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happy2bme 03-15-2010 09:07 AM

why are the carbon brushes such little buggers? :dunno: BECAUSE THEY CAN! :lol:

Hope you don't burn out before you leave Shad.

And a good Monday morning to the rest of the Worldlies :wave:

diyana 03-15-2010 10:03 AM

Happy Monday!

I had such a great long weekend! I got a lot done between pet sitting, Zumba, errands and painting estimates. DH and I got the Christmas decorations off the front lawn, since the ground has finally thawed! We got a lot of rain/fog/drizzle this past week. There is just a couple small patches of snow left in the shady areas. The mud has mostly dried up! Yay! And it's supposed to be in the mid 50s all week! :woohoo: And we have daffodils, tulips and day lilies just starting to peek out of the ground!! :flower: Of course, the long range outlook for Saturday is mid 30s to low 40s with rain and a chance of the "s" word! :nono: I got a call from my boss over the weekend to say that an announcement was made on Friday when I was out that my whole team will be reporting to a new boss, effective in about a month. I know this new boss, and although I've never worked for him...he seems like a really good guy. As long as I have a job and a paycheck, I'm happy.

Laura - Thanks for posting the link for the book! I just went to my library's website and placed a hold on the book so they'll call me when it comes in from another branch. Good luck with the migration to MS Outlook email. Thanks for posting photos from the Flower Show. It looks much bigger and better than what we see here. DH and I will have to get down to see it some year.

Mel - It's a bummer that they raised Richie's support. At least the judge made it only $10. Thanks for asking about my DH. He's not sure if the shot worked. His knee was really hurting yesterday, but he did a lot of crawling under desks for work on Saturday and walking at the Sports Show. Congrats on the weight loss!! Our rain/wind storms weren't nearly as bad as what you had. Sorry you had so much water in the lobby and with the leaky windows. Glad you made it through.

Shad - I hope your upper back/shoulder pain has subsided. Thanks for sharing your memories of Navy Pier. Sounds like you had a great time there! That was quite an excursion you had finding Olinda Falls Park!

Ceejay - Glad you had fun at the dinner show! I'm still adjusting to the time change. It's dark when I go to work, but it was last week as well. It is nice having the extra hour of daylight in the evening!

Happy - What on earth are you doing up at 1 am? Sheesh, girl! You're supposed to go into the office in the morning. Whatever you do, do not overdo it. So glad your SIL will be bringing your mom down for a visit - so nice that she loves to drive as well. Have fun at dinner tonight, and be sure and put your foot up as much as possible (even at work - use a box under your desk or another chair or something). As for me, my fun this weekend included Zumba (Friday and Saturday), the Sports Show on Saturday and relaxing a bit yesterday. Definitely a nice productive weekend that was well balanced with fun and relaxation.

Annie - I hope the date went well, and that Mom and Dad are doing okay.

Well, I suppose I should get some work done!

Love and hugs,

annie175 03-15-2010 11:31 AM

Good Monday Morning and Back at it....

Dad still in the hospital...nothing too serious. Couldn't get the incision to stop bleeding. Took him off blood thinners (duh), will see if that works. Mom was a little better yesterday. Everyday is different with her.

The freak from CVS called me Friday night, needless to say I will NOT be answering the phone again...get this...he is unemployed, drinks too much, a smoker, and the kicker...lives off of sugar momma's. Said he would give up all that if I would give him a shot. WTF...no way, born at night, but not last night and I am really not a blonde. He spent all day Saturday blowing up my phone. Yesterday was peaceful with only one call. I will not answer and he leaves these pathetic messages. It is almost funny.

Blind date was fun, but not a go. This may sound pety, but his nose was so stinking LONGGGGGGG, I couldn't get past it, got to the point where I would catch myself staring at it. It was obvious he drinks too much also. His cheeks and nose were red, and the more he drank the deeper red his nose got until it finally turned a deep purple. Holy Cow, what a site...back to the drawing board. LOL

Shad...you should write a book that is hilarious. Glad you finally found it before you went completely nuts.

