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Kiwi24 07-31-2007 10:21 AM

Help I've been living in denial
This thread is for all you ladies who saw your reflection one day and thought
"IS THAT ME?" :yikes:Are you ready to recognize yourself again?:dust:
Well, its a new month so lets start fresh.:cheer2:

We welcome all new people :welcome2:and your ideas along with our old friends :grouphug:who have been with us on our previous thread.

We are here to encourage,:club: (just kidding) encourage, :hug:
laugh,:lol: motivate :high: and most of all begin to "recognize ourselves again!":belly:

Well tomorrow is a new month.:carrot: So I'm going to start my diet AGAIN on August 1.:^:
I will change my ticker to reflect my weight loss:o and I wrote my measurements down,:dz: have my food for the week:hungry: and even stepped on the scales to see what I weighed!! :stress:
Its time to get serious again.:sumo: I've been up and down to long. :dizzy:

I hope I can find a few people ready to get started again.:cp: I think there is some of you still wanting to get this weight off. :yes:We can do it if we get focused,:mag: quit living in denial or worse yet GIVE UP!!:mcd: So for those of you who haven't met your goal weight and would like to start again. LET'S DO IT!:cheer:

I'm Kiwi, and my goal is to be in a size 10 by my birthday Oct 24, 2007. I only have 3 months to achieve that so I have got to quit making excuses!!:blah:

I could use some help if you would like to join me!:carrot:

Iwanawurkit 08-01-2007 09:31 AM

School is starting to wrap up.....2 more nights!!!!!! My foot is on the mend and I am ready to start again. I have an ortho appointment tomorrow to find out how much longer I have to wear this stupid boot. My sister fell last week and broke her left ankle....they put her in a boot just like mine except she has a 'curb finder' on the toe portion. Not sure what that is for......

Kiwi.....I am so ready to start again.....I watch what I eat but the weight just isn't coming off. I think it loves me too much! :)

Kiwi24 08-01-2007 11:13 AM

August 1st!!!!!!:cp: I am so ready Kim to get this weight off!:lifter: I think I'm going to get back on WW. :goodvibes That worked for me until I went off. Plus its alot more flexible for me. Anyway, I actually got my husband to diet with me. :lucky:This way we can lose weight and be accountable. He tends to make me cheat because he loves to eat out and tempt me with ice cream.:hun: So, I told him every 5 pounds I lose he wins.....:o ha ha ha But the down side to that is if I'm not winning neither is he!!:rofl:

Anyway, Kim I plan on weighing every day. :goodscale I'll probably change my ticker as I lose. That's just me, it motivates me. :cheer2: I hate surprises and need to know daily how I'm doing. Some people can't do that but I can.

Well, its you and me girl so lets make this thing work!!:high:

WamTam 08-01-2007 07:06 PM

Hi Kim & Kiwi,
Well it's nice to see you ladies here. I have really missed the daily chats but I haven't crashed yet.

But i do have a problem with scales:goodscale:goodscale!!! Two digital scales Two manufactuers Two differant weights!!!!!!! :frypan: So what do I do:rolleyes: If I go with the one I have lost 10pds which isn't remarkable but hey it's 10pds and the other says 16pds. Of course I like that one better:rofl:
Should I maybe split the differance? Hmm I wonder

Anyhow Kiwi you can do it you have 3months that is a loooooong time! Will sure to give you that :kickbutt: when you need it. We will all make it to our goals one day. Right now mine is 215 by Christmas. Not a huge goal but it's 1pound at a time.

Kim glad to hear the schooling is almost done. The boot must be driving you crazy:crazy:

Anyways ladies must be back to work will drop a note tommorow. Take Care.... keep those goals in sight Tammy:hug:

Kiwi24 08-02-2007 12:01 AM

Hi Tammy, I'm glad you are still with us. :carrot: I think you should go with one scale and put the other in a closet! It doesn't matter which one but hey this post is about women 'LIVING IN DENIAL"! :rofl: I would try to figure out which one was your actual or closes weight and keep that.:goodscale It may not be what you want but it will be the truth. :lol:

:yoga:You can't be who you want to be until you stand in the truth of who you really are!! :yoga:

Hey Kim I meant to say something earlier but I just can't believe your sister has hurt herself also!! OMGosh!! What do you people do in your part of the woods?!:lol: Both of you take care!


