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cyan 11-05-2002 02:15 PM

Excercise, Diet and Support
Hello This is a thread that welcomes all who want to discuss excercise plans and routines, Diet plans, tips and adivce and most importantly, to give support to all who need a gentle but firm push in the right direction. :)

All discussions of weight, measurements, diet and diet associated topics are welcome. You can post your favorite health, nutrition and excercise sites here. You can share with us your tips on dieting and excercise. This is a forum that is open to all who are interested in getting in better shape for a long healthy life. And of course, if you are having a bad day, week etc...like the song from friends say" I'll be there for you" So please feel free to introduce yourselves. I look forward to being a buddy. Lets start this journey together


LadyRider 11-05-2002 03:51 PM

This thread is a great idea, Cyan!
I just spent a few very stressful days out of town, and now that I'm back home am determined to get back to my exercise / diet routine. In the past I have dieted and exercised, but never together. It's truly amazing, but putting these two tools together really works! I'm averaging 2 lbs and 1 1/2 inches a week.

A tip that works for me:Eat small portions with the idea you can always have more if you are still hungry. Then wait 5 minutes after you've eaten to determine if you're still hungry. It takes that long for your body to register that you are full or still hungry. If you get a second helping before waiting, you may be feeding your hand to mouth habit instead of your body. :lol:

cjunk 11-05-2002 06:33 PM

Hi Cyan,

Its cjunk again. Thanks for the interesting thread!

Okay, some exercise tips:

Try and incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle in addition to your workouts. What I mean is this:

-Park farther away and walk farther to the work and to stores.
-Take the stairs instead of the escalator and stairs instead of elevators.
-Physically get up to change the channel on your t.v.
-If you work in an office and you have a chance to keep your hands busy, buy a hand exerciser or an stress ball to squeeze on.
-Take air breaks and get a quick walk outside if you have a 10-15 break in your day.
-Try to make your outings with friends revolve around some form of physical activity and then follow it with going out to eat if going out to eat was the only thing you did before.
-Get up and dance to that funky beat you hear on a television commercial--it may look kooky but it sure is fun!! (this suggestion is thanks to my boyfriend who does this all the time!)
-Go to the park at least once in a while and play--even though you are an adult--bring a frisbee or go on the swings!
-Stretch while at work in your chair or while at home on the computer...
-Use an alternate form of transportation i.e. bike, walk, run-- other than your car to get to where you want to go.
-Participate in charity events where you donate money but are required to walk, run, skip, exercise for charity (my friend and I drew up a whole summer calendar of these one year and did over 20 in one summer--we were so fit and we donated so much to charities)
-If you get dropped off or given rides somewhere, ask them to drop you off a bit farther away from the front door so that you can get more exercise
-Place your telephone or alarm clock (if you can do it) in a room where you can still hear it but you have to hustle to get to it (if this is manageable)
-Carry your bags to the car when grocery shopping if you don't have too many bags OR park far away from the buggy return and then sprint the buggy back once you have put them in your car!

That's all I can think of for now. Can anyone think of anything to add to the list?

My boyfriend wants to go walk to the store, so gotta go!

cyan 11-05-2002 07:38 PM

hi Girls
So glad to see you here. Cjunk...you are very smart...any kind of movement is better than none and if you keep the muscles active they will continue working for you when you are lying around. I just finished my biking...stationary...did 25 minutes...7km and burned 250 cal...its getting easier and easier and I already feel my legs firming up. On the food side...I ate chocolate candy from halloween:( but I still kept within my 1500 cals so not too uspet about it...its just a worry point for me cause when I eat chocolate...its a bouncy point for me to go on a binge and clean out the pantry..if ya no what I mean:yikes:

Hey LadyRider welcome back and welcome to the our new thread.
I took your advice tonight so I took one serving/portion of my food and when I was done eating...I still wanted a bit more but I waited and sure enough...I wasnt hungry anymore...so thank you for that bit of info....cause otherwise I probably would have eaten a bit more unecessarily.

