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annie175 08-20-2008 12:24 PM

and thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers.

happy2bme 08-20-2008 01:28 PM


At today's Milwaukee Brewer's baseball game, a phenomonon was noticed. One circle of seats seemed be be devoid of any flies, mosquitos or flying nasties. Scientists were puzzled and unable to explain it other than to comment that they noticed a raucous cheering and the faint smell of wintergreen essence in the air :D ... Hope you had fun at the game Michelle :D Just be careful - I can't believe that those wooden baseball seats are very good on the lumbar region.

Seeing as how this is my "golden year" I think I'm going to attempt a new record for seeing the most different types of doctors in a single year. So far the list includes:
  • general practicioner
  • whatever you call the sadist who did my colonoscopy
  • gynecologist
  • emergency room doctor
  • orthopedist
  • podiatrist
  • endochronologist
  • nutritionist
  • physical therapist
  • ear, nose and throat doctor
  • radiologist
  • dentist

That's an even dozen so far... If I'm not the healthiest specimen on this planet by the time the year's out, well then it's just not RIGHT :lol: I have decided to make an appointment with the ENT doctor just to check things out. This water in the ears is making me :dizzy:

Mel - I had peaches with my cottage cheese this morning. Weren't they goooood? :T

Annie - glad to hear the DD's diagnosis was good. Ummm not to be too personal, but aren't you wasting away on us?

Shy Moment 08-20-2008 01:41 PM

Well, today was the big day. I knew over the last couple of weeks the weight was coming on in droves. My clothes are all really tight. I went to see my knew doc today and did a new weight in. Yes, a ton of weight gain but that is ok. I know where I am. He said two more weeks of meads and then he wants me off of them to see how things are going. No problem. This too shall pass.

Madcat 08-20-2008 03:38 PM

Hey, quit poking me, guys. I bruise! :lol: :lol:

Shad 08-20-2008 04:37 PM

It looks and smells like rain out there this morning. Well it would, wouldn't it since I blatantly went out and broke the law by watering my garden last night.

Michelle - hope the back comes right very soon. Hate sore backs - they hurt. Hope you enjoyed the game, despite Happy's pointing the finger at the one place the flies weren't! My work will do as my work will do. I always get there in the end, despite the fact that sometimes I wonder how it will happen.

Annie - good news for the dd. Long may it last.

Mel - I am working on it - might get your email today. Ever thought it might be me that needs a sanity check??

Happy - It's called walking or rather swimming to a different beat. I think I might be up with you in the number of doctors this year - being my warrant of fitness year. Boobs, pap, hearing, teeth, bones, guess they have all been poked and pulled and flattened and scraped and broken and we are not quite finished yet. May need a brain doc after the next three weeks.

Rennie - hope things start improving from now on. Maybe you should now be wishing the ninja squirrels had put the cookies on a stick and given you a run for your money.

Madcat - poke, poke. Guess we need to poke and prod occasionally to get you lot out of the woodwork. How are you?

Right I'm off again. Have to take the cat to the vet at 10 - in the meantime I need to sneak the cage into the house so she doesn't get what I am up to. Oh and yesterdays stupidity by the cat.
She came racing into the house yelling and screaming and skidding on the floor. Miaou, miaou, miaou. I'd just made myself a cup of coffee and was going out in the sun to drink it. She followed me out, still yowling. When I got out there, a pidgeon was picking in the grass. It looked at me and I looked at it. I said, don't get excited little pidgeon, she hasn't managed to catch much in 9 years, how can this be any different? Coo said the pidgeon, yaooowwl went the cat. Then she started stalking around the pidgeon all the while mewing and whinging. The pidgeon took a look and then took no notice whatsoever, yowl went the cat. She's still going in large circles around the pidgeon and hiding behind me everyso often. Then she goes out into the yard again, circling the pidgeon, never getting too close. Coo says the pidgeon. Don't worry said I when I could stop laughing. Cat went on yowling. Finally the pidgeon uttered a couple of rude words in pidgeon language and flew up into the tree and sat there squinting down at the cat - probably daring her to climb it.
I was telling DS2 the tale last night and his version of the circling and yowling was that she was saying: If you don't fly off, I'm going to have to come and get you. I'm terrorising you, I am, I am.
What a laugh. Wish I had caught it on video.

Right I'm off for brekky, a shower and work. In that order

Shy Moment 08-20-2008 05:24 PM

I have been sticking to how I eat and how I exercise. All I can do is wait out the meads. I have done it once. I can do it again. I sure hope this inspires someone to keep with it and not let life get in the way of weight loss.

ceejay52 08-20-2008 06:28 PM

News this morning wasn't good. B. is not going to be able to come to work this week end. That means more over time on my part.

Looked up and behold there is rain. Guess the cloud on the radar moved in a little quicker than I calculated. It's a slow steady rain.

Went to the gym last night but only did the weight machines. I walked my mile at work. I'm not liking the weight room. I was the only woman there again last night.

I've had a trainee today. He's been doing most of the leg work but I have to watch him.

Power outage--yuck. want to come and help.

To funny about the cat. Thanks for the laugh.

Wait till you get to my age. It seems as though there is a doctor for every body part. Feel better soon.

I'm also glad to hear the your dd had a good diagnosis. I hope she doesn't have to go through this again.

You wouldn't get poked if you stuck your head in the door more often. How are you?

