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Mom2Gaby 02-02-2009 12:45 PM

Back In Kindergarten #71
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

Feel free to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!


Mom2Gaby 02-02-2009 01:02 PM

Good Morning -

Hope it was ok to start a new thread! Just thought we were crashing at over 100. ha

Weigh in was ok, I guess, considering I indulged over the weekend and spent most of my time saying "it's ok,'it's ok"...lol

Back up to 140.8, so that is managable, we'll just get back on track, right?

I have a day of mopping and cleaning out Gabrielle's closet. I am thrilled w/ a Dick and Jane book I picked up at the library last night. Gab has been having a hard time w/ reading but she sat and read a few chapters of the book last night. I was happy about that.

Cristina - Too bad on only one couple showing for the open house. I wasn't even thinking of the super bowl, I probably would have shown for an open house. lol I watched the half time but otherwise didn't catch the game. And thanks for all your encouragement! You're a sweet lady.

Jules- Oh, Gabster still loves horses. She said "it's just a nibble, it doesn't hurt. I love horses".....lol. The horse *nibbled* thru her hoodie on her arm , left a purple bruise, faint....not too bad. Still I'll be more careful in the future. Nice that JR is good w/ Dominic, course little D is a sweetie :)

Francie - sorry your team lost! It was Rachel's team too. She said she was for the Cardinals because they were the closest team living to Oregon. :dizzy: Course once she said that I was like.....ya, I want them to win! lol

k- I have my mind on all the cleaning I have to do before I get Gaby, so I better get my butt moving.

:wave: to everyone!

Shopaholic1204 02-02-2009 02:09 PM

Susan~My mom used to collect Dick & Jane books. She had a TON of them, lol. It sucks that the Cardinals lost :( I'm still bummed about it. Have fun cleaning!!!

jules1216 02-02-2009 02:36 PM

Francie--I am sorry your team lost cause I luv you and I always root for the underdogs during the Superbowl, but I luv Teri too and Steelers were her team and we have to live with her. We watched a Charles Bronson Death Wish marathon instead of the game--Teri went to her boyfriends house who are a bunch of Cowboy fans who were rooting for the Cardinals. Ry and I watched the last 10 minutes of the game after Jerry went to bed--I loved the Cardinal touchdown when the guy jumped way in the air and got the td-Ry just wanted the Steelers to win so Teri would be in a witchy mood.

SusieQ--Dominic loves to be read to. I like the Dick and Jane books. Glad Gaby wasn't traumitized by the bite on her arm. I used to buy a little Golden book for Ryan every payday. I think 140-145 sounds right for you. There is no magic number for where your body is comfortable so you gotta do what feels right for you. Unfortunately my body wants to stay at 210-212 and I would like to be in the 150-180 range with 140-145 being an ultimate goal.

tommysgirl18 02-02-2009 03:57 PM

well, Tommy had his follow up appointment with his surgeon today. the mass that they found, he said that it was normal and that every body has it. Tommy's was just inflamed and so they pulled it out anyways. He got the all clear to go back to work, now he is in the free and clear to go looking!

we went to see my parents yesterday. we actually got to see my grandma as well. she is now living with my mom and dad because the care giver that was taking care of her was beating her, stealing her money and who knows what else. so, my grandma punched her with a closed fist.

the kids are all doing well.......they are getting bigger by the day!

FrouFrou 02-02-2009 05:01 PM

Back again...now I am feeling grumpy, sleepy for sure. But I did get my exercise done and feeling good about that.

MINDEE...sorry to hear about your grandma, that is just terrible. I am glad that she is with your parents now though.

SUSAN...wanna come clean my house. Actually, it's clean today since it was cleaned Saturday. HA! I learned to read with Dick & Jane! I love Dick and Jane...too funny. I actually found some of the old books and had to have them...missing some of them. Even have a calendar and paper dolls, lol.

FRANCIE...I think the referral should still be good because you didn't go. But what do I know? With the medical/insurance crap who the heck knows.

