Holy Cow!!!hot Tubs!!!!

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  • that's us fer shure------okay tanks,I just ate six rice crispy squares,low fat of course,STILL cannot get on track---I made the ginger cookies,them were rate nice-----I should be loosing any day now-----my zipper pants that is====and right into the elastic pantaloons=====like Lushie used to say----- I will try to sausage myself into my jeans.I guess she and Cherry and Frappe have really given us the cowpie to the face======I may have to call them bad names-----good thing you came back Muffbag====you never know what may be said in your absence=====for instance,even though I was actually here,I have been called demented and insane{not to mention FAT}ANYWAY===remember when we used to have a new thread every day???????LET'S DO IT AGAIN----WHY NOT!!!! ANYONE REMEMBER "WAKIE WAKIE---EGGS AND BAKE-EE" REMEMBER THE "CHOREMASTER" I MISS THOSE OLD MESSIES,ESPECIALLY THE REAL SERIOUS ONES WHO G0T MAD SO EASILY====THOSE WERE THE REAL DAYS=====I MISS MY CYBERMOMMY
  • Old faithful here
    Hey, Bagzie. I've been here faithfully (on my work days anyway - no internet at home). Faithfully complaining about how fat I'm getting and not doing a durn thing about it. We had a snow storm yesterday so I got out of walking this am. Of course we're such babies around here about the snow, it was really just a dusting and the roads are all clear this morning, but we take any excuse we can to stay in our nice warm beds on dark, cold mornings. The walking is the only thing I'm doing right. I manage to stay on track food wise until dinner time (sometimes I only make it until lunch.)

    I had a horrible night. I'm a champion insomniac. I save all my worrying up until 3 am. Then I can hardly keep my eyes open all day.
  • Remember Rachael?
    She was a messy with a huge heart! I miss cybermom too Baggzzz!! Did anyone ever find out what happened? Did they give you guys warning, or just pull the plug one day? I miss the messies and I miss the Porch Swing!! Best cyber arguments I have ever *heard*.

    Wabby, I will think of you tomorrow at 3 AM. I seem to be waking at the hour lately to ponder *things* myself.

    I have to get back to faxing resumes. Don't talk about me whileI am gone.
  • Yes, indeed
    I remember Rachel. I'm sure she is still seriously scrubbing her hallway and taking her baby to church. She was so earnest -- and I got the impression that her DH was anything but.

    I imagine everyone at Cybermom (except for us) are still out there somewhere suspended in cyberspace waiting for someone to tell them where to post. I miss Cybermom too, it was really brilliant. I can't believe they just shut down and dumped everything--not very nice at all. They should have given some warning.

    I've done nothing at all today and no longer have a migraine as an excuse, soooooo

  • Rachel
    Wasn't she a cutie? I used to go to her website before she decided that anyone who wanted to get in had to use some hoity toity browser that I don't have. From reading between the lines, this is what I gathered: She kicked her bonehead husband out and divorced him and now has a new boyfriend. She also had to get a full time job (computers) so she had to put her cutie patootie in daycare and couldn't homeschool her like she wanted to. No mention of church. Now this was last year, so things may have changed. That's life, I guess.

    Muffers, Cybermom was so rude. She didn't even answer our e mails asking what the heck was going on. I wonder what happened to all those trolls who used to post at Mom to Mom and Porch Swing. Now *that* was entertainment. The internet is sooooooo boring without them. Oh well.

    I know you don't want to hear it, but I did 30 on the cross trainer yesterday along with upper body weights AND I made a pan of brownies (16 two inch pieces) and only ate......wait for it.......TWO! I can't believe it. They kept staring me in the face and I just kept saying no. The kids ate most of them and dh polished off the last two this morning so I'm home free. Actually, dh was at the docs yesterday and doc told him he was FAT. Ha ha! Now he's all huffed. Yay! No more salami!

    See yous later
  • Sherlock Holmes to the rescue!
    I found Rachel's site and it works now. If you want to take a peek I'm sure she wouldn't mind.


    Well, forget that - there's only a page and you can't click on anything! Dang! But here's her blog. Still can't click on anything but there's stuff to read.

  • I always thought there was something about that guy
    Poor Rachael was left alone way too much by her hubby. Thanks for the links SugP, I will have to go check it out. Beats searching job sites. Talk about boring waste of internet time!

    Sug....how good of you to ignore the pleadings of those brownies to come and eat them. You are an inspiration. HA!!!!! to DH!!! Maybe you guys can devise a plan together. Are you telling me we have to exercise to get rid of the double chiin????

    Dined out with DS last nite for his bday coming up on Saturday. I had Sushi, tempura, and chicken teriyaki. The salad had the most delicious dressing I have ever tasted. I believe it was some sort of creamy cucumber. Before the dinner they gave us a teeny bit of this dish made from soy bean sprouts, black sesame seeds, and some sort of dried or roasted pea. Very delicious.

