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  • Congrats on your loss Vonni. That's really great

    Good luck with Bunnings Ani. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you

    Yesterday was a PERFECT day for me! If only they could all be so good!

    I stuck to my points limit, ate very good food, drank lots of water and had an awesome workout at the gym. I did my weights programme and then a 60 minutes aerobics class which was really good. I'm now fit enough to do aerobics classes again but my gym doesn't have a lot that I like so I was stoked to find this one last night.

    Plan for today: eat well, stick to my points. Go to the gym after work and do weights and an aerobics class.

    No snacking in the evening is my big challenge so that will be my main focus.

    Have a great day everyone

  • Bunnings is looking very good. I got called back in this afternoon to meet the operations manager - and I'll know tomorrow if I have the job… I have a good feeling about it, so don't uncross anything.

    Now - onto weight loss matters. Julia - good on you for having a 'perfect day'. It's always a great feeling when that happens isn't it. I've currently got a goal of getting to 78kg by the end of March. I know that seems conservative, but with all the upheavals in my life I don't want to pressure myself too much.

    Besides that, it's time for me to really pay attention to what I've learned so far, and to see if I'm at a point where I trust myself to "maintain" my weight loss. There is absolutely NO point in having lost 25kg if I can't live with that, and if I haven't changed my lifestyle enough to accommodate the smaller me.

    Over the next few months I'm going to really work at that part of my journey. I've been "good" for 82 weeks - but that's nothing. I want to feel confident that in another 82 weeks time this lifestyle will be entrenched - and I don't feel that yet.

    Yes I feel smaller, and I have a lot more energy. I feel different in so many ways… but it still feels new. And that has to change - I need to spend time this year "living my life" as a healthier person, and I feel nervous about that.

    How is everyone else going with your weight loss plans?

  • Plans............. in the 'too hard' basket at the moment. But keeping on plodding along and I am fine with that. Not doing well with water and really need to eat brekky. It doesn't happen nearly often enough. But.... And this semester is horrible lol. One of our lecturers is so BORING. They drone and show powerpoints and as I am doing it via video conferencing I see powerpoint, and not them when thats all they show. Seem to forget there are other people out here not just the students at the institution. They can see them talking 'with their hand' and stuff. The learning guides and workbooks aren't being followed in sequence, in fact they never go through the guide with us, and its a big thing to know if we are on the right track or not. We voiced our concerns last week so hopefully things will change or we're ......... when it comes to exam time. You can only study so much.

    Anyhow the question was about weight loss plans and goals, not for me to moan about my studies.

    Wonder how Gens flight was? If she is there yet?

    Lindor? Are you around? Miss you mate.

    Ani sounds good for this job. Woohoo...... Hope you get that phone call WE'VE all been waiting for. lol.
  • Quote:
    We're in for a week of 38ºC days here in Perth. Really not impressed!
    That's the only thing I've hated since I moved over here! Its funny I posted a photo on Facebook and had about 10 messages from friends saying "I haven't seen you look that happy in ages!" I cried at one, which my best friend messaged me "You haven't looked that happy since high school and I cried when I saw it". *sniff* After all my problems with depression over the years I believe I've finally turned the real corner and moving over here has helped that. I've taken control of my life and while my weight loss is a big part of that (10kg since last Feb, woohoo!) its everything else that I love. I'll put the photo as my avatar so I can share it with you guys. Even though I haven't posted much lately, you are all a lovely bunch of people and a great support.

    Enough with the sappy ****! I've been doing WW for three months and have FINALLY hit 5kg! Yay I got the bookmark! (which I've NEVER recieved before when doing WW) Next goal is 10kg and I go buy some new clothes!
  • i have had a good couple of days stayed on plan and am feeling better about myself lol.. Breakfast is not something i do either vonni. I have never liked breakfast lol.. and it has never eally liked me either.. my whole life i have always felt sick in the morning .. i dont know why.. but i do and i feel worse if i eat .. lol so breakfast is liquid for me . i have a big milo with lots of milk and a mulitvitamin .. lol
    thats is till lunch usually . i know bad but too bad .. some days ill have a morning snack. of fruit or toast but 9 out of 10 i eat at lunch. . I have tryed to change but i cant . lol .
    i ahve been waling and doing weights this week so im feelign pretty good . i have tryed to lower my carbs and raise my protein and so far im doing ok with it . all in all im very happy . but now im off to bed.. 10.30 and im tired.. yippeee progress lol . night all
  • hi sue sorry we posted same time great job with the ww goal
  • That's great that Bunnings is looking positive Ani. Fingers and toes crossed for you! I'm sure that working in a job like that will also be really positive in terms of your new lifestyle too - surely it's got to be a lot more active than you would have been when working for yourself??

