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  • Happy weekend!!! Okay, I'm starting early but I'm quite happy about it. Monday holidays tend to make the work week hectic and the 3 days I've been at work proved the theory. I'd scheduled tomorrow off for quite some time. Starting Monday I have to work full weeks again. But till then, I'm thrilled.

    Today I snuck a look at the scale a day early. I have the devil's weigh. 166.6 so I called it the one devil weight. DH thought I was nuts. It's the exact same weight as almost 2 weeks ago so that's good.

    I'll be at 1500 cals today. I was at 1300 yesterday to shock me back on track. Today was way easier. So now I just ahve to be good through the weekend and I'll feel better about my will power or lack there of.

    Penny, I definitely am enjoying the weather. I LOVE hot weather. I was teaching an inservice in a non-air conditioned school and the group was fading fast. I was in heaven. I'm glad that the biopsies turned out with good news. With all the irrigation around here, I love catching the little rainbows. It's an awesome, uplifting sight. Always makes me happy. (except when I'm driving the topless Jeep and they irrigate the road too and I get wet with the gruesome canal water).

    Nikki, eeks - babysitting. I don't think I'd like that at all. I hated it as a teenager and I only babysit DGS occasionally (none since they moved out). I loved rasing my kids but babysitting is too hard for me. I guess that's why you have your education degrees and I do computers in a school district.

    Carol, my thoughts and prayers for your DH. Heart things are scary. My DH has a heart dilemma (not serious but needs medication). Sometimes when e over exerts I point out that he has heart problems. But he retorts that his won't lead to an attack, but you just never know when those heart mumurs or extra beats are there. Not normal is not comforting.

    I swam 1/4 mile afterwork in the sun. I love when I get into the pool before the sun goes behind the tall pines. Before work I did the treadmill workout.

    Talk to you all tomorrow. Judy I hope you had a great day.
  • Penny I am pleased for you about the testing results sometimes things just work out nicely thats great news! Rainbows how perfect for you. When a niece of mine passed on at a young age. I was quite sad and thougth why didn't I see the signs and oh just going through a tough time dealing with the loss. Well I said to G-- please give me some type of a sign that she is in peace and happy. Later that day I saw the most beautiful butterfly ever in my yard. The colors were different than any before or after. I always said it was the sign I asked for and Desiare is taken care of. Never know about these things! Congrats! I bet your dust is cheaper the name of my tree is a Franklinia I looked it up really cool tree flowers leaves change colors of so cool. My hubby will plant it this week for me. I have to choose a spot I think somewhere to show it off in front. What a deal!
    Marie your body is most likely adjusting itself again. Not a bad thing. Nikki you will find a job just keep up your good efforts as you do with yourself on the wt. end and it will come. Good luck!
    I heard back on my xrays narrowing in my lower disk. Not great so guess its not my bed though it might help? I am going to threapy on the 6th. She isn't sure it will make a difference but its worth a try. She also said if it doesn't I could see a specialist oh I don't think so no ones touching my back! So I guess I need to be a bit more careful and not think I can lift as much without help. Maybe having someone do a few things is coming quicker than I thought. Never thought I would be having these issues. The a.m. is the worse. maybe PT can get me back into feeling better and working out at the level I was at before. Thats when I slowed down in that area. I only pray this makes a difference. Well on the food front yesterday was a good day nothing crazy to eat. Went to the store for lunch time foods. Came back with tom. spinach, turkey, ch, and croutons and made a nice salad repeat today as some is still in the ref. Grilled some chicken for dinner and had aspargus steamed that was it. Best day in awhile to tell the truth. I am a bit concerned with my dress for the wedding like thinking the jacket is too heavy. I stopped yesterday tried on one dress didn't care for it as mom of the bride but pretty. I think I will look again on saturday just for fun. It seems crazy to do but I need to look and feel great. Oh better take some meds that day early on. Talk to you all soon.
  • Marie - Good to see you. Conrats on your good weigh in.

    Carol-Take care of that back. I hope you feel better.

    Penny - I'm happy your test results were negative

    Today I start my carb fest as I call it LOL. My final weigh in for this cycle of atkins is 151.That is a 13 lb loss in 6 weeks. I have to say I am very happy with that.

