Weight Loss and Chitchat # 272

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  • Hello and to the Jaded Ladies site!

    We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.
  • Sassy--Those are peculiar things that have happened to you. Not a lot of bizarre thing really have happened around me, but some.
    I enjoy watching ghostly things. One of my favorites that I have to watch is Most Haunted. In fact, I just finished watching Most Haunted Live last night (I had to record it, it was 7hrs long) They were doing the Winchester Mystery house. That place has always fascinated me. I told James that I would love to go see it someday. (maybe a vacation place....so close to San Fran) I also told James that I want to tour Alcatraz during the night.....I hear there are ghost sighting during the night tours. He think I'm a little crazy.

    Hello to all you other gals. I'm headed off to lay on the couch to watch tv for a little bit before bed. Talk w/you all in the morning!
  • Morning Marti
    Hi Marti -- I've caught glimpses of that show. The places they go are really cool though, I've seen many advertisements for it. I would like to go to some of those places too, just as long as my DH is along with me to cling onto! lol. I want to go to that Haunted Hotel that the Shining was taped at. Looks really spooky.

    Have a Great Day all, I should say 3 days, as I won't be online much when I am working, unless we are completely dead. I hope my 3 nights go by quickly.......lol.

  • Good morning ladies !

    Have a good cup o' coffee or your drink of choice

    Lets kick stress in the butt today !

    Support each other & have a good time !
  • Good Morning Ladies

    Monday....why did it have to get here so quickly?? I got absolutely nothing accomplished this weekend. To me, that is a great accomplishment!

    Did some crunches this morning. I've been seeing this advertisement for this exercise ball....much smaller than what we're normally used to seeing. Well I thought I would try some crunches on this little ball I already have here.....let me tell ya, it was hard! Not so easy. I need to learn to balance!! But I managed to get in some crunches and I definitely feel it. Tonight, I will do my walk. And I was OP all weekend.

    So I had a great weekend.

    Sassy--Here is to a quick work week for ya!

    Kelton--Did you have your coffee yet?

    And the rest of you girls.....how is your Monday morning so far?

    Came to a realization.....I'm one pound from the weight I had lost when I started working on it last October. I'm pleased w/that. Although at the same time I'm pretty disgusted w/myself for not having lost more. Having lost 17lbs, then gaining 10lbs back and now having lost 9 of those 10 gained.....I'm a total yo-yo here! Oh well, all I can do now is continue on! Keep my motivation going and keep a smile on my face! (<----ok, so I tend to giggle more than I just smile.)

    Now I rambling.. so I'm going to finish getting ready for work.

    Have a great Monday ladies!
  • Hello ladies...

    SASSY...me and DD love that show! Of course sometimes I get a little freaked out. I guess I am not really into the paranormal, sort of. I say sort of because I am fascinated by it but when something happens to me it freaks me out! Anyway, I have had some things happen over the years and do believe in ghosts and angels. I don't want to communicate with the dead though.

    MARTI...I really do enjoy the WATP dvds/videos, I think they are my absolute fav. She (Leslie Sansone) has so many different ones so I may buy some more of hers. I also enjoy the Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies. I tried Denise Austin's yesterday and boy, what a workout! YIKES! My body is hurting today! Of course I laughed at myself thru the dancing part, lol. I wouldn't let anyone in while I was doing it. Jason came home while I was doing the strength part of it and said "Please, don't ever do that again while I am in here!" LOL I was on the floor, lol. But I got a GOOD strength workout for sure. I am feeling it today! I think though once I get the steps down I won't look so dumb, lol! You are doing great! Good job getting the weight back off!

    KELTON...nah...I won't tire of you talking. We love to chat!

    JANE...was just at Hobby Lobby this morning, afternoon...ended up in the scrapbook section but didn't see anything I could use at the moment. I am on a mission for party stuff. But I did get a fall angel for the front porch, lol. And a little Christmas tree skirt for one of my small trees I will be doing this year. Then some flags to put on Josh's cake and bigger ones to line the walkway with. They definitely are having a good sale on lots of stuff. WOuld have loved to get osme Christmas stuff but I don't need anything.

    Anyway...HI to everyone else!

    Kind of a quickie here today. Busy running around this morning after a late start. Trying to find stuff to decorate for Josh's homecoming. There was a party store that changed, was actually changing the sign today, yikes! They have made it into a Halloween Warehouse! Just when I NEED party stuff! Not so much plates and such but some kind of decorations. So on to plan B if I can't find more stuff. Should be taking stuff off the walls in the main bath but that can wait until 3. V gets home at about 3:45'ish and he will be painting the bath and replacing the toilet. We bought new toilets for both baths a couple of months after moving in but haven't gotten around to changing them. The ones in this house are made for little people...they are low to the floor. Another house we bought after everything was done, ugh. So now we have to spend money to change it...or live with it. Plus the flusher thing is on the left instead of the right...or right as you are looking at it, but left to flush, lol. Anyway...going to get an early start tomorrow and try again and get some exercise in...have yet to do that also ugh! I hate days like this.