Madcat 08-20-2008 10:10 PM

Yes, I have been missing in action. First I went off into the bush (well ok a cabin in the woods) for a week, which was so nice. Now Iím back at work and crazy busy again. The department I am on loan to is in deep denial at my recall to my original department in a couple more weeks. They seem to think that bawling like lost cows will somehow make my boss change her mind about what she needs me to do. Hey guys, what makes you think your project is more important than the stuff my actual boss actually hired me to do (and has nicely postponed to help your sorry butts)?? People!. Other than that Iíve switched gyms just for a change of pace. Itís actually still the same gym - just another location. This one is in this trendy renovated warehouse space and it has laminate floors and shiny new equipment and is full of sunlight and great views of the downtown. Place is almost too flossy for the likes of me! :lol: Iím more used to working out in places where you donít want to spend a lot of time thinking what that stain on the carpet might be. Iím down 8 lbs at last count - though I havenít lost any more weight this month, though thatís an accomplishment in itself. Iím trying to follow the WW Core program, but itís taking a bit of mental adjustment for a carboholic such as myself.

But enough about me.

Annie - thank goodness the news on your DD was good. What a relief you must feel.

Shy ~ ninja squirrels! Too funny.

Ceejay~ Hope you at least get some time in lieu for your OT. Keep sticking it out in the weights room.

Shad~ you lawbreaker you. It always seems to rain here when I wash my car. Very funny bird and cat story. Do you think the bird was talking pigjin English? What I want to now is just what would the cat have even done if she had caught him? When do you go back again to the dread JK?

Happy~ Are you collecting medicos so you can have the whole set or trade them with your friends? At least you know this means you are being proactive in looking after your own health care. I think the colonoscopy guy is usually a endocoscopist, isnít it? Or is that the technician? I love your stories of Mr. Feral.

Annie ~ Hope the ballgame was fun.

Mel~ Wouldnít you have to tattoo ďPASĒ on your forehead so that you could read it in the mirror? Iím with you that if you are going to do the sugar thing itís probably better to eat than drink it. I feel that way about fruit juice even. Better to eat the fruit and at least get a bit of fibre along with that sugar. Oh man, I laughed at your biopsy story.

Ok, I need to finish up. Watching the drenching rain in Beijing on TV. News just came on with some horrible pictures of that plane crash in Madrid. Those poor people.

Shad 08-20-2008 10:32 PM

Madcat - nice to see you back.
The cat would never have managed to catch the bird. She was making enough noise to wake the dead and the bird knew exactly where she was and what she was up to. In the past 10 years, she has managed to catch exactly two birds - one dropped out of the sky for some unknown reason and the other just waddled up to her. Probably told her what to do with him.
Head back to JK on Sunday morning. Very bad news out of Madrid this morning. So sad - 153 dead.
Not watching the Olympics unless I can't avoid it. I get very tired of how Aussie won their golds - over and over and over. We never get to see anything about the sports that they didn't enter or didn't win. There appears to be only 3 teams in it - China, USA and Aus. Totally ridiculous.
Let me get down off this soapbox and go get my lunch!!!

diyana 08-21-2008 07:47 AM

Good morning ladies --

The Brewers game was wonderful! It was great leaving work at 10:30, and going to the stadium to tailgate for a couple hours before the game. It was a warm, sunny day and the Brewers won! Yay! Now, it's back to work....but I'm leaving work early to go to see the doc about my back. I might need another shot...which would be scheduled for a different time as it's a procedure that's done in the hospital.

Annie - That is wonderful news about your DD! I'm so happy and I'm sure you and she are both so relieved! :woohoo:

Happy - You are TOO funny. And you're right...no mosquitos or flies and there was a faint wintergreen scent in the air. Hmmmmm. I wonder where that scent came from. My back held up okay. Phew. Maybe it was the brewskis I had prior to the game. LOL The bleacher seats were very nice. Metal seats with backs. So I did okay. You definitely have me beat on the number of docs you've seen. I've only been to my general practitioner (who is an internist), orthopedist, nutritionist, diabetes educator and dentist. Peaches and cottage cheese sounds yummy. Definitely going to have that next week (once my blueberries and strawberries are gone).

Rennie - You have a wonderful attitude. Good for you. You're only on the meds for a couple more weeks and then the weight will come off.

Shad - You renegade law breaking garden waterer you! Shame on you!! :nono: (just kidding). I got a great laugh from your cat/pidgeon story! Thanks for sharing! Funny how you mostly hear about the Aussie golds on the Olympics. We mostly hear about the USA golds! If USA doesn't have a chance to medal in a particular sport, we don't usually see it....except maybe at 1 or 2 am.
Ceejay - Sorry that you have to work more hours. Do they need to hire more people? Is it just you and B.? Or will your trainee be able to take a little of the work/hours?

Madcat - Sorry to hear that work is crazy busy, but it sounds like you have the right attitude. Congratulations on losing 8 lbs! That's awesome!

Well, I need to get to work early since I'm leaving early for the back doc. I'm sure the doc won't be able to do anything today....it's more of a consult to convince the insurance company that yes, I do need another shot in my back. My last one was only six months ago, but I'm a lot more active these past six months than I used to be...which is a good thing.

Have a great day everyone!

Love and hugs,

happy2bme 08-21-2008 08:19 AM

Good morning chicks,

It's a day when I get to get up when it's light outside :yay: although tonight I do have the exercise session from the diabetes program. I notice that DH is soaking up the zzzzz's himself. I think I told you about the gel "helmet" he ordered for his headaches. It came yesterday. I said I was going to wear it to work today and just noncholantly walk in and say nothing and get the reaction. Of course I probably would get no reaction as people are too polite to say anything :s: DH warmed up helmet last night and put it on as he was getting ready for bed. He came to kiss me goodnight and I was laughing so hard I almost fell on the floor. I couldn't keep a pucker cuz he looked so goofy. Maybe he'll let me take a picture. :rofl:

It's rainy here. Somewhat humid. Going to rain for the next 5 days or so. The mosquitos are planning their Outdoor Festival as we speak. I burned the roof of my mouth on a WW Chicken Quesadilla yesterday. Ow. Hard to get frozen quesadillas just the right temperature.

