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happy2bme 03-04-2010 11:05 AM

Good morning to yahs,

Quickie post for me. Lots to do today. I went to bed at 11:30 but tossed and turned until after 2am. Was about ready to get up and put on a pot of coffee and just go to work when I guess I relaxed enough to finally fall asleep. Tired this morning though.

Annie - you sound like you got a cup of Michelle's endorphins :rofl: Glad to hear that you are cheery - I hope it lasts because darn it, we don't get enough of those kinds of days. Yum on the coffee - sounds delish :T :lol: on your jazz remark - hey better to be jazzed up than singing the blues, right? :D

Laura - yep, it is the Crossroads tour. If we were not getting a bit of extra money, we wouldn't able able to afford the tickets either. Kinda makes me mad about the scalpers but what can you do? I'm not sure I'm up to a 12 hour day at a concert - especially on those seats but I hope it will be fun. Yay for you for keeping up with the exercise! :yay: Hope they get your computer fixed.

Ceejay - thanks for the reminder about the space station. It's out this week and very bright. DH mentioned we have to look for it again just last night but we missed it. Next shot is tomorrow. We are going to dinner for our wedding anniversary - will have to leave a few minutes earlier - perhaps we can catch it in the parking lot as it is right before our 6:30 reservation. DH saw it in December and said it is very bright and unmistakeable.

you can go to //www.spaceweather.com/flybys/flybys.php plug in your zip code and make sure on the top where it says Objects to Display it says ALL and click update. It will show for the current week what's available to see in your area. DH said to look low in the sky in the direction they tell you to view in and the Rise Time and you should be able to make out a bright moving object. Transit time is when it won't be visible anymore. Sometimes you only get a minute to see it so good luck. We can all stand outside at 6:30 tomorrow and wave to each other :wave:

Michelle - actually Eric Clapton is playing here with Roger Daltrey tomorrow night at the Fed Ex Forum. I actually thought about going but didn't follow through in enough time to get decent ticket prices. I didn't know your DH was into that kind of music too. Bummer that the tickets are so pricey. You and I could have gone in the mezzanine and chatted while the guys played their air guitars :lol: Thank you for making me feel that my step and shuffle is Zumba exercise - I got a big :D out of that :lol: Do you build up alot of static dancing? I am getting big shocks all over the house. Hurtful ones with big blue sparks!!!!! :yikes: Congrats for making it all the way through an hour long class! I hope you have a happy weigh in today.

Ok ladies, time to get to work - have a good one all.

ceejay52 03-04-2010 12:44 PM

Like the quote. I've been getting some of those static shocks too. But not that hurtful. Thanks for the link.

Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Hope your boss wasn't on the ship that got hit with 33 foot waves. Read about this on the yahoo page.

I'm wondering if those waves were set off by the 6.5 earthquake that Tiawan had earlier today. All these earthquakes make me nervous.

All those Zumba classes must be alot of fun. Did you try the Hour long class?

How are things going with you?

How's the no sugar challenge going? If I cantypo's get the dvd player hooked up today I'm going to do a WATP dvd.

Not much happening on this beautiful day. The birds are singing to the top of their voices. I'm so ready for warmer weather.

Things on the agend for today include a trip to the doctor for refill's of bp meds and fluid pills. I need something for the sinuses also. allergy season is upon us. I'm going to the gym today to use the weight machines.

These two days off will go by quickly so I best get started.

diyana 03-04-2010 01:10 PM

Happy Thursday -

Today is WW weigh in day. I'll be back later to tell you how it went. I'm soooo sore from last night's 1 hour advanced Zumba class. My back, knees and hips are hurting bad. And the Aleve I took isn't helping much. The instructor had us moving our hips and knees in ways mine aren't used to moving! :yikes: I'll have to remember to tone down those steps next time I go. I wish the instructors for the advanced class would show you how to modify the moves to avoid injury. My usual instructor (for the lower intensity class) does demonstrate modifications. Tonight is lower-intensity Zumba and strength training, and I will definitely go easy on the back and knee movements.

Ceejay - Yep, I did the hour long class...and my body is screaming at me today - well, I should say my back and knee are screaming at me. The rest is okay. At least the class was fun. Hope you get to do a WATP dvd. Enjoy your trip to the gym!!

Laura - Good for you for doing a BE workout!! Thanks for the kind words about my exercise. We'll see how my weigh in goes with all the sore muscles (that retain water). Any fun plans for the weekend? Or did you tell your BF you want another quiet weekend with no company over? Did your 'puter ever get fixed? It's so frustrating to have tons of stuff to do and have technical difficulties.

Annie - Thanks for the wonderful upbeat post!! Did I miss something? I wasn't aware you hurt your ankle. I'm glad it and your hand/wrist are doing better. Is your DD keeping Bella for now? Enjoy your time while boss is on vacay.

Mel - I hope you and Jen are doing better. DH has a bad headache today as a result of the shot he got in his spine yesterday. He had to go into work for a few hours, but just couldn't take the excruciating pain anymore so he went home to a dark room, good pain meds and a cold compress for his head.

