Lo Carb Club #10 "Ten things I am thankful for!"

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  • Before posting, please make sure to go back to #9 and catch the latest.

    Can you believe it's time for number ten! How about us listing ten things we are most thankful, especially during this holiday season!

    Dana (HOPEFUL)

    *1 FAMILY
    I have the most wonderful family in the world! Not just my hubby and two sons, (21 and 18), but great parents, siblings, in-laws, etc. I am really lucky!

    *2 MY FAITH
    I know that we can count on God regardless of our religious beliefs. I heard on Oprah yesterday that her favorite saying is something to the effect of, "If you only say thank you, that is a long enough prayer." How true!

    *3 FRIENDS
    Geeez......what a cicle of friends I have accumulated these past 43 years! I am still close with some childhood friends, and make terrific friends at work who have become like family! There is NOTHING like a friend to share things with!

    Geeeeeez, where would we be without them! I have listed my dreams on the 100 club dream site and should go back there and visit them after taking off 43 pounds. (But, I may cry.) NO....I will go back there. If you have not posted there, do it! Also, read those dreams. We all have more in common than you can ever realize!

    *5 HOME
    5 years ago we bought our dream house. The first 18 years of marriage we lived in a modest house and saved in hopes of finding something else. Well, it's not a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a lovely place to call HOME!

    *6 CAREER
    I am an administrative assistant in a Catholic elementary school. I could go elsewhere and do the same job for lots more money....but I love it there! I work with a great staff and wonderful students and families. It is indeed like a family!

    *7 HEALTH
    OOOOOhhhhhh! How important is health??? What number should I list it at????? I am thankful for my health and hope that my body forgives me for letting it down by getting fat and out of shape now that I am exercising and eatting a good plan!

    *8 OUR WORLD
    How corny does that sound???? But, hey, look around. It is a beautiful place we live in! Shame on those who want to ruin our world with evil! Evil of ANY kind!

    Okay, maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I am serious as can be. When I lived a low fat lifestyle I managed to pack on all this tonage. Now that I have educated myself and have been on Atkins since June 15, and taken off 43 so far....I say WOooOOoOooOOOooooo HoOOOoOoo, if I had only known!!!

    (Last but not least, gals) I am truly thankful for this website. I come here to both get and give support and can ALWAYS count on each and every one of you! I am soooooo thankful that I can, and that I STAYED, and that WE got this great group of people riding this bus to goal!

    OK.... my computer time is up for today! I will catch you all tomorrow! Please post, stay on plan, move your butts and DO NOT GET OFF THIS BUS UNTIL THE RIDE COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP!!!!!
    WELLL,,, FIRST OF ALL, You caught me at midnight on a work night so I dont know how awake I will be for this hehehe

    1. MY FAMILY---- Yes, I sometimes get mad at them,,,, or should I say frustrated????, but I love them.... I thank God I have a wonderful Mom and Dad who gave my sisters and I a healthy, religious, loving home to grow up in.... and I hope I do the same for my girls...

    2. GOD---- I mean, what would I be without him??? or WHERE would I be without him???? He is a big part of my life and my childrens life...and we are working on my husband!!!! He is a big part of my exhubbys life and that helps with the girls.....


    4. My health.....altho I really need to work on the weight factor so it doesnt become a prob.......but until then, I am thankful for my health and my girls' health

    5. My ex hubby, my ex boyfriend.... I know that sounds funny but honestly they are a big part of my life and they love me for who I am........I am thankful for having had them in my live as they are a part of my past but yet are there in my future and always will be....they are great




  • Well , good morning everyone.

    I beleive that it is important to express your gratitude. As well as identify the many things to be greatful for. As Oprah has at herweb site " An ATTITUDE of Gratitude"

    1. God/ Higher Power. As ai get older, I am amazed at the teh truths that hold true as you develop a relationaship with this entity. If I was a little less stubborn and more trusting I would probably have less stress in my life.

