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Jean 02-10-2008 11:45 PM

Steel Magnolias -- #4
Good Evening, Flowers! I just finished picking up the kitchen clutter and wiping sticky fingerprints off everything I could find. I don't know whatever happened to "you eat at the table!" :mad: Kolby is into pitching a screaming fit if he doesn't like something; I'd give him something to scream about if I had him alone for very long. :p Anyhow, the two birthdays have been celebrated! It is snowing big lazy flakes and we are to get 2 - 3" during the night. If the wind comes up it will be drift city tomorrow.

"Gma" -- I never gave WM a thought when it comes to getting contacts or glasses. I'm glad you are getting a good deal! :D I will have to see if our store carries yoga pants. They are new to me. Hope you got your sweater finished this afternoon. I didn't get started on my summer clothes project this weekend so that is first on my after school agenda tomorrow.

I need to decide what I am wearing tomorrow. It's been so cold I think I will dress in layers since the building will be cold first thing in the morning. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :val3: from Iowa!

gma22 02-11-2008 08:48 AM

Good morning ladies. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear about our car. I got all ready and headed out to Walmart to order my contacts and then to the commissary yesterday. The light turned green arrow and I crossed the street about halfway down the first drive, I heard sort of a popping, like a lunch bag run over and looked behind me but nothing. The engine then started making this vroom, putt,putt, putt sound. I pulled into a parking space and called Jack. He ended up calling Kelly and Tom to come get him and bring him to Walmart's. She had her serious grump on and was pretty rude to us, but Tom was really nice about it and wanted to be some help. We called a tow truck and had it towed to Firestone. They took me home and Jack waited for the tow truck (they of course weren't about to wait through all this and take their dad and I both home) so Jack had to call a cab from the mechanics. The mechanic thinks it is a popped out spark plug but that it hasn't stripped the insides of where the plug goes. That would be bad. He didn't know anything by 4 yesterday afternoon so we shall see. I obviously didn't get a thing done and now sit here all worried about how serious and expensive it is. Weird thing to happen that is for sure.

Jean: I have to say that Thomas wasn't allowed to wander all over with food, but I have a feeling the baby will be, we shall see. I am like you, though you love your grandkids, it is irritating when they are allowed to misbehave over and over. She may be setting up a pattern that won't go away after babyhood and she will then be sorry she didn't nip it in the bud. It was cool here yesterday and windy, but sunny. Looks like in the 50's here today, but it is below freezing right now.

I have just the sleeves to sew in and I am done with the sweater. I have started the little hat to go with it from the leftover yarn. I ordered a couple more skeins, but am trying to cancel them since I think I pretty much have enough to make a hat that may not match exactly, but will have the green bottom, cream base and then a combo pompom on top.

I guess I will get started on downstairs housework to keep me busy this morning. It is time for that anyway and there isn't anything else I can do. This is probably the only time I wish we had a second car. I don't want to have to rent one unless I have to. We would need to use Enterprise so they could come and pick us up and they are pretty expensive, especially if it were for just a day or so. Jack just went ahead and had to burn another vacation day. Poor guy, we keep having catastrophes and he is using his vacation for nothing. It may mean no trip to Indiana in April and then with the surgery, I won't be able to go until fall, which is a bummer. I will miss Jackson's first birthday.

You ladies have a nice day.

QuilterInVA 02-11-2008 12:53 PM

Good morning, ladies! It's cold for Tidewater - 31 degrees at noon.

Had a touch of the flu myself so I pretty much stayed in bed Saturday between taking care of Stan. I felt better yesterday and he is finally better too - ate a 16-oz. T-Bone last night...but he needs the protein.

My friend called me and asked me to go to WW with her so we went Friday. I need to lose 11.4 pounds to get back to my goal weight. I'm really disgusted with myself. Anyhow, it always is easier when you have a friend to be accountable to. I got the monthly pass so I get E-Tools which I really like a lot.

Faye, I hope your car won't take long to fix. They sure can eat up the money quickly when they repair something. I'm surprised you haven't gotten yourself and your son and daughter webcams so you can see the grandchildren every day.

Jean, do you get next Monday off for President's Day?

Jean 02-11-2008 06:14 PM

Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got out of school at 1:30 because of blowing snow in the country I guess. It wasn't bad in town, but the plows have not been out so it's a bit tricky where the snow blows off the lake onto the highway and roads. The wind is whipping it around pretty good and we are supposed to get another 4 - 6" tonight. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! :tantrum:

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about your car problems! I wish we lived close enough to help each other out . . . I would have come to get you and waited with you! :yes: I hope that the repairs will be simple and inexpensive as car repairs go. It's too bad Jack has to use his vacation days for things like this, but it can't be helped. That is one nice thing about being self-employed as your work schedule is pretty much your own. Bob goes back to the office in the evenings, several times a week, because he can get twice as much done as during the day.