  • Oops, I missed yesterday. The day got away from me. I'm doing well, glad to have gotten through another difficult work week. I'll come back later when I have more time. Just wanted ot do a quick shout-out to Nikki (yaay, 13 lbs!) and to Penny (yaay, clean bill of health!).

    I should have a few moments this afternoon to really check in, but that's what I said yesterday...

  • Just a quick check in for my challenge today - I'm down 1 lb. - yay!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • Morning all, I did the Friday weigh-in and didn't have the one devil weight again (I thought it was sort of cool) - the scale said 165.8 so apparently a loss of .8 from Thursday morning. Really, bloating, heat, more fiber really is sort of entertaining. I'm not changing my ticker to 47 pounds until I'm on the low half of 165.

    I have a new breakfast to share that's really tasty and healthy. When DH and I were in Eugene, we went to IHOP and the choices were not great. But I found a chicken fajita omelet. I had them make it with egg substitute so it was healthy. Anyway, I've improvised at home since it was so good. I use 1/2 c. egg beater stuff (60 cals and 12 grams of protein), and make scrambled eggs. Then I add to the top .5 T. sour cream (I'm going to buy and try lite sour cream but the reg at 15 cals isn't bad) and a dump of salsa. So for 78 cals and only 1 g of fat, I got loads of protein. That's the basis of the breakfast. The omelet had had chicken and cheese also. Last week I grilled an extra chicken breast and added about an ounce and 1 T. of the 2% cheese. Way yummy!!!! Because of the dose of protein, I can make my 180 cal. mocha. Cool, huh?

    Judy, another difficult week? Because it was short or because you'd been out of town or both? I swear, you're job sounds way too stressful for me.

    Nikki, 13 pounds in 6 weeks is great. Have fun (but not too much) on the Carb fest.

    Carol, I'm so sorry you're having back problems. Just an FYI if your dr. sends you to a specialist. My mother had her first back surgery by an orthopedist and nothing worked. A friend suggested going to a neurosurgeon and he's the one that fixed it. Not saying anything for one or the other, just make sure you get two opinions from specialists.

    Penny, wow WTG. Great job. I hope your weekend is great too.
  • Okay, now, where was I? Oh, right...

    Penny, I like the idea of quinoa because it's light, versatile and has so much protein. But I made it so rarely I didn't know what to do with it. So I've been collecting recipes, and really enjoy having a simple small quinoa salad with a little chopped-up veggies, feta and homemade dressing. I jsut have to remember not to eat too much, since it's still a starch. But so far so good. And congratulations on losing another pound!

    Carol, it must be worrisome to think about your hubby needing surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I agree with Marie about your back. No one really knows what's going on with backs, is it bones, muscles, nerves, etc.? I would ask different kinds of doctors for advice, including an acupuncturist. And poor Bear, he will be "fixed" before he even gets to have a problem...

    Nikki, are you inhaling a big ol' plate of spaghetti? I'm envious. A summer chasing kids around should help you with the scale!

    Marie, this will just be long, tough year at work. Most weeks will be difficult, alas. I am wearing too many hats, and dealing with being one of the two "buck-stoppers," which is a new role for me. I feel good about the work I'm doing, there's just too much of it because we're short-staffed and overcommitted. But this won't last forever, just a few more months (if I do a good job with fundraising). Focusing on my health goals is actually helping me deal with the stress.

    Time to go home. I hope eveyone has a great weekend.