Anyway...nothing going on. Came home after the showing today to unlocked doors. WTH? Give me a break...damn realtors. And I did complain to our realtor and plan on complaining to the other one once I find out who the heck it was. Why would you leave someone's house and leave all the doors unlocked? Especially when you came here they were locked, ugh!! My rant for the day, lol.

Just getting laundry done right now, or trying to.

I did weigh today but not counting it...changing my WI back to Saturday and quit WW. I am going to continue to try and do it at home but not going to waste money when my mindset is not there. I've got to get my mind set on losing again and not sure why I can't. I was doing good and then blah! Not complaining as I am back on track today. Did away with the ticker because I am not going to make the 6 pound loss...there's no way now, well, maybe. But every time I set a number for a loss it never fails that I set myself up for failure. Not going to focus on the scale & numbers right now...just trying to get my focus back on being healthy. So...we'll see how that goes.

Have a good one.

Mom2Gaby 02-02-2009 06:01 PM

I thought I learned on Dick and Jane books but I remember a Mikey when I read out of the books in the early 70's?
The one I picked up for Gaby has a Puff (cat) and Tim (stuffed bear) and a Baby Sally. Anyway, I was thrilled she was reading!

Cristina - No, I don't wanna clean your house, sweet lady or not. lol One of the doctors at the hospital is looking for someone to clean their mansion and I passed. Sucks about the doors left unlocked, whats up w/ that? I would be complaining to. I was taking my ticker down last week- lol. Just get bogged down in numbers at times, have to get past that and focus on healthy living.

anyway - that sounds good , huh? lol

Jules- You'll get to goal! I am sure of it. :D:carrot::D

:wave: to Francie and Mindee..........and everyone else!

On a mission to get the Gaby from school, hope to get her bangs cut and have an early dinner of beef stew,,,,,,that I made! Thought I would cook too since I was stuck inside. I did make a tuna salad for lunch so I will just have a little of the stew w/ veggies.

Totally blew off my orientation on the cardio equipment! I forgot, I swear! lol Sheesh, will have to reset the appt now.

anyway, swimming tonight and The Bachelor! yay.

sz2atheart 02-02-2009 08:02 PM

Hello All!!

Had a busy weekend, finally getting out and about. Went to dinner with friends Fri nite, then back to our house for dessert and gabbing. Saturday we ran all around Annapolis. Went to the amish mart for lunch, browsing at Home Depot, shopped at Trader Joe's then off to Annapolis Lighting to look for a new light for our foyer. I found a closeout foyer chandelier $880 marked down to $360. :carrot: Then I came home and googled the light and found matching fixtures for the hallway on closeout also. I'm on a roll :D. Of course, on my disability pay for two weeks, how do I think I'm going to pay for all this ;)

Anyhoo, back to the doc this afternoon and he has finally cleared me to return to work on Monday. I really thought I'd be going back tomorrow but he wants me to get tons of sleep and get back to normal activity during the day, so......that means I'll be stripping wallpaper and scrubbing glue off the walls in the foyer and hallway for the rest of the week.

Cristina--Good luck on your house showings. We have had 3 houses for sale in our neighborhood for over a year. One just sold :carrot: Gotta look it up and see what it sold for.

Francie--More snow is on your way tomorrow!! Usually referrals are good for a month or more so make another appt.

Susie--Ouch for Gaby's little pony bite. She sounds like a tough little one.

Hugs :hug: to everyone else. You know who you are!! ;) I slept like crap last night. Gonna shower, watch 24 and hit the bed early tonight. I could go for a bowl of popcorn. Weight has stayed steady at 139-140. Heading back to WW on Wed. Still gotta get the motivation to crawl back up on my elliptical. One step at a time!!

tommysgirl18 02-03-2009 12:08 AM

I am back!

nothing really new on this end......we are meeting with the lady from the local manufactured home community that is just around the corner from us tomorrow at 1pm. then on Wednesday we are going to get our taxes done at 1pm.

we are also doing some research for our friend since he is going through a situation right now. so, we have been doing some legal research for him.