Susan -- It's nice to see you today, but I'm sorry you've had the flu. Stan must be feeling better if he can put away a big steak! :T We do get Monday off although it is our 4th snow make-up day if we should need it. We've only had one day to make up so far and that's added on at the end of the year.

I need to do another load of laundry, so I'm off. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

gma22 02-12-2008 09:04 AM

Good morning to everyone. I haven't stuck my nose outside this morning, but I sure can hear the wind whip up. It says it is 42 and we are supposed to get rain today.

Jack took a cab and went and got the car yesterday It cost us nearly $700. They had to drill out the spark plug hole and put in a heli coil and a new plug plus when the plug came out it cracked the ignition coil and it had to be replaced. This is, this isn't a permanent fix. Sooner or later this will come out then it will have to be completely taken out and replaced and that is a 2-3 thousand dollar job. We asked the mechanic why this happened and he said it wasn't anything we did, that it is just a freak thing that happens sometimes. We sat and talked about it and decided since it is paid off in July, we will just take the car payment and save it up for several months then go in and buy a new car and Jack can use the grand marquis just for work until it poops out. I was looking forward to not having a car payment come August to save it up for vacation and such, but that's the way it goes. It did kabosh our trip though because I had to use part of the money I had saved to go to Indiana.

Jay called last night to say Jackson loved his little doggy and other presents and was sorry to hear we couldn't come up. We are going to try maybe 4th of July if I feel well enough by then to travel. They are having bitter cold weather and snow and ice up there. Glad I don't live up there anymore.

Susan: I wondered if we hadn't heard from you because you got the flu too. Glad both of you are up and around. I got my flu shot and pneumonia shot while in the hospital in October and Jack got a flu and pneumonia at a dr appt. The thing is, I rarely see anyone to get sick. Jack usually has to bring it home and be sick then pass it on to me. The situation at my dd's is such that webcams wouldn't work. It is an idea for the baby though. I am so bummed about not being able to go now.

Jean: Hope your weather situation doesn't get bad and keep you from getting out the end of the week for your vacation. You have to be looking forward to getting into warm sun. You are such a sweety to think of me, but it is awful when you have a child that is like she is. Her dh treats us better than she does.

Well, a dirty house calls to me. Jack wore his docksiders to go get the car yesterday and tracked icky footprints all over the crummy linoleum in this kitchen so I have to get to that. I wasn't feeling well from being stressed out about the car so I didn't do anything but knit, but I did get the sweater done. I will post a pick when I have the hat and maybe the little pants done. I am going to have to mail them now and don't get to see her reaction whether she likes them or not.

Have a great Tuesday!

QuilterInVA 02-12-2008 12:30 PM

Good morning, ladies! A little warmer but overcast today.

We have primary elections today. I live in a predominately Republican area. When I went to vote, I asked for a democratic ballot. That made me 126 on the list. Being curious I asked how many were on the republican list - 53! I just don't like McCain.

Faye, it has always been amazing to me (an only child) how siblings can turn out so different in the way they treat their parents. But you sure aren't alone. It is sad. Sorry about the huge repair bill. Seems like anything for a car costs hundreds.

Jean, I am so glad we ended up here - no more snow and frigid weather, but we still have all the seasons. I came across my snow boots in the closet - I've worn then on one occasion since I've been here - when I went to Canada for work. Guess I'll throw them out because they are about 25 years old and have higher heels than I'd now wear.

Have a great day - I have Quilt Guild tonight so that will be fun.

Jean 02-12-2008 11:00 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my catnap in front of the TV and I could easily go to bed right now. :yawn: I stayed up too late last night knowing we had a two hour late start today. The sun came out this afternoon so it was a nice day; no melting though.

"Gma" -- I too am sorry about the repair bill. It's one of those things that can't be helped though. :( I know you are disappointed about your trip to IN. I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . the younger generation is so "I, Me, My" that it is pathetic sometimes. :grouphug:

Susan -- If I knew, I had forgotten that you are an only child. Sometimes I'm glad that I was and other times wished I would have had a sibling. When my dad remarried I gained two sisters and I must say that even though we don't live close, we are a lot alike in many ways. Can anyone go and vote as an individual in your primary? Here you go to group party meetings, have to register, and then decide as a group who to vote for. I don't like McCain either! I really don't want Bill Clinton back in the white house :no: I keep telling Bob that maybe some dynamic independent will surface before long. :lol:

I'm off to fold some towels and call it a night! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

gma22 02-13-2008 06:57 AM

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Good morning to you all! I hope your day has started out well. I did get my downstairs cleaned yesterday so will try and tackle upstairs today I guess.

