Sexy Chicks - Beautiful women losing weight and forming friendships 11/26/07

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  • well i did much better today staying on target eating healthy. it's strange how much better i feel about myself when i do. when i have a good day without any binge eating, i feel motivated to keep it up. my goal is to be really strict about my weightwatchers points until christmas. and hopefully on christmas, even though i'll enjoy dinner, i won't go so food crazy as i did on thanksgiving.

    you ladies all make me laugh! reading your posts is just like hanging out with a bunch of close girlfriends.

    shy i tend to be the same way - i can be outgoing online, but i clam up when i first meet people in person (whether i knew them online first or not). most people who know me would say they thought i was really shy when they met me. like after i start a new job, a few days (or weeks) later when i know people better - i always get a comment like "hey she actually talks" or "wow i didn't know you could talk so loud." i get the weirdest looks from people when i first open up LOL. sometimes i think i have social anxiety disorder. i dread meeting new people in large groups or unfamiliar surroundings, i actually get sick to my stomach.

    faerie take good care of that foot! you're right about rest being the healthy thing to do right now. and you're right about having right attitude about giving. i'm going to try to get in the right mindset this year and enjoy picking out gifts for my family.

    OLT the accountability here helps me too. i hate posting about how i ate 2 pieces of pie before bed lol, but i do it because i keeps me from doing the same thing the next night (well sometimes lol). i don't know why it works, but it does. guess that's what friends are for!
  • Countrygirl
    Oh I do understand. I go thru the same thing. I remember one time this person I didn't know very well stopped at the house to talk to the hubby. As he pulled in I was yelling at the kids, who were upstairs ignoring me. He told my husband he had no idea I had such a loud voice. He had never heard me speak over a loud whisper lol.
  • Thanks gals for all the well-wishing & advice about my foot. I assure you all I am resting. Oh it sucks... but it's important. So thanks again!

    I think that the internet gives most people the option of being someone "else" or someone they wish they could be in real life. I mean, there's a backspace button... why can't real life have a backspace button?!

    However, there's also what my friends call the Rose-Colored Monitor. (Though it's not always "rose-colored"! )
    Where we insert what we think a persons tone is, so that colors how we see everyone else on the web, too.

    People can be (to a varying degree everyone is) drastically different online vs. RL.

    I've talked to plenty of people who online are pretty much the same, and others who are... "woah, I guess I wasn't getting what they were typing..."

    I honestly don't know how I come across to most people online in general or here at 3FC specifically. I know that when I type here I mostly try to be polite, concerned, supportive and encouraging, because that's what we're all looking for, and also because I am sincerely concerned for people when they're not doing so hot, and happy for them when they succeed! So, people are less likely to see my hideously vulgar and immature sense of humor. Besides, I can be kind of off-putting in my natural state. And I try to avoid that online... (don't want to piss anyone off, and oh man am i more than capable of doing that in rl just by opening my mouth ) I hope I'm succeeding, but well, I wouldn't be the one to ask!

    Like you, Shy, I turned into a huge flirt through my online gaming (though my games are more MMRPGs (That's massively-multi-player-role-playing-games, or video games, for those who are not "in the know" ). I'm pretty sure that is only because I never felt very comfortable being a flirt in RL. After all, who wants to flirt with the fat, ugly chick?

    Hrm. So to correctly color the above (), I don't want that to come across as self-pitying (It certainly wasn't typed by me in that tone). I'm only pointing out the differences between my online self and my, well, RL life... for lack of better terms :P
  • Faerie
    I am not really someone else on the net. I am more on the net like I am after I have known people for a few years or I have had a few drinks lol.

    Those that have known me for a long time are surprised at first how I am around new people. I have one friend from high school that will say she always forgets how very shy I was when she first met me lol.

    One of the hubby's friends said one time that he thought I was a snob. Hubby said no, you just don't know her. She doesn't talk to anyone until she has known them at least a year lol. Now, 8 years later the guy says I am the life of the party. When Rennie walks in the room the party starts. Ok, so I am a crack up and full of one liners. I tell jokes about the kids, the house, the hubby and can do a stand up of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Evengall changing what they say around to put my own family in. Hey, if you can't laugh you might as well just die.

    My car stopped right in the middle of the road one time. This man stopped and said, " You car won't run huh?" I said, "The car is fine. I just decided to give it a rest right here i the middle of the road." Here's your sign.
  • Perhaps "someone else" wasn't the best terminology.

