well got to go for now, have been running around all day long. And I need to go to bed. So until later. Sandy

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Cindi 02-17-2001 07:21 PM

Good morning! A CHEER ~~~~ Way to go Phoebe Wat to go!! Ra Ra! It sounds better here, just gotta get the right beat :) My side has since recuperated, so exercising today. My husband gave me a real surprise last night!! It seems as though we are Florida bound this Spring. He knows how I am about flying and boy was he prepared! My first argument was $ so he showed me how he worked it out, then I went for the but I , but I, but I AM SCARED ! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif I told him when its time to get on the plane to either go there or come home & its raining/storming he WILL NOT be able to get me on there! I said what are you going to do get mad, that WILL NOT get me on there! His response hopefully we'll have nice flying weather DUH!! The anxiety over this is overwehlming. I feel like I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Petrified/Excited. Not to mention it is time to do some serious weight loss. I have a video buns of steele,abs of steele but nothing for NERVES of steele! My nerves are just plain shot for a few reasons but this certainly tops the list. I gave my kids the rest of my choc. last night. I went to get a piece & I could just feel the pig out coming on! I was just freaking over the surprise. Okay so for now I have to brain wash myself into facing the reality, overlook the fear and DEFFINITELY LOSE WEIGHT!!! so with that in mind its exercise time... Cindi

cat90 02-17-2001 11:26 PM

hi girls..hey sandy glad to hear you're not deserting us..we need all the motivation we can get :) i think you're right to carry on what you are doing and not get stressed over those darn (i can't say what i want to.. i will get censored but it begins with d and end with m) scales..you have lost weight..you know that for a fact from the doctor's report so you stick with it..you will get there in the end!!
Cindi i can relate to the flying nightmare..i'm not so much scared of flying but i have anxiety\panic attacks and i hate being couped up on a plane..i want to go home to england this year but the thought of 3 flights really puts me off...i have about a 50min flight of the island..then its 8.5-9hrs flight to england..then another 50 mins to our destination..with waiting for connections and everything you are traveling for almost a full day..i hate it...i will just have to keep telling myself that it is worth it to be with family...XXX fingers crossed i can do it...i was so excited yesterday i had a phone call from my brother who i have not seen for 3yrs...he is thinking of coming to visit me..but..he hates flying too http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif i was so psyched i forgot all about food and was hopping around all day long..funny is'nt it??..how a mood can affect if you eat or not..i feel like i am on cloud nine today..hope this feeling sticks around..cya later...cathy.

cat90 02-19-2001 08:49 AM

Hellooooo????? where are you??? hmmm..too busy to post are you? well..so far sunday has gone pretty well..i hope you have all had a good week-end..will see you tomorrow..cathy.

Phoebe 02-19-2001 04:10 PM

Good morning everyone!

The sun is still shining in England!! It must be a record, the weather at the weekend was great.

Wow, Cindi, Florida!! That's fantastic, what an amazing treat to look forward to. I can sympathise on the flying thing too, I'm not so scared that it will put me off going somewhere nice but I definitely don't enjoy it. I heard a quote from Joan Collins yesterday that "happiness is the plane touching down on the runway". I'm off to California in July, definitely not looking forward to a 12 hour flight.

I see bf again this Saturday, the 24th. Yay!!

Well I didn't drink enough water this weekend so am determined to drink plenty today. Does anyone else find it hard to drink enough water when they are not working?

Have a great day everyone!

Phoebe :)

Cindi 02-19-2001 07:07 PM

Good morning! I must say between Cathys 10 hr. flight & Phoebes 12 hr. I'm not so bad off! Mine is a total 3 hrs. one way with 1 layover for 1 hr. (just long enough to smoke & smoke & smoke http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//smoking.gif http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif It's the taking off and landing that petrifies me to the pit of my soul!! Hoping I'd get on/ get off ONCE there ONCE back. We got the last 4 plane seats & we're going to be seperated by 2's, 3 rows apart. Okay so I have roughly 40 days to look half way decent in a swim suit! We got a condo on the beach so I will be LIVING in my suit!!! I'm 150 now so realistically I'll "hope" for 140 by then. As long as I exercise it won't matter what the scale says all that much I JUST DO NOT WANT TO JIGGLE IN MY SUIT AHHHHH!!! I'm a total basket case! Phoebe.... 5 DAYS 'TIL BF DAY WoooHooo!!! As far as water goes I drink it like its going out of style! I've been drinking it for so long now my body HAS to have it. In other words the longer you do it the easier it gets like anything we do. The longer we exercise the easier it gets too... so I'm off to work on making it easier! :)Cindi

Cindi 02-19-2001 08:55 PM

As I was exercising...sweating...giving it all I got! A commercial for liposuction came on the radio..."adult fat is predisposed, and exercise and diet very seldom will affect the process" Well I've got news for them...THEMS FIGHTIN' WORDS!!

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