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SunshineRunner 06-07-2008 08:26 AM

That 70's Show - Getting Groovy in June!
Okay...lame title for the thread - I know...but since nobody else is around to restat the June thread after the great loss we had this week...I had to be lame and come up with a lame title!

How's everyone doing? I'm sunburned! Went to the pool for 2 hours yesterday..but just have a sunburned forehead and nose really.

Eating is on track as well as exercise. I'm a little annoyed with my gym because they cut their hours for the summer...which they didn't do last year...signs of the economy I imagine....but it's annoying. They also reduced the classes available for the summer....another annoyance...especially since I just got into the groove of pilates and yoga. Good news on the gym front though is that I am really craving running....like...I get home after work and am ready to go for a good run. I enjoy it these days...probably will complain about it next week though!

Well...I'm off to work work work!

2Bthinagain 06-08-2008 06:12 PM

Hey where did our old June thread go?
Where is everybody????
Sorry about your sunburn, living in Florida I'd think you know better :)
I'm sorry your gym changed their hours, do they lower their prices in the summer?
I'm so glad to hear you crave running, you are the 3rd person I've heard say that in the last few weeks.
Keep up the good work!

SunshineRunner 06-12-2008 11:50 AM

Our old June thread got wiped with the crash that happened last week...boo hoo!

I'm here - but crazy busy this week. It's making me tired....but more amped to spend time in the gym :)

You'd think I'd know better about sunburn,but I just don't....I'm a pale/freckled girl who grew up close to the beach (and still lives there!) and I just suck at not working on getting some sort of color!

Gym - no lower prices in the summer - I actually found out that another member tried to beat up one of the trainers since the hours changed - crazy gym wackos???!!!!??

How are things going? Getting your goals aligned and sticking to them???

How long til Disney?

2Bthinagain 06-12-2008 03:48 PM

Disney is about 3 mos out. I'm doing better with some goals ...the soda thing is kicking my ***. I need caffine, I'm dying w/o it. Hopefully in 3 months time I'll be over that.
Still feel fat and huge and gross and disgusting. I want to consider surgery, of any kind. And then I want to slap myself in the face for thinking that way.
I am out of town visiting family at the moment and I'm exhausted from taking care of the kids nonstop and not sleeping in my own bed. I think a decent night sleep might pick me up!
I'm also in search of a girdle of some kind. Have you seen those commercials where they show the before and after ? They make it look good. But I wonder how dang tight they are and how hard to pull up when you need to go pee!!!
Sorry about your sunburn...know all about the fair skin and freckles!
Keep up your good work.
Meanwhile -- we are missing SO many 70s show people -- come out come out where ever you are!

SunshineRunner 06-14-2008 11:24 AM

I'm ready to kill all other real estate agents. I swear - they are highly incompetent - I am so happy to be taking a full time teaching position in the fall and only doing real estate part time - I don't think people understand that the reason many of their homes are not selling is because of their DIP Sh** realtors!! Argh! Sorry, I'm angry and frustrated with them.

BTW - still holding at 162lbs...feels good, will be great to see the 150's by the end of the month.

SunshineRunner 06-16-2008 06:50 PM

Excuse my last post - rough weekend of working hard and dealing with not the brightest folks on Earth! :)

Today was a busy day - running errands all morning so I stopped at Subway and had a sub - got the footlong since it was only $5 and ate the whole thing! Yikes! It was soooo filling though - will be light food for the rest of the day and just snacking - no more meals cause that was a big one!

Still on track at 162lbs - can't wait to see myself in the 150's and really really really hope that is before the end of this month....it'll be tough since these last few pounds definitely take the longest - but I honestly think that is because I'm celebrating more and eating out more than I did when I was at the beginning of my weight loss.

I wish some more folks would join us - I feel like we were really going for a good time there - and now I feel very quiet here. So - anyone looking to lose 70'ish pounds - or 60 or 50 - we'll take you - just come up and chat it up!!! :)

2Bthinagain 06-17-2008 05:49 PM

I did not remember that you worked in a real estate office. That's interesting! We've moved a lot and have had a lot of new houses, I always thought once our kids are in school full time that I should get a realtor license. I think I would be good at it. Right now we are thinking of buying some foreclosure property but the first house we really wanted the other realtor refused to submit our bid. That's a conversation for a whole other thread I think!
Anyway, I'm glad you are holding at 162, and I'm sure you'll be doing the happy dance in the 150's.
I am still inspired...remember the friend I told you about who lost 75 pounds? Today she sent me pictures, and I just can't believe it. I never met someone in real life who had such an amazing story. It's just a struggle for me. I have zero will power. I don't know how people do it.
Meanwhile Disney will be here in the blink of an eye.
Keep up the good work !
P.S. - what can we do to recruit some people? You are right, for a while we had a lot of folks checking in, I am thinking they left because they aren't losing much yet -- but heck I'm in that same boat too!
Have a good day!;)