    Rather, I should say, much more bluntly yourself. The internet is an easy place to simply say what you mean, and to be much more open verbally.

    I still say that from my own experiences, people are usually somewhat different online than they are in the solid world. Now, I'm not saying this isn't due to the manner in which I view people online. After all, it might all be in my head (what isn't all in our heads?).
  • Hi ladies ~

    I agree that the tone of a person's voice along with their facial expressions and body language make all the difference when telling how a person is meaning to say something. Since we don't have the luxury of those online it can be easy to misinterpret what someone means or in fact, what they are really like in real life. The other thing is online people are only going to tell you what they want you to know and nothing more. Nobody is going to get online and introduce themselves as a total b-itch, can't make friends, can't keep a job and I won't support you but you damn well better support me. Nobody would talk to them... well, maybe to boot them off the site. I do a fair share of IMing with my family & friends (people I really know well) and even then things can be taken the wrong way based on our moods & how we interpret the words typing out in front of us.

    OK... So I'll admit one thing here for all you ladies.... lol
    I swear like a sailor usually.... no offense to any of you if you happen to be a sailor... lol I'm telling you, it amazes me sometimes the stuff that will come out of my mouth and when!! aye-yi-yi

    That may be something that you would have never known about me... tee hee
  • The best way I can describe myself is by telling you what my great grand mother said to me ( yes I said my great grandmother lol ). She said to me when I was about 16. " Dawn my dear, you were born 50 years after your time" lol.

    I do not swear ( ok if I hit my thumb with a hammer I do know a few words lol ) I charge my husband, the ex sailor, 5 dollars if he says the F word and 1 dollar for any other swear word lol. I pay for our camping trips with this money lol. He really has learned to clean up his mouth when he talks around me.

    I do have my days that I am not the nicest person in the world and I really try to stay away from people when these moods hit. I have anxiety attacks sometimes and I do get depressed from time to time. I can't take meds because they just make my tummy hurt. With Gods help and my husbands understanding we live with it.

    I am very shy and while I generally don't stand up for myself, the word rug comes to mind lol. I do stand up for those that can't stand up for them selfs.

    I drive most people crazy because when the day gives me lemons I make lemonade. I almost died 2 times in my life before I was 25. Nothing is that important to get upset about, unless I am on my soap box about something.

    I am never in a hurry, unless I have to go to the bathroom lol.

    My husband and myself are very involved in church, not because we were raised that way but because we want to be. I picked a man to marry that is very much like me. We don't tend to fight. If he would just realize since I am older than him; I am always right in all things we would never fight lol.

    My halo is very tarnished and I am not above telling an off colored joke.

    I love being a housewife and mother. I have never wanted to be anything else. I would like to go back to work because I don't have enough to do around here and the extra money would be nice, who couldn't use extra money but by FIRST job is taking care of our home and my family. Nothing can come before that. That is the job God gave me.

    My husband is the boss of our home but he lets me run the roost lol. He said he has seen the bosses job and doesn't really want it. He knows what he says goes.

    Ok yes, I am before my time. I am not politically correct, I don't believe in woman lipperation except for same pay for the same work. I feel fulfilled doing what I do. I know that isn't very acceptable in this day and age.

    I almost always never take offence to something someone says online. I take things the way people mean them. Not the way they come out in print sometimes.
  • Lola ~
    I feel the same way you do coming here and reading the posts.... I laugh my butt off and feel like I'm hanging with my girlfriends!! Awesome, isn't it?
  • onelast
    All those little snow men look so cute. So proud standing there in a row, just like you should be. Nice going on loseing so much weight.
  • I swear I <3 you guys, you all crack me up.

    Mornin' Ladies!
    The great news is that I had my weigh-in last night and I lost .4! Now... this may not seem like a lot, but it's exactly the number I was hoping to lose this week, especially with Thanksgiving last Thursday. Which means that even though I had my meal and ate it, too, that I did OK! Aaaaaand losing .4 means that I've officially lost exactly 65 lbs. (So w00t!)