    Have a good day!
  • Hello
    Hi Everybody.

    Hi Kelton!

    Thanks Marti I hope this week goes by really fast! I had to do the exercise ball in my physical therapy after my car accident, yes they are tough! Congrats on the weight loss hon, you are doing fabulous and are a true inspiration to me.

    Cristina -- I am the same way I am very fascinated by the paranormal but it freaks me out if something happens to me. I don't choose to see them, they choose me! lol. Although like I said I haven't "seen" anything in a long, long time, so maybe I have blocked it. But its still freaky when things move with nobody around! lol. I hope Josh's homecoming party is a success for ya! I hope you are able to find party stuff!

    Hi to Everybody out there! I hope you all are well!

  • Do we ever stop worrying?
    Quick hi...Just waiting for the rain to come. It is very overcast and the wind is picking up.

    Have been on the phone several times today to my "baby boy" in San Diego. Worried mother here due to the fires raging out there. He assures me they are keeping an eye on things and will get out if they have to. My advice was to have your gas tank full and a bag packed of anything you can't live without. BE READY to evacuate if needed. He drives all over the area for work, but is grounded for now listening to the news reports. Promised to call me back in a few hours. I am praying for the boys and ALL of Southern CA.

    Mom is better today, I on the other hand have had a bug. Thought I was better yesterday, then got weak. Thought I was better today, went to the bank and gas station, came home and had a dizzy spell and weakness. Hmmm...maybe I jumped the gun on this running around. The bug had a different idea.
    I shall return...be good everyone.
  • No indies right now, but I wanted to tell you this. I went to Evansville today and the doc DID do the biopsy, even though I thought that would be done next time. I have to tell you, it hurt like 7 kinds of holy **** because she couldn't get more than 2" into my uterus, and wasn't sure what is blocking the path. I thought I was a tough old bird, but I cried like a baby. She got only a small tissue sample, in only one spot. The pelvic ultrasound is tomorrow, and if it shows anything abnormal, then I'll have to be put under for the biopsy.

    I'm going to go take some pain reliever and take a nap.
  • Good Morning Everyone !

    Its raining a nice rain slow & steady since yesterday. We need the rain and boy are we getting it.

    I love when the thunder is a soft rumble and sounds far away.... makes me want to sleep to it & just drift away in the sound of it.

    I get DGD today so I am happy about that I just wish I could lay off the soda. I tend to drink it alot more when she is here but I don't know why.....
    Maybe cause I need the energy

    Jane, I didn't realize you had to go to E'ville to have anything done.
    I am so sorry that it hurt. I hope they got all they needed. I hope that they see all they need to see with the ultrasound. Will it be an invasive ultra or a regular one ?
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
    Just pretend that one of us are right there beside you as you go.
    Or all of us..... we'll have you laughing so hard they will think we're all crazy (is that a bad thing) ?
    Jane, we're here for you.

    Sue glad to here that your Mother is feeling better. but sad to here you have a bug now.
    I would be upset & worried too if my son was out there.

    Good morning to those I missed.

    Have a great day ladies !
  • Pop in again....DS called this morning and is still just watching the T.V. and awaiting news of any evacuations in his area. He is in a very good place as far as being one of the safest. The air quality is very poor, ashy and smoky, so they are staying indoors. Not supposed to be on the roads unless an emergency, so his job will suffer. BUT...he is safe, so that's all that matters. I am just feeling so bad about the people who are losing their homes. (A 17 million dollar historical castle burned to the ground in SD.)
    Rainy and gray here today but we are feeling better and going to try to get something done.
    Back later..........
  • Good Morning Ladies....

    Woke up very congested. Would love to call into work today but I don't feel bad, just congested. Only 3 1/2 weeks and it's vacation time. (Thanksgiving week!)

    Did my walk last night and was sweatin' up a storm! I had upped my speed during the inclines.
    Eating is good. Keep it on the safe side. I figured I'd go a little overboard when Thanksgiving arrives, so until then, staying OP.

    Jane-- I'm so sorry you experienced so much pain! The pelvic ultrasound will be like nothing. I had one done just last year. They needed to see why things we're tilting. Hopefully that's all that's going on in there. Many hugs for you today that all comes back to you normal and that you won't need another biopsy.

    Cristina--Josh is just going to love you for the wonderful homecoming you have planned! My brother was showing me video tapes has his troops homecoming. I was so heartbroken. It shows them all unloading and getting in line for some kind of speech before they were able to go to family, then when it was time, everyone went in all directions....my brother.....had no one there to greet him! It shows him walking all alone!! He didn't let anyone know the day he was coming home and this was in GA, we all live here in Oregon, and we have one sister in FL. When I watched that I grabbed him and said I'm so sorry! But our town had a huge thing for him when he actually came "home". And said that was all he needed. Sheesh!

