Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks 5/14 ~ 5/20

  • What is Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks?

    A bunch of us were all part of different challenges together, and when the challenges ended, we decided not to! So we all came together and decided to start a long term challenge group, and we called them the Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks!

    -Anyone can join the group no matter what your goals are or where you are in your weight loss journey.
    -We are here to support each other, encourage each other, laugh together, and cry together.
    -Our unified goal is to exercise, eat right (whatever diet plan we may each separately be following), and have fun!
    -We encourage new members, as the more that join, the more friends we have to support us along the way!
    -We only ask that you follow one teensy, tiny rule. At the beginning of each month we state what our goals are, and they can be WHATEVER YOU WANT!
    Then at the end of the month we can share how well we did with our goals, etc. However, sharing at the end of the month is completely optional.

    We can do this!!
  • *pouts* Where is everyone?

    How was yall's Mother's Day? I worked but I went over to my mama's house afterwards. I wish I had the money to take her out to eat like my cousin did for my auntie but I don't think my mama cared. She was doing her hair and watching a new movie my stepfather had brought for her.

    My Goals for the Week:

    *Get in at least 96 oz of water every day.
    *Go to water aerobics.
  • Good afternoon everyone

    JasonsLea - Thanks for the new thread! Good for you, I see your exercise ticker is moving right along...Good luck with the water; I have trouble getting in 32 0z on top of what I otherwise drink; you are clearly much younger than I am, and when you get to my age, you get up often enough at night to use the bathroom; the extra water only makes it worse! lol

    Sorry that you hate to see school start again - is this a spring term or a summer session? When is it over? Where do you do the water aerobics? At a gym or a Y or something else?

    Sharon S - Yes, I did appreciate your MD story Our day was quiet; my husband and I went to the ballgame - he had a great time, because they won big, and I enjoyed seeing him enjoy himself. It was however, quite chilly, as the stadium is very windy and our seats are under the overhang so we are always in the shade. My daughter joined us for dinner, but my mother didn't; she doesn't like to go out to eat anymore; she says she likes her own food "better." Oh well, I think at her age, she's entitled to do and say pretty much whatever she wants, as long as she doesn't hurt anybody which she never would do intentionally. We do miss having her with us, but it's no fun for any of us if we know she's not enjoying herself.

    Well, I went out on the bike again for a short 20 minute ride. I must admit that I was a little more nervous this time because of the tumble I took (thankkfully I did not hurt anything; just my leg was sore yesterday, and so I took it easy all day, and today I'm fine). Also, it was really windy, and where I ride it's right by the river, so the gusts were sort of blowing me to one side. But, I did it, and will try again tomorrow weather permitting. I intend to go to the gym too, but we'll see. As for losing weight, I don't really know, because I have stayed off the scale. I am trying just to be healthier, and if the weight adjusts great, and if it doesn't so be it. At least I know I'm doing what I can, right?

    My eye is doing much better; saw the dr. this morning, and he said it is almost on the way to normal; have to keep up the ointment and the compresses for the next week, and then we'll see.
    Sharon - did you ever see the doctor re your arm?

    Hope all is well; play with that puppy for me JasonsLea!
  • Veggie ~ I'm just started school today. I'm going to get my associates degree and go from there. It's supposed to take 2 years but I plan on going consistently (no breaks) so it will be less. My mama's is doing that, she's been taking course for a little over a year and is about to graduate. I don't have my puppy yet, I have to wait a few weeks but I don't mind cause the woman is getting the rest of his shots for me before I get him. I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day.
  • Hello ladies, I am back again. My son called yesterday around ten or so and said he was coming over, so I assumed we were not going anywhere, when he gets here, he gets on the phone and makes a reservation, but I didn't know it as I wasn't in the room. He asks how long it will take me to get ready, I say "I have to shower" and suggest a family restraunt if he still wants to go. So he said get ready and Dad and I are going to the hardware store. So I shower and get ready, thinking we are going to the place he booked, they come back late, then we get my Dad and drive to the restaurant I suggested. What a mix up. But we enjoyed breakfast and my Dad and husband paid, so my son got off lucky. He was trying to get parts for his hitch on his car to tow the boat to the cottage this weekend, so he left again to get something else, I went to my daughters to feed the two cats and water the new sod. She had a gift and card there for me, which I thought was nice. My son also gave me a card and a gift card, my Dad also gave me money and my husband picked up a three piece chrome set for the bathroom at the cottage and told me that was my gift. So it turned out not bad considering. I just watched tv after getting home from my daughter's and having a snack, too full to want much more. Went to bed early as I had a 9:30 am appt.

