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Good Morning all,
Things are still going well. The weatehr is now going to warm up. We had lake effect snow yesterday. Crazy weather. I know I am anxious for spring. Am already thinking about a garden.
DH starts his new job tomorrow.

Sue glad DH is just slow in recovery. I have started to read thru teh fly lady site. Looks good.

Dana I am so sorry about your ring. I haven't worn my wedding rings in so long because they were loose and I 'm not having them fitted until I am a size 12.

Pam You are right about the gift of our body. You're not sick of pecans yet? LOL

Melody Have you ever sponged walls? I did the did teh same thing and sponged some pale gray over green and then broke it up with a border. It turned out OK and teh sponging was easy and cheep. It took less that a quart of the new color.

Terri those things sound deloicous. I think that ww is great and I guess they have a lo carb plan. Good luck!

Well it's aerobic day upstairs
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Muscle Mommy
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Great Job Sue! !3-1 4 size jeans! Oh How I wish!!!

Dana, I am sorry about your ring....I hope you find it!

Pam...You have such faith! Keep that outlook and you will be able to get through anything!

I am sorry this is short and sweet, but is off to job #2...

Love you Guys!
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Hello Everyone!

Having a very hard today! My hands are now numb for my wonderful migraine that O am I will not be able t speak properly and I will make no since....I have complecated migranes...

I can not spell either when I get these...

I used a rag roller to go over my ugly green walls, with white. it looks really good. It is like sponging, but it is alot quicker. I have some really pretty border, I am hoping that it looks good. I will be glad when I am done with the living room. I still am not done. It is taking all a while.

Have a great day. I am going to try to see if I can leave work early....I can not fell my right hand at all. It is completel numb.

Now my tongue is going numb too....Oh joy! Does anyone else ever get thes kid of migraines????
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Hello My Buddies!

Friday = WEIGH IN......

AGAIN......nothing GOOD for me to report!

MY OWN FAULT! I have not been exercising as I should. I have been busy......but there are NO EXCUSES!

I have been drinking coffee with caffein. BAD! I am buying decaf TODAY and switching it at work! (They will never know!)

I have been craving cereal. No idea why! I need to cut that out and boil some eggs to grab when that hits me!

I made 10 chicken breasts last night and froze them. I can grab those babies for high protein energy.

I am going to make MORE OF AN EFFORT! The holidays slowed me down...but it is FEBRUARY for goodness sake! Short sleeves and shorts will be here before we know it.

Somebody kick my size 18 butt down to a size 14....PLEASE....get on my case and ride me! My signature is SUCCESS IS UP TO ME. I wrote that in June. I HAVE THE TOOLS....I know what to do! I am NOT setting myself up to fail..............but......I am also not HARD enough on myself right now to get the success I need!

I am pouring out my heart. I am speaking from the pit of my soul. There it is..........NO MORE EXCUSES!!! I know what to do...I just have to do it! TODAY IS THE DAY! I am SICK of not having a loss on the scale each Friday. I know I have gained some muscle weight with the walking and weight training....but, come on....I am 215 and 5'9"..... If I am NOT LOSING....I am doing something WRONG. goes...................NOW!!!!!!




(Thanks for letting me vent!)

We are leaving today to go visit our "baby" at college. We re-did his bedroom here at home as you may recall. It came out very nice. New border.......all new pictures/etc. on the walls. Closet cleaned, keepsakes packed, etc. We are going to take a video of it and take it to college for him to see. I hope he likes it! He said, "Mom.....can you do something new with my room while I am away?" mom DID! It looks GREAT! He can not come back home due to his schedule until we have promised to bring "home" to him when we can.

I will be back Sunday! I am hitting the store before we leave to be prepared for a LOW CARB weekend! Again....I have been good, but I am not kidding myself....I have not been good ENOUGH...or Mr. Scale would be flirting with me! He used to like me......maybe he knows about the cereal. Maybe he senses the caffein in me as I step on him. Maybe he smells my "peanut" breath and thinks that although they are a good low carb snack....I have been enjoying them too often. Maybe he thinks my salads should be smaller at dinner. Maybe he thinks I need to chug more H2O. Maybe....HE IS RIGHT!