    2. My husband. WHat a dear. We have been together for 15 years. He has the patience of Job.

    3. My Mother, whoi has passed. How I miss her. SHe passed on so much to her children. I am the person I am today much do to her input.

    4. My family. They too are very important to me. Alot of support.

    5. My in-laws, I am very lucky here. They drive me crazy sometimes but all in all OK

    6. My old boss. A very learned man. He taught me so much and not limited to work. A great resourse and a treasure.

    7. Friends. I have been blessed with many people along the way. Alot of support and good memeories

    8. My willingness to learn and apply inspite of my stubbornness. I have come along way, and it seems like a blink of an eye.

    9. Nature and its wonder. I try and appreciate it each day. It will be here long after I go.

    10. This web site and all my cyber friends. I get so much here. Knowledge, support, laughter and tears. It has made this journey much more.

    Thank you Dana

    I really needed to do this.

    Hope everyone is well.
  • OH GOHS i can not begit to list the things i am thankful for. and i have just stoped in for a few min to say hi and to wish all a very wonderful thanksgiving. I am on the run like i have since monday when i was running in a different direction. tuesday i had my class and it went wonderful the kids have been home all week so it was run every time i thought i had a min. so not i am off for the weekend sna will not be able to check in till monday. so i hope all had a great day

    Terry just a note to say that i am so sorry about your friends child i can not imangine the pain.

    mary SOME peple get cought on peanuts. it usually is the fact t=of the sale, and if you are stalled then check out the amounts the calories in the fat of the peanuts may be what is pushing your boy over the edge you can still be in ketosis as you are burning fat but your body is burning the fat you eat not necessarily the fat yu stored. so just watch the sclae and drink your water and if you stall j try to cut down the peanuts. that is all.
  • Good morning all/

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday yesterday. We went to my sisters and had a great time. She is 29 and just moved into a home large enough to hold a family gathering. I have 5 brothers and sisters. So when we get together we need room. My 5 nephews were there . Ranging from 1 year to 12. SO it was a loud day. The weather was great and travel was light. ANd guess what the first thing that was noticed was my weight loss!! They couldn't get over it. It was such a great feeling. My sisters range from a thin 6 ( I think she's adopted) to a 10 and a 12. Boy it is hard discussing your weight battle w/ someone who really can't identify with the struggle. I was sharing how exciting it was to get into a size 20 and they just had blank looks on there faces. Very supportive, just couldn't grasp the whole thing.

    Well I did cave yesterday, and had more carbs than I planned on. Came home and was right back on plan. And will probably eat salad all weekend long. Weight remained the same at 236.5. I am still reataining fluid so there probably is a loss there.

    I start my new job on Monday. I can't wait. I am very excited about this. I will spend the weekend brushing up on a few skills that I didn't need at the prison. I find that as each day that goes by I seem a little more relaxed knowing taht I am not going back.

    Dana if you don't mind I will post the Friday weigh in. I know you have a full house again. I am no poet though.

    SUe, You busy girl!!! Take care of yourself.

    Pam, How are you doing? Taking care not to rush your recovery!

    Terri, How was your holiday?

    Lee , Hey woman where are you? Check in when you can

    Mary, B00 WHere are you ? You are awful quiet on the bus!

    Check in w/ you all tomorrow
  • Well here I am in the bus, talking to myself again. Where is everyone? I didn't reply yesterday because I want to stay out of the looney bin,

    "Mommy why is that lady talking to herself?"

    Oh well,

    Nothin new to report. didn't get my picture taken at thanksgiving. And left my camera at my sisters. But I am still working on it. Got some more clothes yesterday and am quite pleased by the smaller sizes. I should be complletely into a size 20 by X_mas.

    I start my new job tomorrow, I am very excited about that. Trying to choose an outfit to wear. I am a little less restricted now.

