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Default Battle of the Bulge - week 2

Hi everyone!
It is Sunday so it is a brand new week full of promise and opportunities!

If you are lurking and reading along- please join us even if you can't post everyday. Any contribution is welcome.

Here is the idea behind the board:
Sunday- Startin' Sunday- The day to weigh in let us know what the goals are for the week and what you are gonna do to get there.
Monday- Motivational Monday- Let's talk about why we are trying to diet and exercise. What will change for us in our lives??
Tuesday-Tapdancin' Tuesday- How do we sabotage ourselves? Do we promise to start tomorrow? Do we make excuses for ourselves?
Wednesday- Will to move Wednesday- What are we doing to shake our booties and lose weight!!
Thursday- Tableside Thursday- What have you been eating for the week? Are you following plan?? Got any tricks or tips for the rest of us?
Friday- Fantastic Friday- Success stories and inspirational things in your life that help you stay on track.
Saturday- Survey Saturday- How did you do this week? What was your biggest success and where do you need to improve??

Red- Don't get discouraged and if you get down and need to talk- PM me and let it out. I am here to help! Also- you will never be a perfect person and that is OK. I will tell you again because I think you need to hear it- the thing I like best about you is that you always dust yourself off and jump back in. You are always striving to better yourself and I respect that.
I will tell you one thing- my motivation is helped with challenge as well. How about we engage in a challenge? Let me know what you think and we will work out the details.

As for me I am scared to get on the scale because I have not been good this week. My exercise has been great and my eating dismal. I will weigh tomorrow morning first thing ans post. Maybe it will motivate me to stop the eating!

My goals this week:
1. 64 ounces of water a day
2. Only eating out once on Friday for lunch- other than that bringing my lunch to work and eating at home
3. At least 4 times to the gym this week- I am going to shoot for everyday and see if I can do it but my goal is 4 times.

I think that is more than enough for me. Wish me luck!
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Crime girl, good luck on your new challenges!! You can do it!! And thanks for the kind words.

By the way, I was wondering, because the week goes by too quickly...any possibility you could leave the old thread up for more than one week. I can't remember what my weight was or what my goals were for the previous week and have to go back and find the old thread....
I think too it would help get more people on if they could easily go back and see what's been happening.

Well, my weight dropped a kilo, which is great! But it fluctuates a lot like that and I think last week was a little high anyhow. Still, I am taking heart because of it and continuing on with my new 21-day challenge of recording everything I put in my mouth. I've done it a mere two days but it makes me a bit more aware. Last night, though I was eating unmentionables, I also put some luscious mandarin oranges in too!

So, goals for this week...

Basically, to continue being aware of things, of not caving in to the stress of work and doing my best to think of ME first and that means, good food.
AND, on top of that to continue writing everything down.
That's it. I'm going easy on myself. I'm tired of being beat up on and I'm NOT going to do it to myself as well.

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I always miss getting on the net on the weekends. Lets see for Survey Saturday. I know sadly I could of done alot better than I did last week. I did rethink a few food choices and change them though.

Startin' Sunday (goals)
1) Excercise 215 minutes this week (Sad I know. I just need to starting making working out a habit) This week I've got a good start I walk two miles at the park.
2) Drink at least 64-100 ozs a day
3) Journal

Motivational Monday- I want to get in shape, reduce health risks associated with being obese, and an example for my family. I don't want my kids growing up not knowing how to be healthy and stay that way. I didn't know how growing up but I'm learning.

My mother started learning about getting healthy in March and has been keeping it up. She's lost 40 pounds since March! I've been tinkering with losing weight for a year now and lost 12 pounds 9 last year and 3 within the last 2 weeks. Her motivation came from a health scare. She's also doing in alone. I'm not good at going at it alone.
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Good morning everyone-

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday but I had an utterly horrible day- I worked 12 hours in a crunch without lunch. I also didn't eat all day except a SoyJoy bar. So I guess my eating was good somewhat yesterday but I missed going to the gym because by the time I got off I was so hungry that I came home and ate.

Anyway- Yesterday was Motivational Monday and I try to diet because I know if I don't lose weight I will die. I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and work a stressful job I love. I don't want my mom and dad to have to bury me, so I know I need to get myself healthy. I also want to feel better- I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Tapdancing Tuesday- I sabotage myself still with work and I talked to my boss yesterday about that and let her know I am going to have to leave to go workout even if that means I have to go back to work afterwards. I will meet my goals this week- I am going to the gym today, Wed, Thurs, and Sat. I will try for Friday too but I will have to see how that goes. My eating has been good- all at home so no fast food. My water was not good yesterday and I feel I will meet that one as well. Wish me luck!

Red- I will leave this thread up a little longer. I just got in trouble last time I have this thread because it got too long. I will leave it up this week- sorry about that.
Great job on the kilo weight loss! Don't belittle it- baby steps!
You can do it with your goals. Hang in there-don't lose faith.

hsmom- I think you set some good goals for yourself. Don't put down 216 minutes- that is great. You can do it!
You are not alone - we are here for you. I think it is important to set a good example for your kids. I grew up around fried foods and southern cooking so I am learning as an adult as well. Keep up the good work this week!

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