Michelle - glad you had a great time at the Brewers game. More fun since they won. Nothing like sun and beer and a bunch of happy people to say hey - this work thing ain't so bad afterall ;) Sorry to hear the back is so hurting that you need one of those shots. But if it works, that's good.

Shad - that was a funny story about Sunday. Deep down they think they are all the fierce hunter even if the birds would kick their little cat hiney :rofl: I read about the plane crash too. So very sad. You hear of so many near misses where people got out ok that you think it will happen that way always. Life is precious. I think your view on the Olympics is shared by many. I do admit to getting caught up in watching the softball game yesterday - I am amazed the way the pitchers pitch. And then I was about to go to bed when I noticed the gold medal beach volley ball game was on. Because the American team was going for an unprecidented 2nd gold, I had to watch it - actually I was following them all along. Very glad they won it - hard fought game. Very unusual to see a 6 foot 3 inch Japanese girl too. Bet she has a hard time dating. I remember one Olympics and possibly that was during the Atlanta games in 1996 when they were down the road here - that they were broadcasting on several cable channnels almost 7 by 24. It was the one time that you got to see a wide range of events and there was not a focus on the home country's games except of course for prime time viewing hours. But the point was that it was there if you wanted it. I suppose it gets expensive to have camera crews to try and cover every event and we know tv is all about ratings so they would be less likely to spend money on things with what they anticipated was low viewing.

Macat - great to see you back. :congrat: on refocusing and losing 8 pounds! That's awesome. Spending time in the bush/cabin sounds wonderful. Nothing like nature to get you rested nicely. Hope they sort out the tug of war over you at work soon. :lol:

Ceejay - I hear you on the weight room. I have to admit myself I was very intimidated to go in there. I only did when I was working with the personal trainer. I guess you have to steel yourself and say - hey, I have the right to be in there too and just go do your thing. I'd rather do my weights at home but I don't have the nice mirrored walls to check form. Be brave :lol: Sorry to hear there's more overtime in your future. :(

Shy - you're right - there's ups and downs in life and you just have to deal with them, as disappointing as they might be. At least you got to be the Biggest Loser a few times this last run.

Good morning Annie and Mel :wave:

I need to get going here. Got to try and get a decent parking spot not too far from the door because of course I am made of sugar and will melt if I have to be out in too much of the rain :lol: Have a good one ladies...

MELODY525 08-21-2008 08:29 AM


carla49 08-21-2008 11:40 AM

Wow, so much seems to happen around here!

Mel, rest those sore eyes. I'll email you later with something to make you laugh. In large type, of course.

Annie, I agree with the general concensus: you and DD are two gorgeous peas in a pod! Such good news that the prognosis has improved after the last biopsy, she's awfully young to be dealing with so much worry. I had one of the infamous biopsies years ago - it wasn't too painful, but they touched the vagus (?) nerve and I fainted. :faint: I have a vague memory of being half-dragged, half-carried in my little gaping hospital gown across a hallway - in full view of all the ladies waiting for the same procedure. Then coming to with a terrified loooking med student rubbing my legs and wondering what to do with the corpse. By then, of course, the doctor had moved on to his next victim... What was very unpleasant was the laser treatment on the displasia. They had just started using laser for the procedure, and the doctors (all men, of course) felt it could be done with no anesthetic or freezing at all since it 'wasn't painful'. :eek:

Happy, good for you, keeping up with the exercise and other life changes! I have a feeling you'll start reaping some impressive benefits soon. I'm with the others on eating real food, except of course for my beloved diet pepsi addiction and one spoonful of splenda in my morning cappucino. If I have any other coffee I use regular sugar. The really tough thing for me is moderation - every time I buy any cookies they're gone the same day. :( I bought some off-brand fig newtons this week on the grounds they're full of fibery goodness, only to realize after eating them all that the number one ingredient was HFCS. So I won't do that again. Well, at least not right away.
I love the mental picture of your DH in his gel cap. What a sweetie to model it for you and give you a good laugh!

Shad, I loved the cat story. They are so silly! My big boy (who you'll remember as an Olympic-level bladder jumper) likes to stalk squirrels when he's outside on the leash. Once he almost caught one, did a terrified back flip, and came running to his mother for help. Now he just watches them, althoug he would like to get his paws on a chipmunk or two.
As for the Olympics, here we get a little more international stuff on tv, mainly because we don't have that many champions of our own. (Hmmm. Maybe next time I should enter the cat...) Anyway, they show all the big impressive guys like Phelps or Bolt. My biggest peeve with Canadian coverage is that they don't clearly distinguish between live and repeat footage, and that they don't have a line on the screen showing which event they're covering. Very confusing, as one bunch of runners looks much like all the others to the uninitiated like me. I don't usually watch that much Olympic stuff, but I've been awake a lot during the night this week, and it sure did help pass the time.
Too bad we can't send you our rain so you could avoid illegal activity!

Madcat, good to see you back. Congrats on the 8 pounds lost!!! :woohoo: I have big plans to get back to a gym as soon as the doc says I can exercise again. We'll see if I follow thru or wimp out as usual. :dunno:
I notice there's no chipmunk/sunflower seed photo following this year's trip to the bush. Did you whack the poor little guy, or did you leave the seeds at home? :rofl: Anyway, your posts always make me smile. By the way, I'll be working for a few days in TO this December - maybe we can get together for supper again, that was fun last year.

Ruth, sorry about Hershey's illness. What time will you be in town for her appointment on Tuesday? I have an appointment in the afternoon, but if you'll be around in the morning, maybe I could meet you at the clinic with some coffee and muffins or fruit and we could take the doggage for a run at the Arboretum? Just an idea, but I'd love to see you and meet the girls. By the way, I hope Disney has recovered nicely form her close encounter of the pit bull kind. Poor baby.

Michelle, do take care of the back. It's always best to take it easy while you heal, and the more you rest now the sooner you can get back in the gym.

