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  • Penny, I did recover a sense of humor. Actually writing and posting the post helped tremendously. DH and I took the dogs to Topsy (remote area by the Klamath River) and went hiking. We had a fabulous time. Then I swam 1/4 mile - I'm pooped. I even trusted DH to trim the ends of my hair. I had an appointment tomorrow but was scared she'd take too much off with the pool problems. So I got DH to trim it. I called to cancel the appt and the stylist is no longer there - so I guess it was canceled all along. BTW, my hair is so much better. The dead end removal helped and I am now doing a lemon rinse after swimming (wearing the swimcap and conditioner - no chances here).

    Mole traps??? Icky!!!! I'd hate to empty them. I do agree about the joys of country living. It is worth it - just sometime frustrating. There's never an end to the jobs.

    Have a good day tomorrow. I'll probably be busy at work since I had 2 days off.
  • Arrgh, I'm tired of fighting with the hotel's anemic wireless connetion! So this will be a quick note via the BlackBerry.

    It was great to meet our Penny! It was the highlight of my trip so far.

    I was doing well on the eating and workouts, but I think I overate today. But tomorrow will be better. I want to have a good weigh-in on Thursday morning, and a better on on Memorial Day.

    Back when I can sit at a computer!

  • Judy- Good to see you. How long will you be on the road this time?

    Marie-I'm not looking forward to the brittle hair from chlorine do you know how to fight that?

    I am bumed out good. 14 days back on atkins and no loss this time around. This time first cycle I had lost 6 -7 pounds . I'm wondering if I'm cheatin somehow but don't realize it. I'm going to look back at my eating journal and try to follow it these next few days see if that helps.

  • Marie good thing yah got a grip on the green problem. By the way nice photo. Funny how you have someone pictured differently. I had you with brown hair. Hah hah! Judy and Penny lucky duckies getting together how fun. I didn't make it kayaking it was to rain so it was canceled out. But this whole weekend I will be out there almost everyday at camp. Our first get away for the season. Penny wish we were closer we could exchange some plants. I have several gardens and this year their coming right along. My doctor took xrays and wants me to threapy. We'll see? Meanwhile I have some things that need to be finished a little at a time my daughters are helping me out. The coworkers are calm for a bit never know how long but never trust it staying wide eyed is smart not letting my guard down. Judy before you know it you will be back home again. Nikki a big congrats to you hurray what an accomplishment. Your parents should be very proud! The wt. thing is so tricky maybe your body is just adjusting a bit before it shows much of a loss again as long as no gain thats the biggy. Well good luck all and moles give them some gum balls down their little tunnels they chew it up and oh well guess what their not so healthy afterwards gone gone gone! Well just finished my evening snack a pria bar mint flavored choc. 110 cals an a good treat. Well watching my intake but no perfect today. Not a lot to eat just not the best choices for lunch and dinner. Well take care all.
  • Nikki, my stylist said to wet my hair, then add conditioner before going in the pool. Alas, it helps protect from the chlorine but as Penny said, not from the copper in the algecide. A lemon juice/water rinse is what I'm doing now to stave off the green. You can also use a vinegar/water rinse but I hate vinegar. Also a baking soda paste seems to work. Also always wahs your hair after swimming in a pool.

    I'm sorry about the non-loss Nikki. I know how you feel, sort of. I didn't lose either but I've been so-so and not trying awfully hard like you. Thank goodness I exercise like a banshi or I'd be in trouble.

    I did a 4 mile WATP this morning and this afternoon I swam a quarter mile. Tomorrow is a treadmill day so a bit more of a workout. No swimming as we're going to DS1, DGS and DGS's mom's house for a BBQ.

    I think when I work year round (very soon) I'll be better off. I HATED going back to work today. I was bummed the whole day. I love the 4 day weekend but this was depressing. So I guess I'll survive the bump up in my contract come July 1.

    Judy, I'm thinking of a Blackberry - who's your carrier and which one do you have. My DS1 has the pearl but I don't hink I'd like the keyboard. I want individual keys for each letter. What do you think???

    I'm so glad Penny and Judy had a good time. It is so cool we're starting to meet each other. Wow. Although Penny is ahead in that she's met both Judy and me.