    I went to my first appt. this morning, then took the car for an oil change, then came home for lunch and puttered around cleaning out the fridge and the likes, next thing I know its time to go to physio and then I did the cat and sod thing at my daughter's. Came home to dh sleeping, he had been busy getting things into the car for the cottage most of the morning and had been up early for his yearly eye exam so was beat, he is also catching a cold. Not sure if he is staying at the cottage till we go up for the weekend, it is our long weekend, I think yours is next week. Sure hope it warms up. My son and friend are also going up to finish some jobs, take some stuff up and do some cleaning as mom is out of commission for that sort of thing (oh darn).

    Food has gone good so far, water too, exercise is so so, some done, more to do.

    JasonsLea, you will do great in school, it is just getting back into it that is hard. Good for your mama going back to school, I am sure you are very proud of her. I also know she was just happy to have you there yesterday, she realizes your financial situation and I am sure did not expect more from you. (My kids work full time jobs and are older than you, so don't feel bad ).

    VeggieGirl, I am glad you enjoyed your day, even though your husband did enjoy the ball game more than you. It was nice your daughter got to join you for dinner. I hear you about your mother, my dad is that way about certain things, how old is she?

    I am also glad your eye is getting better, it really must of been a bad infection that you have drops for two weeks and compresses.

    And out on the bike again, that is great, doesn't matter how long, as long as you keep at it. Yes the wind can make it hard to peddle too, you did really great. You also have a good attitude about the weight, just being interested in eating healthier really is important. I am very up and down with that, I weigh myself almost every morning and have been slipping up quite a bit lately, which really makes me mad, if I new why I did it, at least that wouldn't be so bad. I am an emotional eater, they seem to be reaking havoc with me last night and on previous nights, even if I have been good all day. Just have to find out what is at the bottom of it.

    I have not seen my doctor about my arm, still debating if I should or not, I think sometimes its getting stronger and other times totally frustrated I can't pick something up, or do certain household chores. I will see what the next few days brings.

    Talk to you later, sorry if I went on to much and bored you all!

    Sharon S.
  • I'm glad you got to go out with your family on Mothers day, Sharon. I think you should just go ahead and go to the doctor about your arm. Get it over with.
  • Good morning ladies

    The sun is shining here and it promises to be in the low 80's, which is perfect for me - hot enough to be hot, but not too hot to make you feel blah...Probably won't get out on the bike today tho because I have to take my mom to Home Depot - this should be a trip . She is 83, and she still likes to putter around with her plants and such; she has it in her head that she wants a retractable garden hose, but I can't buy it for her, because she wants to "feel it in her hands" first so that she knows she can "handle it." Oh well, I'm just glad she's still here for me to run errands for...

    Sharon - nice to hear you did get out for dinner, and that was thoughtful of your daughter to leave you something, especially since you say she's been so taken over by her job lately. Is your cottage by water? I see that you're in Hamilton - is that Bermuda? Our Memorial Day weekend is a week from this Friday; I hope to get to the beach on the sunday, weather and eye permitting. I am the only driver in the family - my husband never learned, and I'm not about to teach him at this stage!
    I agree with JasonsLea that you should get your arm checked out - it couldn't hurt, and if there is something going on, its better to know it now, no?
    Don't feel bad about the emotional eating. I struggled with that for years, and it is only recently that I seem to be at peace with it (of course now that I say that watch out, ). The thing that helped me the most was staying off the scale. I tended to react so negatively to every fluctuation, that I ended up eating to punish myself, or because I was angry at a gain or plateau, or out of sadness at feeling like I was getting nowhere. The only thing that seemed to change that was just feeling like I no longer want to hurt my body physically anymore with junk food; maybe the exercise helps, not wanting to undo that good. I don't pretend to have any answers for anyone else, and please don't feel like I'm preaching, I just know how upsetting the emotional eating can be, and want to help if I can.

    JasonsLea - I think its great that you are motivated to finish in one fell swoop rather than dragging it out. I did that with the last program I was in at school; I went over the summer and switched from part time to full time so that I finished a semester early, and it was well worth it. You'll do great I'm sure.

    Well, I'm off to pick up Mom...Keep on keeping on girls and I'll talk to you soon
  • Have fun with your mama Veggie!
  • Good evening my friends, Yes it was nice to get out with my Dad, son and husband for breakfast. The restaurant we went to is where we held Dad's 95th party in March. Dad said he would like to get his kids and signifant other's for breakfast there and he would pay, he is such a sweetheart. This is what he told me tonight, after telling me who all called and what they said.

