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  • After 4 days on ultra-low carbs, I became miserable,
    thirsty beyond belief (4 cups of water every hour!!), felt
    weak, and I couldn't sleep for a couple nights in a row.

    It's been a very rough few days. I bought myself a pint of Haagen
    Daaz, but I stopped myself before I ate it. I almost declared a total
    quit to losing, because 143 isn't so shabby, but I have no clue as
    to a maintenance plan yet, so I would have been dropping off a
    cliff instead of a sane and gradual transition, and I don't want to
    regain instantly. Anyway, I'm still at it, but I
    could use advice from people who've done different variants of
    low-carb and who have problems with carbohydrates but who don't
    cut them 100% out.

    Well, I said I would keep at low-carb only as long as it was working
    for me, so quitting was an easy decision, but what to go
    onto? I spent a while at a bookstore and got a few book.
    I tried the carbohydrate addict's diet, which gives
    one brief window of time per day to load up on carbs
    (in moderation and balanced with other foods) and the idea
    is to restrict the intake so you only get one burst of insulin
    per day. THere's a limit how much insulin you can secrete
    in a short period of time, so that helps limit the rebound problem.
    Sounded IDEAL.
    I tried it, I felt much better after the first load-up meal, and
    I slept well which I badly needed. But my next low-carb
    meals afterwards were horrible because I got a blood sugar
    low from ALL my subsequent meals, even the ones with zero
    carb. I woke up in the morning feeling energetic and after
    breakfast I couldn't keep my eyes open and I was hungry!
    Not happy. But if I quit this, then what would I move onto?

    I've been on carbohydrate addict's diet for 3 days now and
    it's starting to get better. I still feel hungry and I still get
    lows after meals, but not as bad as at first. I'm hoping
    my body can be trained not to over-react at bkfast and lunch
    just because dinner has carbs. We'll see.

  • Congrats to Debi & Shelley for the loss! GREAT JOB GIRLS!

    Lisa, I wonder if you were have DT's from the carbs? I read anytime one cuts carbs strictly from a diet, they will have about a week long period of flu like symptoms etc. I hope you find what works for you.
    Personally, I am doing a low fat/ low carb plan. I eat lean protein like eggs, poultry, fish, beef, pork and pair it with a few veggies up to 3 cups per day. I watch my dressings and condiments using low fat dressings and I measure out my tablespoons. I use only enough fat/oils to cook and season with. For me it is working, but would probably be to strict for some. I'm dreading this weekend, we need to go out of town to work a special event. I will have no choice by the second day into it but to eat from the food court. Hopefully, most of my gain will be water weight and I can get right back on plan Tuesday.
  • Lisa-WW Core is kind of low carb/low fat. It's actually more healthy carbs (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, no bread.)

    Gayle-They just changed the healthwalker's board. I don't like it at all. They are going to start charging a fee. They are grandfathering in members until Dec.
  • Lisa - I have never had that kind of reaction to low carb eating. I am a sugar addict so I sleep much better without the sugar in my body at bedtime.
    I do eat lots of veggies though. Ceasar salad with parmesan and bacon etc.
    WW is a great plan and has worked for me in the past.
    Good Luck.
    Congratulations Shelley,
  • Quote:
    I almost declared a total quit to losing, because 143 isn't so shabby, but I have no clue as to a maintenance plan yet, so I would have been dropping off a cliff instead of a sane and gradual transition, and I don't want to regain instantly.
    Lisa, be sure to check the maintainers forum here at 3FC. You'll find tons of useful info there. They'll love having you post, as well!! I can't help you with the low carb questions--I've only had success on low carb once, and I've tried it several times!

    Not much to report here. Just doing the same old same old!

    Catch you all later--Cheryl.
  • I completed day one of my "re-diet" yesterday. Not too bad, I'm thinking the calories came in around 1500. Today will be lower.
  • Possible TMI alert!
    I was up 3 pounds this morning. Then I used the bathroom and wound up being down those three, plus .5 more. (Total loss from last Tuesday 2.5 pounds).

    Since I've started taking my pre-natal vitamins I have been terribly....well....um....stopped up. I am suffering like you wouldn't believe!

    I've been drinking a TON of water, which makes the suffering even worse, because I can't pee if I can't poop (yeah, I know, I'm weird). Today my friend suggested I start taking Colace (got the generic). I also started eating Activia yogurt today.

    Please wish me luck (you all know--because you love me--that this is a problem I have regularly).
  • Its the extra iron in those vitamins. It did it to me, too. Once your body gets used to it, the problem should go away. Should being the operative word here! It doesn't always go as planned! Good luck!
  • I agree with Alison...I would bet money that the "umm problem" is due to the iron in your vitamins. I would stop them for a week and see if that takes care of the problem.
  • 4myself,
    You could try asking your ob/gyn if there is a prenatal supplement with
    less iron in it, and try a more gradual transition to a lower level of iron.
    Lots of people have a wide variety of side effects with iron supplements
    and there are lots of different formulations on the market.

  • Cheryl-The colace should help quite a bit.
  • Cheryl, how about if you take half a pill instead of the full dosage for a week or so?? Good luck with you potty, potty issues! LOL! You know I love you!!
  • Hi folks! Things are getting easier for me. I'm keeping with the
    carbohydrate-addict's diet, but my body is finally learning what
    to expect at each time of day, so I'm feeling surprisingly stable
    even as the availability of foods comes and goes during the day.
    I guess the body can store a certain amount of stuff for later, even when
    I'm losing weight. Anyway, my diet is low-carb and low-calorie
    for the early part of each day, so I'm burning a bit of fat and I'm not
    starting the sugar-craving cycle.
    Then dinner is high-fiber, high-carb with larger portions. (!!)
    At that point if I start the craving cycle, at least I'm in control because
    the portions were large. The exit strategy is to sleep off the
    rest of the after-effects of the carbs. Then you start the day with
    steady blood sugar, but with the carb nutrition inside you and
    ready for use whenever you need it. Somehow the carbs from
    dinner last until the following dinner, and I feel better. I still
    get cravings but not as bad as when I have a bit of carbs here and
    there throughout the day, so it's a pretty good compromise.
    I'm also happy with it because I can just do a higher-calorie version
    of the same thing for my maintenance plan.
    That sounds obvious, but really for me it's not obvious because
    that won't work on most plans. Unless I'm on total low-carb,
    which I can't do, increasing the same diet for maintenance will
    increase my carbs, which will increase the cravings and then
    I'm in trouble.

    I can't believe how much more I know about myself than I did when
    I first started dieting as a kid.

  • Hi all!

    Things are moving smoothly again. I'm afraid to start taking the prenatals again, even though I know I need them!

    Not much going on here, just trying to stay on top of things at work.

    I WAS down .5 pound, but I've gained it back because of the way I've been eating at night----STRESS and TOM!!!!
  • Lisa-Good for you on finding out how your body feels with the plan.

    Cheryl-Glad to hear everything is better