SunshineRunner 06-18-2008 11:11 PM

I'm not sure what we can do to recruit people - definitely need to come up with something though - if only we were as cool as EZMoney - then we'd have people drooling all around us :)

The thing about people disappearing is they are very likely to not be losing weight while away - it's always best to show up here - as much as you can - because you might not be losing ...but at least you aren't gaining! :) I know it's a struggle for you, but you will find your way, I truly believe that it takes time to find your strength to truly begin this journey...and until you are ready..it just won't happen. The good news is that that is okay. Hopefully your friends photos will truly inspire you to get kick started - but if that is not what inspires you, it's okay - something will. I truly don't know what clicked on in my head and got me moving - all I do know is that I was sick and tired of hiding from people that I know, not hanging out with friends, not going to public events in my small town cause I would see people - or they would see me...and my fat arse. I was not a pretty sight....but after spending 5 years of being overweight, I just plain had enough that day in September - headed to Walmart at about midnight, and started with my SlimFast - ONE STEP AT A TIME! It has taken me much learning and time to find the best things that work for me. It's not that my willpower doesn't break at times - or that I don't want to eat junk all day every day...I do...believe me...McDonald's was truly calling out to me today....but I just told myself - you put in all this hard work and plan on working out just so you can eat a meal that will make you sick to your stomach after you are done with it??? Not a good choice - I actually fight with my brain every day to keep on driving past fast food places - it is a true and serious struggle for me - but every time that I do - I feel so much better for it. Now...not that I think that fast food is the worst thing in the world - I do have it on occassion - but maybe once a month...even then...I no longer get a large french fries and large coke - i get a medium and a diet coke. Every calorie counts - but I'm not going to go without junky food for the rest of my life. Yes, I want to be healthy...but I will live my life too!

In any case - here are some photos....I'm not done yet and this isn't my official collage - but maybe this will help you out too!

This first one (March 2004)- probably not at my highest, but over 200lbs....in a friends wedding, fattest of the bunch by far - had to pay extra for a larger dress than anyone else...embarrassing.

June 2006 - visiting my sister in DC - ugh. I'm not sure where one bit of fat ends and the other begins...Definitely in the 220's here.

This is the before me - before the fat, before the boyfriend...before I was unhealthy - and the me that I know and missed...2001

December 25, 2007 - I'm finally starting to see the losses - 189lbs.

February 10, 2008 - 177lbs

April 25, 2008 - 167lbs - yep, new bikini - I don't care if I still have the fat, I think I look pretty good. :)

No new photos, plus, I'm only down to 162lbs - so not much of a difference....I hope this helps - Gosh...that's a ton of photos I just posted!!!

2Bthinagain 06-19-2008 08:16 AM

I love your photos ! Thanks for posting!! You ROCK girl !!! :carrot:
Pictures are really motivational that's for sure.
My head is just spinning - I feel all the same things you feel - tired of hiding from friends, tired of the fat -- I hate when I'm invited to something and I'm always the biggest one there. I hate it. And my husband is HANDSOME, I know people think "Dang what's he doing with her?". for some reason I make the excuses -- right now, my house is not nearly as organized as I'd like it to be, yet anyone that comes here would tell you our house is immaculate. I'm one of those anal people that the inside of cabinets and closests must be in Martha Stewart order. I am way behind on a few projects - mostly the photographs and stuff.
I am starting to think I need a schedule...like on certain days I will work on my own projects -- but every day at this time I feed the kids breakfast - at this time I work out -- at this time we go to the park -- at this time it's lunch -- at that time I go for a walk --- , rather than dragging around for 4 hours in the morning before I really wake up.
I know once I can break 210 or 200, then I will feel that "push", like 'yes I can do this".
You are right -- I may not be losing, but least I'm coming here and checking in and I do find support -- anyone out there reading our thread -- please come join us...we have all been there -- look at Amanda - she rocks -- she looks FAB and she is still posting and checking in.
have a great day Gator ! (and everyone else!):)

SunshineRunner 06-19-2008 07:23 PM

Thanks for the support with my photos - maybe I'll get the courage to post them on the main goal boards one day - where the world that is 3FC can see them....but definitely not until I reach goal....

The photos are encouraging - especially if you notice how sad I look in my fat photos - I'm just not that happy to have my photo taken like I am nowadays....

I hope you break 210 and 200 soon - I know you can do this cause you certainly hang around here and that was definitely one of the keys for me. There is probably just one simple thing that will need to be changed to get you moving along...you just haven't found it yet....but I'm certain you will!