    Well my son, husband and my son's friend went to the cottage today, they took most of our belongings we had brought home for the winter. They got our new swing and patio set put together (the boys), and my son did some cleaning, we were lucky his friend lent us his trailer. My husband is still up there, he finished putting the trim on the windows, he said tonight, he has not even emptied his car yet. He can be overwhelming, you don't realize all the things you brought home and bought. We just got the cottage last June, it is not on the water, it is about 1-1/2 minute walk to the water. Very small actually, living and kitchen combined in one long room, one bedroom and a loft with two sofa beds, very low ones. And of course a washroom with a shower. But we really love it, it is very relaxing up there, but I worry about Dad, when I am not here. He is suppose to be coming up for the weekend, he agreed to this, but then said he would come home with who ever might be coming home that night (first night), then he said he would sleep on the couch not in our bed as we planned. My son said his friend's uncle is in Myrtle Beach, so they will be staying there, but I think eating and playing at ours. We have a sports field one cottage over and they play football, soccer etc. there.

    VeggieGirl, when you say you might go to the beach on the Sunday, do you have a place there? Or are you that close to the water. I do remember you mentioned biking beside the water, so you must be close. Where abouts are you situated? We live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada it is about 40 minutes from Toronto. No one seems to know it without mentioning Toronto. We are on the way to Niagara Falls, Ontario and across from Niagara Falls, New York. We have a lot of American relatives in Rochester and area, as well as the Detroit area. Any Canadian relatives?

    Today I was lazy, woke around ten when they were just finishing loading up, then just could not stay awake and went back to bed till 2pm (I say this with embarrasment), then went and fed the cats at my daughters, but did not have to water the sod as we got a big thunderstorm, still going on. Then did a lot of errands, even spent my son's gift card on somethings for myself, that is why he gave it to me as I usually spend money on things we need.

    Food has been good today, again water as well is low (I like you, don't like getting up in the night) exercise has been started, but still has to be finished. We had a very warm day here, sunny till around supper time, at the cottage 50 mins. away they did not get any rain, funny how that works, it did get cloudy, but that was it. Suppose to be wet and cooler tomorrow.

    JasonsLea how did school go? I guess it was more about getting straightened out and books etc. Let us know. I am really conflicted about the arm, I feel it is stronger in doing certain things and yet still hurts, but I do have to realize it was major surgery I had and will take awhile to heal, but thanks to both of you, I am still considering seeing the doc. Thurs. Like your both saying, it won't hurt, right. Thank-you for your concern.

    Thanks VeggieGirl for your thoughts on the emotional eating, sounds pretty acurate, but I am staying at the same weight, (Plateau, big time) and it is frustrating, I measured myself as well today and not much difference, although some of my pants are falling off, so I guess I can't measure properly either. I went to Curves twice and found it certainly helped me lose my weight and shape up, even better than a gym I went too. When I have enough strength in my arm, I would like to go back, it cost more than a gym, but I liked it better, not that people were more friendly or anything, it just seemed to work better.

    Well I have really went on tonight, sorry ladies!
    Talk to you all tomorrow.
    Sharon S.
  • Good morning all

    Another beautiful day here; got a short bilke ride in. I'm looking for a new place to ride, that will not be so congested and has more smooth paved streteches. Where I ride now, is mostly a cobblestone like path, which is not the greatest for one seeking to regain her confidence on the bike.

    JasonsLea - How was your first day of classes? Does it look like you will like what you're taking this semester?

    Sharon - Well, I was pretty far off in thinking you were in Hamilton Bermuda
    I have been to Niagara Falls and to the Montreal-Quebec area but never Ontario. Is it pretty? We live in NYC; when I talk about the beach, I mean the south shore of Long Island. My mom used to have a beachfront house in NJ, but she sold it several years agao because she could no longer be there alone, and with my daughter moving into her teenage years, I simply couldn't spend most of the summer there anymore because my daughter had too much going on at home. I sometimes regret that we sold it, as I know my mom misses going, but she wasn't happy with the idea of just using it on weekends, which is all I could really do, with an occasional week thrown in.
    Oh well, time marches on, and unfortunately, some things just can't stay the same.

    I am anticipating that I may have a problem with food today as both my husband and daughter will not be home until late. This is always a set-up for me to screw up with the eating as I don't have the structure of planning and making a meal for us all to sit down to to keep me in line. I need strength today ladies as I want to break this habit of getting in trouble when left to my own devices.

    Well, I am off to run errands and then hopefully get in some more exercise.

    Talk to you soon,
  • Poor VeggieGirl and know one got back to you, sorry about that, I was running around it seemed like all day yesterday and didn't get home till after 8pm and was so tired I could not wait to sit down. Will be very glad to get to the cottage for the weekend.

