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happy2bme 03-30-2010 02:59 PM

Hi ladies,

I wish I had a way to just transfer my posts from brain through the computer without typing - maybe then I'd get a post up! :lol:

I checked and my library has the Organization book. I tried to put it on hold but apparently my library card expired so I'm going to see if I can get over there tonight to pick it up. I need some organization in my life.

My foot is doing ok. I am still in the surgical shoe. Because most of the work was at the outside of my foot by the left little toe - it's still quite sore there even though the incision is healing on the outside. I find that all of my shoes after a while make my foot swell and press uncomfortably at the wound so I'm still in 2 different shoes and probably will be for a while. I have one pair of sandals I'm going to try but doc said make sure you have something that provides enough support so we'll see.

Went to the dentist and I need another root canal and crown. I am replacing my teeth one at a time. Soon my foot and mouth will be worth more than my house :( They called today and said they had a cancellation tomorrow, did I want to take it? Heck NO. I need until next month to scrape up the funds and the willpower to get back in the chair again. I am so over doctors. I think I need some good booze. One tequila two tequila three tequila four, drink 'em down as fast as you can until you kiss the floor :lol:

I saw Avatar in 3D and after a while I had to look over my glasses and back to see the 3D part. I wasn't that impressed with the 3D although I really liked the movie. I think my fascination with Alice is the costumes and make up. And Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and the Red Queen just fascinate me. So I am jealous of those of you who have seen it. I will have to wait until it's on cable as no way DH will go see it. He hates Johnny Depp - thinks he's as wierd as his movies. Ok, so what's the point here? :rofl:

Enjoy the movie Laura! It's really annoying when you can't talk without coughing - hope you dry up soon.

Mel - I am sorry you are feeling badly. Better a headache than the dreaded sciatica. Would give you a backrub if I could :hug: Are you getting any of that terrible rain? I think Rhode Island is going to float away. That's ok now that DH sold his interest in his father's house. :s: But I would not want to see you float down the Hudson woman.

Annie - I miss seeing the Easter bunny out here. Strangely we don't have rabbits. I've only seen 2 in 5 years here. Someone said that's because the locals catch and eat them :yikes: :eek: Say it ain't so :yes: Since you like those peppers and hot things, could they maybe help you keep the pipes clear in the respiratory system? Just askin'. I'm sorry to hear your folks are dealing with such heavy medical issues. You're right - getting old is no picnic. And sometimes I think the meds make it worse.

Shad - glad to hear you made it home. That was quite a long drive. I think a good soak is in order as well as a day of lounging. The garden will wait one more day. Rest and recover.

Ceejay - glad you had a good trip and that you found your way around a wrong turn. As long as you're not in a bad area, it's a chance to explore - provided you can find your way back on the road again!

Michelle - for a low 6 figure income, I'll be an assistant to you petting kitties and walking doggies :rofl: How's Miss Zumba today? Are you feeling better? Don't make me come up there and chase you into bed - you know spring is here and so starts road construction so it won't be a pleasant drive.

Lunch is over - back to work. See yahs.

annie175 03-30-2010 04:48 PM

Chellsers, you ok? Haven't heard from you today....getty up...

annie175 03-30-2010 04:48 PM

REMINDER: I will be MIA tomorrow, due to hospital with dad.

ceejay52 03-30-2010 06:31 PM

Only two days to work this week. Yipee.
It was so good to get to sleep in my own bed last night.

Coughing when you talk sounds like a good reason to stay home to me. Feel better soon.

Will be thnking about you tomorrow. Hope the procedure goes well for your dad.

Where are you today?

Hope you are feeling better today.

I hear you on the dentist. I need to make an appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I probably will not even see the dentist, it's just the thought.

Shad 03-30-2010 11:54 PM

Afternoon all,
Feeling a little more human today. Not that I am rushing into things. Miss Puss and I have had a few cuddles today.

Ceejay - I thoroughly endorse the feeling of sleeping in your own bed. I don't really have much difficulty in sleeping anywhere but hey..... east or west, home is best. I slept like a log last night.

Mel - glad to hear the filing is up to date. Now get over here and fix mine please. I might have to see if that book is available over here.