  • Well I am glad its the weekend. My back isn't being so nice this a.m. I just took Aleve and hopefully it lightens up. I am to go shopping with my daughter today. I need to find a scraf fancy or a shawl light and airly to go with my current dress for the wedding. With our heat wave I would never beable to wear the jacket to warm. What was I thinking? Or maybe a whole new dress never know. Looks like rain here today. My daughters MIL to be must think she is rich! We were going to have boxed wine as for so many its the cheaper way to go around 135 guests. Well she won't drink boxed wine its cheap. So she said that will be something she will provide. Okay then! Why do people have to be so difficult and is there really a huge difference does anyone here know? Oh daughter has started to look for new employment due to her hrs currently. The company must of gotten a phone call or wind of it. They called her in to chat about her future plans first thing off the bat yesterday. Offered her to work her current hrs. but from home possibly. I told her thats a great offer but if you do it give them a deadline for it to start. That was truly unexpected she has asked them for years to have different hrs. I guess when push comes to shove sometimes differences might happen? Time will tell. I think their getting a bit nervous that she can make this change in her life now. Making good money is lovely I am sure but people need their lifes too time is too short. Well on the diet front I am trying to make healthier choices but sometimes the devil gets into me. But overall I am still doing okay. Scale day monday its been awhile. Judy have you gotten a chance to ck out the gluten cookbooks or mags.? I have a consumer on my caseload and staff have been to the library finding some cool stuff. Good luck creative is the way to go and variety.
  • Hi all, another quiet day at home - 3rd day in a row (except I currently have the stereo blasting). DH has guard weekend and DS2 is where??? I don't know for sure but he was home for a while. DH has been sort of depressed lately and a bit moody. It's gone on two weeks and I'm staring to get a bit worried and frustrated as he brings me down. There's a part of me that's ready to tell him to go back on swing shifts (that he likes much better) and then he won't be so depressing. I think about blurting it out but I'd regret it I bet. Hmm. It's been on my mind a bit. I'm going to give another 2 weeks to snap out of it, then he's going to be told to see his dr. Does that sound like a plan???

    Food - great and on track. Same with exercise.

    Yesterday was the wedding day. I went to both co-worker's weddings but didn't stay for either reception. Hard to believe 2 weddings and not a bit of wedding cake. Since I'm a cake monster, that's actually pretty amazing. Wedding 1 - the couple didn't show up to the reception for an hour after the ceremony. I find that so incredibly rude. This isn't the first time I've left the reception because of that. I was hungry (since I chose to swim instead of having lunch and knew there'd be food and I wanted to save calories). My other co-workers and I all left. Wedding 2 - the VOICE - just didn't want to stay. Ick. But I did go to the wedding. My other co-workers and I went out to dinner. That was very nice. Boy am I glad the day is over. Now on to DS1's graduation in 2 weeks. Mucho yard work to do for the pool party. I hate yard work.

    Carol, take it easy so your back starts to get some relief from the Aleve.

    Judy, good luck on the fund raising. I bet you're great at it and what a cool angle to help with the focus on health. If I'm stressed at work I always resort to comfort food. I wish I could do what you're doing.

    Chat later.
  • Hey, Marie--Maybe your hubby is depressed about not getting that job he wanted....I know it's a cliche, but men do seem to have a hard time being open about being disappointed or unhappy (unless sports are involved). Maybe he's just really unhappy about work, and thought this new opportunity would be the path to something new. Good luck on figuring out how and when to have the conversation! Congrats on not wasting your calories on cake. Most wedding cakes don't taste that hot anyway--except for the one for Carol's daughter, of course .

    Carol, the wine they used to sell in boxes was swill, so it got a really bad reputation. But you could ask at a good wine shop, and they could tell you which boxed wines are pretty good. The other mother is probably hung up on appearances. Most folks wouldn't know a good wine from a bad one, anyway. But if she wants to do the choosing, and pay the price, more power to her! I'm sorry that your back's giving you so much grief.

    I had a leisurely Saturday, and trekked out to Trader Joe's to pick up a fw of my favorite yuppie foods. Today has been nonstop rain, so I've been puttering around and not accomplishing much. I did a good cardio workout this morning, and watched one of the videos for my new stability ball. I'll try it out this evening before dinner, just to get the hang of it.

    I wish there were some other day between Sunday and Monday...maybe called Wunday or something, that would give me little more time to get my game face on for another week. Maybe I'll start a petition drive!

