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  • Jane,
    Thank you very much !!

    You have no idea how much your post meant to me.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • Jane and Kelton- Hugs and prayers to you both as you await medical answers. One of the hardest and most trying of times I know. I am thinking of you both and Kelton, of your daughter also.
    It seems the JL's have been through sicknesses of our own and our families lately. Not to mention a few family deaths, births and job related trials. Now as we approach a New Year I am telling you all that we need positive thoughts for a wonderful 2008 for every one of us!
    The blessing of positive, enmass, Jaded Lady power!
  • Hello ladies...

    Sorry for yet another quickie. Too much running around again today. I'm afraid that the rest of the week will be much of the same. Think I may have a break in there some time tomorrow to do individuals. I am pooped to say the least!

    Got up early to get my exercise out of the way...been slacking in the early bird department. Wasn't used to getting up at 5:30 but I did and then the weather changed and it was still dark out. Excuses, excuses...I just started to enjoy sleeping in until 9 what can I say, lol? Anyway...

    HI to EVERYONE and I hope everyone is having a good day! See ya tomorrow for sure!

  • Jane, Sue, & Frou,

    Thank you SO much, I wish I could hug each omne of you !

    Your support is beyond words !

    Thank you all, sincerely !
  • Just a "Post By"

    Big to all having a hard time right now......
  • Everyone be strong today.
  • Hi all!! I painted the baby's dresser last weekend. I used a "true blue" and then stenciled moon & stars in "sky blue" & "bright yellow" I will try to add a pic when they get downloaded. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I also washed all the blankets and 0-3 month clothes. my mom brought the crib up to Teri's apartment on Sunday and we got it set up complete with the celestial bedding and everything was put away in the dresser by Sunday night. (Ry helped put the crib together as Dave stood back and watched before going back to playing his video games.....sigh....) Needless to say it was a busy weekend!! Work exploded on Monday with the one person getting sick and another on vacation. Avon was late and showed up last night to be worked up. It's breaktime so I thought I'd pop in quick. I promise to be back tonight to do individuals!!
  • I finally figured how......

    I put 2 pictures up in the Jaded ladies photo thread.

    Please click on my Granddaughters so you can see it better.
    She is my everything.
  • Good Morning Ladies:

    Got my walk in last night, if I didn't have a cough I would be sleeping like a log! Staying OP and feeling pretty darn good about it all!

    Kelton--Awwww....many hugs to your DD who is suffering w/pain. Poor thing. She will most definitely be in my thought and prayers. Her attitude right now may just be the pain talking, everyone tends to handle thing differently. Just continue being there for her and come here to vent anytime you need. Now about the photos....girl, you are just beautiful! You're so young! Your DGD is SO cute! Thank you so much for sharing w/us and posting your photos! So nice to put a face to name.

    Jane--Let us know your results when you get them! Hopefully that little polyp is just a harmless thing that can be easily removed. And w/all the stress you're doing marvelous w/staying OP! I'm proud of you and you should feel good too! Keeping you in my thoughts today!

    Sue--How are you feeling?

    Cristina--You've got a lot going on w/preparations for Josh, pop in when you get a chance, don't worry about indi's for now.


    Jules--Awww.....the room sounds cute. Looking forward to seeing photos when you can get them.

    Morning to the rest of you.

    I got up a little later than usual, so I need to hustle this morning and get ready for work. Still need my coffee!

    Have a good Wednesday!!
  • Hello ladies,

    Kelton - thanks for sharing the photos, and as I said on the other thread, you are just gorgeous, and your DGD is just too cute! Let us know what's going on with your 17 y/o girl as you get info, ok?

    Cristina - I'm so happy for you that it's almost time for Josh to be home. Everything that you're doing for his return is just too cool. You're a great mom, Cristina. I can't wait to see how you'll be with grandkids when the time comes!

    Marti - yay for you staying OP when you don't feel well. Hope the cough has let up a little. Mary's got the same thing, and is using Chloroseptic Spray so she can get to sleep. Maybe you might want to try that?

    Jules - can't wait to see the photos of the dresser, and of anything else you want to share. The dresser sounds so darn cool! Don't you just love smelling and holding the tiny clothes? Before you know it, you'll be holding and smelling your new little grandson!

    Sue - I have to apologize that with all the health stuff I've been going through, I forgot to send your coneflower seeds. I'll send them out soon, so you can still get them sprinkled this fall. I like your idea of Jaded Lady power. We are women, hear us roar!

    Hi Sassy, bye Sassy, lol.

    Hello to everyone else.

    More good news - my local doc's office called and said the mammogram was fine, and the pelvic ultrasound only showed an enlarged uterus due to fibroids. Nuthin' else! I never heard of getting the results this quickly, have you?? Anyway, the specialist in Evansville still may want to do a D&C, we'll see. Now I'm just waiting on the biopsy and pap results.

    Today I want to just veg out. I've been running here and there, and frankly I need a day to just chill. I'm going to watch Y & R, then I'm going to make a plate of veggies and salsa dip, with some chicken, and read my book (John Grisham's Playing For Pizza) in bed. Then I'm going to turn off the phone and take a nap. After that maybe I'll get some exercise, lol.

  • Hello ladies...

    KELTON...love the pictures! It's alwasy nice putting a face to a name. And what a cutie pie your DGD is!

    SASSY...hugs to you! Hoping today is better for you.