As far as scheduling goes - I'm a big fan - I schedule everything that I can - I use a really good daily planner that is from the Sierra Club every year for the past 3 years - I love it - can't wait to order my next one (they come out in July) so that I can start filling in some important dates for 2009!!! I'm a freak - what can I say!

Well, I'm off to the gym, I'll be back tomorrow!
~Amanda :)

2Bthinagain 06-20-2008 08:18 AM

Do you know, each time I come here now I have to find your PM to click on the link? I still have a hard time finding it on my own. Then again it's 8am and I'm still trying to wake up -- again - one of my problems.
I have 2 little boys -- and that interferes with my own schedule. Because I live for them -- I basically have no schedule. I take them to the dentist, or to a play-date - or put them in the pool out back (not a huge one mind you)...I help them with their baseball - take them to practice for baseball, take them to swim lessons - obviously cook 3 meals a day for them, and clean up after those meals. Help them get dressed - do their laundry. Keep an eye on them all day - no matter what I'm doing.
I am not using them as an excuse -- but with their needs and their schedules - it's hard for me to focus on myself, even though I understand that is "key". I think I need to get back to waking up BEFORE them. And get my work out in that way. Here it is 8:16 in the morning, I have not yet fed them breakfast. They were up around 6:45am, and I let them watch DISNEY channel until now. So I had better feed them breakfast then get all 3 of us dressed.
I will say one thing that I know will help - I am going to give up scrapbooking. Organizing our photos takes a lot of time, then I got into scrapbooking. I am so far behind on it -- I'm going to finish what I have printed - and then stop. It monopolizes too much of my time. I'm going to stick with the old fashion "photo album" from now on! Sounds silly - but I think when I am caught up on it -- it really will free up time for me!
Have a good day!

SunshineRunner 06-24-2008 10:41 AM

Ok - I slacked in responding this weekend! Grrr! Been very busy with work...

Very exciting news though - I bought a pair of size 8 pants from The Gap that fit - they are a little tighter than I prefer - but in 3-5lbs will be the perfect fit for me! I had tried on a size 10 (I've been hanging on to size 12 for a bit now, but purchased a skirt at size 10 a few weeks ago) that just seemed like if I lost a pound of two more - would just be too big. So I ventured back out of the dressing room, picked out the size 8 - and amazingly they fit...like I didn't even have to suck in. I do have a little bit of muffin top, but like I said...a couple more pounds and that will definitely be gone...will be a perfect pair of pants for my new teaching gig for the fall.

2bthin - I agree with the giving up of scrapbooking - I really think it is cool - but if you just file the photos away until you have enough time (after you have lost the weight and are just maintaining) - you'll find you will have tons of time left for yourself - which is what you need right now. Focus on yourself - yes, family and young children do come first -but scrapbooking should not - your health and happiness should! Have you tried writing down a daily or weekly schedule? To-Do lists? I do all of these and sometimes I miss things and don't get things done - but it feels good to accomplish those things on the lists and it keeps me on track....I just think it makes life easier. If you find the right tools for you - it will be easy - I keep a simple date planner and a yellow notepad for when I want to write a list of to-do's. I know - sounds easier than it is - but is worthwhile in the long run if you can do it.

Okay - I'm off to my busy day - I promise to check in more often this week...

oh - to find our thread:
_from the main board go to - "Support Groups" click on the main header, then we float between pages 1-2....it's kinda sucky being in there - but they decided there was no difference between "Support Groups" and "Misc. Clubs"...

2Bthinagain 06-24-2008 08:59 PM

A size 8??
Excuse my while I day dream!!! What is it with sizes these days? I remember when I was a size 8 thinking I was fat, and some things needed to be a 10, even though I was so tiny....(thinking I was fat)...I remember being in the limited once and not finding anything to fit just right, then I ended up getting an 8 petite! And I'm 5'6.
Now days when I'm in the Gap and I hold up an 8 or a 10 -- they look SOOO tiny. Do they truly make them smaller these days???
I have a new friend who works for the gap and said she'd extend her friends and family discount to me. Too bad I don't feel like going in to buy a 16 or 18:yikes:

Anyway - keep up the excellent work, and please please don't go away now that you are "one of THEM" ;)
Right now I'm doing "okay".
I am torn between the Slim Fast at times, doing WW at times and now "You on a Diet". I saw Dr. Oz on Discovery TV the other night - 4 shows back to back. Made me rethink where I'm at.
Then I was thinking of this board and how the rest of our gang just left us :(
But there you are, several miles away - never have met me -- yet you are pulling me through. I keep checking in here..because I'm accountable to YOU.
Thanks so much for being on the other end of this thread.
I may be stuck in a rut but I think I'm "yet again" on the right path. I'm wearing a pedomiter and working toward that "10,000" steps per day. Ha!
Right now I'm not getting over 3,500. Granted there are usually 2 hrs where it's not on me for some reason, but still, it is making me more aware of "keep moving" type stuff, and I'm proud to say my soda intake has decreased a LOT.
Have a great week !!!!