    Vonni that sucks that you have a boring tutor. There's nothing worse than trying to learn when the person teaching you makes you want to fall asleep!

    RennySue congrats on hitting the 5kg mark! That's a lovely photo of you too and you do look very happy I've suffered from depression too and am finding that while my medication helps, the positive changes I've made in my life - stopping smoking, cutting down on drinking, losing weight, getting fit - they're the things that really make me a lot less depressed. Not binge drinking anymore is a massive change for the better and exercising on a regular basis tends to keep my mood on the up. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can understand the struggle and good on you for working your way through it.

    When I see you ladies talk about not liking breakfast I really can't relate as I can't function without eating something in the mornings!! Lately I've been having my bircher muesli with yoghurt every morning and it's delicious .

    Yesterday was another really good day. I stuck to my points allowance and had another great workout at the gym. Goals for today are to 1) stick to my points and 2) go to the gym and do an aerobics class after work.

    Keep up the good work everyone
  • I'm here! Got in at midnight instead of 21:30 so felt bad as my new housemate was picking me up... oops. Slept most of the way here.

    It's damn cold, snowing and raining today! Got the bus around all day, got lots of things done. Hiring a car from tomorrow so I can go buy a bed (have a blow up thing) and get some stuff done. Went in and had lunch with my workmates today, that was nice to see them.

    Just got my wireless broadband worked out, so I'm online and all sorted.
  • YAY! Thanks for checking in Gen, it's great to hear that you got there safely.

    Hope you get over the jetlag quickly.

  • Hi Gen. You'll have to change yr location heheee. Dnt feel bad about the delay in flight. I'm sure yr new flatmate understands. How r yr work crew? Is it better to buy a cheapo car than hire? Snowing? cold? hmmm you ARE on the other side of the world aren't you lol. Thanks for checking in.

    Ani job????

    Renny sue love yr pic. And well done. The slower the loss the better my dr says.

    Good on u Julia for haveing another good day. Its amazing isnt it when we just shovel stuff into our mouths and dont think about it, when we finally do it's omg.
  • Snowing and cold, yes!! It's going to be a HIGH of 21 deg F today... that's below freezing!
  • Another damn near perfect day yesterday stuck to my points and had a good session at the gym.

    Tonight I've got an old friend coming over for drinks so am trying to think about what nibbles will be okay. So far I'm thinking carrot sticks and rice crackers with hummus.

    I've brought a lovely salad to work for lunch today and will be going to the gym after work. Hoping for another perfect day.

  • ANI?
  • I'm here Vonni - just suffering with this bloody heatwave!

    Good news - I got the job , and I start on 18th March.

    Gen - great to hear from you. I'll swap you in terms of weather! Glad you got there safe and sound - when do you start work? How are you coping with having a housemate?

    Hey Julia, you're putting us all to shame. You go girl!

    I've just spent two hours in the garden here raking up leaves and putting them in the bin, and various containers. Hopefully that will burn a calorie in this heat .
  • TERRIFIC NEWS ANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are very proud of you aren't we girls

    Im having a great week John is coming home monday , cant beleive it has been a month already it has gone really fast. . I got on my scales and im quite happy this month i have lost 3 kilos.. so im very pleased with that considering , i wasn't very well at the start of it. Multi vitamins have made me feel soooo much better.
    I have been working out whilst watching the biggest loser. Its just suiting me better to workout later in the day atm. Im too busy during the day . I have been on my bike for 30 minutes 3 times this week and done my weights once.. and im walking more.. havent actually walked Cameron to school becuase Leah is under the weather but i have been walking around alot more.. like window shopping for 2 hours with my friend while she was trying to find something to wear for a wedding . and parking my car further from school so i walk more and further friom the shops.. Leah is very whiney atm and i have sent her to bed for a """""""""""""NAP"""""""""""""" lol mean arent i? she spent 30 minutes in her room crying becuase i told her it was time for a nap since she is not well .. lol she hasn't had a nap since last october.. so it really was a rude word to her lol.. But shes been so grumpy.. so she obviously needs it. anyway i have a load of washing to put out b4 i wake her to go collect Cam from school . Cya