    JANE...yeah, don't think I have ever gotten any kind of results back fast.Well except for the 2nd mammogram I had to have last year. They just had me wait there and did it fast. But that has been the only time. Hope the rest comes back as fast. Waiting is definitely the pits! Feeling like you today...I need a nap too! Let me know what you think of the book...was thinking about buying it. I like John Grisham and I think the only book he has written I didn't care for was Bleachers...it was kind of boring to me, but I did read it all.

    MARTI...WTG getting your walk in! And to doing well with your eating and such, you too Jane. I loved the story about your brother. Brought tears to my eyes and made me think of Josh and all the other guys as well.

    SUE...hoping all is well with you and your mom.

    JULES...the dresser sounds so cute! Love the colors!

    HI to everyone else

    Another busy day, ugh! Not complaining, just need a break. It won't be over though until Josh is home...2 more days! Not sure how much I will be on the computer the next two days...tomorrow, might have some time but Friday...will be too busy, I think. Have to pick up balloons at 10 and get to the airport by 1:15, woohoo! Then if Josh feels up to it take him to a late lunch/early dinner. I have a feeling he will be too tired. His flight leaves at 10:35 p.m. Thursday night. Maybe he can get some sleep on the plane. I think though he is as excited as us about coming home! Anyway...

    Take care ladies and I hope you all are having a good day!
  • Hey ya'll!!

    Jane--Wow, sorry I missed all your GYN troubles. I pray that everything turns out negative. What an experience to go through. So glad that your dd was with you. I have heard that those biopsies have raised the toughest of women off the table. Ouch!!

    Cristina--I'm so excited for you that Josh is coming home!! I'm sure you are overjoyed. Give him a hug for me!!

    Sue--How frightening for you and your son. So glad to hear that he is safe. How is your mom doing?

    Jules--Getting ready for your grandson sounds so exciting!! It won't be long!

    Big hugs to Marti, Sassy, PJ!! Hello and a hug too, to Kelton! I'm finally on the mend after nearly 3 weeks on heavy duty steriods and antiobiotics. Whew...it has been a long haul but I've managed to keep a positive outlook. You would have thought that I could have at least lost a few lbs...but no....I think I put on 2 lbs. Sucks!! Oh, well could be worse, at least I'm still breathing!! I feel like I have missed so much being away for a week. We finally have rain But it's also so humid. I stayed home from dance tonight because dh had a late meeting at work and I really wanted to just stay home and veg. It's nice to have an evening off with no one home but the dogs. Made a WW frozen dinner and plan to take a hot shower and watch TV till dh gets home. Feels good catching up with everyone. See ya, Tammy
  • Hi Chicks!
    Hi Chicks!

    BOREEDD.......I'm at work. Wanna go home already! lol. Only 9 more hours to go! lolllllll.

    Well guess what? We have NEW RECLINERS! NO more broken down, hand-me down, crappy couch!

    Now we just need a house or condo!!!

    I hope everybody is doing well. BIG BIG to all, esp to Kelton's DD. I can surely sympathize with her as I have PCOS and I have really really bad female problems. I should go to the dr but after my last exp with a very nasty dr I just have a dr phobia. lol. I sure hope she is okay and I've dealt with this since I was a teenager too and it definitely is not fun at all! A good site is soulcysters.com. They are mostly for PCOS but I think they do have threads on Endometriosis as well. Also your DGD is adorable!

    Marti -- Hi Exactly how does a log sleep? lol. Just teasing. I slept like one this morning after work, I was SO exhausted!! I think its this weather! True Fall Weather! We're floating over here in Ohio! lol.

    Jane -- I'm so glad that you have good news hon! Yeah I've never heard of having results so quickly so Kudos to your Dr. I hope that if they do a D & C everything goes well for you. You are making me so hungry!

    Jules -- Take a breath hon! lol. You've been a busy girl. Can't wait to see the pics of the dresser. UGH don't you hate it when your short at work, lots of girls have been sick here. They can just keep their germs to themselves thanks! lol.

    Cristina -- BIG BIG to Josh when you see him! I am so excited for you!

    Hi Tammy -- Glad your doing well, sorry about the 2 lbs, it does suck, but like you said, at least your breathing!

    Hi to all of those MIA, we miss you!

  • Good morning, ladies,

    Cristina - the book is sort of boring right now, and I'm hoping it picks up a bit. It, too, is about a football player, which is not exactly my favorite topic, lol. I wish he'd write another lawyer book, for goodness sakes! Josh will be so excited to see you and the rest of the family. I can't tell you how happy I am for you!

    Tammy - glad you're better. The 2#s will come back off - you're lucky that's all you gained, with the steroids. I was on them for about 3 weeks once, due to some dental surgery, and all I wanted to do was eat. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing evening last night. We watch Private Practice on Wednesdays since there isn't much else on. It's so unrealistic, though, but oh well. Tim Daly is just too cute, lol.

    Sassy - a big woohoo to you for new recliners. Wait until you're my age - you'll kick back in it and fall asleep, lol.

    Hello to Sue, Jules, Kelton, and everyone else reading this.

    I'm up early today, since I had a big nap yesterday, lol. But I feel great! Mary and I are going shopping after while. Makenzie is going to be on the kindergartener's basketball team, and we're looking for a uniform and court shoes for her. She is so petite for her age (5), I can't imagine her with a basketball, lol.

    Have a great day, ladies!

  • Just a quickie....

    Hope your day is alot better than you expect.

    Running late for an errand, talk later.


    I'm back, but nothing much going on so...... Hope to read more posts.