Short Girls (5'2" and Under) Support Thread - Part 2

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  • Welcome to everyone!

    I hope all of our newcomers, as well as our old are joining us on this second thread of 5'2 and under!

    How is everyone doing?

    I have just been maintaining a weight i am not happy with at this point. I know exercise really helps me... but i havent been able to get myself to do it.

    All summer, I am like... tomorrow I will do the 30 DS and it never happens... I just lay in bed, read books, surf the web and am totally and physically lazy.
  • also- i think my addiction to the food network also needs to go.... It's all I like to watch on TV but when I sit down in front of it, all I can do is get hungry and dream about food and cooking and then I get cravings and want to try all these new foods... I think I have to ban the food network!
  • Hey again ladies!!!! A whole new thread, wow!

    Mermaid- I'm sorry to hear your struggling. Maybe if you write down a list of things and reasons why you want to lose weight,maybe it will motivate you to move again. I know it's hard when you're in a bit of a depressed state but being physically active really helps, which I'm sure you already know. I've been struggling myself with it and finally I said enough is enough and I did 30DS yesterday and I really do feel better. I may not get to it today or tomorrow because I'm moving, but as soon as I settle into my new place I'll get back to it. As for the food network, if you think it's not good for you then I say really try to avoid watching it. If you want to be lazy and watch something, watch something totally unrelated to food.

    How's everyone else?
  • wow a whole new thread! lol...
  • Butterfly49: WOW - you started a month ago, and you've already lost about 8 lbs! that's fantastic! I hope you'll share your successful tips And welcome to the thread!

    gymlee: I hope things are better for you this week! I'm glad you're back to doing 30DS!

    I have two finals next week, so really stressed and tired. Working out is taking a back seat this week
  • LOL Mermaid. I just can't believe we've made so many posts that we need a new thread!!

    Aino- Thanks! I sorry things are really stressful for you though! You can do it though! You're so strong and capable!!! As for the not exercising, we all need a break sometimes. I'm sure you'll get back to it.
  • [QUOTE=2852102]Butterfly49: WOW - you started a month ago, and you've already lost about 8 lbs! that's fantastic! I hope you'll share your successful tips And welcome to the thread!

    Well,aino; , I have been sticking like glue to the program-on green menu now. I've been to three pot lucks since starting on 7/6 and brought all my own food each time & there was no left overs- we all ate it up. I can't believe I'm not hungry or desiring that awesome chocolate, carrot cake etc. Just have to stay away - Today at the office we're having cake for b'day boss. I'll put a piece on my plate and not eat it. Please God, help me not to eat it. Just for today I can do it.
  • butterfly: what's the program again?

    chunky chic - hahah how are you doing?
  • [QUOTE=aino;2852849]butterfly: what's the program again?

    The program of course is MRC which is the one I use today just One day at a Time.
  • aino -

    I am wonderful, thank you . How are you?
  • Eek! New thread! So sorry to have disappeared. Welcome to everyone that's recently joined in!

    Since aino and gymlee asked (I posted in the old thread about a horrible date I went on) are some of the details:

    Background: I met this guy at a bar. We talked a be honest he (and his friends) seemed a little immature, but when he asked for my number I gave it to him. I figured he deserved a 2nd chance at a first impression, or that he wouldn't call at all. He did end up calling, and he wanted me to meet him at the same bar to hang out with his friends. Then he asked me to dinner beforehand. He's 33 (I'm 24).

    Well, we met at the restaurant and things were...okay....the conversation was a little awkward at times (he actually made a see-food/seafood joke).

    (I'm trying to keep this from turning into a novel. There were a lot of things that went wrong on this date, so I'm just writing about some of the big things)

    We took separate vehicles to the bar. At one point he and I were stopped at a red light and when it turned green he actually peeled out in his truck (on purpose, and he was watching me for my reaction. Was I supposed to swoon?). At that point I just wanted to go home. Instead, I went to the bar like I said I would.