Umm don't take this personally but I think I might leave personals until my head is in a better place. I find a post, I read the post, I think about what I might say and then I forget it just scrolling back to the bottom

My back still hurts. I must have done something to it when I was shifting the luggage around in the car. I was just standing there with my right arm on the hatch lid and thinking about how to change it when I had a sudden twitch in the lower right back. Don't know what did it, don't care. Between that and the enforced 10 hours of sitting straight my back hurts. And it doesn't get better if I sit either. Last nights long sleep has made it better - the pain is now in a wider area but not as savage. I went for a walk this morning to move things in the legs and that also has improved it, but not fixed it. So I'd better keep moving to ensure it will not seize up on me. Must be getting old. First the right shoulder, now the right hip, this morning the right knee was on strike as well and the right instep of my foot said it should not be in a running shoe.

Back tomorrow

happy2bme 03-31-2010 09:01 AM

good morning to yah,

trash day today and I have to get things together so personals tonight as I am having lunch with friends today.

I did get Laura's organization book last night from the library and am committed to reading it before I have to return it (am famous for that). Thanks Laura!

Annie - hope all goes well with Dad :hug:

Shad - sorry I missed you last night on FB. Was replying to you and my PC hung and Windows crashed. Some bad device driver or something. DH needs to work on my PC. Will catch up later.

Gotta go pack stuff up. Later chicks :wave:

diyana 03-31-2010 09:53 AM

Happy Wednesday ladies -

I've had a pretty bad cold for the past few days. In fact, I went home ill Monday afternoon and stayed home yesterday. So now I have lots to catch up on. I haven't done a bit of exercise since Sunday night, but I have been drinking water, eating healthy and all that. I'd like to go to Zumba tonight since it's the instructor's b'day and we've planned a little something for her prior to class, but I'll see how I feel. If I don't feel up to Zumba-ing, I may just go for the b'day thing and then leave.

Annie - Sending good wishes for your dad's heart cath today. :hug: :goodvibes: I think I'd rather have a clogged head then a chest cold. When crud gets in my chest, it takes a month or two or three of being on steroids to get it cleared up. Hope you're feeling better, girlfriend.

Laura - I've been taking Nyquil so I could get plenty of rest to hopefully kick this thing before it got bad like what you and Annie have. I watched DWTS results show and I was surprised Shannon D. was voted off before Buzz or Kate. I thought she did better than both of them. I give Buzz props though for doing as well as he did at his age. But Kate...ugh...I didn't like her meltdown during training OR her dancing. Hope you enjoy Alice in 3D. I'd like to go back and see it again in 3D now. We shoulda seen in in 3D the first time.

Ceejay - Glad you made it home safe and had a nice visit.

Shad - It's no wonder you're sore after such a long drive. I'm glad you made it home okay. I hope you rest a bit 'till you get to feeling better.

Mel - Sciatica sucks! I hope the pain eases up very quickly!

Happy - Sorry to hear you're still having foot pain. What I ended up doing after I had foot surgery was buying a pair of inexpensive but nice flats in my regular size and a pair in extra wide width, then I'd put the wide width shoe on my recovering foot. Another root canal and crown! Yikes, sista! Love your tequila rhyme. I've heard another version..."One tequila two tequila three tequila FLOOR." And your DH is right...Johnny Depp is a little odd, and his movies, especially the Tim Burton movies, are definitely weird. But I think they're weird in a good way! We have lots of Easter bunnies around here, and the other night when I checked the yard prior to letting the dogs out...which I always do because I'd hate to see them get into a tussle with a critter, we had a ginormous coon in the yard. It had to be at least 30 lbs from the size of it. I shined the flashlight on it and waited until it jumped over the fence and was out of the yard before I released the hounds...er Schnauzers. Speaking of doggies, when I find a way to make a huge salary petting animals, I'll definitely hire ya' as an assistant. I've taken a couple days off of Zumba...I may try for tonight. We'll see. Heck, I don't even feel like dancing around the house...so I know I'm not feeling well.

Well, I've lots to get done today, so I'd better get to it.

Here's to a great day for all of us (including Annie's dad)!

Love and hugs to all,

Laura705 03-31-2010 12:09 PM

Hello All.

Annie - Hope your dad's procedure goes well today.

Ceejay - I agree, feels good to sleep in your own bed w/ your own pillow. Only two work days this week - I'm jealous! Enjoy the short week!

Shad - Sorry your back is bugging you - and your whole right side. I hope the pains ease up soon. Moving around is good, but no heavy duty stuff, okay??