  • Marie - That was brave of you to let your DH trim your hair! I don't know what I'd look like if I let my hubby do the same. Maybe not so bad as he trims the hedge pretty good!

    Judy - It must be hard posting from your Blackberry - I'm sure it takes much longer. I bet you're looking forward to being home and sleeping in your own bed.

    Nikki - Don't worry about not losing this week. Your body is just making an adjustment and I'm sure you'll soon be losing again as you are very motivated.

    Carol - I wish we lived closer too. I'd love to be able to exchange plants with you. That's funny about giving some gum balls to the moles . Sorry to hear your kyaking trip was canceled, but it wouldn't be much fun in the rain. Hopefully you'll get another chance soon.

    I had a doctor's appointment this morning to look at an age spot on my face that didn't look normal and he did a biopsy. He also saw something a bit suspicious on my back and removed that for a biopsy too. I'll get the results next Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Afterwards I met with a few friends to tour the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. It was lovely and a lot of the rhodies were still in bloom. They have about 8 acres and lots of waterfalls and ponds (kind of like a Japanese garden). Then we had a nice lunch and strolled around an antiques mall. Now I have lots of work to catch up on tonight, but it was worth it.
  • Whew. what a day! Busy, but I got in a little shopping. The Macy's in downtown Seattle had lots of great bargains in clearance. I will have to mail the excess home, I don't have the room in my suitcase. I will be home Wednesday night. I have been okay on food today, I think, and I did some cardio early this morning, and have done lots of walking.

    Carol, moles blowing bubbles in their little tunnels is a funny image....what do you do about squirels?

    Marie, my BlackBerry is from the 8700 series. This is my third BB (!). My second one was the precursor to the Pearl. The keyboard takes some getting used to, but some took to it like a duck to water. I prefer the "full" keyboard, althought he keys are smaller than Chiklets. Treos are good, too, maybe better, but I've never had one. My carrier is Cingular. They and T-Mobile have cornered the BB market in my area.

    Nikki, it's the devil trying to make you throw in the towel. It never hurts to analyze your program, of course. Do what makes sense to you and the weight will give up and start to fall off again.

    Penny, your trip to the gardens sounds so peaceful. What an nice way to hang out with friends. Let's hope that there's nothing to these mysterious spots.

    Time to mostly pack, and do a little work before crawling into bed. Catch ya later.

  • Marie your determined to ensure your not going to go green good for you. Keep up the exercise its going to pay off as it has in the past.
    If we do things long enough that are good for us not only do we build in new habits for a life time but eventually they have to pay off. Nikki you have made lots of new changes look how far you have come. The rest will follow and you will look back soon and say wow that was well worth the effort. So keep going girl!
    Penny hope everything works out well for you. I will be thinking of you and your testing. Wish we could exchange how cool would that be. I have the biggest hosta I have ever owned it has to be 3ft. by 3 ft. I think I will measure it for fun. Must like where it is I guess. Need to buy a few annuals that will bloom all summer long sunny ones are needed. I have a shade garden that has finally filled in nicely don't even need to mulch now hurray only took 10 years! Have you ever planted a Russian sage oh so pretty and grows about 2 ft. tall and wide. Nice show piece and smells good too.
    Judy did you get to Pikes Market this trip? One of my favorite places to go. Sounds like you enjoyed shopping and bargains make the whole difference in the wallet. Good for you and I think having some new things always makes us happy. The crazy squirrels haven't been around quite as much with Bear running around. Guess he is a good in the yard to keep them away. Lots of pretty birds and those are welcomed til they try to eat my berries but Bear may chase them off to that will be okay we have an acre for them to fly around on. Judy have a safe trip and glad you got to walk and shop a bit beautiful place as I remember it. Did you see the bubblegum wall in the alley way by Pikes Market? Its a bit crazy but amazing at the same time. People do the funniest things at times and that was one of them. Well girls I am having my Kashi for breakfast and packing a salad for lunch and yogurt with frozen berries and walnuts. Thats my newest treat taking a yogurt putting in some frozen assorted berries and walnuts and layering it all I split it into two dishes one for lunch then save the other for dinner time etc. Nice treat and healthy too. Off to work and I need to write some reports so I am ahead of the game for next month with the wedding no time to mess around I have off over a weeks time. Oh my back feels better today I woke up feeling better than I have for weeks the Aleve is helping I take it at night plus 2 times during the day. Maybe I will not need PT it costs and that is never any fun.
    Take care!
  • Aww thank you all for making me feel better. I think its possible my body is just reshaping. I am slihtly adjusting my diet this week to see if it helps. I know I will see a loss soon. I have got to go buy a pair of shorts today. I was avoiding it but it is going to be 90 tomorrow and friday and I will die if I have to wear jeans lol.