Ceejay, you really do seem to work an awful lot! I'm hoping B will get back to work soon, or, failing that, that they hire someone else to take on his share of the work. Look after yourself!

Shy, I hope you don't let the scale get you down. With your discipline, the weight will fall back off after you get off the meds, and in any case you were due for a plateau after the steady 1lb a week every week march towards ideal weight. As soon as you can walk and run easily, we'll send some ninja turtles over your way to chase you around until you sweat every ounce off.

Once again, I'd like to thank you all for your kind support. I'm doing fine, apart from some tenderness at the navel incision. In fact, apart from the horror of being shipped out while still nauseous, I really think recovery is faster at home. If I ever have day surgery again I think I'll ask whoever's driving me home to wait at least an hour after they get the call before picking me up, which would give me the extra time I need in recovery. Devious, but effective. I'd also like to have someone else to deal with the incision care - I'm a total wuss about things like that, and had to lie down and take a gravol the first time I changed the dressings. Pathetic, I know. :mad:
This morning was quite funny - I had a shower, and was washing a little more thoroughly than I had since the surgery, and discovered bits of tape residue on my left boob. I'd like to know what the heck they were doing with my left boob, since the surgery was centre and right side - maybe they had to build a tape sling to hoist the poor old girl out of the way? :?: :?: :lol: The mind boggles...
My eye is still bothering me, but at least it's nothing too serious, so it can wait until I'm back to normal to be seen to again.
And, with that, I have a long to-do list, so it'll be bye until next time. :wave:

Shy Moment 08-21-2008 12:05 PM

I am pretty good about not letting things get me down. I walk, I talk. I wasn't suppose to be able to do those things. Life has been peaches and cream since then lol. I don't think any of us appreciate what we have. I did a nice three mile walking/aerobic video today. Knees are killing me but I sure feel better to be working out again lol.

Hope you feel better soon.

I was defiantly surprised over that lol. I did a 3 miles walking/aerobic video today. Knees are killing me but it felt good to be able to get through the thing.

Never know if it will come of quickly or slowly but it will come off. I think that is something all of us have to remember.

diyana 08-21-2008 01:30 PM

Happy - I hope you got a decent parking spot and that your day is going well.

Carla - Great to hear from you and I'm glad you're recuperating nicely.

Mel - If you're reading this and your eyes are still burning, step away from the computer and rest your eyes, dear friend.

Rennie - :cheer2: for doing a 3 mile video!

annie175 08-21-2008 03:21 PM

Hi ya girls..........

Carla...you cracked me up about the hoist of Ms. Lefty for surgery. It made me think of my own 38 C LONNNNNNNNNGs. Glad you are recouping well.

Michelle....Goodluck at the back doctor. Let us know how it goes.

Ceejay....do you get paid extra of all the OT?

Happy.....If they gave out awards for the most doc visits in a year, I think you would win!! My weight has not changed since March. I am holding my own at 148-150, which is quite an accomplishment right now. If you could see my gut and butt you would think twice about me widdling away. Ha,

Rennie...you have a great attitude about your weight. You keep up the positive thoughts.

Madcat....glad to have you back....

Shad...when you go outside and it smells like money instead of rain, call me, I am coming over.

MEL...feel better.

Not much going on here. We had State Fair day in the atrium at work. Ladder Ball Toss, Duck Pond, Cornhole Toss, cotton candy, salt water taffy, popcorn, sodas, and prizes. Kind of cute.

Going to make more salsa this weekend for freezing. DS is coming home for the week tho, so not much of it will probably make it to the freezer.

Got to get busy,

Love and Hugs

Shad 08-21-2008 04:54 PM

Morning all - quick flyby for me today. I am totally out of time and now need to clone myself to get everything done before the DS1 and partner arrive tonight. Mel - email coming your way but there won't be a phone call today. I don't know that it would work while I was cleaning the shower or brushing the loo at the same time. If I get through today then maybe it will all happen tomorrow but I'm not betting on it.
Carla good to konw you are up and about and feeling a bit better. Can't offer an explanation for the left boob. Unless they taped up both and then decided which side the gall bladder is on. You don't have enough to get in the way!!! Not being rude or anything. Could understand if it was me. But then if it was me, they would have tied them in a knot under the chin.

Ant that is it. I have no time for more, I'm off for breakfast, then clean bathroom, loo and laundry before getting into the bedroom to change the bed and clean up the cat fur etc. And I have a stinking sinus headache, a pain in the gut, and a runny left nostril. Life is so good sometimes.

Be back later if I get time between work and WORK. Cya

diyana 08-21-2008 05:07 PM

Good afternoon ladies --

I just got back from the doc. He wants me to go to physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks starting Monday and I get a steroid shot on 9/2. Yay! There is a light at the end of this tunnel. This doc hasn't seen me since my weight loss and he was really impressed and wants me to be able to get moving again soon!

Annie - You're 148-150? That's awesome! And from your photo you are a hottie too! Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead. I wish you could ship some of that salsa up to Wisconsin....it sounds yummy!

Shad - I hope you feel better. I hope you get a little relaxing time with your DS1 before you leave for JK.

I've got an after work function....a trivia contest. It should be fun as I'm on a team full of fun people.

I'll check in tomorrow morning.

Love and hugs,

ceejay52 08-21-2008 06:23 PM

Yes I did get paid for all the overtime. I would not do all this if I didn't. By the way, I'm getting Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Labor day week end. I must be doing something right.

There's not much to say except I'm tired of these four wall's.

More later.

happy2bme 08-21-2008 09:48 PM

Hi ladies,

I caught up on the posts and was going to respond but I am just so darn tired. If I go to bed in 10 minutes I can sneak in 8 hours of sleep before getting up for the gym.