http://www.global-fitness.com/ I just recently stumbled onto this site and it has all sorts of calculators...to help you fine tune you diet and excercise...depending on age, activity level, height and other bits of info...it will tell you what you body burns on a regular basis...very interesting..worth a look

Also I often use aromatherapy because I believe it can affect your brain...like when you have cravings...I use bergamot: its helps to regulate the appetite of compulive eaters....like me. Other essential oils good for dieters are: clary sage, cajeput and patchouli....these last three essential oils help with the compulsion to overeat or binge eat. So whenever I feel the uncontrollabe urge...I light up my difuser and burn either of these oils and it calms me down and takes away the urgency to put large quantities of food in my mind.

Well I think this is it for now. Take care


Determined Annie 11-05-2002 07:51 PM

Hello Cyan, LadyRider and Cjunk. Hey Cjunk you beat me here. I just left a reply for you on Cyan's other thread to meet us here. Looks like I need another kick in the behind to get me moving faster!LOL
Great place you have here Cyan, feels like home. Now we can all get down to business and take these pounds off.
Everyone has posted some really good tips. LadyRider, when I first started out I thought all I had to do was cut back on my eating. I didn't see any results. But when I added an exercise program to my plan the results came. You offered some great tips.
Cjunk, thanks for the tips. I do a few of those already, like the dancing one to everything. It may look silly but hey it burns calories and keeps me fit. You listed some other ones that I will give a try.
Alittle about me, I'm Annie, I'm in my late 40's. Married, I have two children. Working hard to acheive a better and healthier lifestyle. Breaking some old eating habits and developing some healthy ones.
Meal planning seems to be my headache. But adapting as time goes on.
Tips on eating, I always make sure I have more vegetables on my plate than meat. The portion of meat I consume is no larger than the size of my palm and no thicker than 1 1/2 inches. Limit portion sizes, I follow the food pyramid faithfully. Since I've been dieting I only consume chicken, turkey or fish as my meat source. And water is a big part of my life now. I carry it wherever I go.
I exercise 3 times a day for 30 minute sessions. My calorie intake ranges from 1200 to 1500, usually closer to 1200. I have elimanated all sweets, soft drinks from my diet. So far I've been able to lose 16 pounds. I started my diet on Sept. 15th of this year. I have a lot to learn and any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've done pretty good so far, Sunday was my worst day so far. Felt alittle depressed and started losing focus of my goals. I know that we all have those days, we're human. It's great to be able to come here and get support from others. We're all in this boat together, and we're in the right place now for that support.
Thanks Cyan for all the help you have given me. If any of you need a kick in the behind to get you focused again just call on Cyan. Thanks for this thread and group you started. We're going to make it. Stay Confident everyone and stay strong through the holidays.

Determined Annie 11-05-2002 07:57 PM

Thanks Cyan for the link. I will check that out. The last link you posted was a great info site.
Hope everyone has a nice evening. As for me, it's time to climb on my bike and burn some calories. Talk with everyone later.
Stay Confident.

cjunk 11-05-2002 08:41 PM

Hi everyone,

Back from my walk/shopping excursion. Starting to snow out there...(I am in Ontario, Canada).

Cyan, I am glad to hear about your cycling. 7kms in 28 minutes is impressive!

Hey LadyRider, your portion control is a good idea, but I do find myself craving seconds at times and going for them when I try that method. So I guess that I am not sure if it makes me eat more or eat less, but I am so affected by psychological things I even have my alarm clock set too fast!

Hi Annie, I was going to send you a reply to this thread when I got back from the store but you did beat me to it! I guess it is me who has to get the butt in gear!!

I too use aromatherapy at times but most of what I have is for relaxation like lavendar/mandarin combos etc. So I think I may go out and buy some of the ones that you have suggested and give them a try.