I got the little sweater and hat finished. The bad thing was that the sweater pilled when I washed it. I hope that maybe it won't do that from now on. The little hat was a breeze to do and now I have started on the little khaki pants to go with it then I am done with the shower gifts. My next project is a little more ambitious. It is a lace patterned short sleeved sweater for my girlfriend for her birthday. I had some of that pretty deep purple/bluish color leftover from Kelly's sweater I made her for her birthday and so I just ordered enough to make this sweater. The yarn is a silk blend and really soft and lovely so it should make a nice sweater.

I am barreling towards my barium test on Monday. At this point, I just wish it would get here so I could get it over with.

Susan: My two kids are night and day from each other. The funny thing is, the one that says she got ignored growing up, got the most attention! She actually was a pretty sweet little girl, went to college and came back a shrew. My son was always the one that did things that got him into trouble, not serious, just boy stuff. He graduated high school and took off to see the world. Came back all hippy and stayed that way for about 5 years. I remember he cut his hair from shoulder length to chin length for his sister's wedding and I walked right past him as I didn't recognize him from the back! He now keeps his hair very short, almost shaved and is the big responsible shirt and tie executive! He still has enough bad boy in him to party though once in a while. I have three siblings and they are all very different from myself. They are very me, me,me and one is worse than the other two. Since I have one sibling that is between 9-12 years older than us, she thinks she is matriarch and sometimes that gets old fast. I like having siblings, but on the other hand they can be a pain sometimes. :)

Jean: I know you have to be so anxious to get out of Iowa for the week. We are thinking about maybe taking a cruise next year instead of Vegas. I would go to Vegas a billion times a year, but I know Jack would like to take a cruise and take me to St Thomas, which he loves. We will just have to see how things work out. We would be going in the winter months though not during the summer.

Well, better get some chores done. The trash has to be taken out and the gate unlocked. Jack's valentine's present comes today.

Have a great day today and stay warm and dry!

QuilterInVA 02-13-2008 12:44 PM

Good morning ladies - 61 degrees and raining today. We can smell the moke from the fires in North Carolina now. It started last night. They are saying the rain and wind will push it out to sea by this afternoon. I hope so, wood smoke sets my asthma off.

Went to Quilt Guild last night and had fun with my friends for a few hours.

Looks like we all have something going on - Faye with her test, Jean to Hawaii and me to the Quilt Show.

Faye, as always your sweater is so cute.

Jean, our primaries are like a regular election - we get a partisian ballot however. One person, one vote. O'Bama won VA 65% to 35% for Clinton, and McCain took the Republician.

gma22 02-13-2008 03:59 PM

Afternoon ladies. Just wanted to post a small one as I may not get in here in the morning and didn't want you to think I forgot about you.

Susan: This election is going to be icky. I have never seen one where I disliked the front runners so much! I wanted Fred Thompson as I think I said. I really liked him when he was our senator. How is Stan coming along? Hope his latest surgery is healing up as it should. If I miss you before you go to your quilt show, good luck if you have something you are showing. Have a great time!

Jean: I know you leave either tomorrow or the day after, right? Well, if I don't get to "see you off" so to speak you have a wonderful time and make sure you take lots of pictures to remember the good time. Don't get sunburned, use your block and not too much luau pig or poi!

I did get my upstairs cleaned so I am now free as a bird for a couple days to knit and read!

Have a good one tomorrow and I will talk to you later!

Jean 02-13-2008 11:59 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! I'm waiting for the washer and dryer to do their thing so I can head off to bed. I had bell choir practice tonight; I didn't practice last month because I didn't play Sunday so it seemed weird to be out at night again. I can tell it is lighter earlier in the morning now as well as lighter later. Spring is on the way! :cheer:

"Gma" -- The sweater and hat are so cute! I love the little dodad you put on the top! :lol: The next project sounds like it will be another beautiful one! I will be thinking of you on Monday! Maui is 4 hours (I think) difference for us so I suppose 5 from you. I can imagine how glad you will be when it is Tuesday! We are leaving Friday afternoon for Omaha and fly out around 7 AM on Saturday. Our layover in Phoenix is 3 hours unless we can get on an earlier flight by chance. At least this time we know our way to the hotel; we are renting one vehicle instead of two this time. We ended up using only one the last time so it was a waste of money to have the second one. I have been tanning so hopefully won't burn. Bob tans much quicker than I do, but I can see where my watch band is so know I have some color.