Happy - Sorry you had a tough time falling asleep last night. I think Annie swiped my endorphins. Today, I've got all the pain from my workout...but none of the "high". The Crossroads tickets are expensive...but for a 12 hour show, they are quite reasonable. Thanks for the link to the Space Weather flybys. It definitely woulda been fun if we coulda double-dated to the Crossroads show. Not in the cards for this year. As for shocking dances, I don't typically dance on carpet...so it's not too static shocking. It's only shocking when I really shimmy and shake my booty! :belly: :rofl: To keep the static shocks down, we keep a humidifier going in the winter to make the house seem warmer and reduce static electricity.

Shad - Are you at home yet? I hope you enjoy your long Labour Day weekend!

I'd better get some stuff done before the Weight Watchers meeting.

Love and hugs to all,

annie175 03-04-2010 02:27 PM

Happy...you will probably sleep like a log tonight. I usually do after missing some winks the night before. Yeppers Jazzed up sure beats the H outta singing the blues....tra la la jazzing here!

Chelle...wow, you better take care of you and that back, knees, hips. Sounds like you had a "twistin" good time at Zumba....Goes with Happy's Jazzin. lol Um, advanced class, go slow, um no...Hence advanced...they "assume" you can handle it. Not me sista and kudos to you for doing the advanced class. You are still my hero.
Ankle: Broke it in two places and shattered it in 3, two days before DS was born. Put me in a full leg cast, induced labor, had DS, then 3 days later they took the cast off, did surgery, put a steel plate and ten screws in my ankle. Had the hardware removed a year later, however the ankle still swells and is always slightly bigger than the other. When I switched from Cymbalta (which helps with joints aches & pains) to a cheaper anti-depressant, things started hurting. Couldn't affort 140 a month for Cymbalta so switched to Zoloft at 8 bucks a month.
Fingers crossed on WI....waiting patiently on report. Hugs.

Ceejay...actually boss does not sail out til tonight. She should be ok. Hope all goes well for her, I really really like my boss. Don't work too hard sista.

Hidee Ho all.

Love and hugs,

MELODY525 03-04-2010 02:56 PM


annie175 03-04-2010 03:16 PM

NO MELLIE.....God love you and send you some heavenly sprinkles...love and hugs...and stop this injury/sick nonsense. You got it, get it, good, as Shaddie says....xoxoxoxox

annie175 03-04-2010 03:17 PM

7 blouses/shirts/sweaters
3 bras
1 sleep pants

100 bucks at Kohls and got a 20 buck Kohls cash for next spenditure.

Laura705 03-04-2010 03:20 PM

Hi Annie - I heard about the hand - but the wrist and ankle too??!! But you're sounding upbeat - I would be too if my boss were out of the office and on a cruise, i.e., virtually unreachable. :D

Happy - Thanks for the link - it must be a very popular site - the page said it was overloaded by visitors. I'll try again later, or one of the other links they show.

Ceejay - The no sugar challenge is great because it's OVER for me - I only did it for two weeks. I did quite well, but I really missed my sweets and there's no way I would do 100% no sweets longer than that. I've sort of rebounded, which is bad, so I need to work on limiting sweets to maybe a small treat periodically.

Michelle - Sorry the advanced Zumba caused problems. Definitely make a point of getting to class early and asking the instructor for modifications. For the weekend, I'm going to our movie group's Oscar Party on Sunday night. I'm bringing veggie pizza - the kind w/ the cream cheese "sauce" and the chopped raw veggies on top. Yum. I have to say, however, that I'm not as enthused about the party as usual. My neighbor, who introduced me to the movie group years ago, very likely won't be there. Her dad is terminally ill and she's been spending most of her time with him. It's very very sad because they are so close. She and her family have had more than their share of tragedy - so unfair.

Hi Shad, hi Mel.

My feet are hurting again. I'm sure it's nothing compared to Happy's post-surgery experience, but I'm just worried because this is something I thought had healed... Trying to wear more supportive shoes. Scale stayed the same from last week - up until this morning, when it showed a one pound gain. Boo. At the risk of the rolling pin, I will confess to not really having a plan, much less staying on plan.

Okay, better get back to work. Wow, this week is going fast!

Laura705 03-04-2010 03:27 PM

Annie - such a deal! I just shopped Kohl's last weekend, but I want to go back w/ my 15% off coupon! Hope you can find a cheap med to help w/ that ankle pain/swelling.

Mel - Ow! No black clouds! Take it easy and get that arm fixed. Rich & Jen are right.

MELODY525 03-04-2010 03:47 PM

I came to visit and now Mom is dictating and also spelling. I can't spell. HA HA

Happy- We both hope you have a great time with your husband in Chicago. When you look for the space station don't forget to look our way. Mom will be waving but I'll be asleep. HA HA

Annie- You need some miracles too with your bite and that ankle. Ours hurt just thinking about yours. WE both hope your date works out on the 13th. Mom says thank God it's not a Friday! HA HA

Ceejay- Let us know if you see something fo that station. We're going to try Happy's website but our PCs aren't very good. Have a good 2 days off too.