    The weather has been awesome here. Highs in the upper 50's. Got my x-mas lights up and on this weekend. Not sure if I'll do the tree thing yet.

    OP food wise, haven't hit the upstairs gym in a few days. Can't wait till I am back in a routine.

    Well girls hopefully someone will save me from talking to myself tommorrow.

    Have a great day
  • I'm here!

    How quiet can it get??????

    Enjoying this holiday season! BOTH college sons are home so the house is buzzing! Had a wonderful on plan thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed time well spent with my family! Yesterday hubby and I decorated the house for Christmas. We will finish today! Sheeeesh we put up alot of stuff! It looks so nice when we are finished!

    My youngest was watching a video yesterday and I saw myself for the first time 44 pounds ago and was a bit shocked. I HAVE lost 44 pounds that I needed to lose and WOW......was that video a shocker! Sooooooo glad I am sticking to this plan! I still need to find a dress for hubby's big Chrtistmas party. I am going to try to hit the mall tomorrow as I have the day off.

    My oldest goes back to school this afternoon...then it will get a bit more quiet around here. The good-byes never get any easier.

    Well......nothing new to add. Where is everyone??? And where was everyone on the weigh-in thread on Friday????

    COME ON GIRLS!!!!!!! No matter where you are on your program...we are ALL still on this bus together! Please post! We need eachother!

    Dana (Hopeful to get a nice dress!)
  • Just got back from my parents. I did over indulge but not to huge excess. I did not get near a scale so i have no idea where i am. i imangine i am up with fluid so i will wait till friday this next one to weight.

    pat and dana you tow are my heros i can not believe how good the both of you are doing.

    Pat good luck with your new job i will have you in my prayers for tomorow. and i know you will be in a size 20 by christmas. my mother gave me a bunch of her size 14's in dress clothes. oh my do they look good. i am excited. so i di not need to do any shopping.

    dana give the boys a huge hug for me OK? the go out and buy you a very sexy dress for the party!!! low cut and snug!!! whooo hoooo

    all the rest HI and check in even if it is for a min. I did. i have to go and help get others ready for school and unpacked from thsi weekend. so HI to all and get on the board and just say hi!!!
  • Fellow weight warriors...... I am here today with a full heart and oh so many things to be grateful for.

    Our Family just lost my cousin Janice a truly lovely woman with a sterling heart. But, from the sad news so much good comes with it and I see Janices hand in it all. She knew the value of Family and knew how important it can be. I have becuase of this reconnected with my Sweet and Oh so beautiful Cousin Shawn as well as my Mothers Brother and Sister in law. You can imagine the tearful eyes aound here. I have also found out about a connection to Moms sister who has been long lost for alot of years now so I am hopeful of finding her too. This is the glory from the storm and what a Blessing it is.

    2 I am grateful for a loving Husband who has stood beside me never wavering come what may and it has had some hard times my Darlin's when I have seen other husbands desert the ship for less.

    3 I am grateful for all those who love me and who I love whose loyality, love and kindness have at times kept me from deaths door and so much more.

    4 I am grateful for a stable financial life after the medical havoc we suffered in finances.

    5 I am grateful to still be able to make a difference in other lives small or large

    6 I am grateful for life ,laughter and tears for being blessed with ability to enjoy life to the fullest down to the scent of a rose,
    and manage the worst that life can throw at me with who I am in tact.

    7 I am grateful for each and everyone of you who is so important to me in so many ways.

    8 I am grateful for being who I am, the best and the worst. I know no other human being I would rather be. No one I would trade places with.

    9 I am grateful for a loving God and the wisdom to know that sometimes you just have to trust there is a reason we can not imagine.

