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tiredoffat 01-14-2008 04:18 PM

Beautiful Beach Girls 2008

Any takers for this Beautiful Beach Girl 2008 thread. There's nothing worse than putting on that suit and going to the gorgeous beach feeling overweight and not in shape.

This is the perfect time to Get Healthy and feel great. Here's what it will take.

1. Check in daily by listing what you ate, if you exercised and any problems you faced.

2. Support each other in reaching our goals.

Here's mine - currently I'm about 220 or so, a size 18-20. I don't feel good about myself. Three years ago I lost about 40 pounds with the help of this site and got in great shape - I felt like a million dollars then all the attention made me start eating again. I've thought a lot about that and I think I know more about the pyschological routes of my eating. Anyways I'm starting and here's my daily report

eating so far
breakfast - three banana pancakes (too many cals)/coffee
lunch - fat free yogurt with granola topping (healthy, filling, not a bad choice)
1/2 meatball sandwich - small portion, low fat bread
snack - spearmint mints - not many cals, sugar free gum would be a better choice.

Goal - losing 50 lbs by my 20th anniversary in June.

Looking forward to meeting all of your "beautiful beach girls" soon!:):):carrot:

dangergirl 01-14-2008 06:43 PM

ok, I'll bite
Today for breakfast I had 1 cup scrambled eggs with ham, green onion and 2% cheddar; water to drink + 1/2 cup earl grey tea with 1/2 tsp sugar.
for lunch I had chicken caesar salad minus the dressing with lemon juice spritzed on; crystal lite fruit punch to drink. No exercise. For dinner I am preparing rosemary chicken in olive oil with dill shrimp salad and peas. crystal lite cranberry orange drink. Still no exercise.

My husband told me last night my hips feel smaller. next week I get to add fruit and grains back into my diet. Yay!

tiredoffat 01-15-2008 07:12 AM

Hi dangergirl, Thanks for joining. We'll feel so good this summer. I can see from your chart that you're doing great already. Your menu from yesterday is really great - another plus to this site is that you can get good ideas for eating.

I noticed that you're from Alaska - wow! It's so beautiful there.

I got up and went to the gym with my husband this morning - 45 minutes on the bike about 200 cals (slow, but a start)

Plan for the day.

orange/apple for snacks at school (I teach) (200 cals)
Kashi bar/dried fruits for lunch (about 300 cals)
A few mints during the day (50)
dinner ??

tiredoffat 01-15-2008 08:16 PM

Here's how the day went:
2 kashi bars 280
1 little box of raisins 130
a few mints 100
large glass of vegetable juice 100
orange 100
carrots and dip 75
about 800 so far
I'll finish the day with nonfat yogurt and granola 200
total about 1000 and that will be it for today

exercise - 45 minutes of bike in the am

Hope you had a good day dangergirl.

dreamer12 01-17-2008 08:50 AM

Hi all, I am so excited to join this group. I am at the end of wk. 1 on my weight loss goal of 50lbs. and I can use all of the help/support I can get. It is so hard for me to lose weight and the only way I have succeed in the past is with weight loss pills. I do not want to do that this time, I want to change my lifestyle, but I am finding it very hard to find good, low fat things to eat. I do exercise daily since starting, but only on a treadmill and I am having to work my way up on that... I am now to about 30 min.- 40 min. a day. Sometimes I get so discouraged as it is so hard... I really hope you guys can help me get through this. I know it has to get easier. Anyway, so far today, I have had a mini bagel with jelly and coffee for breakfast. I will have a banana for snack later and probably a ham and lowfat cheese sandwich for lunch with fat free chips and water. I have no idea for dinner yet. Well, I hope you all have a great day... I'll check back tonight.

dreamer12 01-18-2008 10:58 AM

hey ladies, just checking in. Hope to see someone else post soon... I really need some support and help here. I had a good day yesterday, stayed on track with eating, but only 15 min. of exercise, so I need to do better with that I know. SO far today, light breakfast already and getting ready to walk. I weighed this morning and for 1st week on diet, I only lost 3 lbs., so that was really discouraging...I sure hope this next week will be better. Any tips would be great!!!

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