Laura-That is a lot of BE workouts you are getting done. Is this weekend ging to be another Laura Holiday?

Michelle- we can both feel your husband's pain. It's sad that you have to get one new pain to get rid of another. We hope his head feels better soon. Good luck with the WW weighin today.

Shad- I just wanted to say hello. Everyone over here is really doing ok. Just some small stuff being a pain in the rear end. Hope you're doing ok over there.

Mom and I are going down to get the mail and to go for a ride to the back yard. Just fro some fresh air. It's getting cloudy here. I might not be here for the weekend. That is why I came down to post today. Have a good weekend.

diyana 03-04-2010 04:06 PM

Not in a great mood right now. I'm officially frustrated, p*ssed off and depressed. At Weight Watchers, I was up 1.6 lbs, which sucks. I've been working my arse off. I asked the leader about it after the meeting, and she said that it could be because I worked out SO hard last night that the muscles are retaining water to help them recover. :tantrum: Anyway, this is another week...and I'll keep on keeping on. One freaking week to lose nearly 5 pounds?! That sucks! I'll keep exercising and doing advanced Zumba once or twice a week...but not jump around as much.

Annie - I did not know that about your ankle. I hope that the pain eases up. The anti-dep I was on was generic...I say "was" because I ran out a week or two ago. I have to see the doc to get a new prescription, but am going to wait until my appt on the 19th. In the meantime, I've been "emotional" occasionally...even now...for this stupid bad weigh in...I just wanna cry - and in fact, I am. You really did get some great deals at Kohl's. We thank you for your support!! :lol:

Mel - You poor thing. Sore shoulders suck! I hope the pain goes away soon. I agree with Richie and Jen...this is definitely a sign to slow down. Sending you lots of healing hugs. :hug:

Laura - Thank you for your Kohl's support as well! :) Your veggie pizza sounds really yummy. So sorry about your friend. I know how difficult it is when a loved one is terminally ill. I'll keep her and her dad in my prayers. So sorry to hear about your foot pain. Sheesh, between Happy's feet, your feet, Mel's shoulder, Annie's hand/wrist/ankle, and my knee and back, we make quite a team. Ceejay and Shad - hopefully we don't have to add you to this list. Today, I'm sure you'll agree with me that scales suck! :tantrum:

I sure as heck hope I get some good endorphins from tonight's visit to the gym. I really could use the good feelings! :)

diyana 03-04-2010 04:08 PM

Mel/Jen - You are the sneaker inner today! So nice of you, Jen, to help your mom post. We miss her. Enjoy your backyard time and fresh air. :hug:

Shad 03-04-2010 06:13 PM

Actually the scales don't suck today although they have been for the past week with small gains every day even tho I exercised and ate little. However it seems that very reluctantly the body has given about 1kg away - that's 2.2lbs. Maybe if flew over to Michelle - sorry about that girlfriend.

I'm just here for a minute because I am having a coffee. It's today I fly to Brisbane, in fact I will be leaving here in just over 2 hours to go to the airport. I have some stuff to take home and leave there with me. Beats having to lug it down to the car when I know I won't be wearing or using it again.

My contact here is officially terminating on 26th of March. I am in negotiation with a couple of openings which have come up. One would keep me at home for some time and the other would send me to NZ for a couple of months. We will just see what happens.

I'll try replying to the personals later from the airport. Have a good day.

happy2bme 03-05-2010 09:30 AM

Good morning to yous,

Today is my 33rd wedding anniversary. I'm not sure how the years flew by but they sure did. It really ran after 25.

Can't post this morning as I need to get ready and head over to the office for several meetings. It won't be a full day there but we'll see how the foot likes it.

Will come back later to catch up with you. Happy Friday!

diyana 03-05-2010 09:41 AM

So dang happy it's Friday!! (SDHIF??)

The back pain and knee pain from Wednesday night's advanced Zumba class finally went away. So I did 1/2 hour of Zumba and 1/2 hour of strength training, which included planks, crunches and other really good core exercises. Tonight, I'm going to try another hour-long advanced Zumba class again, but I'll modify the moves so I don't hurt my knees and back as badly as I did Wednesday night - no jumping around or knee twisting for this chiquita!

Shad - Congrats on the weight loss!! But no fair sending those pounds my way. You'd better watch out or I'll ship ya' a couple feet of snow! :lol3: it over hereSo happy for you that you're home for a long weekend!! When this contract ends, I hope that you land another position that you enjoy - perhaps one without sooty carbon brushes! :rofl: BTW, Shad, I heard on the radio today about a company in Oz making men's underwear out of banana fibers! Called Aussie Bum or Aussie Booty or something. In addition to being made from cotton and lycra, they approx. 27% banana fibers! :rofl:

Happy - Good luck at the office! Can you prop your foot up in meetings? I know I did when I had foot surgery years ago, but my meetings weren't with big mucky mucks!

I'll check back later to see what the rest of you chicks are up to!

Lotsa love and hugs,

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