My love you you all!

Dana (Hopeful......Yeah, I am still hopeful!....I just need to get my @$$ in gear!)
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Trying to find my way.
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DROP the peanuts!!! start there they are a good low carb snack but the sale and the fat are way to high to make it an effective snack. I have stalled so may times eating them so i should learn that PB is not good for me too but i never learn!!

go strict induction for 2 weeks and that shoudld get you back OP and on tract for the weight loss.

Melody take it easy with that migrain. it sounds like a killer. rest and sleep it off. I have had a few but never that bad. do you have any medication that you can take for that??? there ares ome that you can get that does help ward them off. the paint may bbe triggering them so try to have a window open when you paint. the walls sound beautiful. some day i will get painting some of my romms too. they have not been touched since we moved in and that was 7 years ago!!!

Pat how are you doing you usually have posted by now and you are missing just checking in on how you are doing

Pam how are you doing??? worried about you as you have been so sick. tkae it easy

Terri how is WW/low carb going??? do you like their program??/

Lee, boo, mary are you stillout there???
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Default HELLO

Hello everyone,

WEll, the boards have been busy this week huh??...I havent officially joined WW,,,just been reading all the booklets and trying to follow along...ugh!!!!!

Sue-How is hubby doing??? I havent heard anything lately......

Pat- You are doing great girl.....keep it up>>> I love reading your posts...

Dana--- <<< >>>>> those are kicks in the butt for ya.....(I need a few myself girl), I will kick myself also <<< >>>> have come along way girl and I read different boards(lowcarb) and know that a lot of people stall after a while and your body is adjusting to the weight loss....just stay op and you will eventually see a loss.....I know its frustrating but keep on hanging in there...

Melody---girl, bring the paint brush on over.....I have a few rooms that could sure use it..hehehe, actually I am gonna be painting my daughters room in about 2 weeks.....oh joy!!!!
If I can find the floor in there !!!!!what a mess...but I do see an end to the mess......

To everyone else---have a great weekend.....
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Good Morning All of you weight loss warriors!

The migraine was a killer, one of the worst I have had in a long time. I went home and slept til' 3:30, and then felt like crap all day....all achy....I felt like I was catching the flu. I called in on friday, and took a much needed rest. Got back to painting on Friday night, and on Saturday night, and Sunday too. Sunday I woke up with my back KILLING me...I don't have a clue what I did too it. My right hand is very sore too. I figure it must be all the painting.

I did not stay OP this weekend. I slipped on Thursday, and then said the **** with it the rest of the weekend.. I was feeling too bad to care. I am back Op today, and hoping my weekend of painful abandon did not cause a gain. I will stay Op from here on out. I promise.

As if my life wasn't stressful enough my sister brought me a puppy! It is half boxer half is the nephew to the boxer(full blooded) my sister owns. He looks like a boxer with long hair. He is soooooo cute. Here comes the stressful part....I didn't have him 10 minutes and he started having seizures. I called the vet, and they said if he had worms that could cause him to have seizures. So off to the vet we go...sure enough he was full of hook worms....that was Thursday and he is still there...It was touch and go there for awhile. The vet didn't think he would make it through the night Friday Night. When I called Saturday morning he was much better, but now he's blind! They think it may only be temoraory...caused ny the seizures. I hope it improves! Poor puppy! He doesn't even have a name yet!!!!

The lesson in this story...worm your puppies before you give them away!

hopeful 25.....Keep up what you are doing, and stay away from the peanuts...the salt can cause water weight gain also...

Sue...You are such a great motivator...thanks for staying OP! You are my role model!

Tornado.....Keep us posted on the WW thing!

Stay OP!
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