    His friends (6 or 7 people) were already there, and most of them were drunk. We were sitting in an outside area and in order to get to the main bar, you had to walk up some stairs. Well, one of the girls in the group kept looking up skirts as women walked up the stairs, and then telling the group what kind of underwear the women were wearing. Mature, right?

    A large portion of the conversation was either Harry Potter, Star Wars, or World of Warcraft/dungeons & dragons/etc. I have nothing against those things....but I'm also not particularly interested in them. So I was really bored. At one point I actually took out my cell phone and started texting, because I felt so left out of the conversation.

    I'm not sure how this next topic came up....but then some of the group starting talking about my date's back hair. (Don't know if he actually has any or not....but they started talking about it). Then the conversation switched to (my date's) *ss hair. Now, I do not consider myself a prude...but I was so uncomfortable at this point. I didn't want to be around them or listen to any more of their conversation.

    So I walked up the stairs (careful to hold my skirt since I didn't want that girl looking up it) and sat at the bar to talk with my friend that works there. I didn't want to be rude to my date, but after everything that had happened, I just stopped caring about if I offended anyone or not.

    My date texted me a few days later asking me what happened. I told him everything that went wrong on our date, and although he wants a "2nd chance at a first impression" I don't see that happening. (I did apologize for being rude by leaving them all though.)

    So that was my date. I'm sure if only a few things went wrong it would have been okay, but the crude humor pushed me over the edge.

    How's everyone doing? It's raining here now, so I'd really like to just curl up in a chair with a book. Need to exercise first. Also need to plan what I'm eating for dinner...
  • chunky chic : doing wellish - will do better once my exams are done! and i start on the losing weight streak ;-)

    ballerina: Wow - that really is one of the "best" bad date stories I've ever heard! I guess the only saving grace is that he does seem to at least follow up with phone calls etc. But his friends were really really gross and immature, especialyl since they knew he had a date present. They shouldn't have (even jokingly) made references to his a*& hair! good grief - how unclassy!

    NM, Ballerina - onward to a more sophisticated guy with better friends!
  • aino: Good luck on your exams! That's something I definitely don't miss from school. How many do you have left?

    I got my bridesmaid dress in the mail yesterday! (I know, I'm months ahead of time...the wedding isn't until next year). I didn't want to go through the bridal store, especially since after I alter the length (and hopefully take it in a bit as the wedding gets closer) it will be hard to resell. So I looked on ebay and someone had the exact dress I needed, in my color, in my size, with everything it comes with....for half price. So I jumped on that wagon and got the dress yesterday. It's pretty....and it's actually slimming....but it's strapless so I hate my arms in it. :-P Definitely going to focus extra time on push ups and weights.

    I am a sleepy girl...I want to crawl back into bed, but I have to be at work in an hour.
  • Ballerina- Hahahahahahahah Wow I can't believe that story! So funny yet so unbelievable! I can't believe there are such unclassy people out there. I guess there are.

    Aino- I hope your exams are not stressing you out too much! When are they over?

    As for me, well, I'm on my "I'm not eating because I'm too stressed" kick again. That and I'm kinda broke. And since I'm staying with a friend while my "apartment" (it's really more of an efficiency) gets ready, I'm kinda short on options that are healthy. I don't know which is worse for my metabolism, not eating much or eating processed crap? I'm not too concerned about the whole not working out as much as I would like right now because between the moving out of my apartment and all the running around and downstocking I do at work, I get my fill. Speaking of work, that has been so bananas. I've been in my new department a little over 2 weeks, and while things are better since I know a little more, I still feel so incapable with some stuff and that is frustrating. Also I have this special order in the works and I feel like I should be there to take care of it despite being off today and tomorrow. Logically I know that if I've left a message for it to be taken care of by my department manager that it should get done and I should relinquish a little bit of control but I'm having such a hard time with it. Plus tonight due to people being out sick or on leave there is no body closing the department and even though I'm pretty much maxed out with my hours this week (almost at a full 40) I feel like I need to be there to help when really it's not my job to do it. Ugh! I hate feeling the pull like this! I just need to let it go.