I am about to run off and do some more research and finish checking my email since I haven't really been online much since last week maybe.

tommysgirl18 02-03-2009 12:51 AM

I keep forgetting to put this on here, but Tommy informed me that we are going to have to do some shopping before the end of the year. I said "oh yeah....what kind of shopping?" He said "the kind where we get a sitter for the kids, and it is just you and me." I said "oh yeah.....for what?" He says "well, if I am going to become master of the lodge this year, then the master's lady needs a nice dress to wear." I told him "well, that gives me plenty of time to lose the weight that I want to."

I also figured out that I am not going to aim to lose 100 pounds and try and get down to 135 pounds like I am "supposed" to be for a woman of my height. I told Tommy that my first goal is to get to 200 pounds, and then from there I am going to get to 180 and stop. He asked me why 180 and I said "well, that was how much I weighed when I met you, and you honestly couldn't tell that I weighed that much. Plus, I was really comfortable at that weight."

Mom2Gaby 02-03-2009 02:41 PM

Good Morning,

I was all pumped for $10 bag day at the 2nd hand store til I drove up and saw the Open @ 11:30 sign, wth......bummed now because they are usually open @ 10am. Argh.

:wave: to Mindee & Tammy - glad to see you ladies post, had to scroll down a little too far to get to BIK! Sheesh, we'll get lost in the heap. :D

I watched the Bachelor last night, pulling for Jillian, I like her a lot. Course it doesn't matter who I like. lol What was Naomi wearing at the rose ceremony??? It reminded me of Enchanted and she was making dresses out of the drapes......lol, it was downright ugly and not becoming on someone so young. tsk,tsk....too bad Stephanie was sent home but she was way to classy for Jason. I see her more with someone w/ money and a tad older. Anyway, I like Jillian and Melissa, don't care for Naomi or Molly.

Mindee- 180 sounds good! I have struggled the last month on the numbers and really it isn't about that at all. We should at least be comfortable where we are in weight, otherwise what is the point?? I think I will bounce between 140 and 145.

Tammy - sounds like you are going to be working anyway, just not getting paid for it. lol Good to hear you will be going back to work on Monday!

I also was thinking that it wasn't Dick and Jane books I learned on. I think it was the series w/ Jeff, Mary and Mikey??? Does anyone remember those??

Gaby swam like a minnow and is antsy to become a shark next week but I think we might have to keep her in minnow another round, her 5th....lol

and her father is being weird...........again. Just because we haven't fought in a week he asked me last night at the pool "so, do you think we will ever have sex again?".....I said "no, I don't think we are ever having sex again, I don't want sex with you.....ewwwwww" (and don't worry we haven't had sex in over 7 years!)

k- I didn't say ewwww, but I was thinking it. He is such a friggin nut....you don't just have sex, you should be in a relationship first!!! Give me a few dates at least,,,lol....anyway, whatEVER...he pissed me off, he is always murking the waters. I just want to get a long and have no tension....and he always thinks just because I am civil I must *like* him...*eyes roll*....

k- now that I am all wound up I am headed for work......salad made and house all cleaned! :carrot:

:wave: big hello to everyone!!

FrouFrou 02-03-2009 04:39 PM

Hiya Chickies...

TAMMY..I agree with Susan, you will be working, just not getting paid...well not with a paycheck...but with a pretty house for sure! Yeah, we've had/have some in the area that have been for sale for a while too. One has been on the market since we have been here...our realtor said it has some god-awful green carpet in it. Then the other was a redo...people bought it and fixed it up as a flip...they were at our yard sale last year, lol. Did a GREAT job but I think they overdid it and inflated the price. Those two have been a while but we've had others that sale...just taking longer than normal. Oh well...if we sell it we do, if not :dunno: Glad you had a nice weekend!

SUSAN...well, what kind of friend won't clean a friends house? I see how you are, :lol: I actually thought about doing that for a living and then thought, ummm, I don't even like cleaning mine, why would I want to clean someone else's :lol: Used to do it for my Aunt growing up...I think she made more messes because she had someone else doing it! What in the world is the ex thinking? Lol Sorry the store wasn't open when you went...wish we had some place like that around here...there's the goodwill but they don't have $10 bag day. Of course I think they know when I am coming because there is never anything there for me!! I don't remember a Mary, Mickey & Jeff. That's good Gaby is reading :yay: And glad she loves her swimming.

