Lo-Carb #19 A new month, a new YOU!

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  • Hello Buddies!

    Time for a new thread! Please go back and read any posts you missed on 18 before starting here!

    Well...It is Friday. (Make sure you also check out the Friday Weigh In Thread)

    We had a WARM day in Pittsburgh yesterday so hubby and I went on a nice 2 mile brisk walk. It was great! Today is very cold and windy so I will move my bummy inside!

    I titled this thread a new month a new YOU because I would like us to put up a thing or tow about what is NEW for us....and what will be NEW for us as we get closer to reaching our goals!

    One thing that comes to mind for me is that fact that while walking yesterday in my kacky pants that my THIGHS no longer rub when I walk. What a great feeling!

    I have 47 pounds gone so far and although I am stuck on 215 right now.......I know I have the tools to get to goal...so it will come!

    Tool box is loaded with the following:

    *Low carb lifestyle....(the only way to go)
    *Water....(drink until new drowning!)
    *Exercise....(move it to lose it!)
    *3fc....(I need you all soooooo much!)
    *Commitment......(gotta do all of the above daily or it does not work!)
    *Face the truth...(Mr. Scale, Miss Mirror, Mrs. Tapemeasure, Ms. Smaller size jeans)------They tell the tale.

    I wish you all a great FEBRUARY!

    The bus is rolling!

    Dana (Hopefull and HEARTFULL for FEBRUARY!!!)
  • Well Hello everyone,

    It is friday evening and another work week is gone! The weatehr here has been wild. This morning was freezing rain whicxh had melted by noon to be followed by very high winds. Tommorrow is supposed to be more seasonal. I feel so sorry for the midwest with their ice storm We had ours in 98' and I wouldn't wishh that on anyone.

    DH got a new job and will start next week.

    I am so happy to be in the 220's
    8 #'s ANd I will be able to post anotehr smiley, And I will be 1/2 way to my goal. Who would have thought it? I have to admit taht I hadn't been watching all that well about what went in my mouth. Thsi week has been and eye opener for me. I think that I was getting too much nutrasweet and teh old body failed me. SO I have been good, NO sugar free pudding, No soda, This week.

    I am also so pleased that we are at # 19 . What a great feeling. I am so proud to be part of this. It is such a help and inspiration to me. You guys are such a great help. A great big hug and thank you!

    Dana, That scale will move!!

    Melody and Sue way to go!
  • Pat and Dana I agree this is a wonderful place to be. I know that I would have failed long ago if it was not for you guys!! The many kick in the butts and tape downs. Yes watching what i eat is a real eyeopener for me to. I have been eating the same thing for almost a week with a few exceptions and I can feel the difference even if the scalse was a bit slow for me. I can not wait till i see the no longer rubbing thighs for me!! (being short does not help nor does being distributed all over)

    So this is a new month and again a new start!

    I am ready

    Heres to a new month and a new start.....starting Mon (that is, for me anyway)....HOWEVER, I have been careful of what I eat, and drinking my water this week and I am DOWN 2 lbs....GO FIGURE............Maybe I worry too much when trying real hard, and then when I say, oh, I will just be careful, it works ....who knows?????

    anywhoo,,,,,,off to daughter basketball game this morning, and she made the traveling basketball team so their first practice is this afternoon....we are taking it easy tonight, the big party tomorrow....I went over to my friends house last night and we made up 180 golumbkis for the superbowl party......I know the food will be good,, now if I just win some $$$$$ hehehe

  • Gosh we all are earlie birds!! I amheading tobed but just wanted to post that i did some running today not much but i did it again!! (last time was last year) I really want to get to be able to do that for a nice change wehn the weather is nice to go out ad do that!!

