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VeggieGirl1 06-04-2007 11:00 AM

Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks 6/4-6/10
Hi ladies

Sorry I 've been MIA Sharon; I was at a conference with my husband Fri-Sun, so I wasn't able to get on...I also got NO exercise in, although I did do a lot of walking during the three days at the conference.
Sorry to hear that you've been unable to do much in the exercise way; glad tho that your daughter found a dress...David's Bridal is a big money saver here in NY; is that where she got the dress?

Thanks for your concern re the job. Yes, the interview was a little frazzling (not sure if that's a word!), but I've kind of put it out of my mind for now. I guess when they call with the up or down, I'll think about it then...I am leaning towards not taking it at the moment though...I really like being home, and my daughter will go off to college in the near future, so I think for now this is where I want to be ...but we'll see.

Our weather has been really hot, and now today its dreary...rain rain rain and cool...I have to do some shopping...really wish I could just stay home with a book, but we have no lettuce and very little milk, so I have to go!

Well, I'm off to the gym,,,haven't been for several days, so this should be interesting. Oh, from my ticker, you can see that I've started a new challenge for my self...miles instead of minutes, 60 this month. A little ambitious but we'll see

Have a great day

Canuk4 06-04-2007 11:56 PM

Well I am glad your back VeggieGirl, missed you. I hope you did have some fun at the conference though. And walking is one of the best exercises you can do, so they say.

No, we did not get the dress at David's Bridal, although that is where we were to go on Sunday, but she found it here, believe it or not it was the 2nd dress she tried on, though she did try on lots more, in different styles. The one she picked out really becomes her, plain enough for her, yet nice styling and a little glitter. I was in helping her get in and out of the dresses, it turned out to be very exciting and I held up just fine. She has to order it yet, today she had a funeral, a 48 yr. old woman from her work died of cancer, it was very sad, then she worked from 12 till 8 pm and tomorrow she is off to a conference till Friday. So she will have to figure something out.

Dh returned from the cottage, as I was leaving to do errands today, he was suppose to do some housework for me, don't even know if he did, the hockey game has been on since I got home, so will have to wait till that is done to talk with him. I got some groceries, a hair cut, dropped off luggage for my daughter, picked up some perscriptions and went to the bank, a little busy you might say.

Food for me has been okay, I got some salad stuff today, which will help. Water was a little low today, got lots of walking exercise.
Take care all, talk to you tomorrow.
Sharon S.

VeggieGirl1 06-05-2007 04:21 PM

Hi ladies

Hope all are well...
Sharon, glad to hear the shopping experience was pleasant...I remember shopping for my wedding dress, and it was anything but fun...Did she get ivory? I think you mentioned before that that's what she wanted.

I hit the gym early this a.m.; I like doing it early cuz then its out of the way, but lately something always seems to get in the way in the morning. My daughter is in the middle of her exams, so she is a little freaked out...two more to go, thank gosh, and then she's done. I'm hoping that she and I can spend some time together this summer...I keep thinking that soon she'll be off to college, and we won't get to spend time together much anymore...
Although my nest won't be totally empty, as we do have the dog (who is as much work as a baby :dizzy:

We're trying to make some vacation plans; all three of us, tho, have different ideas about the ideal vacation, so we haven't made much progress!!

That's it for now...talk to you soon,

Canuk4 06-06-2007 12:30 AM

Hi There, how is everyone? I do think some of our girls read the threads, but maybe don't have time to write.

Well VeggieGirl, you are way ahead of me, I did get some exercise today, in the housework way that is. Doing things I have wanted to do, but never seemed to find the time. A slow start to the day though as I was overtired and did not get up to late, could not sleep last night. Yes my daughter got the ivory one she wanted, but a light ivory. She called us from the airport this morning, she had forgot to say goodbye. Poor kid is run off her feet. She texted me she had arrived this aft. fine as well, but it is very cool here and even cooler where she is, and she didn't take enough warm clothes, oh well, live and learn.

My son came home tonight probably about 9pm, from work, he did a fire recruit this past Thurs. to Sat. over a thousand people, now he has to go through the interview process and the girls who are suppose to help him and who he notified before hand in regard to this are backing out, his boss is about to leave for another job, so is non-commital, which does not help at all. Poor guy is done in, already in bed after an extremely long day. His boss's replacement will be coming in only 2 days a week, so what happens in the mean time, the department is already a mess, I have a feeling he will be going elsewhere soon.

It is so hard to decide where to go on vacation, especially when 3 people all have different agenda's. I am sure you will come up with something suitable to all, finding it, is the problem. With us having the cottage, we don't have to concern ourselves with that anymore, usually we went down to where my parents grew up, to make sure my Dad and before that Mom, also had a vacation. We stayed with cousin's, one in particular, who had a cottage on a lake. It is his sister that is coming to stay this weekend.

Food was bad today, water worse. Bad day in general.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Sharon S.

VeggieGirl1 06-06-2007 11:45 AM

Good morning

Well, I got phone call re the job interview: they want me to come in for a brief 15 min to meet the number one in charge...I think there's more than one of us doing this meet and greet thing...still don't know if I want it, but will see the process through to the end.. just hope they don't expect a decision tomorrow...I'm not prepared to make it without sleeping on it..