Happy...don't push yourself with re-couping the foot. If it gets too much for you at work, GO HOME!!

Chelle...a new boss can be a good thing. Good luck with that.

MELLIE....Good grief you would think that office KNOWS if they want you working there, to not have smelly crap around. Sheesh. Glad Richie's ordeal came out ok.

Laura...Pics are nice, guess the flower show was a success.

Ceejay...hidee ho!

Hello's to all.

Love and Hugs,

diyana 03-15-2010 12:59 PM

Annie - Hope your dad's condition improves soon so he can go home. Sorry eCVS turned out to be eStalker or at least eLoser. Sheesh! An unemployed smoking, alcoholic, money grubbing leach is not what you need. Good for you for letting your phone go to voice mail. Let me know if you change your phone number due to the freak. Sorry the blind date didn't work out either. A big purple nose, huh? It would be hard not to stare. My team's transition to the new boss won't be 'till mid April. Sounds like everything in our jobs will remain the same, we just have a different leader. No biggie.

I could use another weekend. Maybe I needed one more nap. Oh well, I'm taking Good Friday off, so that's just 3 weeks away. Our company is giving us the afternoon off anyway, so it's only "costing me" 1/2 a vacation day.

I've got two 1/2 hour Zumba classes tonight and a strength training class. But I may take a pass on one of the Zumba's so I can go home and shower BEFORE pet sitting. Otherwise, I'll definitely be up past my bedtime.

Laura705 03-15-2010 01:03 PM

Ceejay - Glad you enjoyed the show.

Shad - I would have given up after a couple passes on trying to find that park! Sounds like you're busy as heck at work. When it rains it pours.

Happy - Your beach house plans have come together nicely! Take it easy on that foot today!!!

Michelle - You had a nice weekend. :) Isn't it always the case that something important happens when one's not around? I logged into e-mail this morning to find out about a very serious work matter that occurred on Friday that will keep our department and others busy this week. Oh, I made that chicken/beans recipe you posted the other day - very easy and tasty. We cooked the rice separately. I will make it again, but I think we'll skip the rice and serve it in tortillas as soft tacos instead. Nice that the recipe isn't too huge like some slow cooker recipes can be.

Annie - Sorry the double date was a bust. And I think the CVS guy sounds really scary - he's knows where you work and he has your cell phone number. I hope he stops w/ the calls and just disappears. Be safe!

Mel - Glad Richie's support matter is under control and with the minimum increase. Sounds like the rain you got was really awful. Saturday we had a very steady drizzle - lovely day for the St. Pat's Day parade. I managed to get the dog out for a walk before the rain began.

The garden show on Friday was nice, but nothing spectacular. Guess I'm spoiled. I may reduce my attendance to every other year and focus on getting to the real gardens in my area. Sorry I didn't provided info on my photos when I posted them. The Little Shop of Horrors was from an exhibit called Tablescapes by a floral designers org - not really gardens, but very creative table settings! Another photo was from an exhibit depicting Alice in Wonderland (red queen), and the 3rd photo was just a colorful section of another garden.

On the way home Friday evening, I learned that my neighbor's father passed away that day. We're going to the wake tonight. Saturday and Sunday were generally ho hum. I did the 4th workout from my Margaret R. dvd on Sat. morning. Did a bit of groc. shopping (including Trader Joe's), that's about it. Dog walks on both Sat. & Sun. - with Coal on the short leash. He did a good job, considering he's accustomed to running all over on the long flexi-leash, LOL.

Okay, back to work. Have a great day everyone. :flow1:

ceejay52 03-15-2010 01:57 PM

Most diffinately ready for some warmer temperatures. Spring is making itself know in thesee parts too.
Glad that your mom is coming for a visit. She will like the beach.

Saw the storms on the news last night. Hope you are okay.

OOOOweeee, I'd be a little more skeptical on handing ou my cell phone number. The description of that last guy sent shivers up my spine. Maybe he's gotten the message to back off.