    so I am off to bed. Night all!!!
  • My Fellow Weight Warriors........
    It has been a while. I have been quite ill and dragging it seems I have a sneaky and raging infection internally from where we are not quite sure yet but then the test results are not back yet. I have to go back on Diamox for the pseudo tumor which has raised it's ugly head again. I am being scheduled for a pelvic ulta sound to see whats going on and then if it is unclear what is keeps TOM around for two- three months at a time a pelvic MRI.
    I also have to see an Othropedic Specialist for my knee. Last June I shoved an oak bed with the side of my leg to sriaghten it The bed didn't move but something in my knee sure did. It's not the bone but with the swelling and pain it seems the soft tissue paid the price. The headaches have been wicked but tomorrow I have five new prescriptions to take. The fever goes up and down ( I thought it was change of life) so needless to say I have been dragging about rather badly. I haven't losst but I haven't gained either at the moment that seems ok. I am not Op totally but then well ......... after the meds kick in and I can be somewhat human I will be totally OP again. Doctor told me to chill out for a short time and see what the test results are. I had every test done with blood work known to man so we should know someting soon and I will be honestly alive again. I think the tape is the only thing keeping me from falling out on my face!!!! In other words. Thank you my Darlings one and all for your concern and support I will be back on track fully in a short time. Hang in there with me, we will all make it. This is just a time of challenges a test I think to make sure I don't lose track of my goals not matter what and I have them firmly in my vision. I haven't let go just slipped a bit. MORE TAPE PLEASE. FIVE OR SIX ROLLS SHOULD DO IT!!!! I will be back on a regular basis soon. HUGS TO YOU ALL!
  • Good Monday Morning.

    Another weekend come and gone. Winter back with a vengence. And DH and I are fighting with sinus infections. SO yesterday was a bust . Sat most of the day.

    My water also was abust and I can feel it in my fingers this morning. AH I will never learn.

    Well I am off to the room , plan on continuing my w/o intensity. This week.
    Sue has a Valentine challenge. That I wll join for the next 10 days. This is over at the 100# site.

    Have a great day

    Pam my girl. I can only say that I hope your feeling better . soon yOU have been ill for so long now. Take care.
  • PAM~~~~~~{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

    Hope you feel them!! Take it easy girl till you have your health baack under control. We will be thining of you and I will save the tape for holding you upright for now.

    Pat you too take it easy till your sinus are back inworking order. Yes everybody was saying they needed a kick but you see how many are doing it?? me and you!! Hope some more join us or next time i will do it here. I did a good workout today and am ready to get on your back starting tomorow (when youa re feeling better)

    Dana how are you doing??? I hope better with the exercise I do not want to be on your back too!! I am sorry your team lost

    Melody and you?? report in. I know that you are trying to do 2 jobs so i will be checking. and how is the house comming you were going to be working on that this weekend.

    BOO check in

    Terri I di dnot find out which team you were rooting for how did your party go???

    Lee ifyou are out there???

    Mary?? are you lurking???

  • Hello My Buddies,

    Woooooo hoooooooooo it is COLD here in Pittsburgh! Woke up to ice and and inchof snow. Just bad enough to make the roads bad for travel to work!

    I am ok. I need to move my butt more. No excuses. Just lazy. I need it....it need it and I must do it! We are doing a kick boxing tape after work tomorrow....so I will let you all know how that goes!

    Food intake is okay. I am craving cereal for some reason. No explanation. I am fighting it...but I have had some within my carb allowance.

    The Super Bowl as ok....even tho our Steelers were not in it. I was glad the Patriots won......even if they were the ones who beat our Steelers to get there!

    gbo....hope you are on the mend soon.

    Nasus........get on my back.......I need it!

    Fralick...sinus infections are horrible. Hope you are better soon!

    terri...what the heck is a golumpki? LOL

    Lurkers....jump on the bus. With or without you we ar getting to GOAL!

    Dana (HOPEFUL and ready to KICK BOX!)
  • Good morning all,

    My sinus is still full and teh vacilating temps aren't helping. Below 0 this am. It is cold.

