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Default still waiting for the garden picture!!

uh,Wabby,I think you should,like,uh,maybe consult KIWONK before you get us all excited about your picture----just a suggestion darling!!I just hosted a dinner party and I will now tell you the guest list----mil,her birthday is today,she is 74----her best friend Mary---she is 78---my mom,66,our cousin,55,my friend the gay guy,38,me,44,my dh,40 and ds,8.I have no idea why I listed their ages,except that they do it in People Magazine,now I have to go and clean up and watch ONCE and AGAIN----that [email protected]## Sela Ward is our age and wears thongs and poptops,like Peaches---anyone else like this show????Dh thinks it stinks!!! cxoxoxoxoxoxo triple sow cow
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Default me too

Bagz, I watch that show too. I was watching it at 10:00, but some lady called me wanting to do a survey about movies, so I did that instead. Since I have satellite tv, I can watch it at 11:00. I don't know why I like that darn thing, I think I started watching it because I thought Rick was really sweet. It's very much like thirtysomething (same producer) in that even though all the people are sort of attractive, sort of nice, when you get right down to it I don't like any of them much. Except the daughters, Sela Ward's daughters, they are great. I hate the ex-wife, I hate the ex-husband, the sister's a wimp, Rick's kids are kind of a pain. Oh I love the insane brother. Of course I watch anyway.

Wabbit, are you having trouble with the size of the pic? That's what usually throws them out for me. I don't know what the size limit is, but I've managed to shrink every one of mine enough to post it, so let me know if I can help. As a matter of fact I have a great picture I've been wanting to scan. Maybe I'll do that right now.

The picture was on the front page of the paper this week, was taken in my area in the middle of a timber road.

Later Kiwi

Last edited by Kiwonk; 06-24-2004 at 12:17 PM. Reason: deleted the moose pic, cuz I need the space!
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Default I'm back

I'm is I can be an addict again!~!!!!
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