    He and I had a nice nite together. Bought him a DVD player (to stay in the living room of course! *wink*) and some stuff at wharehouse. Then he tells me he wants me to treat him and the boys to a movie on Saturday. I told him he just ate his movie with that 25 dollar sushi dish!!! We decided they will just come and take over the house for the nite.

    Have a good one all. I'm going to go check out Rachels page and then get my lovie from pre-school.
  • I was able to surf the site
    Everything clicked ok. Her article about putting Bethaney in day care broke my heart.
  • I'm boring and tired
    So what else is new?

    I could surf Rachel's site too. That's probably all the exercise I'll get today. Sugar, would you bring your crosstrainer over here and exercise with me? I need motivation. Lots and lots of motivation. Since I clearly have none.

    I offered to take my DD out for sushi for her birthday, too. May not happen since none of her friends would go for it, but who knows, could be just us. I think it's nice of your DS to get a DVD player for you for his birthday. Oops I meant from you..................

    Later cowbabies. Think I'll do something productive, like take a shower.

  • must be my browser
    I can't click on anything with IE 4. What are you guys using?

    Sushi......yum! And a DVD player. What a birthday!

    Kiwi! If you saw me on that thing you'd run the other way!Lately I've just been turning on MTV and turning off my brain while I sweat my little buns off. Works pretty well. I'm waiting for some REAL weight loss. These piddly couple of pounds just don't cut it.
  • Wasn't that clever of him errrr...me?
    A dvd player for the family. I have a great kid. He understands me.

    AWWWWWW, Sug....MTV??? I love that channel. Do you ever watch any of their reality shows? I am a huge Real World fan. Can't help myself!!!

    Kiwi, a shower is progress.

    Wish me luck Tubo's. I have an interview tomorro with a legal aid clinic. Just where I want to be. I turned down a job tonite.

    HAve to get off the net. Nana needs it. Considering she just gave me her 3yo pc, I will abide by her wishes. This time!!!

    Gonna go finish dinner. It will be yummy and healthy.
  • Sugar, I am using IE version 5 on this computer. It uses Windows 98. Not long ago we tried to update to IE v 6 and it didn't work out at all, so we went back to 5. With your faster internet connection, you could probably update to version5 too if you want to.

    Rachel's site actually was a gold mine -- I followed some of the links and just kept going! I don't usually do that, but these were great.

    Good luck on your interview tomorrow, Muffie! Hope you wow 'em and get the job

    Yep, the shower was progress of a sort, even if I didn't get to it until about 6! Just one of those days, I guess. I'm sure tomorrow will be much livelier. I have to go be hairnet lady again

    Nighty Night.

  • it works!
    *Now* the site works. Go figure. It's great surfing at the speed of sound, only thing is our computer can't keep up with the connection and keeps freezing. Super.
  • hmmmm
    I remember Rachel too. She was always trying so hard. Earnest was the perfect word to describer her, Kiwi. I read a little bit of her recent blog. She seemed much more a real person now that she moved out from her DH's shadow.

    I haven't gone walking since monday. We've been using the too cold excuse, but that one's wearing a little thin. I swear that this Northwestern land is the darkest, dreariest, drippiest corner of the entire earth.

    I just finished reading "The Weight of Water" by Anita Shreve. Good book. Kind of had 2 stories contained in one. Also read "The Gardens of Kyoto" which was also good, but had lots of deeper meaning type stuff that I'm too lazy to think about much less figure out. My latest read is "Vinegar Hill", an Oprah's book club pick. I've discovered Half.com (thanks Kiwi) and I'm hibernating with books for the winter.

    Muffie, it was so nice of DS to get a new dvd player for you for his birthday We have one, but I hate to spend the extra money to rent dvd's when the vhs tapes are cheaper.

    No Peaches? No Lush? Come baaaaacccccckkkkkk!!!!
  • yummy
    You all are quiet today. I had an inspiration last nite. It was yummy. And EASY!!!! Use this over a fish like halibut, or you could actually marinate shrimp in it and make ceviche. The juices wil cook the shrimp.

    1 tomatoe....diced

    1/2 cucumber....diced

    1 large orange....cut into small pieces

    1 jalapeno....deviened, seeds removed, and diced

    2 green onions.....sliced thin, including the greens

    chopped cilantro to taste

    Juice of 2 limes

    Kosher salt/pepper to taste.

    Mix all together and let marinate. Not spicy, but if you leave the seeds and stuff in the jalapeno it can be. This made enough for 4 of us to have on fish. The parents even put it over their salad as a dressing.

    Wabby, I am hibernating with books also. I use the local used books store. I take in old books, they give me 10% of list price towards store credit. I can use store credit for 50% of the purchase.

    [It is so wonderful to read something besides a TEXT BOOK!!!!!!!!

    I am way behind in my reading list though.

    Toodles moo moo's.