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  • GOOD LUCK!!!
    I didnt mean to cut calories.. I wanna stay around 1200 and then about 100 or so from my coffee intake. For the month of August my goal is to be consistant and really begin exercising and get more sleep.. weight wise I would like to get under 190 or really close. 2 pounds a week is ideal..
  • Thanks, I am starting the calorie cycling up again to see how it works. Today is 1424 gonna try to make it. This is the week of our church Countywide Revival so dinner will be early like 5 o'clock starting on Tuesday. I'm hoping to come home and not eat.
    That is gonna definitely take some
    I'm a relief usher Tuesday and Wednesday and I usher on Thursday and Friday. So I'll exercise in the mornings. Busy week for me. I tried oatmeal again. I ate it for snack after church with cinnamon and no sugar maple. It's not that it taste bad I don't like the texture. I ate half of what I made ... a big plus for me

    Once you implement exercise I'm sure you'll see great results. You've done pretty well without exercise. Get that water in and all of your sleep and you'll be right there with me YOU CAN DO IT!!
  • No change in weight today 202.2
    my menu was a little weird today because I woke up at noon! so I kinda had 2 lunches and no breakfast..
    here it goes:
    Lunch: 450
    1 hamburger patty
    1 pc of cheese
    1 sandwich thin
    mustard and pickles

    Snack: 20

    Lunch: 315
    1 sandwich thin
    1 FF cheese
    1 pack buddig turkey lunchmeat
    mustard pickle
    1oo cal pak pringles sour cream and onion

    no snack

    Dinner: 400
    Smart ones salsbury steak and mac and cheese
    2 pc wheat bread with spray butter and garlic powder
    lg unsweet ice tea
    TOTAL 1185
    I JUST REALIzED THAT AS I WAS TYPING... I sure like pickles
  • LOL on the pickles, you like tomato too. I am hoping today is better than yesterday. I know calorie wise I think I am doing better. I had a good breakfast and a pretty good lunch. I bought some blueberries to try out and went back to the menu in Women's World and found out that I am supposed to eat a cup full. They taste like dirt so I know I can't eat a cup of them. What do I do? I was gonna try Dr. Oz low carb diet for a week. Breakfast consist of a low carb shake or a 2 egg scramble with 1/2 cup veggies and 2tbsp cheese. Lunch 4oz fish or chicken, 2 cups of mixed salad w/2 tbsp regular dressing <--sounds yummy, and 3 whole wheat crackers, Dinner is basically the same but you put the meat on a low carb tortilla, with salsa and bell pepper, 1tbsp of cheese Snack 100 cal pack and 1 hard boiled egg or 2oz cheese. But what do I do about the berries? Gonna have fish for dinner and a salad should be ok huh!
  • yeah I think you will be alright if you really dont like the blueberries but I have had some bad ones too that tasted like dirt..with raspberries too.. Its just one or two but the ruin the taste for the whole mouth full.. Maybe find a low cal recipe you can throw them in ( I will look for you too). I am about to go buy a new battery for my scale and/or a new scale. I can believe I have no kids and its only 5:30! Im excited. I was thinking fish for dinner too but I bought some ground turkey to make chili. I like ground turkey meat in food like spaghetti or hambrger helper.. it kinda tastes like beef.. I have tricked my kids in the past so it must be ok.. Ill be back later with my menu for the day.. so far so good except I had some gummy peachy rings earlier so I called it my snack!!
  • I don't like ground turkey when I make it. I have had it when other people make it with chili and spaghetti but it taste funny when I make it. I have used ground chicken which I like a lot and they don't complain but it's been a while. You know me and the texture thing I don't think I can put the blueberries in anything maybe I can make some mini muffins, hmmm, that's a thought. I want some potatoes or something something starchy what do I do? I am so looking forward to not being in here during the evening for a week. I need to get pass this hump in my journey. I've come to far to screw this up.
    Gonna use that
  • Where are you and Kristen and Tamika? Speaking of which where is my friend Kiya?

    Well I download three new programs to my BB last night. One is fatsecret.com, the other is an exercise tracker (which I used this morning during my walk) and the other is a weight tracker. I wish I had known about the exercise tracker a long time ago. It works using the GPS function on my BB so I know my distance, calories burned pace, and time. fun fun fun I already went for my walk. My phone said, 2.14 miles in 40min and 34sec burned 164 calories average speed 3.16mph.
  • Im here I had a nice day yesterday and went to sleep early. Weighed in this morning at 202.0 down .2.. yesterdays menu:
    yoplait yogurt and 1 sanwich thin with srpay butter
    Snack: 40
    1/2 cup fresh blueberries
    Lunch: 345
    30z skinless chicken breast
    1/ c box potatoes
    1 cup muxed greens (Glory)
    Snack: 240
    5 gummy peachy rings and 1 serving hot pork rinds
    Apple dippers
    and no mayo grilled chicken sandwich from mcdonalds
    TOTAL: 1275
    Will be back later for todays.
    64 oz of water yesterday!! it was hard but I did it!!
    I dont know where they are... I wish they would come on board!!
  • Good Evening!! Had a great day! Lots of fun with the kids! Turning in early tonight hopefully
    Todays menu:

    Breakfast: 320
    Diet Delights sausage egg and cheese on engish muffin (260)
    1 whole orange

    Snack: 44
    5.5o V8 juice and a dum dum lollypop (mango)

    Lunch: 345
    lean Cuisine Peperoni french bread piza (310)
    3/4 c cooked carrots

    Snack: 110
    20 small pretzels

    Dinner: 410
    Homemade turkey chili with onions (250)
    salad- lettuce, tomato, celery (yuck), onion FF Thousand island dressing (2Tbs)
    2 pc Natures Own Honey Wheat bread (35 cal ea)!!
    TOTAL: 1226
    40 OZ OF WATER..
  • I thought my cell phone froze for good but it came back after an hour! Im having a hard day with hunger.. I wanna nibble on stuff!! I havent but i really have the urge to...
  • Hey save a 1/2 cup of the chili, freeze it. Next time I come up I'll get it. Heck save a cup then I have it for two meals. I am having a pretty good day. Scale said 177.4 down .6 woohoo the scale is moving. I am walking in the mornings now since I have revival all week, it's not too bad. I almost didn't go this morning because of the rain, but I got back so late last night, I didn't want to get up. I weighed at my normal time so I know the number is good, but I wonder what it would have said had I ate dinner at my normal time. hmmmm My food hasn't been bad today not sure what I want for dinner though. May eat exactly what I had yesterday, that's a thought. Well don't give in to the extra eating that's what I did for a few days then I got mad at myself. LOL on the celery I only like it in tuna, chicken salad and potato salad. (don't eat potato salad any more) Thanksgiving is gonna be really interesting. I refuse to jepardise all that I have done for one day (pat on the back). Well need to go eat so I can get ready. My toe was killing me last night and this morning. I'll be so glad when the toenail comes off. Have a great evening. I'll be back tomorrow
  • Well I had a little more than usual yesterday. scale still says 201.0 this morning. I didnt like my lunch so it left me feeling unsatisfied and very hungry.
    Total of 1530 calories.
    I took my kids to meet my mom in Frederickburg last night (Darshell and Ana went with my mom for the rest of the week) I have to get them Saturday. I felt so sick I stopped at Chika-fila and had dinner. If felt like my stomache was eating itself away! I know that can cause diets to fail so I gave in to a temptation but stayed on the light side
    Yesterdays menu:

    Turkey bacon bowl
    2 pc wheat bread with spray butter

    V8 juice 1 slice wheat bread and turkey lunchmeat (dry)

    Lunch: 260
    bowl salad (Smokehouse BBq ranch chicken) I didnt really like it so it didnt satisfy my hunger

    Snack: 185
    2 pc wheat bread lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard and honey ham
    (I ate this because I was so hungry I guess from not liking the salad)

    Chika-fila grilled chicken sandwich and sm waffle fries

    only about 32oz of water..Ill do better today!!!
  • Catching up on my meals here


    Breakfast (415)
    honey wheat toast w/spray butter & apple jelly, egg sub w/1 slice turkey bacon & 1/2 slice of cheese, plum juice, skim

    Lunch (334)
    H/C chicken Alfredo Florentine (took that chicken out can't eat that stuff) added 1.5oz salad shrimp, grapefruit

    Snack (160)
    cup of grapes, 5 saltines, a little cottage cheese w/peaches, 10 blueberries (first time eating fresh blueberries didn't much care for them but I think I can handle 10 a day, maybe work my way up to more)

    Dinner (360)
    Tilapia, green beans, 1/2 grapefruit, V8, oyster crackers and an Activia yogurt

    total calories 1269 second day of trying to calorie cycle under by 155 calories
    Exercise 2.75 miles walking drank to much before I left
    Water so far 72oz plus 24oz decaf green tea

    I am hoping to see a better number on the scale. I was up
  • Here's 8/3/10

    Breakfast (313)
    cottage cheese w/peaches, 1oz deli turkey, honey wheat slice, 1/2 grapefruit, Nutrigrain waffle, skim

    Snack (90)
    Special K strawberry bar

    Lunch (465)
    2oz barbeque baked chicken tenderloin, 1/2 mashed potatoes, 1/2 spinach, skim, Activia vanilla yogurt w/1/4 cup fresh blueberries

    Snack (170)
    rice cake, strawberry sherbet

    Dinner (207)
    yellow squash, 1/2 grapefruit, salmon, 1/2 cup greenbeans

    Total calories 1245 under by -179
    Exercise 2.14 miles track, 4.084 miles stationary bike
    Water 48oz plus 2 cups of green tea
  • 8/4/10

    Breakfast (220)
    nutirgrain waffle, activia vanilla yogurt, skim milk

    Snack (100)
    Slim fast peanut butter bar

    Lunch (365)
    2oz turkey, slice swiss, 2 slices honey wheat toast w/n/s syrup, 1/2 n/s peaches, V8 juice

    Dinner (327)
    Fit & Active Teriyaki Noodle (I took our the chicken, waterchest nuts & mushrooms) I added salad shrimp, 1/2 grapefruit, diet cranberry juice

    Evening snack (60)
    cup of grapes

    Total calories 1072 ... really low, yesterday went too fast for me. Seemed like I didn't have enough hours to do everything before church