Susan -- I keep hoping an independent candidate will upset the apple cart and give the rest of the politicians a run for their money. I'm a registered Republican but never vote a straight ticket. I don't like McCain but don't think the others can catch up now. Decisions, decisions, decisions!! :lol:

Hope you have a terrific Thursday! I have much to do before Friday afternoon. :o

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

QuilterInVA 02-14-2008 11:49 AM

Happy Valentine's Day! Nice sunny day now, but we got up to a dusting of snow this morning - maybe 1/4". It's melting rapidly. The roads were only wet.

I have 2 of my quilting friends who will be undergoing mastectomies today. With the same doctor, back to back. I know so many who have gone through this. I know statistics say 1 in 8, but it must be greater as you get older.

Jean, I am very fair and freckled - red hair - and have never had any tan in my life. I burn from the beginning to the end of summer. If all my freckles got together, I could have a great tan!

Taking Stan to the Nephrologist this afternoon, then we are are going to dinner at a little German restaurant. I have my doctor's appointment in the morning. We sure support the medical community.

Jean 02-14-2008 11:08 PM

Good Evening, Flowers! Am taking a break from packing; so glad I have my list or I would forget stuff I'm sure. Bob's theory is if he forgets something he'll just go buy it. Men! We got out of school early again today. It was ok in town but I guess the country roads were drifting quite badly. A neighboring school's bus went in the ditch -- I'm sure that's why we got out. We are always the last one to give up the ship!

Susan -- It seems like every day there is someone new diagnosed with cancer. You'd think with all the research going on they could find a cure. Like someone said one time . . . think of all the people who would be out of a job if a cure were found. Sad! I hope you enjoyed your German dinner. :T Did Stan get a good report from the doctor? I hope so! And a good report for you tomorrow!

I hope you all have a great week! We plan to be back a week from Sunday if the weather cooperates!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

gma22 02-15-2008 08:20 AM

Good morning to all. I know it is going to be a lonesome weekend here with everyone gone somewhere.

Susan: I too hope Stan got a really good report. Hope you had some yummy food. I am German and grew up eating homemade sauerkraut, sauerbraten, german potato salad, knockwurst, stuff like that. We went to a german restaurant in Las Vegas and I was totally disappointed. The food was awful. They said it is owned and run by Germans, but I don't where they learned to cook. We had a german restaurant in South Bend that I am not sure is open any longer, but they had spectacular food so I think it really was the food they made in that restaurant and not the fact my grandmother cooked hers differently. They lean heavily on their beer drinkers and you know drunks have no idea what they are eating! They do have an appetizer that was spot on. It was this huge dinner plate sized soft pretzel that had different german mustards. It was terrific. When I was a little girl, my mom used to put sugar on the sauerkraut like you would cereal to get us to eat it. I think I am really the only one that still likes it. I like sweet and sour cabbage too, which is more polish. South Bend has a large middle European population of Hungarians, Polish, Germans, and such so you go to a wedding and they have these polish wedding feasts which are yummo. It is sweet and sour cabbage, sausages, mashed potatoes, green beans, a type of swiss steak, homemade egg noodles, homemade rolls. Have a wonderful time on your quilt trip. I know you will. I will say a prayer for your friends.

Jean: Have loads of fun on your trip. I am so fair skinned I burn in the shade. I think that is one of the reasons we don't walk a whole lot outside in Las Vegas when we go. The casinos are so spread out that you walk quite a distance between in the sun. I know if we take the cruise next year it is going to be globs of high numbered sunscreen for me all the time.

Everyone have a great weekend, nice trips and lots of fun!

QuilterInVA 02-15-2008 08:50 PM

Good evening, ladies! Nice day today - 60 degrees and sunshine.

Didn't do anything exciting - pharmacy, to the grocery to pick up Strawberries - buy one get one free. Yum! Then the bank. Take Stan to dialysis and pick him up. Usual stuff.

Dr. was happy I'd lost weight since Christmas. Took a CBC because I've been having cramps in my legs every night. May be low in magnesium. Been through that one before. Got a sample of some new allery medication so I'm ready for trees and grass to grow.

Dr. was pleased with Stan. Raised his dry weight since he has gained some. His wound is almost closed but still draining.

Faye, I cook German and Polish dishes, now for special occasions rather than often. I make Haulpki, Periogies, and sauerbrauten more than anything. Good hardy food I grew up on but it sure has a lot of calories!

Jean, just take it as an opportunity to get some new things after you get there! Enjoy the sunshine!

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