Does anyone have hints for PMS time when I seem to crave fried or starchy foods??? Try not to gasp, but today I had to actually chant---"I will not stop at McDonalds" as I passed by it on my way home! I am sure if anyone heard me they would think I was nuts! The cravings are much stronger for those foods this time of the month.

I have a tip on a low cal, low fat meal I sometimes eat when I have overindulged on too many calories and am still hungry--spaghetti squash. It is tasty, filling and also versatile. A friend introduced me to it and there has been no turning back. It actually comes out like strands of spaghetti!

I also find that if I can make a commitment with someone that I will do an activity and they will do an activity and then meet up later to check in that this helps me keep my end of the bargain. Anyone up for that for tomorrow night? I would love to go swimming but if someone else can commit to an activity then I will more than certainly go so that I have no excuse for changing my mind. Any takers???

cyan 11-05-2002 09:04 PM

Me Again
Ok Cjunk your are on....here it is...if you go swimming...I will do my power yoga....I promise! I will do it at 7pm...should be finished my 8pm So I will post sometime after that!

Annie your call name Determined Annie is very fitting cause sticking to 1200 cals...for me right now...is impossible...my hats off to you....I would be salivating if I ate so few calories...for real.
And three times per day? at 30 minutes....WOW WOW WOW

I can only manage once per day...but tonight, I did some weight lifting ...I worked out my arms..I have these ankle weights but I strapped them on my writsts...it works! Oh I have a tip...kinda secret I have to motivate me to get on the bike:s: I put on my walkman and I fantasize about being a rockstar on stage...I know very embarassing or I imagine that I am on a hot date with Keanu Reeves and I loose myself in that fantasy and before I know it, it 25 minutes later and I forgot I was peddling away...I swear this works....it makes me want to get away...the music blocks out the noise and puts me in the zone and then my imagination takes over....you gotta try this. Ok dont laugh too much but I figure if its gonna get me on the bike...I will try it:lol:

I know what you mean Cjunk...cravings during my period can be real bad...once in university...I ate a whole family package of lifesavers and a jumbo aero chocolate in a space of 15 minutes...I just shoved everything into my mouth. So what I do usually if I am really craving something and its my time of the month... I just wind up having it...but I put in extra time excercising. I have learned that if I dont satisfy my craving with that particular food, I eat everything else to try to avoid that food and in the end wind up eating that food too. So skip all the other food and just eat the one you really want and savor it.