So I think I'll pack my bag, wash my face and jump into my jammies. I probably won't get back here until lunch time.

Feel better Mel - it's a shame that the fresh air is giving the old peepers a twirl :( Just do what you have to. :hug:

Goodnight all - enjoy your visit Shad....

Shy Moment 08-21-2008 11:31 PM

Eventually I will work myself back up to the 5 mile videos. Think it is going to be awhile. The one miles are ok, the two miles are a bit rough. The three mile just about killed my knees lol. Youre a better woman than I. I can remember the shots in the back, the knees and the shoulders. I finally told the docs after a few years that they were nuts and could keep their shots. The pain of the shot was far worse than the pain I could stand from my body lol. Hope you feel better. Have no idea why a needle can make this grown woman weep lol.

I grew up dirt poor. I have learned that in life a great attitude gets you farther than money. Ok, you might have to walk everywhere you go but you aren't polluting the air lol.

Glad you hear you are feeling better. My gosh what did they do to you that you have any care. I had a few little cuts and nothing to take care of. Worst part was the darn gas escaping through the right shoulder and oh my gosh that hurt for a few days lol. Heck I was home within 8 hours of leaving the house lol. Hmmm tape under the boob. Have to say didn't even know they touched the boobs. Good heavens what do they get up to, they are working around the bellie button area lol.

MELODY525 08-22-2008 07:28 AM

I Cannot Type Long. I Have Another Call Into The 2nd Arm Doctor. But Other Than That All Is Well Here. Eyes Are Scratxchy And A Wee Bit Blurry.
Didn't Get To Really Catrch Upn With Eveyrone Yet So...
Madcat...congrats On The Nweight Loss.
Carla...glad You Feel Better
Shad...we Can Always Castch Up When U=you Come Back.
Renni..stay Away From The Cookies.
Ruth....hope The Website Calms Down Fast.
Michelle..thansk And Also Glad To Hear You Will Get Relief Too!
Annie..your Company Sounds Great With A State Fair Thing Now!
Ceejay...i'll Be Right There To Help You Carry The $$$$$$$.

That;s All Folks. Too Much Pain Right Now And I Have Lots To Do Today. Jen Is Coming Home For The Weekend And The Kids Want To Spend It Here With Me. They'll Be Here Later. Off To Get Ready.
Happy Friday/saturday

diyana 08-22-2008 08:36 AM

Happy Friday/Saturday ladies!

I'm so glad the end of the week is here. It's been a busy and stressful week for me, and I'm looking forward to a couple days of R&R. Next week will be even better as I'm taking the Friday before Labor Day off to give me a 4 day weekend. Ahhhh.

Ceejay - I'm glad you're getting overtime for all your extra hard work. At least you'll get a long weekend next week.

Happy - I'm so proud of you for being so dedicated to going to bed early and getting up early for the gym! YGG!

Shad - enjoy your visit with DS1 and partner. I hope your flight to JK is a smooth one.

Rennie - The shot I get in my back only hurts for a day or so (after the novacaine the put in wears off) and then I'm pain free for between 6 months and a year! I'll take that trade off anytime. Hopefully the physical therapy I do will help heal/prevent future recurrences too. And you're right...a positive attitude is soooo important.

Mel - I do hope your arm feels better and your eyesight improves. Enjoy your weekend with the kids!

A big :wave: and :hug: to all you wonderful ladies!

Love and hugs,

Ruthxxx 08-22-2008 08:53 AM

Life is becoming very packed these days and I may not be around much. Don't worry - I'm swimming as fast as I can and will tread water when I get really tired!

Hersh goes to the Ottawa Vet hospital Tuesday for final diagnosis and a treatment plan. (Thanks for the offer of company, Carla, but I think it'll be just a drop off and then go home as it's three days of tests.)

After that, I hope things get better.

carla49 08-22-2008 10:04 AM

Naughty Shad, mocking my inadequate mammary development! ;) The sad part is that while she's right that I'm not a typical busty worldly chick, gravity and excess weight have still done their evil work. :yikes: My neighbour came up with a more reasonable explanation for the tape - they probably had heart monitor sensors taped here and there. I liked my explanation better.
Enjoy the time you have with DS1 and partner. Does he live very far away?

Michelle, it must have been so satisfying for you to see the doc's reaction to your weight loss and improved fitness! :carrot: And I agree with you on the shot - much better to let up a bit on the exercise for a short time, get the treatment you need, and then be able to go back full tilt and pain free. When I was still running a lot a eight years ago I decided to "run thru the pain" instead of get immediate treatment for a foot problem. Well, my plantar fascia ruptured halfway thru a half marathon, and I haven't been able to run consistently since. Not to mention being stuck in closed, lace-up orthotic-friendly shoes year-round - a real fashion statement with shorts... Since then I've had a less cavalier attitude to managing bobos! On the positive side, the sensible shoes, a less gung-ho attitude, and opting for alternate types of exercise have made it possible for me to hike and run a little and do most things I really want to do without pain. :D

Annie, what kind of salsa do you make? "Hot" tomato? "Thick" zucchini? ;) (Just thinking of your pornographic veggies...)

What have they done with our Happy??? :?: Going to bed at 9:30??? I think it's the Invasion of the Body Snatchers all over again. :rofl: All kidding aside, I'm so glad for you that you've found the motivation to keep up with the gym and exercise class. Are you starting to find things easier now? Apart, of course, from figuring out which way the swim traffic goes...

Ceejay, whatever you do, don't answer the phone any time near the long weekend - it would be such a bummer if you got called in to replace someone less conscientious. Will you go away anywhere over the weekend, or just relax at home and maybe go out to spend some of that overtime money?