Glad you enjoyed your week end. Sometimes they just aren't long enough. Think I"ve been spoiled by my 5 day week ends. I had trouble staying awake yesterday from the time change and I went to bed an hour early.

You are doing good in the exercise department.

I'm at work. I was told this morning that one of the elevated tanks was being taken off line this week for inspection and cleaning. The plant is being operated by the pressure guage and I'm not use to this--We usually have a guage to monitor the feet of water in the tank. I'm having to get up and down more often. So far, so good.

MELODY525 03-15-2010 02:03 PM



annie175 03-15-2010 02:48 PM

MELLIE...yeah local Indy news was showing Jersey's flood. It looked horrible. I was thinking and praying for you....glad you are ok.

Ceejay...I am not too worried. They cannot find me through a cell number.

Oh crap, I forgot to tell you all. The CVS I work was robbed Sunday. I wasn't working. The dude went back to the pharmacy and held a gun to them and took the money and oxycontin (sp). Whew weee, see God does have me in the palm of his hands.

diyana 03-15-2010 03:41 PM

Laura - Good for you for getting all that exercising in. Sorry to hear about your neighbor's father. Very nice of you to go to the wake. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Ceejay - I hope your work week goes well with the elevated tanks being offline.

Mel - Glad to hear you have power and that you didn't get flooded. Isn't it funny how things that seemed so dramatic and upsetting to us in our youth, now just roll off like water off a duck's back? I know for me, I've gained a lot of perspective over the last 5 or 10 years.

Annie - Gee, between eStalker dude and a robbery...sounds like CVS had their share of a**holes this weekend. Glad you weren't there.

annie175 03-15-2010 04:32 PM

Yeah Chelle...and just think, I live in a fairly calm part of town. Yikes!!

annie175 03-15-2010 04:51 PM

Shaddie...that pain sounds familiar....gallstones??

Shad 03-16-2010 03:49 AM

No, no gallstones. It's too high up for that. I think it is the bed I am sleeping on. It's been on and off for a couple of months, just right now is ON although it is improving.

Going out to dinner with one of the guys I worked with in Jakarta tomorrow night. He lives way out in the sticks and hates coming into town. So I guess if I was living in Melbourne I wouldn't get to say hello much less have dinner with him.

Laura - the flower show looked good. I like some of those quirky floral displays. good on you with the exercise. I'm about to go do a yoga dvd (if the shoulder lets me finish it will be good)

Mel - take care in the rain and floods and power outs. Don't buy too much food. If the population is running scared about shortages and blackouts, they buy up everything under the sun and the prices skyrocket. And really people, think about it, can you actually cook it?????? Is their power or gas available????

Happy - so pleased to hear that Mum is coming down for some of your holiday. You won't know what to do with yourself with all that sunshine.

Michelle - zumba ing along. You must really love it. Glad to hear it was a good weekend.

Ceejay - back at work?? those 4 days went fast.

Annie - hugs to Mum and Dad and hope they get back on their feet soon. Must be worrying for them with your health care systems and costs like that. Sorry, I smiled at the lousy dates you had this weekend. I'm off out with a toyboy tomorrow ha ha.

So, before I go make dinner, I'd better have a go at this exercise otherwise it will never get done. See ya.

happy2bme 03-16-2010 09:18 AM

Good morning one and all,

Last night I took a Actifed so I could sleep and it worked wonders. Usually I have night lights on scattered about the house for those middle of the night potty runs but I guess I forgot to turn them on. I fell into a deep sleep and woke up this morning just as the radio (alarm) popped on. It was PITCH DARK in here. First thing I thought was we had storms and the power went out. Then as my brain woke up I realized if the radio was on the power could not be out. Then I hoped with all my might that it was Saturday as it was very dark and the bed was very comfy. Then I realized it was Tuesday and yes, I had forgotten to turn the night lights on and I did indeed have to get out of bed. :( Darn it's dark with this daylight savings time thing!