Did 3 miles this a.m. It's nice and cool here; by Fri should be 90 though, so need to get the exercise in while I can...

Take care

Canuk4 06-07-2007 01:30 AM

VeggieGirl congrats on the call back, you must of done something right, yes it is a hard decision whether to go back or not. I would still request a night to sleep on it, if they offer it too you, which I think they will. Good going on the exercise, you will have those 60 miles done before the end of the month, the rate your going. Any decisions on the vacation, or is it still up in the air?

Well we are getting ready for our company, it is more like spring cleaning, though dh is getting to do most of the work, due to my arm, but is still taking it in stride. I cleaned my closet, got rid of the winter clothes and made some space for them to hang there stuff. Looks like we will have my son's room as he is suppose to go away, depends on the girlfriend. I commented tonight "Don't you have any say", one of these days I will learn to shut-up.

Food was okay today, a little scare on fruits and veggies. Water went okay, exercise, well I was sore after sitting for an hour or so, so must of used some new muscles I just grew ha ha.

Talk to you tomorrow.
Sharon S.

VeggieGirl1 06-07-2007 09:14 AM

Hi Sharon

looks like its just you and me these days...
Don't worry about the comment to your son...from what you've written you've got a right to be concerned...I think people often don't realize that men can be dominated by women just like the other way around..you're just being a good mom..
Well, I'm off to the call back this a.m. This time, I'm going with the idea that I'm interviewing them; I realized when i got home that I actually had a lot of questions about the job that I didn't ask, so now's my chance; I don't want to look presumptous asking before I actually get the offer, but on the other hand, how can I make a reasonable decision if I don't really understand what I'm committing to!

Don't know if I'll get the exercise in today, tho I guess if I go back to working outside the home I'll have to figure out how to squeeze it in...

Eat those fruits and veggies!!!

Canuk4 06-08-2007 12:16 AM

VeggieGirl, I am sure your sleeping by now, but wish I knew how it went with the 2nd job (interrogation on your part) just joking. Glad you went with that thought in mind though, it would be hard if you got into something you were not geared up for, or didn't want. Fill me in, I am a little nosy.

Forgot to wish your daughter well in her last two exams, sorry about that. Hope it goes well all around for her.

I just heard from my daughter tonight, she has been gone since Tuesday and comes home tomorrow. I thought that was funny, but the usual. Her fiance' and her have not been apart since last July, so I think they are both feeling a little lost. Ain't love grand!!! Thanks for the support regarding my son, I do have to keep my mouth shut, I don't want him to turn toward her and be dominated as you said, I agree completely. My sister-in-law went through the same thing, but was not saying anything, as her son had said she always had something to say, anyhow, he left that one and end up married a real sweetheart, she is just so kind, warm and helpful. That is what I want for my son, because (and I am not bragging) he is just a warm, kind, compassionate guy. With her he cannot tell us anything and doesn't and that is so unlike him, he is usually very open with us. Oh well time will tell. He is 28 and should know better. He has had lots of girlfriends so should have it down pat by now, only he gives until there is nothing left.

Well today was busy with more cleaning and getting ready for company. Tomorrow they come and will be gone by Sunday morning. I will at least have a clean house. Food was lousy today, as was water, only got lots more bending and reaching done. Will have to better next week.

Take care, let me know what happened with the job!!! Talk to you tomorrow.
Sharon S.

VeggieGirl1 06-10-2007 11:02 AM

Hi Sharon

Sorry I've been off for a while...hope you are enjoying your company...

Well, the second interview went fine...I can have it if I want it...I took the weekend to think about it...since I wasn't sure this was right, I called someone at my old job, and I have a date to talk to someone there on Monday about going back...not to the exact same job ( I don't want that anymore), but it would be a familiar place with people I like and the pay is much better, so I may do that...first I have to ascertain if I would like the new work, so that's what I'm going to talk about. Either way, I've pretty much decided I don't want the job I went on the interview for; so at least I don't have to think about that anymore. I'm pretty sure I'd like to go back to my old place; the question really is do I want to return to work outside the home at all. The bottom line is, I don't right now, but I know I will want to when my daughter goes off to college, and I'm afraid that another three years out of the work force will only make it that much harder to find something I like.

Haven't been on the bike in a while; too much else going on...hope to get riding soon; exercise has been good, water ok; food, ok. I've given up any semblance of "dieting" in favor of just eating "normally" (no binge, restrict nonsense) and that has been working well...of course I won't get on the scale, which could set me off on a binge, if you know what I mean...

Have a good rest of the weekend...talk to you soon

Canuk4 06-12-2007 07:38 PM

Hi VeggieGirl, yup, it seems like it is you and me.

Well we enjoyed our company very much, they are usually quite light hearted and we have lots of laughs, which we did. Made them a lunch each day and had a roast beef dinner for them Sat. night, also had Dad over, he sang us two songs and recited a poem, it was great. My cousin said it is the best visit she has had with him in 15 yrs. He also really enjoyed it.