Mel, great that Jen will be home for the weekend. Maybe the kids will devote their home time to spoiling you? :crossed:
Is your arm aggravated mainly by using the computer, or just general wear and tear? I sure hope the new arm doctor will have some positive suggestions for reducing the problem. :hug:

Shy, I find the shoulder pain annoying but quite bearable - I often get little aches and pains like that. lol And I have no problem with needles. But the real problem for me with cleaning an incision is imagining beforehand what horror lies under the dressing. lol As it happened, all four incisions are clean and healing nicely, much smaller than expected, although I'm pretty sore around the navel. lol Hey, I said I was a wuss about that stuff. lol I'm amazed at how long they kept you for your day surgery - my total time was 5 hours door-to-door, and at that they said they kept me half an hour longer than most people! lol The mind boggles. lol

Ruth, try to get some down time for you! I hadn't realized Hershey would have to stay at the hospital overnight. Poor baby. Poor you! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the results will be good. :goodvibes:

And that's all for now. Lots to do today, and I'm still not dressed. Happy weekend to all the worldly chicks.

Shy Moment 08-22-2008 12:42 PM

You mean they gave you a pain killer for the shot. Oh my gosh they gave me nothing, now mind you it has been at least 5 years since I have let them put a needle in my back.

The shoulder pain was so bad for me I was on some serious meads and I took all they gave me and as you know I am not a pain killer kind of person lol. That shoulder pain was worse than labor with either of my kids lol. When I had the gallbladder surgery I didn't even so much as have a bandage on me lol. Isn't it amazing a surgery that you use to stay in for days and days you are now out in a few hours lol. Heck, when you have a baby they make you stay 12 hours to get money out of you and yet they toss you out after a couple of hours after surgery lol.

I have not been getting near the cookies lol. Weight gain or not it sure isn't going to be because I am not eating the way I should. It did slip into my mind for a few seconds that if I was going to gain weight by no choice of my own I might as well indulge a bit more than I let myself. I thought of having to tell all of you ( with a mouth full of cookie and chocolate prints on the key board what I had done ) sometimes I really don't like you all very much lol. Thanks for the eyes watching over my shoulder. I needed them. The cookie cravings are gone. Thank heavens since my son sat with his girlfriend last night and ate all of them. He came to me, gave me a hug and said did it just for you Mom. Have to wonder if he really had me in mind as those two sat and ate all my cookies lol.

ceejay52 08-22-2008 06:16 PM

popping in to say hello

Mel and Rennie :hug:
Hope you feel better soon.

Shad 08-23-2008 02:45 AM

Afternoon all,
Just popping in to say hi :wave: been busy with the family today. Tomorrow is off to JK once more (once more into the breach dear friends) and I will be back into it on Monday no doubt.

Today we have put together the new filing cabinet I bought ages back and didn't get around to. Now there is no excuse fo my paperwork to be floating around unfiled. It loods quite good too. Now I guess I should go and put all my tools away and collect the washing. The kids have been enjoying the warmth and the sun. It's not been this warm in Adelaide for months. They arrived with scarves and boots and are now down to tee shirts and shorts. It's another thing off the list of to do's

No time for personals, sorry. Enjoy your weekend. Hope it is a good one.


MELODY525 08-23-2008 08:09 AM

Good morning. I am giving you a Melody update. Mom's arm folded on her as she was trying to do something andn it pitched her forward. Somehow she scratched her eye a little bit. The vision is blurry but not harmed. It's just been a series of unfortunate events she said like Lemony Snickets. The doctor's office sent some heavier anti-inflammatory pills for her to try. Today her arm feels a little better. We were laughing last night about it all. Mom says hi to everyone and for Joy to have a good trip. Mom should be back by Monday. If not I will update you all during the week. Jen

ceejay52 08-23-2008 09:35 AM

Thanks Jen for the update on Mel. Mel feel better soon.

I'm doing a happy dance this morning. Today is my last work day for a couple of days. I'm off Sunday and Monday. :dance:

Everyone enjoy the week end.

happy2bme 08-23-2008 02:34 PM

Good morning ladies,

Signs that the seasons are about to turn --
  • the air is filled with the buzzing and chittering of the hummingbirds swooping and swarming as they start to bulk up for their long trip south in a month or so
  • leaves are starting to fall and clog up the pool filter - the pool we never got to use this year
  • we're heading into muggy gray days, the result of the remants of the hurricane season as bits travel up the interior and make their way over to us

A week from Monday we turn the calendar pages to a new month. When I lived up north I always found the Labor Day holiday to be a bit melancholy because it meant only one more month of decent weather before the cold winds of another winter blew in and I would feel like yet another summer blew past and I didn't get enough time to enjoy it. I still feel that way about summer but at least we have a warmer season down here so I don't fret about winter like I used to. But still, the summer is coming to an end - you can feel it in the air.

The hummingbirds are rampant outside. We have one feeder in the front of the house and can watch them through the kitchen window and we have 6 feeders off the back porch and into the yard. You have to be careful when you go out back so you don't get divebombed. It's the end of the season when some of the birds are still defending "their" feeder and they will fight - you can hear the clicking of the beaks like swordsmen. Or they will puff their chests out like drunken fraterinity blokes and chest thump so hard even I cringe. Within 2 weeks there will be too many at the feeder for the "owner" to chase off and they will just all settle down at each feeding port and gorge. Towards the end of the season there are so many you can't count them - I think the most we were able to count was 20 at a time. They are really neat.

Can't say I'm a hero on going to the gym. It's more a matter of doing what you have to do. Same with the food. It does appear that I am going to have to get really strict with the food - including weights and measuring as my weight loss has stabilized. This week we get our blood glucose testing meter and I'm interested in the story that has to tell...

Jen - thank you for the update on your Mom. Mel - I'm sorry to hear you zigged when you probably should have zagged. Rest up and please heal up quickly. Don't let it get you down. :hug: Maybe I will look for some Elvis glasses to protect your poor peepers!