Ok now, I am shutting down my computer for the evening

Determined Annie 11-05-2002 10:00 PM

Hello again, thought I would check in one last time this evening. Sounds like we are getting a motivated group going. I sure would like to participate in your idea Cjunk. The only exercise program I'm involved in at the time is getting on my stationary bike and riding until my legs and arms feel like they can't take it anymore. Hey Cyan, you're not too far off from my little secret too. We won't tell a soul about your secret. Sometimes I will put in music videos as I ride the bike. I get all consumed with watching them. You ladies don't laugh at me ok, but my niece left some Nsync videos here a while back. She was really into that group, not anymore though. Last night I desparately needed something to get my attention off my exercising. So I put in one of their concert videos. Don't laugh at me, I was totally consumed with watching them strutting and dancing around the stage. Such energy they have. Hey we all do all sorts of things to get us through this don't we? I always listen to music when I exercise. Watching TV doesn't do it for me. Unless it's a music video or something like that. Most of the time I have the stereo turned up loud, my family knows it's my exercise time. But occassionally I will put my headphones on so I don't disturb others in the house. My son doesn't especially like some of the music I exercise to. Shakira is one my favorites, very high energy songs on the CD I have. When I play that one, he will come in the room and say, would you please put the headphones on, if I hear that CD one more time I'm going to scream.
Cyan, it's been hard lowering my calorie intake to 1200. At times it has been very rough. But I started gradually and finally got my intake down to 1200. I've had the most results at 1200. I leave out the sweets, etc. and make up that calorie switch to more veggies, protein, fiber and fruit. Drinking water seems to help with the hunger cravings. But most of the time I do ok on 1200 calories. Yep, I am determined to reach my goals, and stay with them for a lifetime. I've been trying to get myself motivated to exercise more at one time so I can cut out one of my exercise sessions. So tomorrow night I will join you and Cjunk with an activity planned. I will try to stay on the bike for 45 minutes instead of 30. This is going to be hard. Hope I can find some more interesting videos to watch. Good idea Cjunk, we'll report tomorrow evening after we have all finished.
Well remember I was having a hard time yesterday with cravings, etc. Last evening I gave in and went to the store and bought some bagels and creme cheese. I used to eat those by the tons. I needed a change in my breakfast menu. I have been eating oatmeal or some bran cereals for breakfast. So this morning I had a new outlook with just a change in my breakfast. I got the small bagels, couldn't find any wheat ones. And I bought the fat free creme cheese. So this morning I had half a bagel(70 calories) and a tablespoon of fat free creme cheese(15 calories) an orange(60 calories) and two 12oz glasses of water. I was content with a nice change for breakfast. I've never been a big breakfast eater so it's been difficult forcing myself to eat in the mornings. But it does help to eat breakfast when you are dieting. Cuts way down on the eating frenzy at lunchtime.
That sounds so familiar Cjunk, except with me I am telling myself that about donut shops on the way home. I love pastries. You keep up the good work and just drive on by those fast food places. Just look at the charts on this forum about the calorie and fat content they serve in some of those places. I would rather be able to go home and eat a lot of things I like instead of one burger and be healthier for it in the long run. The only thing I craved during that time was Chocolate, and then more chocolate. A cashier that checked my groceries out one time told me that she could always tell when women were approaching that time of the month because she said they always had tons of chocolate bars. I think she was right. Cyan can help you more with the cravings than I can. I go for water when I have a craving or baby carrots, it's like I just need to chew on something :lol: One of these days my family will find me out in the yard chewing on a tree limb or something :dizzy:
Well I need to stop rambling. Glad to see that the group is feeling motivated, let's keep it going. Because by the time Thanksgiving gets here I for sure will be out in the yard chewing on a tree limb.
Cjunk, we don't get snow here very often. That must be a beautiful sight. The couple of times it has snowed here people went nuts, no one could drive on the roads. Everything shut down. I would love to have a white Christmas. Must be beautiful to enjoy something like that.
Goodnight All.

cjunk 11-06-2002 08:27 AM

Hi everyone!

I logged on to see if I have any takers for tonight and I was so excited to see that I do!!! It has been so long since I have gone swimming that I think I will enjoy it. Before I hurt my shoulder I used to swim for about 1hour straight 4-5 days per week, so I guess it is pretty obvious why I put on weight when I stopped because I haven't been able to find another exercise I like as much. It may be a bit of emotional turmoil for me because the physio people say that I have to start with only 1/4 of what I did before of any shoulder activity to ease my way into it. So I guess the flutter board will be my friend for the rest of the workout.

You all motivated me so much I decided that I will go to the aquafit class beforehand and then do a short lengths swim because of the shoulder thing. It all starts at 8:00 and ends at about 9:30 so I should post around 10pm. I expect to hear all about your workout adventures when I log on!!

Cyan, I went to that website and tried one of the surveys and found out that I am really lacking in some areas of diet, and exercise, and I knew it just by reading the questions alone--even before the writeup--thanks! I am determined to work towards that so I wrote down the areas and am going to try and improve on each area per week. This week my focus will be increase water consumption and eat breakfast every day (once in a while I skip it). Also I need to pick up some small weights to incorporate more weight bearing exercise. I have a circuit training video at home which is good and uses a 5lb dumbell for the workout. It is actually pretty hard and I had been doing it without weights!