Kiwi24 08-02-2007 12:09 PM

Check my ticker out!!!:dancer:

That's right BAAABBBEEEE!!! I lost 3 pounds!!!:high:

WamTam 08-02-2007 05:07 PM

Well Kiwi you are right i know that!!:( Going to the doctor next week maybe i will check against that one. But 234 really looks good:D
It is really hot here today the sun fries my poor little brain and then i end up with a killer headache:dizzy:
Kim hope you and your sister recover quickly! Take care of yourself
Gotta Run
Take Care will try and get on here later or tommorow. Tammy

Kiwi24 08-03-2007 10:41 AM

Good Morning,:angel:

Weighed in and still at 184. I need to start some type of exercise.:lifter: I don't get enough.:no: I hate walking, running.:kickcan: I like to bike ride but not every day maybe once a week so that's not good.:dunno: I like dancing but the CD I've found don't keep my attention long enough so I'll stay committed. :halfempty

How is everyone else doing these last 3 days? :goodluck:


Iwanawurkit 08-04-2007 03:27 PM

Well....the last few days have been......unreal. I found out on Thursday that I have to wear the boot for at least 6 more weeks. Not very happy because it limits several any type of exercise. No weight on the broken heel for 6 more weeks. Almost finished with school......turned in my final project this past Thursday so this coming Thursday is just a final and then I am done....done.....done. It will seem weird not having to go to school on Thursday nights from 6 to 10 like the past two years. Now it is time to concentrate on ME and getting this weight off.
Kiwi....great job on the weight loss!!!!!! WamTam great your back on schedule! I agree, go with the scales closest to the Docs.

suz 08-06-2007 07:27 AM

Hi Ladies
I know it has been a while but with retiring and a couple of parties and off to Michigan last week so my husband could be a part of the wedding for the oldest daughter It was really nice a beach wedding at sun set at Lake superior where the two hearted river flows into the lake

I did weigh in this morning at 160 that not to bad considering the excesses of the last couple of weeks I am ready to start again My original goal was to be at 135 by the time I retired Well that did not happen so I will reset my goal to be at my goal weight by christmas I know that is very generous amount of time but sometimes those last few lbs are hard to get rid of

Well I better go the garden is loaded with veggies I have zucchini and beans coming out the ying yang

Take care and let all start again and win this battle suz :carrot:

Kiwi24 08-06-2007 12:33 PM

Hi everyone:wave:

Kim, I hate to hear you have to wear that boot but I guess you hate
it more! :sorry:

Suz, you are really enjoying retired living, aren't you!!;) That's great about your daughter's marriage. I've seen a beach wedding and they are beautiful. Were they barefoot in the sand? Awesome about your weight!!:carrot:

I'm still at 184. :smug:It really sickens me to think I was 170 and gained 14 back but hey at least I'm back on track.:^: Hopefully, I won't get off course again.

I need a challenge.:chin: What can we do as a group that will be challenging to each other with a bit of friendly competition to get us going?:woohoo:

Iwanawurkit 08-07-2007 12:15 PM

Okay....my weight isn't going anywhere but up. I guess I need to follow the ww plan. I have all the stuff but I just need to sit down and figure it all out. 2 more days before my last night of class.....that excites me and there will be no excuse not to concentrate on me, myself and I. Praise report.....my oldest son was afraid they were going to put him in jail for probation violation.....they just increased the amount of time spent in the probation office and they are really leaning heavy on AA meetings. YAY!!!! It is amazing when you leave it in GOD's hands. Got to get back to work!!!!!

Kiwi24 08-07-2007 11:42 PM

Hey Kim,
What is your son on probation for?

I like WW also. Although I am having trouble staying within my points. Thank goodness for the 35 extra!

Hope everyone had a great day. I took the kids to the Dollar movie around here and saw Shrek 3. That movie was so funny and the kids loved it. Then we went the Pizza pub because on Tuesday its family night and they play all kinds of games with the kids and and the kids when free stuff. Needless to say I ate 1 to many pizza slices! ha ha ha

Iwanawurkit 08-08-2007 11:28 AM

Kiwi....he is on probation for public intoxication. He learned not to drive about 7 years ago. Just another bump in the road. I have wore my knees out on this boy but I will continue.

I am thinking about the core plan....any experience on that?

suz 08-09-2007 06:39 AM


Kiwi so you think we should have a challenge I think we should too My mind right now is blank but I am sure if we all chat about it we will come up with a good idea I will think about that today and see what I can come up with

The bride and groom were barefoot and I stood up for my daughter and I was also barefoot If there were others barefoot I did not notice

Take care suz :carrot:

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