    Marie- I used to put leave in conditioner in my hair before I swam. What you said reminded me of that. I will have to get a bottle of the spray leave in.

    Penny- Fingers crossed that the results turn out good.

    Carol-Great idea to get ahead before the wedding

    Judy-when do you get to go home and rest a little? You seem to always be away for work.

    I am thinking of sitting out in the sun today a bit and reading to destress.

  • Nikki, I use full power conditioner before I swim. Humectress. That's just till it's gone, then I'll get something like pantene or something cheap that really still coats the hair. In other words, the spray/leave in type might not be strong enough. If you have light hair, going overboard protecting it is not a bad idea (said she 10 days late...). Good luck on the tweaks. Sometimes you just have to let your body be and get used to the lower weight before it will lose more.

    Penny, I laughed at your comment. DH loves long hair. So I know he'll be careful and not take much. His love of long hair is an insurance policy. He'd hate it if he screwed up and I had to have it cut off. But the hedge comment was too funny. The garden/lunch sounds fabulous. Peaceful and pretty.

    Carol, I'm glad your back is feeling better. I HATE when mine is sore. You feel fine otherwise so you want to be doing things but you can't. Somehow I missed you post about bubblegum and moles. Boy do I have a good image though.

    Judy, I loved the Macy's in Seattle. Perhaps buying a cheap suitcase would be cheaper than shipping. when I was at Macy's it was anything but a bargain. I wish I could do all my shopping there. My purse is from there. Only place that had something I like. I'm picky about a purse - I had my last one 6 years - and this one looks just like it except a tab bigger so that the new, gargantuan Jeep key fits in - it didn't in the older one. I hope your trip home is safe and peaceful.

    We're going to DS's place tonight. I just love the DGS and miss him. DH and DGS's mom and I are going to figure out when we're going to go to Mt. Hood skiing. Probably towards the end of June. Oooo, that's going to be fun.

    I don't want to work (where I am now), but I suppose I should.

    I could surf more on a BlackBerry. Judy, I talked to DH last night and I told him the difference between the Pearl and the 8700 and he agreed the 8700 was a better idea even though it's a bit more. I think he thinks I'm nuts for trading in my pretty pink razr.
  • Thanks for all your good vibes for my test results. The waiting is always the worst part.

    I just planted some nasturtium seeds. I had forgotten how pretty they are and easy to grow. I have a hard time walking past the garden section at Freddies! I'm looking for a wrought iron arbor for a climbing rose I want to train over a path. You see them in lots of gardens, but they aren't that easy to find.

    The weather has warmed up again so I can put away my winter woolies - again!

    I've been pretty good with my calories today so far but I didn't go to Curves. Maybe I'll go tomorrow instead. My back is still acting up from my last bout of gardening. I guess almost all of us have bad backs on this thread! I can sympathize with you all - it doesn't slow us down much though, does it?