Shad - I am hoping you feel better. I would think travelling as you do your body would have to get used to all sorts of new kinks not being in your regular surroundings, particularly your bed. Yoga sounds like something good to stretch out the knots. I think you would like it down here in the spring - flowers are starting to pop - we have pinks and yellows at the moment. Mother Earth is waking up after a long winter's snooze.

Annie - gosh - I wish I had better advice on where to pick up a companion. The line at the CVS does not seem to be the place :lol: I think after a while I'd be paranoid about talking to anyone but you can't go through life like that. Hope someone comes through soon :crossed: Glad to hear the parental units are doing better on the mend. I felt the same way when we had a daylight armed robbery just down the street here at the Kroger - BUT THIS IS A SAFE AREA! I think these people were looking for drugs and money too. Drugs and their related crimes are getting more commonplace. Scary. Just glad you weren't in the middle of it.

Mel - did you dry out yet? Thank goodness you have power. I hope the rain leaves soon and washes away the bad weather. Also hope this is not a signal of spring rains to come. The storms seem to be more wild lately. We'll have to get you one of those yellow fisherman's slickers :lol:

Michelle - at least if you're getting a new boss it's nice that it's someone you have heard good things about. How nice of your current boss to let you know instead of you coming in and getting blindsided.

Well I better get my keester in gear here. Hello to Ceejay and Laura :wave:

Catch you later...

annie175 03-16-2010 10:20 AM

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.....It is beautiful here in Indy, high today 56 and sunny! 65 by Thursday....Snow showers on Sunday...that doesn't quite fit...

Visit with mom was good last night. She seemed to be in better spirits. I took her a Snickers candy bar. I mean, WTH, she is dying a slow death, so what if she craves chocolate and I give her some occassionally. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Dad is on the mend. Once they get the bleeding to stop from incision, he gets to go home. He is griping about the food, so I say he is feeling better.

Shad...maybe we should write a book together. Your travel woes and my dating woes. Wouldn't that be hilarious? Have fun with toyboy, hope it goes better than my experiences.

Happy...they say that any kind of light can interrupt the sleeping. Maybe you should leave the nightlights off to get better sleep. I was even told the little bitty red light on the DVD player that glows can interrupt your sleep. Try no lights for a few nights, see how that goes.

Not much else, am kinda glad...enjoy your day ladies,

Much love and many hugs.

diyana 03-16-2010 11:07 AM

Happy Tuesday -

I'm counting my many blessings today...cuz it's better than thinking about the painting estimates that we can't afford and the compromises we may have to make, and I'm also trying not to think about my left quad muscle which is bothering me when I walk. But compared to Happy's foot pain and compared to lots of other folks, I'm doing really, really well. I did just 1/2 hour of Zumba last night. Today, I'm going to walk at lunch since it's going to be in the upper 50s! And I'll do 1/2 hour of Zumba tonight followed by pet sitting.

Shad - I hope you have a nice dinner with your former co-worker. A toyboy, huh? ;) How was the yoga DVD?

Happy - Glad you had a good night's sleep. We keep a nightlight on in the bathroom for the late night potty runs. The dark mornings don't bother me with the time change as it is always dark when I get up at 4:30. But I do really enjoy having it be light out later. It means the doggies can stay outside and play unsupervised longer, which makes them more tired at night. :) You already have your spring flowers? I can't wait 'till our bulbs bloom. It's way too early to purchase annuals as we may still get more snow and frost. As for the notification about the new boss, what was even nicer was that since my current boss was out sick yesterday...his boss came over and asked if my boss had called me. I told him yes, and asked him a few questions about the transition, which he was more than happy to answer.

Annie - I think you're right to give your mom chocolate. Let her enjoy all the time she has left. When my mom was diagnosed with 4 inoperable brain tumors and given 6 months or less to live, she asked us if she should quit smoking. My sister and I both told her if it gives her pleasure, then do it. She eventually had to quit when she required constant oxygen.

A big :wave: to everyone!

Lots of love and hugs,

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