  • Marie men keep so much inside as to protect us from knowing something or how their really feeling. I guess in the olden days they were suppose to take care of us and protect us from everything, not sharing disappointment etc. So this is not really unusal behavior. But you two sound like your able to always talk about things so maybe a nice quiet dinner for two by the pool side and chat about things. Well good luck mine is like this alot due to his illness feeling bad that I have a heavier load etc... But I almost think part of him was a bit glad to see me down a bit with my back. As I wasn't able to do my norm and he actually said without thinking your usually taking care of things for me. He did get out and plant a few little trees I purchased last week. It was good for him I think not that he doesn't do things cause he does them way more than he should at times but it was good therapy. Good luck with opening him up to chat or figuring out whats up. We are always here for support. And girls I want to thank all of you for supporting me with the wedding and my back. Your right Judy her cake will be great I sure hope so after 350.00 smacks. She is a beautiful bride yesterday was her final fitting at my home. I can tell you she just glows! The lady tried to charge me only 20.00 for heming her dress and doing the bussel in the back. I said no way she picked it up and del. it back great job too. I couldn't thank her enough she said you could of done it after looking at my grandaughters dresses I remade to suit the theme of the wedding. They came out great very rich looking. For mom's dress no jacket because of the possible heat. I did a make over to a sheer black shawl with a little one line of beading above the ruffle on the bottom. Then picked up some beautiful black sequene trim to put on my top of the dress neckline and over the skinny little shoulder straps. Now I feel positive that this is the perfect mom's outfit, comfortable, light wt. and simple but pretty. I may wear a pair of black strapy shoes I already have? Or get new ones and thats it.
    On the diet end I have been doing okay not crazy on snacks that aren't healthy like chips and stuff. I did see pumpernickel pretzels yesterday has anyone had them? I passed them over this week is no bread week. Saturday I was a little naughty with a gyro lamb for lunch fit for a king. But it was lunch and dinner. Judy getting back onto South Beach seems kind of tough so I am just cutting back we'll see how this week goes. No pasta or bread starting yesterday. I made eggplant parm. yesterday so I could adjust the recipe to meet my needs. It came out great. Lunch for today with a salad too. Judy have you started to add fruit back in yet? Thats such a hard thing for me to give up. The bread and pasta is so much easier really for me. Well take care girls sorry this is so long just chatty this morning I guess! I plan on having a good intake week. My back killed me saturday and part of sunday but this a.m. it feels a bit better I will continue to baby it. Therapy consulting is this week on the 6th. Then the 14th I am going to a back seminar just for informational purposes my friend said she'd go with me.
  • Penny - Conrats on your loss

    Judy-Wunday would be awesome LOL. I have been thinking about going back to using my stability ball. Now that you mention it I will force myself this week.

    Carol- Those dresses sound great. Good luck on cutting back. I hope your back feels better soon.

    Marie-Way to go on the no cake.

    I had a carby weekend. Today I go back to eating well and lots of water. I had mcDonalds twice this weekend and a piece of cake Saturday night not good but I shall bounce back and make my Jul 4 goal.

  • Marie - I hope your DH will soon feel better. Maybe changing shifts has upset his sleep patterns and it may take a while for him to readjust. Judy may be right that he's still disappointed from the job that fell through. Wow - two weddings in one day and no cake! That was a good choice to forgo the receptions. You probably had a nicer time at the restaurant - at least you got to choose what to eat.

    Judy - I like your idea of a "Wunday" or maybe we could call it "Funday"! Weekends are always too short. I love Trader Joe's, they have so much good stuff and mostly healthy without preservatives, etc. Have fun with your stability ball - I've seen them on TV but I'm such a klutz I'd probably keep falling off!

    Carol - Your outfit for the wedding sounds very nice. It's good you have that lady to help with the sewing. I hope your back soon feels better. Maybe it's acting up more than usual because of the wedding stress (even fun things can be stressful). Try to do some relaxing things like a long bath or whatever works to get you relaxed. I always feel tension in my back when I'm stressed.

    Nikki - Sometimes it's good to have a little break from our diets. I know you have the discipline to get back to your regular eating plan.

    I had a good weekend eating wise and have managed to keep the pound off even though we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on Saturday with a meal out. Actually two meals out as we went for breakfast to a new French bakery and shared a delicious quiche lorraine and an apple brioche - out of this world and well worth the carbs! For lunch we had sushi to offset some of the calories from breakfast and all in all I was still within my calories for the day. My DH flew to Baltimore on Sunday and was delayed because they had some thunderstorms left over from Barry. I got a lot more yard work done and I think the garden looks the best it has since we moved here.
  • Penny - Way to go on eatin right and conrats on 38 years

    I just ot done with a 23 minute choreography cardio show. I am going to try to work out 3 x's a week.I have to see how my ankles hold up.

  • I finally got around to posting some garden photos. Also, a really horrible "before" picture! I'm eating a Lappert's ice cream in Maui and my son's icecream is strategically placed in my lap! You can click on the thumbnails to make them larger.

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