    Sassy--I used to have the big exercise ball. It's now a hopeless flat mess. The ball I'm using now, is the size of a bowling ball. That's actually harder to use than the big things. Is your work week almost over???

    Sue--I read in the paper about the fire. What started this fire? I'm going to have to read todays paper and see what they have to say. I hope your son stays safe and is ready to evacuate when needed.

    Kelton--Have a wonderful day w/your DGD today. Wish I could help you curb the soda habit. I'm not a big soda drinker. I usually have one maybe once a month. Use to really drink the stuff but my hubby isn't a soda drinker so I kind of stopped drinking it too.....now we only drink it occasionally.

    Ok ladies, I'm needing to make a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I will check in later on tonight if I have time. Hubby is home so may just snuggle up to him.

    Have a good day.
  • Sorry to hear you are all congested, that sucks !! I just hate being that way. I can't remember but have you been to the Dr for it... sorry for the confusion I just know there are quite a few on here that need to go see Dr and some who actually have. Get some meds in you & lots of rest, please.
    Hope you feel better soon !!

    Today was my youngest daughters follow up Gyno apptmnt after putting her on BC for pain & severe flooding a long time ago.
    BC is not working at all. She is pencil thin and now the pain is so bad that she just can't eat.
    Today the Gnyno told her to continue to take BC for one more month. If that doesn't work then they will do a laproscapy (sp) threw her belly button to make sure if it was endometriosis. (We all have it). I've had 4 done before but.. that in no way shape or form gonna helps her at all. I had 4 laps done & finally my quack Gyno decided (because I wouldn't shut up about the pain) she would just open me up & do a full exploratory (she kept telling me I did NOT have endo).....Well I had it (duh) and they did my hysterectomy at 25 yrs old. Much older than her. And You know how it doesn't matter what anyone has been through it is always different when you are going thru it yourself.
    Anyway, Dr put her on Antiflammatories every 8 hrs....
    if none of this works they will do a hysterectomy....... She's only 17.
    She is showing no emotion (she hides pain of any kind very well) we have very high pain tolerance so when we say it hurts.. it is bad !!!

    So if any of you pray or do good vibes or whatever you may or may not consider your higher up..... would you PLEASE keep her in your thoughts.

    Sorry, I'm just really upset that she is hurting so badly and has been for all this time and the BC didn't help & now this. She would not let me go to the gyno with her either visit.... it kills me that she is so independent.
    Also please keep in thought that our relationship gets better..... I know its her age but, She argues & fights & treats me like I am 3 yrs old and I just let her do it. I'm not one with good comebacks...or they come to me 7 hours later. They love their daddy and treat him like a King, which I am glad of cause I want them to at least be close to one of us.
    Anyway, I know its just the age, but it still cracks my heart in two.

    Ok, enough yukky/sad/whiny/self pity talk.

    Everyone have a fantastic day, I mean it or I will spank everyone of you !!!!!!

  • Hi ladies,

    Cristina - I know what you mean, I'd love to buy more Christmas decorations when I see all those cute things, but where would I put them? I only decorate my living room and dining room, so I guess I could branch out a bit. Hmmm, I've never had a flusher on the left as you sit there. Might take some getting used to, lol.

    Sassy - I for sure know that there are paranormal things happening all the time. I have some stories of my own that would make you doubt my sanity. If you don't doubt it already, lol.

    Kelton - thank you so much for your kind words! Here you are, so new, and already giving me support. I had DD Mary with me, and she went in the room when they said they couldn't see enough due to my extremely tilted uterus. When the tech said he'd have to go through vaginally, that's when I asked for Mary. She held my hand through that whole part. But it didn't hurt one bit. I'll tell everyone what he said, at the end of my post. Have fun with that grandbaby! Post her photo in the Jaded Photos when you have time!

    Sue - so glad your son is safe!

    Marti - thanks, Marti. Hope your congestion doesn't turn into a full blown cold. Snuggle up to your honey tonight - that's what I plan to do, with a fire in the fireplace.

    I hope I'm not giving you "TMI" about my tests - I don't want to gross anybody out! But at least the tests are over for now. I'm waiting on results from the pap, the biopsy, the pelvic ultrasound and mammogram. The technician today was very kind and gentle, but had to go inside for a good look. He showed me (and Mary) stuff on the screen, and said it all looked fine except one small area on/near my cervix. Said there is a polyp "or something" there. After all that, getting the mammogram was a piece of cake.

    Speaking of food, I've managed to stay 100% OP through all this stress. I haven't exercised like I should, though. But at least the food is still under control. Last night I really really wanted junk food, but staying away from it was easy since there's none in the house!

    Hope you're all having a good day. BBL.
  • Kelton - just now read about your DD. She and you both have lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way from me! I sure hope they don't have to do a hysterectomy at her young age! Yes, her attitude is due to her being so young, plus, she's probably scared, too. Come here and vent anytime you need to, ok?