    I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.
  • Well packing for the weekend trip off to camping in the woods. I purchased a life jacket last night and my water sandals. The kayak is already on top of the camper. I still need to purchase a rack for my car maybe in July. The wedding cost is gone up a bit as it always does last min. things etc. It will all be fine. Always my last famous words. I am having a bowl of cereal this a.m. as we are having a lunchoen for birthdays today. Oh that coworker decided to come in for the day. I am glad as I think sometimes people need to just get on with their lifes and stop all this silly junk! Not that my eyes won't remain open because that will never change the scars are there to remind me to becareful. I am happy to have friday off and the long weekend ahead. Penny when do your results come in? My daughter was concerned over a tissue mass she found on her self. After some testing it came back as extra skin buildup do to her being so thin she can just feel it etc. They will reck in 6 months to ensure their correct. But that was good news she takes after her Dad's side for being little. But I am dressed in my new capris and their a 10 and it feels good. I still have not done the scale just guessing and checking myself with the clothes and rings maybe next week I will take a look. Oh well it seems to be working when the doc did my wt I didn't even look. Must of been ok no comment. I go back in a few weeks for a blood test I will see then. Judy are you back home from your trip. I am jealous as that is one of my favorite spots. I am waking up feeling so much better now a little sore but I can move the Aleve seems to be helping. Well lets see after this weekend I have waited to long to give up my kayaking. Getting close to nature this weekend will be a blast. Maybe I will post a picture for you all. Well take care stay greenless Marie but enjoy that pool. Nikki oh shorts time forsure show off that wt. you lost how proud we are of you. Penny playing in the garden is something next week I need to finish. I have some seeds to put in and a veggie garden to start. Oh too much always to do. Have a good long weekend everyone!
  • Morning Ladies-

    Marie- That makes sense about the conditioner. I have dark brown some argue black hair. So I don't need to worry about the sun wit my hair just the chlorine makin it brittle.

    Penny-I'd love to see some pictures of your garden when it blooms. I too am putting away the winter clothes this week.

    Carol- It sounds like things for the wedding are moving right along. Enjoy your camping trip.

    Judy- I hope you are getting to relax a bit.

    So I went shopping yesterday and it was odd 10's are to big 8's don't quite fit in some and when they fit I did not like the way they look. A skirt was big in a size 6 and the 4 fit perfect. I bought one pair of shorts in a 10 knowing in a week I won't be able to wear them because they will be to big. Oh well ! Today I peeked at the scale and I am finally seeing a loss. It says I am down to 152. I won't change my ticker til next week though.

  • Congrats on the loss Nikki, you are doing so great. Clothes sizes are such a pain. One would think that the manufacturers would want to have some uniformness to them so that people aren't always having to return an item because it doesn't fit. I know I get mad and won't buy a brand again if it's a hassle.

    Carol, I hope your camping is great. The kayaking will be great fun.

    Penny, definitely post your garden pictures - sounds like your yard is wonderful. I hope your back gets better quickly.

    Judy, hope you're doing good.

    I got up at 4 this morning so I exercised and am surfing before work. The scale was evil but I feel bloated and am darn sure I didn't gain 3 pounds of fat since Tuesday - or am a sleep eater and since I'm hungry in the mornings I don't think that's the case.

    Judy, I'm getting my elves out and will be trekking across the mountain tomorrow morning for some quick shopping. I did buy a new phone - the t-mobile wing. It's a brand new on and was a bit pricey but I will like it. I'll try out the internet today (probably at work).

    Talk to you later.
  • Hooray, it's the long weekend Wednesday was long and tedious, and I didn't get home until just before 2AM Thursday morning. I slept in and went to work in the afternoon. Today I feel almost human again. It feels like summer here, which is nice after feeling cold and damp out in Penny and Marie's beautiful part of the world! It will be a weekend of chores and catching up with friends, Netflix and reading. I walked for 25 minutes this morning, but otherwise I haven't worked out since Tuesday--too sleepy and tired. I'm looking forward to doing a short workout tonight, and resuming my schedule.

    Carol, I hope you're having fun out there in the woods!

    Nikki, I knew the scale was just messin' with you . I'm having a similar issue with clothes. The scale is inching downward very slowly, but some of my pants are too big. I bought size 18 pants this week without trying them on (really good quality, only $9) to wear in a few months but as it turns out they almost fit me now.

    Penny, I hope that your back is recovering, I wonder if there's special exercises and stretches for home gardeners? Hmmm, there's a book idea . If you use it, please remember me in the acknowledgements.

    Marie, I hope you like your Wing. I'm not a big techie, but I have been very attached to electronic organizers for the last ten years, they are more important to me than the phone functions.