Ceejay - hope you enjoy your 2 days off. I can hear you laughing all the way over here. I can tell you're in need of a break :D

How's the knee Shy? I have to admit - 2 miles is about all I can take of Perky Little Leslie. She sure has turned walking into an empire - never knew there were so many ways to walk.

Shad, I'm thinking that your temps are about what ours are now and I can't even fathom wearing boots and scarfs out by you. But glad you are getting some nicer weather. Have a safe flight, hope you got a decent airline seat. We look forward to more JK rollout adventures.

Michelle - that's great that you are going to get your shot for your back. I'm sure you're relieved. Will you get a massage to go along with the physical therapy? ahhhhhh.

Annie - once again you're having fun at work. Why don't other companies "get" that if they do a little bit for their employees they get it back 10 fold??? Of course I'm sure even in your environment there are complainers. I sort of acknowledge but don't want to think too much about the sagging skin issues to come down the pike :(

Ruth - thinking about you and Hershey :hug:

Well I've been composing this post for about 6 hours now. I keep walking away from the computer and forgetting about it. I just came by to pick up some junk off the desk to sort and purge and saw that I hadn't posted yet so finish this up and hit SEND. :comp: Enjoy your Saturday...

annie175 08-23-2008 02:43 PM

It's the weekend....Happy Saturday....

Baby boy (20 yrs) is home this weekend. He is having me make all his favs. Patty melts, fried taters & onion, corn for dinner. Can you say FATTENING. Tomorrow he wants spaghetti. He always wants spaghetti. Also made a huge batch of salsa, what he doesn't eat, I will send home with him. DS & DD are both in a cornhole tournament and will not be home this afternoon and evening. I need something to do besides housework and cutting the grass.

Carla....salsa recipe is with tomatos. I make two kinds, one you cook, the other you just chop in blender or processor. The chopped kind is tomatos, green peppers, jalapenos, onions, cilantro, garlic, pepper, then add a 2-3 ozs of medium store bought salsa to give it smoothness.

Shad....while you are in the cleaning mode, come on over to my house.

Michelle....got pix of yourself?? Before and now, on your way to after? I would love to send you some salsa. Today's salsa turned out a bit hotter than I like, but will still eat it. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

Ceejay...3 days off in a row, you won't know how to act. Crazy I suppose.

Happy...8 hours of sleep...Sweet dreams.

Rennie...Yeah, we didn't have much growing up either. Monday I am getting the land line turned off, and just use cell phones. Also may raise the deductible on my auto insurance. Seems groceries are the only way to really cut back on dollars.

MEL...God love you darlin', feel better, maybe one of Michelle's steroid shots.

Gotsta get busy...Hello to anyone I might of missed.

Love and Hugs

annie175 08-23-2008 02:45 PM

Oh Happy....believe it or not, we have very few complainers at work, mostly everyone loves it there.

Next week, our department manager's are buying everything to have an ice cream social. I won't be eating any of it tho, to rich and fattening for my system.

Love and Hugs to you girly...

happy2bme 08-24-2008 01:15 PM

Good morning chicks,

Happy Sunday.

I had a very carb loaded day yesterday. For lunch I had a half cup of left over pasta with cheese. Had a taste for Chinese food for dinner so we had a selection of beef with pepper and tomato (not too bad except for the half cup of white rice), crispy shrimp & vegetables (shrimp was lightly battered and fried) and DH wanted sweet & sour chicken which of course is heavily battered and fried. And I had the biggest hankering for pot stickers. I had a little bit of everything. Not an oversized portion, tho bigger than I probably should have been eating. But between the batter, the sweet sauces and the dough - I probably have a bazillion carbs. And I washed it down with slightly sweetened green tea.

Today I woke up feeling all achy and out of sorts. Definitely a reaction to the food. Of course it is gray and somewhat rainy but I'm sure the food affected me more than anything. Need to start paying attention to little signs like that. Today is grocery shopping day - back to lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and clean eating. :D

Annie - what's a cornhole tournament? Have fun and hope you have a good visit with the kids. The salsa sounds yummy tho a bit too spicy for me. Nothing better than the taste of fresh tomatoes. Yummmmmy!!!! :T

Oh and we had an exciting moment yesterday. I had washed the kitchen floor and was sitting outside taking to DH. The hummingbirds were zipping back and forth across our heads dive bombing each other and trying to claim the feeders as their own. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement on one of the azalea bushes. I got up to check and it was a brand new baby swallowtail butterfly that had just emerged from it's crysalis. It was really struggling to hold on to the azalea branch. At first I thought it was injured but it looked much smaller than the ones we usually see. I called DH over and of course he wanted his camera. I had to trot across the wet floor and when I came back out he had the butterfly on his finger tip (you have to be extremely careful how you handle them). The wings were all floppy looking so we knew it was a brand new hatchling. When they are born their bodies are oversized and filled with fluid. Their wings are all crumpled up like something you'd see in those packages where you can suck the air out of the plastic and the clothes shrink wrap down to 1/3 their size and look all wrinkly. As they emerge they pump the fluid out of their body into veins in the wings which causes them to stiffen and become rigid. And that's just what the little gal was doing. We could tell by the markings that it was a female. DH relocated her to a more sturdy stem on the basil plant and she was happy with that. Her wings fluffed out and she started to flap them to dry them out. It was really neat to look at. DH was in his glory - took about 100 pictures. An orange frittiary came by to check out the lantana flowers and DH turned his back to take some shots of that and Ms. Swallowtail decided she was rested enough to checkout this new world so we didn't see her fly the coop. But I'm sure she'll be back again. We also have a baby woodpecker coming to the bird feeder. The yard is alive with activity.