    Dana. I am eating a new Kashi cereal. It is GOLEAN Crunch. It is great. Lots of protein and fiber. It keeps me full until lunch and beyond. It was a big part of my loss last week in addition to teh push in the workout dept. I know you haven't seen a loss in a few weeks. And I was amazed at what I was putting in my mouth. I was eating OP just getting in too many cals. So the scale didn't move.

    Sue, I know. It is different over there. How is DH? Was the fluid anythhing to worry about? You are doing awesome, by the way. ANy bites on your business?

    Everyone else have a great day.
  • Hello Everyone....

    sorry i haven't posted in awhile, I have just been so busy, busy, busy! I am still OP, in my second week, and motivated to get to my goal...i too slipped on my water, and feel it in my hands this AM. My rings don't want to move....I am shooting for 80 ounces today.

    I have to work both jobs today. Then tonight I will be at the new house trying to get the living room done...it's not going so well...the little guy at Kmart didn't mix the paint right, and now my walls are grass green, which is pretty , but my carpet is pine green, and I feel like I am in a forest, Oh well....I will make it work somehow...

    The exercise isn't....I am toobusy to squeeze it in. but I figure with all the work on the house I am doing, I am burning loads of calories anyway.

    BF and I finally "Christened" the house the other night...it took us 2 days to get to it. But what a work out....WWHOOOOO HOOOO!

    You guys have a terrific OP day!
    Hi Everyone,

    Well, we survived the Superbowl party...actually I was pretty well behaved, and I didnt overindulge in anything......I really didnt care this year who won....I think Kurt Warner (the Rams) is one hottie, but I was kind of rooting for the underdog---The Patriots also....

    Well, my friend is going to join WW and wanted me to join with her but I have all the books and what not....I may just do the WW with her but with a Low carb twist...I know I need to watch the carb intake and Ifeel so much better when I do.......

    Ok, today I am doing the flylady thing and exercising on my treadmill for 30 min......

    Everyone have a great day...oh and DAna,,, golumbkis are meat mixed with seasoning, onion, green pepper(if you like) mixed up and rolled in cabbage...then have sauce poured over it....they were good.....

    Take care,
  • My fellow Weight Warriors........
    Well, remind me not to write again with a headache I can't spell worth beans!!!!

    Thanks for the hugs my dear ones but you know health problems are just challenges to over come and strengthen the soul. It is nothing to stop one from enjoying life and being thankful for the many blessings and God knows I have to many to count. How ever long my life is to be I shall dance in the glory of it all, be it only in my own mind that I dance. I fly my darlings in my spirit on a daily basis. I shall have a busy spring as so many of my family are coming to visit and that is such a delight. I have been roasting pecans for my Uncle who is on borrowed time. I want to share the harvest with him and he still loves to eat. I know he will enjoy them. My children of the fur are doing quite well and that is a great blessing. One of my old girls who lost her eye is falling quite a bit but in time she will adjust. My two old girls are approaching 17 years of age and are affected with feline Leukemia but both are doing so very well. The other is putting on weight and oh that is just so wonderful. I am grateful for whatever time I have left with them. It has been a real expense as all medical care is but as humans get old they too need more care. Finances are tight but thank God I could scrape it together.
    My health will get better. This is just a down time. I have them from time to time nothing to overly crazy about. I have a million plans for painting the house and flowers and...... and.......and!

