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Default Hello

Hello everyone!!!!

How is everyone doing????? I came home from work yesterday not feeling real good.....I actually went to bed about 8 p.m I NEVER DO THAT!!!! Im feeling a little better today tho.....

I will do the 4 OP days starting tomorrow as my stomach is still aching....I dont think I have flu, but maybe its from all the carbs I ate from Thanksgiving and the weekend...amazing how your body can feel so awful.......but I will do OP tomorrow.....I will try today but may end up eating nothing......

talk to ya all later.....
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Trying to find my way.
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Hi all Where is DANA??? she is missing for a few days.

I did good today. i was at my class so i had 2 shakes 2 low carb bars, beef (small serving) salad, and a few eggs for dinner.

I did 30 min of exercise and really did killer wo hit 496 in 30 on the treadmill then did about 200 crunches with the machine starting at 60 lbs then 70 then 80 then 90 I did about 50 at each set.

I am tired but feel like i have accomplished a good day.

Pat i am so excited that you had a good first day. how was your second???

Terri howare you feeling??? watch out for the stomach bug it got me but good and i lost almost 8 lbs of fluid (gained it all right back though)
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Well, you asked...10 things we're thankful for, hmmm...1.) Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Redeemer & my VERY BEST FRIEND. 2.) My husband who loves me unconditionally and preaches the gospel with passion and zeal! 3.) My two boys who love & have precious faith in God. 4.) My church where I fill-up several times a week and find strength for this journey. 5.) My mom & dad who support me in all of my endeavors and make life here on earth precious. 6.) My place of employment, which allows me to be "me" and where faith in God is OKAY. (they treat me real well, too) 6.) My friends that God has strategically placed in my life through the years. I love each and every one of them. Such support & encouragement in my life, I do NOT take it for granted. 7.) My car -- I declare that it is a blessing and not a curse! It gets me to and from where I need to go, always, without incident, accident, injury or harm. Actually, it's the first "NEW" car that I have ever had.
8.) My house -- what a BLESSING! It isn't much in the sight of others, but how thankful I am to live there and have a roof over my head and a place where I can sit down and look around and enjoy the views. (I'm very "into" decorating my house). 9.) Our President -- he says he prays every day...Yipppeee!! 10.) Our GREAT Nation, founded under God, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. I've recently cried over the overwhelming revelation of what a priviledge it is to be an American. We've got it MADE and I'm so thankful that I am a part of it.

There you have it, folks. Quite honestly, there is so much more that I am thankful for. I tried to put them in order, but it wasn't working. Towards the end -- I probably would have put this great nation above the monetary things I listed.

I am also thankful for this group of people (that's YOU!) who have welcomed me and encouraged me on a number of occasions. I feel strongly that you guys are a main part of the reason I'm still low-carbing. I lost 2 LBS! That is the first time I've lost weight over Thanksgiving. Wow! I did not feel deprived AT ALL. I was very satisfied. I also made the pie crustless and it was delicious. It was completely gone when every other pie was not. I was in Large ketosis at the end of the day still. Yipppppeeee!! Made me so happy. Anyhow, because of the support from this forum I can honestly tell you that I did not go off one bit at Thanksgiving. You guys really got me pumped up and it was not an issue AT ALL. Thank you!!

So, I guess I've written the "book" now once again and I will sit down and calm down...Ha! I'm SUPER THANKFUL!!! (also thankful for the weight that I've lost over this past year....YIPPEEEEE!!)
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Gee, I sure do say "Yipppeee" a lot!!
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The back is touchy but I am finally off the pain pills so it is better, of course I thought I would have a nice spinal headache today just as a reminder that the old spine is unhappy with me. It is so naughty. It won't stop me though, mind you it sure hinders my efforts !!! I have been working hard to finish the afgan and soon I shall be done. On a very serious note............ I have lost my momentum and staying OP is a very hard struggle. I just can't give up on myself. I know this has been overly hard to drop the weight this time but I was OP every single day for months and I just can't allow anything even myself to stop me. I havee to get back on track I have to finish what I have worked so hard otherwords .......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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