We went to the cottage Sun. aft. I came in today for my doc's appt., he was rude to me and I was furious, my appt. never lasted anymore than 10 mins. Besides telling me my knee was completely blown and nothing but replacement would work, he told me I was too heavy and too short. As if I can grow now, women in his office were just as heavy as me if not more so, when I mentioned there were heavier people I knew who had the operation, he said "Well get your doctor to send you to there doctor", I was furious, so have made an appt. with my doctor, for a different referral. He wanted me to go back to aquafit, I said I couldn't due to my arm, he said ask your doctor. Just a total waste of time and cost me $5. for parking for a ten min. visit, which I had to wait on him for almost an hour. Call me he said if you lose 20 lbs. if not I will see you in six months. Also I am too young. I am aware of all these things, what would he have me do, grow, get older by wishing and lose weight by blinking. I am as careful as I can be, but I want to live my life too. I think I am just going to go for a snooze now,
Sharon S.

Jasmine31 06-13-2007 12:24 PM

Good morning ladies! I don't have time to read the threads lately. :( When I do stop by I say hi. *HUGZ* Where did everybody else go? :(

Well I have been having ALOT of stuff going on lately with my ex and my eldest dd and court! It has been a nite mare and I have been fighting panic attacks. God is good though. Mediation was May 30 and 31st. Court is June 20th. Joe got another interview from the City about a job. Hoping he gets this one this time. That was on the 5th and we are just waiting to hear back.

Okay so last month I went from 220 down to 216. If you remember though I kicked the walking back up to 4-5 days of 60 regularily though so I think I may of gained a few back in muscle as well but my tummy and waist line is looking much better again. The week around court I think I got one day in but that is cause we were in mediation two days and I was so stressed the other days!

Anyhow. I haven't weighed myself since the 1st and I have been a bit bad with some eating but still some good. I just need to focus on putting the 1700 cals in fitday! I have been doing alot of green tea lately, grapefruit in my smoothies! There has been a few days I have had so much energy I have surprised even myself! Getting lots of stuff done.

Joe has this friday, sat and sunday off. That will be nice since he has been getting every other sat off for a while now. :( Anyhow plans for fri and sat are steam cleaning and painting the front room!

Today one of the kids has an award ceremony so Katy and I will be walking down to the school and back. 4.5 miles! Whee!! Hope it don't get too hot!!

Have a great day everyone!

Jasmine31 06-13-2007 12:24 PM

Canuk and veggie girl so glad to see you two!

VeggieGirl1 06-13-2007 01:40 PM

Hi ladies

Nice to hear from you Jasmine
Sorry about the stress you've geen going through..hope things work out

Sharon - what a lousy experience you had! I know how frustrating it can be to hurry up and wait at the doctor's office, and then for him to spend 10 mins. with you, and be rude for the entire time is just beyond the pale!
How dare he say you are too short (I am on the short side myself, so I take particular offense), and too young for a replacement...good for you in finding someone else...who needs him, there are plenty of other qualified drs, right?

I will be off the computer for a while; I'm taking my mom to see family, and then will be spending some time away with my daughter...
keep on keeping on ladies... I will talk to you when get back,

Canuk4 06-14-2007 01:26 AM

Hi Jasmine, sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had to go through. Sometimes it seems like it is just never ending, hope it get better for you.
I have not been walking, having trouble with the knee, as you might of read above, need a replacement. I can feel it in my clothes, so hopefully when I see my family doc. he will give me something for the pain, so I can get back at it. Congrats to you for what you have accomplished.

VeggieGirl, you are probably gone by now, but congrats on all the walking you have got in. I hope you and Mom have a good time with family and then you and your daughter have a great time as well.

I am fighting with mine at the moment, she can be a bit much to deal with and hurtful when she is upset at something else, she tends to take it out on me.

My son has finally decided he will give it till the end of the summer, then decide if he wants to be with the chick he is with now. Time will tell, it will kill me to wait as I certainly don't like what I have seen of her. I must remember it is not my decision, but I want a good, kind person for him.

I go to the arm specialist tomorrow, the one who operated on my arm, I am hoping he will let me do my physio from home, so I can spend more time at the cottage, dh is there this week, but I had to come home for appts. and physio.

Food and water and exercise not going well, got to get back into the swing of things soon, I am only up two pounds, but that is to much, plus don't like the way the clothes are fitting.

Well ladies talk to you tomorrow, if anyone is here to talk to. Hope Stopeating's son got along okay with having his metal removed.
Miss you S D Gal, and a bunch of others.

Take care all.
Sharon S.

Jasmine31 06-14-2007 11:29 AM

I will be here hun! I am so sorry to hear about your knee! :( I will be praying.
Is there any other exercise you can do? You are under alot of stress with your leg. Just try to eat healthy, drink water or green tea(REALLY good for you) and don't agonize about any lbs for now.

How old is your daughter again? Mine is a serious pain right now too. If I turn around will you pull all the knives out for me? :(

I will come back later to update on the food, I walked 90 minutes yesterday!

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