    OLT - You'd be surprised at the sort of rubbish that falls from my mouth, and I'm not talking crumbs. And your "tee hee" had me laughing out loud! <3

    Shy - You be the person you were meant to be And sweety, I like you all the better for it! You make smile! But I did want to clarify that the Post Woman's Lib world that I am part of (and was actually born into rather than started) may not be the same as it was in the late 60's, I have a much more broad view of what Woman's Liberation means. It may not have quite started that way, but it's ended up as the idea that a woman should have the freedom to choose how to live her life. That she should not automatically have to be a SAHM, because that's what's done, nor should she automatically have to get a full-time executive career, because that's the cool thing to do. That she should be able to be happy with where her life is and is going. And the fact that you've found what makes you the happiest is what is important. And that we (other women especially) should not judge another because of their choices. I have several friends who, since highschool, have wanted to get married and make a small family and take care of the home. They're happy in their paths. I would swell up and die as if I were allergic. For me, that life would be a cage. For them, having a career would be.

    I'm very "us women need to stick together" because I look across the sea and notice that there are women who are very alone... and even ostracized by other women in their own neighborhoods, and I actually get weepy about it! (It's embarassing... I rarely get weepy... but other people suffering like that... gah... )

    It seems silly and outdated to me that some women around me... usually older than I am, but in my office, will argue about "what's right". It's like breastfeeding "vs" bottle. Who gives a flying monkey poo? It's not like you get a gold star on your life chart for choosing one over the other. Pick what's right for you, and then let's all turn our attention to children who aren't getting enough food at all

    Sorry! That got "rant-ish". It wasn't meant to be. It's just frustrating to see that there are more important things to be worrying about than whether or not our next door neighbors are doing the same things we are.

    I can't say I'm politically correct, but, with my tiny crowd, it's very tongue-in-cheek. >_>
  • Faerie
    That is to great. WOW you have really been taking off the lbs. You go girl, not going to be much left of you real soon. A loss is a loss no matter how small. Keep that in mind. You have less to lose today than you did yesterday

    I grew up in the opposite time frame. Woman were to get jobs if they wanted to be ( fulfilled ). They were less than nothing if ALL they wanted to be was a HOUSEWIFE. Made it very hard growing up in the late 70's and early 80's. To want nothing more out of life than to ( clean toilets ) ment you weren't much of a person lol.

    I do think woman should do as they want. If a woman wants to work there is nothing wrong with that. I do have personal feelings about woman working that have children below school age but that is just me. Never understood having a wonderful little baby and then sticking them in day care. Heck the day care sees that child more hours a day than the parents do.

    Breast feeding. I have never understood this argument. Docs will say it is better for the baby for the first 3 months. You want to breast feed go ahead if you don't well then don't lol. I never thought one way or the other if a woman wanted to or not lol. I did but that was me. I was in college when my first was very little. I can remember the hubby bringing him up to school when I had night classes for me to nurse him. Have to say not having to drag bottles around like my sister did was very liberating to me lol. I had a diaper bag packed in the car with those throw away diapers, didn't use them at home. Was wonderful to just be able to get up and leave and not worry about bottles mine were built in lol.

    Potty training. Now I never found this a personal achievement lol. I only wanted them to be potty trained before they started school lol. I heard it from my mother every day from the day they turned 18 months until they were potty trained how I was a terrible mother because at 18 months they weren't totally potty trained lol.
  • Thanks, Shy! And you're absolutely right. Any loss means having less to lose And, with the holiday last week, that makes this loss even more special
    It's so strange how people can focus so much on what others are doing "wrong". People like that need a few more hobbies, and a little less free time.
  • I am wearing a pair of 16 pants I haven't been able to get into for at least 4 years. I am so proud of myself.


    I had a yummmy Mc Donald's egg nog shake. OHHHHHHH it was so good. I only have 1 a year. It is not going to put 34lbs back on me. I will just eat today around the shake lol. Think about it. Eggs, nog, milk, all good stuff for you right lol. I looked at fit day. 16 oz milk, 1 can mountain dew, 1 serving high carb food = mc Donald's egg nog shake. Not a problem.
  • Hi guys,

    I've been MIA today.... We got some really upsetting news related to my niece so I've been out of town meeting with oncologists since 6:30am this morning.

    I really can't write about it right now... can't get all worked up again, it's going to be hard enough sleeping tonight and I have to work the next three days in a row at the hospital which means getting up at 5am (5 1/2 hours from now). I'll try to post over the weekend... we'll see how things go.

    Hope you all are doing well. I completely went off plan today... wayyyyy off plan but sometimes you just don't care.

    Talk to you soon.
  • Onelast
    Sorry things aren't going well. Will keep you and yours in my prayers