    10 Most of all I am grateful for God's grace, all the love I have recieved in life and all the love I have given. Be it to the worthy or unworthy. Love is never wasted and only gathers momentum. I am grateful to have been blessed with a a fountain of love that ever bubbles over and spills on any one in my area. For this is my free offering to God and to life my joy at being alive seeing Gods paint brush in a sunset, the aroura borialis, flowers or a face. For all the places I have been , all the things I have seen, and all the cultures I have learned. For the beauty of humanity that is found even amidsts the worst horrors man can create. Beauty emerges.
  • Terry.... by the way. I know how it feels to lose a child and to survive that, makes any other challenges a snap. Nothing is worse nor more agnonizing. In time that child wil be an angel for them and they will be aware of her. Believe me I know. I will take a long time but you learn to live with it . Love is eternal
    Hi all,

    Well, Its Sunday, back to work tomorrow,, how fast these past 4 days have gone...... We were all supposed to go to High school championship game at the Silverdome(where are wonderful Detroit Lions (0-10) play).....my youngest daughter and hubby ended up with the stomach flu and I stayed home to take care of them....my oldest still went tho and brought them home a winner....Yea....she goes to the high school.....anyway, dd and dh are recovering and my oldest and I are hoping we dont get it next.....

    PAT------Good luck tomorrow I will be thinking of you and your new start in your job.....Scary but exciting Im sure
    and I thought I would write just so you dont think you are talking to yourself anymore

    Sue and Dana---sounds like you both did great over Holiday and had nice visit with families.....Great job....

    PAM----I didnt realize that you had suffered a loss like that....I am So Sorry.....You are right about the angel...as a matter of fact..some of the 14 and 15 yr olds had tshirts made up that say: heaven was sent an angel---Nov 15, 2001 with a pic of Lindsay on the shirt.....they gave her parents a t-shirt like that and they all wore them to their dance last tues.....

    To everyone else---- Hello

    Talk to everyone later......
  • Oh Thank God, I am not alone!! Although they do say how nice the sanitarium is in the winter time LOL!

    Dana, I knew that you would have such a great holiday w/ your boys home. Isn't it amazing how our minds see one thing, while our bodies appear something else. It is sucha motivator too!! You are going to look awesome at the X-Mas party

    Pam SO nice to see you. I love your list. You are so eloquent w/ your words. How is your back?

    SUe!!! Thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers. I am so excited!

    Terri, SOunds like you had your hands full. Those kids w/ the T-shirt idea are great. What a tribute! Thanks for the assurance that "I am not Alone" LOL

    Well Got to go.Hello everyone else!
  • Just poped in to say that although i did ok this weekend i caved last night, so it is strict OP for me. PPWAV!! this is going to be a challenge as i am hungry nw so i will go and eat some eggs. (how i do not like to be home when i am hungry)

    I challenge all of you to a 4 day OPness. this is to get us all ready for the december havock. this will cleanse our selves and be ready to take on the challenge of the holisday season. 4 days of being right on tract 4 days of planning 4 days of feeling good about our selves and 4 days of success. that should get us ready for the next 25!!!

    we all ahve come a long way to give in to the temptation now. weigh our choices and which is more important the tempory satisfaction of eating the wrong foods or the self fufilling satisfaction of having achieved our goal???

    so total OP for the next 4 days!!! post or chart your foods!!! no guess work here!!!

    exercise too!!!!
  • I guess it is my turn to double post!!!! i did great today!! on a roll. even put in a small crumb of brownie i made for my boyscouts, and then thought about ti and held it in the mouth for a few seconds then spit it out!!! I am so proud of my self!!!!
  • HI ALL!

    I had a great first day on the job. I was exhausted though and was in bed at 8:30. Stress will do that for you. Got my water in!! and w/o 'd in the am. So I had a awesome OP day yesterday. I have heard that this agency is starting a wellness program so I am excited about that.

    Sue great idea. I really want to be in the 220's by x-mas / new years. I have 6# 's to go to do that. Made my thanksgiving day goal on SUN I was 235# A few days late but OK. I also bought a size 1x wal mart shirt which I was pretty excited about.

    SO I am off to another OP day.

    How is everyone else doing?