LadyRider, keep up the great work. Your ability to keep going on your plan is continued inspiration to us all and I love to hear about it because it motivates me to keep it up, and it doesn't feel near as impossible for me. I have been trying to eat more slowly and not in front of the TV so that I am getting full faster and it seems to work.

Annie and Cyan your music and exercise combos are excellent and made me smile and giggle--in a good way! I will think of you both as I dance to my commercials with my boyfriend and maybe you guys inspired me to put a walkman on my Christmas list! If I had only known all of the fun I was missing out on I would have bought one sooner!

A little note on my newly supportive guy. He didn't really care at first about my whole diet and exercise kick, but he is starting to notice the lifestyle change. He will pick us up dinner sometimes but stop in somewhere and get something like sushi from the grocery store for me because he knows I am serious. He even joins in on my pilates and aerobics tapes sometimes when I do them and looks so cute and funny when he does. It has been such a nice change. It was his idea to walk to the store. He has mentioned that I am happier and have more energy. I think the whole thing is bringing us much closer. For so long I have been whining about my shoulder pain but I don't really do that anymore because I have something else to focus on and it is positive. It has taken over a month of little or no support but now he has done a full 360 and I really appreciate it so much.

Talk to you all after our exercise tonight!

cyan 11-06-2002 09:37 AM

Good Morning
Hi I justed wanted to let you all know that it have been very positive to know that you guys are there....working hard, eating right and having such a good attitude about it. Honestly, it inspires me to do the same. When I know that you girls are doing your best, its truly makes me try my best. Ok gotta get back to work....until after the excercise


Determined Annie 11-06-2002 11:53 AM

Hello to All, just checking in to wish everyone a great day. I'm looking forward to tonight's planned activity. You have a great attitude for success Cjunk. You hang in there, time is the best healer of all. Glad to hear that the new guy in your life is becoming more supportive, it really does make a difference in life when they are. Makes your struggles seem alittle lighter.
Cyan, I guess we will have the music going tonight, I will definitely have to find some that will carry me through 45 minutes of that bike riding. It will be fun, glad we have some motivation going between us all.
LadyRider, hope your day is going well. Come and post often with us.
That's it for now, busy day today. Talk with you ladies later on.

LadyRider 11-06-2002 02:38 PM

Wow! I just checked in to see how everyone was doing and the positive energy you all are emitting is awesome!
Cjunk, swimming is a great way to exercise! I wish I had a pool to do laps in.
OK, Annie, Cyan Ö your biking stories have gotten me motivated. I jog 2 Ė 3 miles five mornings a week, but tonight Iím going to join you two and climb onto that old stationary bike with the tiny uncomfortable seat, plug the mp3 player into my ears and ride that sucker! I know Iíll never make 45minutes, but hey, 30 will do, donítcha think?
Iíll check in after my ride, about 9pm Eastern time Öus older ladies have to get our beauty sleep, ya know.

Some ideas: Brush your teeth when you get a craving, the taste of the toothpaste will wipe out the craving.

Try to find another way home that won't take you past the donut shop or McDonalds, especially on those vulnerable days.

Together we Will succeed!

reina_mia 11-06-2002 04:23 PM

Room for another groupie??
Hi everyone, I just came across this thread and I thought I would try to see if I can jump on in!
I have been battling the bulge, for 12 years! But realistically for 3 weeks straight now. Doing it the right way. I think now it is time to really get off the rump and start working out. I just need some extra motivation:cp:

Hope you will invite me in, would love to get motivated.

here is a great site that I found.

And here is my daily quote:
If you are doing your best, you will not have time to worry about failure.

- Robert Hillyer
Keep up the good work everyone.
:high: :high: :high:

cyan 11-06-2002 05:53 PM

Theres always room
Hello reina-mia...welcome aboard. Just a quick note for now cause I am getting ready to do the power yoga...but will be back later to post my accomplishments. Be back soon


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