2Bthinagain 06-25-2008 10:00 PM

Bumpin' for ya Gator !

SunshineRunner 06-26-2008 10:46 AM

Thanks for the Congrats - I know what you mean about sizing and how you feel. I definitely remember being a size 6 or an 8 and feeling like I was fat back then. I honestly just think it was my younger body and my younger mentality. I seriously remember thinking what a fat cow I was when I was in college and wearing size 8-12....now I am just completly happy wearing an 8 (shoot, I was happy in the 12!)...but it was definitely an issue that I recall dealing with...I guess us women will just never be happy with ourselves ,huh?

I know a lot of people say sizes have changed -mostly what I hear is that today's size 8 jeans are yesterdays size 10 jeans - so most people think they are making them bigger aka vanity sizing - I know what you mean about them looking so tiny - I honestly am not sure how my big hips,arse, and thighs are fitting into a size 8 these days, bu they are- I have pants that are size 12's from over 6 years ago - and they fit just the same as the new size 12's that I had bought - unfortunately, they weren't in style (oh, but they were the same brand of jeans!)...so I'm not so sure I truly believe the whole vanity sizing thing. Maybe some companies are doing it - but I shop Express, Gap, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Target, Old Navy - and find that the clothes generally fit well across the board and in the same sizes....and since I had managed to keep clothes that were over 6 years old for comparison sake - well, I just don't believe it.

So...DBF and I have worked things out for the mean time - we are both trying and things are getting better...he however is complaining of being the fattest he has ever been - he is fluctuating between 185-190lbs and is 5'10"....he's mostly carrying it in his belly - so I've been helping him make smarter eating decisions....of course, he's probably one of the pickiest and unhealthiest eaters around....so....it's a tough road ahead - he just wants to get down to about 170lbs though...so not a lot of work - just have to keep him away from junk food.

Haha - I am still not one of "them"!!! I'm not sure when I will be either - these last few pounds are really difficult - mainly because I keep eating out with friends - when I previously wouldn't because I honestly didn't want to be seen out in public. I remember putting off a business lunch with someone I went to high school with and hadn't seen in 8 years because I was so nervous about how I looked - but I ended up caving and she saw me at my highest weight - but I still work with her and see her every month or so - so she has been able to watch my progress - which is kinda cool. Moral of that story is that the last few pounds are the hardest because it's easier to be a slacker with them - I'm not recording my food at the daily plate and if I want to go out to lunch a few times a week, I do - I just choose healthier options and eat healthier those days.....it's still annoying to know a bit of my willpower has been extinguished - but the exciting news is that I don't go to drive thrus for these lunches - it is always sit down and the worst it gets is subway or quiznos.

As far as your diet goes - I have no clue what Dr. Oz's diet is about - but I know about both WW and SF - and I personally think that all WW is - is a modified form of calorie counting along with tracking fat and fiber - so I feel like I understand WW people even though I don't do it - I count calories and use SF products - so basically I think you can do a combo of WW and SF and get along just fine.

Now - I'm going to get on your case - why were you watching 4 FOUR 4 shows back to back on tv??? I sure home they were only 30 minute shows!!! See - that is time that you could have been moving around, whether you are in or outside of the house - no need for all of this tv watching!!! I say that because I haven't had cable in my home for over a year now - and I find that not having it has given me a lot more time and a lot fewer excuses for getting my butt in gear. Now I realize this probably isn't an option in your home with the kiddies - but, I also think sure - watch 30 minutes or an hour in the evening - but why not carve out time once hubby gets home for you to go to the gym for an hour - or do a work out video or go for a long walk - when he can watch the kids and you can focus on you time? My "me time" starts at 7:30pm each night and ends by about 9:30pm - this is when I go to the gym and then a few nights a week go to the grocery store to take my time finding healthy options. I'm a major label reader (and I'm always on the hunt for something new...waiting for it to turn up on my stores shelves!) so I like to take my time with grocery shopping. Needless to say, I enjoy it - where many folks don't....but hey, I finally found those damn La Tortilla Factory High Fiber 100 calorie wraps - and they are darn good (and 14 grams of fiber- yum!) I've been looking for those suckers for months!!!!

Okay - I know I ended up rambling through this post, but hey - it's what I do!

Now - get off the couch - no more excessive tv watching - even if it is Dr. Oz...he wouldn't want you watching that much tv either! :)

Have you written down any lists, organized at all yet? Or are we still just talking about it??? :)

Catch ya soon - try and get in an additional 500 steps today!
P.S. thanks for the bump!

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