Happy - Too bad your foot's still giving you pain. I like Michelle's idea of buying a wider-sized pair. I'd suggest house slippers, but most have no support. Ugh, root canal. Bf's mom doesn't have dental insurance, but needs one. If she buys the insurance, she has a waiting period... she's going to talk to her dentist and see what she can work out with him. Let's just say he can be creative about things and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him and the phrase "insurance fraud" used in the same sentence.

Michelle - Sorry to hear you couldn't nip the cold in the bud. Hope you feel better soon. So far I haven't had any wheezing related to this cold, but I certainly understand why you'd rather deal w/ head congestion than chest congestion if it causes lung issues for you. I didn't see the DWTS results, but heard about Shannon. I've tuned in late to both of the DWTS shows I've seen and never saw Shannon dance, but it's hard to believe she'd be worse than Kate G.!! Maybe people actually want to see Kate melt down again?? Since Kate's still in it, I'd actually like to see her get better and enjoy herself a bit. She needs to take something right before her performance to take the edge off her nervousness, LOL.

Mel - Hey lady, where are you? Maybe you're a sneaker inner today. Oh, forgot about that nasty sciatica. I hope you're feeling better today.

Last night we saw the movie Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It just wasn’t my thing. No wonder I never made it through the Lewis Carroll book as a kid - it’s just not the kind of fiction I like! And I guess I’m not much of a Tim Burton fan either - too off the wall for me. But I thought Helena Bonham Carter was very good as the Red Queen - off with his head!! :D We saw a preview for Toy Story 3 - it looks cute. I think I saw the first one, but not the 2nd.

Okay, enought dilly-dallying. Work to do!!
Not much else to report. Food is no good - snacking is my big downfall. Tonight I'll exercise, walk doggy and get my bike ready to ride to the train tomorrow.

diyana 03-31-2010 01:20 PM

Laura - Shannon was ok. I actually thought Kate was worse than Buzz! She was SO tense. She had a deer in the headlights expression on her face the whole time (IMO). It looked like Tony (her dance pro) was pulling her along at some points, and she was "behind" the beat most of the time. Of course, I could be biased...because the personality she's displayed during the behind the scenes training moments makes me root against her not for her. Bummer that you didn't like Alice. It was definitely a Tim Burton-type movie. And most people either really like his stuff or really don't like it. Good for you for doing all the exercise. Let's motivate each other to get and keep the snacking under control.

ceejay52 03-31-2010 02:05 PM

I know how you feel after a long trip. If I don't make quick stops along the way I'm stiff, even for a 6 hour drives Feel better soon.

Oh me you have it too. Feel better soon. I thought the same thing as you did about Kate on Dancing with the Stars.

I was thinking of buying the dvd of Alice in Wonderland when it came out but I'm not too sure now. Did you see the latest movie with Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side? I bough this dvd and watched it at my sister's this week end.

Have fun at lunch with your friends.

Shad 03-31-2010 07:41 PM

Morning all,

Back is so much better today. I actually want to bend again. Might try the yoga dvd today.

Today will be another one like yesterday, fairly quiet and productive with lots of rests in between frantic activity. Flylady watch out.

Seems everyone is on the lookout for Laura's organisation book. I'm trying to hunt it down over here. May have to go to a book reseller on the web. That will cost!!

Happy - didn't realise you were so anxious not to talk to me that you would crash your computer. :lol:

Annie - hope things went okay for your Dads procedure this morning. Take care

Michelle - sorry to hear that you have been sick. Get better soon

Laura - Sorry you didn't enjoy Alice. I'm not a great movie fan myself so I really don't know what is on at the moment. I should get into it again.

Ceejay - Seems everyone thought I didn't stop for breaks on the way home. My sister told me I was a complete idiot. Yes I did stop. I had breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. I stopped for fuel. It's just 12 hours is too much driving in one day. I'm not as fit as I used to be.

Mel - hope the sciatica is going away. I did warn you about offices. They give you a pain in the butt every time.

Okay - I'd better go check out the day and make out a shopping list. It's the Thursday before Easter and the shops will be packed so I should go early. I'm meeting the niece and the niecelet for an early lunch so will need to get cracking. I've been mucking around sending out resume (cv) to a few places. I guess I might as well get right onto it.

See you all later

annie175 04-01-2010 08:55 AM

IS there a new thread?

happy2bme 04-01-2010 09:21 AM

Yep, yep, yep - we have a new thread

Click me to go to April

I am not a morning person - was sitting here and realized IT'S APRIL! :yikes: Then I had to go and find the exact name of the new thread. So meet up at the new place.

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