    My brother is in the hospital, he is just completely run-down, he has a head injury, due to a botched operation to stop his seizures, he does not have a lot of energy to begin with. They had company for a week, then he only had one day where they were not doing anything and then he celebrated his 65th birthday and that went on for days, but it was too much for him and he got worn out, so ended up with a fever and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday night, he is now on anti-biotic's and should be home on Monday. They are having a physical therapist come in to help him get walking again. Poor Guy. We will go see him tomorrow before we go up to the cottage.

    Dad is not coming up to the cottage as he figures it will be too cool, it will be in the mid to high sixties this weekend. I told him we have heaters, but too no avail, he said he will come up for our long weekend the beginning of July, but I think I will be able to talk him into it, if we ever get some nice warm weather.

    Well my son moved home from the girlfriends tonight, can't say I am sorry, I don't know if you ever get it, but when you feel and see a person has a nasty side, and can be almost nasty to you, or ecnore you in your own home, its a pretty safe bet, you won't like them! Anyhow, he said it's not over, she wanted to get married and he wasn't ready to commit to her, for reason's above. She wasn't ready to wait till he cleared his school debt etc. so things are at a stand still. But you can't make an enemy of her as she is a cop and has her ways of getting you!

    On an up note, I bought my outfit for my daughter's wedding and it was on sale from the first time I saw it till now, reduced by half. Best part, my daughter already saw it and loves it.

    So sorry we were not here to help you get through the other night, the only thing I could think of reading it, was to just keep busy with your hands, doing ironing, or something to keep your mind off food. I find, even if I read, my mind can still go to the food.

    I have not been doing well food wise, forgetting to eat meals and the likes, forgetting to take my water with me and with all the walking I have done, I did not do more at home, I figured I got my 42 minutes per day in easily. Today was different, I didn't get as much walking in, so would say I am down probably 20 minutes or so. Will have to walk on the weekend to make up my time for today anyhow.

    I will be off the computer from today till Tues. evening, so hope everyone has a good weekend, and good food days water and exercise as well.
    Sharon S.
  • P.S. I consider Hamilton to be a great city, as I was born and bred here, it is a Steel city, with two big steel companies and a couple of smaller ones. But we have what we call a mountain that we go up and when you look down and see the city and then Lake Ontario, that's when I say it is beautiful, especially at night with the lights all on and at Xmas as well.
    (I worked at one of the big Steel companies for 16-1/2 yrs. in the office)
    Sharon S.
  • Morning ladies! Glad to see everyone is hangig in! Well summer is here and I am raRING TO GO! wE NEED TO TRY TO GET EXERCISE/WALKING DONE EARLY! Whoops, caps.

    Okay so I am 216 this a.m. BUT I think it is actually more cause I am noticing a big difference in my tummy than just the beg. of the month. Alot of times we get hung up on the scale and it feels like it is barely budging. But still 4 is pretty good for 2 weeks and I am getting stronger again. Most walks have been to town dragging a stroller part way thru the dirt and I can really feel that working on my tummy, part of it is soft dirt and I usually HATE going that way, not to mention pushing a 3.5 year old thru it but if I walk around the housing structure here I got tempted in the past to just go once and that is 30 minutes instead of 60.

    When I walk to town it is 30 each way so you HAVE to walk back! lol When I get too tired pushing her thru the soft dirt/it gets too soft. I stop and she runs along side of me. The whole trip to town isn't dirt, maybe about 50 of it so it isn't too bad.

    Last week I walked 250 minutes

    Mon 50 min
    Wed 50 min
    Thurs 30 min
    Fri 60 min
    Sat 60

    This week 210 so far

    Mon 60 min
    Tues 30 min
    Thurs 60 min
    Fri 60 min

    I am planning on one more walk tomorrow of 60 as well
  • Hi Ladies, well I am back from the cottage, it was a busy weekend, but not very productive for myself. My knee gave out on me and I fell, or should I say crumbled to the ground, felt like an idiot at the time as I had been sitting round the fire with everyone, did not want them to think I fell because I drank to much, that did not help me. Thank goodness some people saw the knee go.

    Jasmine, I don't know if I will be able to continue with my walking, after my knee gave out and I sat down, it seems I have done more damage to it and find it difficult to even walk 10 minutes. Will have to see how I manage as the week goes on.

    Took Dad to the doc's to day for his B12 shot, he is coming along very well after his fall, has even taken the bike out again this past weekend.
    Well food was good for me today, water as well, exercise has been minimal.
    Talk at you all tomorrow.
    Sharon S.
  • Hi There, wondering why a new thread was not started this week, tried to do it myself before, but screwed up.

    Where is everyone? It is a lonely place with out my friends. Are you out there VeggieGirl and JasonsLea, most postings are from last week and I cannot see a new thread started.

    Food and water good, exercise not, fell again and hurt my other new and of course the bad arm, triped over an extension cord, where one should not of been. Night ladies!

    Sharon S.