    I am proud of you all. You are doing well. Some times we stumble but don't lose heart. I have realized how little value I have placed on my physical body in my life and I hope God forgives me for that serious slight on a truly amazing gift of life. The body an amazing construction of the most infinately complex workings. It allows us to do and accomplish most anything we choose. To work , play feel,taste , smell, love, give, bless all in whom we cross paths with. Teeth , ears, hands eyes all so incredibly dazzling in there abilities and gifts. The one thing I took so for granted unil it all went so wrong. I did not care for it as the blessing it truly is and added so much weight to it making it less beautiful, less functionable, less ability to accomplish and give to those I would so love too. I have not cared for it well and for that I am paying a deep price as we all do in the end. Please stop for just a moment and look at what the body can do when it is well and strong. Think for a moment about its complexity. The things it can heal from.....unbelievable. The thinks it can do is beyond belief. Treat it well it is a gift but as strong as it is know how fragile a gift it can be. Think about what you would do if you could not walk, talk , hear, see ,feel, if your hands failed to function. How would this affect your life? Then ..... my Darlings treat it with all the love and care you would for those you love. For just as your loved ones it it not permenant. It is the most personal gift you have. Love it as dearly as you would for your loved ones it is the tool with which you can show your love and be loving to others. Bless your body
    in whatever form and care for it as the divine and precious gift it is. Love to you all.
  • Hi all!!!

    Pam I love your philosophy!1 Yes the human body is a miricle in so many ways and dispite all the abuse we give it it still rebounds, some times it just takes longer than others. but that is one of the things that i have learned is that you can only abouse it for so ong before it starts to back slide. and it sure takes so much to get back in the full swing.
    Hang in there girl yours will get straight some day. I am glad the furry kids are good. I have aquired 2 of them recently muffin and aisia. both of them very cute!

    Terri I am glad that you did well with your party. I guess it was an exciting game but who knows I did not watch it.
    I love you any ways. I have heard that ww/low carb does pretty good, so If you go that way it just may be enough to give you the right kick.

    Melody I am glad that always makes a house a home!! and much more fun I think you need some greenery to make the house a home I do like green but i think that would be too much. The carper is what i would keep! I was a bit shy on the water today too. HHMM is this becoming a habbit??? but I know you will bet to goal. slowly but surely!! we all will. take it easy with the jobs do not over exten your sellf.

    Pat. It is cold here too. I can feel for you but i would not want to be up there Take care of your sinuses. it will drag on and on. take some eccecanatioa (sp) I am tired. The extra push in thw workout dept is helping me. I am definatly seeing some changes and that is good! the fluid is still there and well it was getting bigger and that concerned me, so we went on friday and well he will not take the staples out till next monday as he does not want to take any chances but for now we are dressing with a pressure dressing his lower ext. that is working it has gone down not too much but enough. to say that there is some difference, and hopefully by monday mostly gone. As far as the business I am waiting for the taxes to come back then i am hitting an advertising strategy. then hopefully it will start to kick in.

    Dana can I tell you I am easily fitting into my size 13-14 jeans i bought at t-day time and they were tight??? they fit great now. that is what the exercise is doing. the scale is not moving very will bt i am seeing differences. that should be motivation enough to get you moving!! you know how good you feel when you get going??? you want to be down there I kow you do you want to give the weight loss a good kick in the butt exer cise is the way to go!!! You know it. so get off your but and go!! (how is that for riding your back ) so how did the kickboxing go???

    Lee are you still there???

    how about you mary??
  • Hello My Buddies!

    My friend brought the wrong tape to work today so we ended up doing the 2 mile walking tape with weight training. It was fun! SHe will bring the kick boxing one on Thursday.

    Thanks for the kudos and kick in the butt! I need it! I want Mr. Scale to move..........but I also realize that there are other ways to "measure" success!

    13-14 jeans! nasus.....that is my goal, babe! Congratulations!

    Listen to this..............hubby bought me a mother's ring for my 30th birthday..........13 years ago. I NEVER take it off! I wear it on the pinky finger of my right hand. Well.......it FELL off and I lost it! I did not even realize it was lose. I guess with 47 pounds off.....my fingers were a bit thinner.....and had I realized.....I would have bought a ring guard or something. I am just SICK! It was silver with the boy's birth stones. It is just a "thing" but, it meant alot. I have very little jewelry and it was special. I hope it turns up but ios has been almost 2 weeks now. Oh, well!

    Well......I have just a few minutes for a quick hello. I worked hard today then had to sit with my niece and nephew who wore me out!

    Take care all!!

    Dana (HOPEFUL and "slimming down")