Here's a picture of the new baby -


Madcat 08-24-2008 01:44 PM

Darlings! Happy Sunday! It’s grey and rainy here. Groceries have been done and now I’m just hanging about. I was thinking of gym-ing but I’m actually having some knee problems and hip issues… so I may just stay home. I supect much of it is hormonal. Anyone else notice their knees go wacky at certain times of the month? Maybe I’ll do Pilates later. Of course, I have a very exciting 178 page user manual I should read through. Gosh, that will be thrilling, won’t it??

Carla~ So sorry I didn’t read far enough back. Hope you are feeling better and recovery is going on. And yes, I’d love to get together with you next time you are in the area. I found a really nice steak and frites place we should go to.

Happy~ How neat your butterfly story is. He/she is lovely. And you are right about being careful touching them. At the butterfly conservatory they always say that if you disturb the dust on their wings you can really damage them. Lovely though. I love that you not only have the time but that you take the time to pay attention to the world around you. Beautiful. I also find Labour Day a bit sad… and it makes me want to buy pads of paper and pencil crayons. :lol:

Shad~ Bon Voyage. Have a good trip and I hope the doco gawds are kind once you get there.

Jen~ Thanks for the update. Hopefully Mel will be back herself shortly.

Anni~ What’s a cornhole tournament? The mind boggles. :lol: I’d happily take some salsa off yor hands. I make the chopped kind myself but it’s just tomato and onion and cilantro. Bit of a purist.

Ceejay~ Enjoy your time off.

Ruth~ Hope the Hershey girl’s tests turn out fine and she’s ok. Keep treading that water.

Michelle~ Hope you find the relaxation prize this weekend. I’m thinking of taking next Friday off too. Our last gasp at summer.

Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss but really I don’t deserve it. I did lose the weight but I’ve been stuck here for the past 3 weeks. But at least I haven’t gained it back so that’s something, isn’t it?

Shad 08-24-2008 09:42 PM

Morning all,
Here we are, cheerfully (not) back in Jakarta, watching the world go by and trying to do our best for the project.
It's grey and very smoggy out there today. But I was good, I went to the gym early and did 45 minute workout which at least got the legs and arms moving again.
As far as the month challenge goes, I had whittled down 1.4kgs but forgot to take my water tablets for a couple of days and combined with high altitude flying, I'm back to where I started. I guess now that both of those factors have disappeared, I might be able to get back down again. I still have a couple of days before the end of month. There is a scale in the hotel room and if that moves downwards for a while, I shall be quite pleased.

Madcat - good to have you back. No my knees do not go funny at odd times of the month. They may go a bit wonky if I see a nice piece of eye candy around the place, but I haven't seen that for a wee while.
Your manuals are 178 pages. Crikey, think I will come and work for you. Mind you I have to admit, I'm whittling quite a few of ours down to the 100 mark. Just to darn difficult to keep their minds on the job with some of the waffling we do.

Happy - how nice to have all that wildlife at your doorstep. Lovely to see the critturs are taking advantage of all the love you lavish on them.

Annie - my cleaning mode did not last long. Just enough to ensure that the place was dustless and ready for the visitors and then I gave up. They will have to look after it themselves for the rest of the time. DS2 came home to spy the cleaning equipment around and muttered something about scary objects before going out to escape any chores.
What happens in a cornhole tournament?? Inquiring minds need to know.

Jen - thanks for the Mom update. I will get to talk to that woman soon and get her to rest up a bit. Mind you, I think I have to talk to Ruth and Michelle as well. They are all trying to be superhuman.
Get well soon Porangi.

And that is about it. I need to go put some data into the system now that it is fixed and working again. So I love you and leave you for the time being. Enjoy your Sunday.

ceejay52 08-24-2008 10:20 PM

I haven't done much today. I woke up exhausted this morning.

Did manage to go to the grocery store. I hate our grocery store would rather have gone to super Walmart for better produce.

My relatives are about ready to hog tie my bosses. My sister called me today to find out if I could come up next week end. Everyone in her family were looking foward to me being there next week end. My nephew's band is going to play at Branson's Landing. I'm going to be to tired to drive 6 hours one way.

MELODY525 08-25-2008 08:11 AM


diyana 08-25-2008 09:01 AM

Good morning ladies -

Just a quick :wave: from me as I'm off to physical therapy and then have to get straight to work.

I'll check in later.


happy2bme 08-25-2008 09:30 AM

Good morning ladies,

I'm on the run too this morning. Had a really bad night last night so I didn't get to the gym today. Have a doctor's appointment with the ear, nose and throat guy today - will find out if I'm really going deaf :lol: or maybe I should really say :(

Madcat - good to see you back. As Shad says - don't notice the knees going wonky at set times. One day they are fine, 2 days later they are barking at me. Sometimes one side, sometimes the other. No rhyme or reason tho if I journaled I might be able to discern a pattern. Hope you are feeling better.

Glad to hear you are feeling better Mel.

Hope the therapy eases up the tightness Michelle.

Ceejay - I REALLY hope you won't have to miss your family party - sounds like you've put in your share of hours at work lately.

Shad - hope the scale fairies are good to you. They have been quite fickle lately for many of us. Here's to another exciting Monday on the job :hat:

Annie - DH is pushing to drop the land line too. However, the town we live in wants to keep it quaint and residential. That means they won't allow cell towers of any decent height so cell phone reception here is horrid. I have "no bars" in the house and like many of my neighbors, have to go outside to get any cell reception at all. We also have a voice over IP line for DH's job but that is tied to the internet. And if the internet goes down, which it does at time - no phone. So I've been holding out on giving up the land line but as you say, when dollars get squeezed, sometimes you just have to give it up.

With my grocery reward card discount, I paid $2.57 a gallon for gas yesterday :dance: That was 80 cents a gallon off the base price. We should have filled up DH's car instead - his tank was emptier than mine.

Anyway - gotta get some work in today. Hugs to all and hellos to the rest of the team I didn't get to individually.

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