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Just a quickie to check in...I have to go for jury dury today. I'm hoping to get out of it (at the same time, I'd really like to do it). Not sure what's going to happen. You all hang in there. Still OP here.

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Hi all I'm still here. I'm having some serious problem's with my internet. I've tried to post but my computer shut's down. Anyway's hopefully I can get this one through. I'm doing so bad on OP. I don't kknow what's wrong. I can't seem to get back on plan. Yes I'm drinking lots of water but can't go more than 2 days without cheating. My stupid computer is acting up I'll try and get back tomorrow.
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Hello all'
How is everyone doing?

I had a good day yesterday and a good workout. It was nice to be back on tract again!! I did my stretching and found out how unlimber I am even after almost a year of working out regularly.
I did some more paperwork for the new job yesterday and verbally resigned. I meet with teh timekeeper and personel this afternoon. And then I will have all the facts in place as to when my actual last day will be. This will bring down some of my anxiety( I hope). I am quite anxious. Way too much going on.
I made some great lo carb soup SUnday and have been taking it to work.

Lee I have always gotten out of it( jury duty) my DH got involved in grand jury, what a nightmare!!! I see you are up as early as I am!!!

B00- How are you? what's keeping you going back to teh carbs?
Computer problems suck!!!

Hello to everyone else, If you get a minute check in!!!! The Bus is so quiet!!!
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My dear fellow weight warriors, I am out of commissionfor time as I have taken my sisters lead and blown my back. Lee Darlin, just what have you been up to? whatever it is my back can't take it. HA Ha.
I am on meds but I shall return to harass you all just as soon as I can. I have to go now or scream. When I have reached my pain threshold it is most serious!!!! I love you all.
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