MINDEE...good luck at the trailer place today! Is Tommy part of the Mason's or is this lodge something else? Hey, you have something to look forward to later in the year!

I think the little rugrat finally went to sleep. I had to tell her to shut up and go to sleep. When she goes to bed and when she is eating, all of a sudden she has all this stuff to talk about...especially when she is supposed to go to sleep, lol. Wha't funny is, if she will just lay down, be still and close her mouth she would be out in 2 seconds-serious! She's too cute though. Anyway, that's what I've been doing all morning...playing with her, working with her and I got some exercise in there. Spent a little time on the computer too while she watched Dora, Diego and Barnyard something and played. Doing laundry too.

Hi to JULES, KATY, SUE, FRANCIE, KATHY, SASSY & ASIA...hope I didn't miss anyone :wave:

Going to head on over to myspace and work on that page a little more. Trying to find the perfect page, well, something I really like. Imagine out of 1000's of pages and me not finding anything-I can't! :( Anywhoooooo...have another load of clothes to get folded, one to wash and some exercise to do before the little one wakes up.

Have a wonderful day :hug:

P.S. Keep forgetting...LOVE your avatar Susan! Brings back lots of memories when times were so simple and easy, for me anyway. We may have been poor but we had each other and we were happy.

tommysgirl18 02-03-2009 05:03 PM

well, we went and looked at two places today. we are going to keep in contact with this lady, and she is going to let us know when she gets some more options in our price range. we liked the first one a lot, but not so much on the second one!

right now Marissa and Logan are supposed to be napping, but neither one is. tomorrow we go to get our taxes done, and Tommy told Logan that if he behaves tomorrow then we will go and get him a price. (he was really good for us today which we were really worried about!)

SuzieQ~ I know what you mean! I was never really sure about what and when I was going to draw the line. But I think the line drew itself when I was looking at pictures from my senior year and from when me and Tommy started dating. Granted now, my body will look different at that weight since I am now three kids later. But I just want to rock a hot body again! (not saying that I am not now.....I just don't personally think I am rocking one right now) what a jerk your ex is!

Cristina~ Yup, Tommy is a Mason. He has been in the chair he is now a couple of times before, but he pushed off taking the head seat because of stuff that was going on. Now, as it sits right now, there is a guy one seat ahead of him that will take the chair, but if he doesn't (which they are sure that he won't) then Tommy will take it.

suetalks 02-03-2009 05:16 PM

Dear Ladies....I am sitting here in the cardiac lounge of the hospital. My poor cantankerous mom feels she is being held captive again.... Actually, I left her room so she would sleep. Yep, we are back here, becoming all too familiar with this place. I brought her to the ER on Sunday and they have kept her. I did go home last night for a bit and luckily came back very early this a.m. After I got here we got 4 inches of snow and ice. Now I fear I won't go home tonight. There was a 15 and a 20 car pile-up near-by and DH asked me to just stay here. Ah well, they have food, coffee, blankies and a comfy cjair or bed for me, so I will not venture out.
Now ladies, I need prayers and good wishes from you all again. Mom's problem is a different one, not heart related, but kidney. She is in need of a procedure that they can not do due to her heart and not being able to under-go being put under. We are taking it day by day and if it becomes an "either-or" type situation they will have to chance the procedure. We are praying for the blockage to ease and be something she can deal/live with and manage without the procedure. She has re-gained some strength today as Sunday and yesterday were awful. I could go into lots more details since 3 doctors have kept me up to date and talked so even I can understand, but I won't bore you. It has been stressful, but I am more optimistic today.
Thank goodness I got over my cold and illness right before she got down again. But it does seem like we have all been sick for all of Jan. excpet for our trip.....hope this is not a sign of 2009.
I actually think I am a bit loopy from lack of sleep, and eating crappy...but I will be okay. I did manage to eat a very healthy lunch, just that my snack was a Reese cup. Dang vending machines yelling at me...
I will try to keep you posted and I know we will feel your prayers.

Love you all......

suetalks 02-03-2009 05:20 PM

excuse the typos..can't seem to get this machine to let me go back and edit. Sorry...

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