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Debelli 10-01-2001 07:16 AM

Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 10/1-10/7
This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our LATEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our OCTOBER 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often-make sure to visit our newest board, MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS at the link below:





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


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Debelli 10-01-2001 07:26 AM


Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:



No one is ever assured of success. Every undertaking carries with it some risk. Yet even though there is no assurance of success, some people are confident enough to get started. Some of those are confident enough to keep going in the face of obstacles and disappointments. And some of those are confident enough to persist until the success is actually achieved.

Where does confidence come from? It comes from experience. Being confident comes as a result of acting confident.

What would you do today if you were confident of success? Do it. What first step would you take? Take it. How would you sit, how would you walk, how would you greet other people, how would you act if you were confident of success? Act that way and the confidence will come.

Yes, confidence takes a little blind faith at first. Soon enough, however, that confidence becomes real, supported and confirmed by actual experience. Act confident and you'll begin to be confident. Be confident and you'll have what it takes to bring your goals into reality.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week!

194/12? /129
SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

Debelli 10-01-2001 07:29 AM

Here are our OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS to acknowledge for the month of October:)

RHROO - 10/3
SEF - 10/10
SOLSHINE - 10/30

Debelli 10-01-2001 10:40 AM

Morning Again!:wave:

It's a beautiful day here in SOFLA, a litter less hot, but nothing I'd describe as being cool. Since I don't have to take Michael to school, I was able to get going for my walk/jog this morning before 7am-no great times, did the 4.5 miles in 51:14:) Now, it's my time to yell at Lauren to wake up and for me to cool down and get a post done.

The scale is still down today. One thing I noticed is for the last few nights I've been getting up 3 times a nite to visit the potty, not getting much sleep, but the results on the scale have been worth it. Last night, I woke up twice, but didn't go to the bathroom, was able to wait til this morning-thought I'd surely be up on the scale, but I am holding my own once again at 121! What a wonderful feeling to see that number again on the scale this morning. I know in the next few days it will go up though, but hopefully, it will stay below the 125 this time.

Here we are, into a new month and what's typically getting to be the beginning of the holidays with Halloween at the end of the month. We ALL know what Halloween is synonymous with - CANDY!:eek: It seems that from what I remember last year on the board, many people had trouble when it came to resisting the candy bowl and I'd like your ideas on how YOU plan to handle this at the end of the month. Let's tackle this first holiday, then we'll focus on Thanksgiving next month.

ROSALIE, sounds like you had a nice day Sunday, until the bike incident. How are you feeling today? Sorry to hear that happened. I'm sure DG was upset about what happened as well-poor kid, poor Grandma! Like you said, thank goodness you didn't break anything! Hmmm, not that I know how to cook as you are well aware, but maybe the pastry flour is too fine? Well, I hope the loaf you did make came out yummy. I'm thrilled for you that the scale is at least staying in the 195 spot, soon, it will be going down again-really, you don't have a clue how thrilled I am for you, I know how you struggle to lose a pound! I guess we are happy dancing for each other;) I don't know if the milk issue is the reason I've lost this past week or not. I am going to try to stay off of it until the end of this week, when TOM is due, just to see what happens with that and how the scale reacts to that, but I really have no intention to give up dairy-I like my shakes and I love cheese, maybe I was just overduing it-ALL MY LIFE! It just may be a fluke that I dropped on the scale and didn't have dairy, maybe one thing has nothing to do with another-who knows. I guess when I finally have some milk/cheese, we'll find out. Keep me informed how you are doing with your cutting back on the cheeses. Ummm, no SPOTTED DICK for Thanksgiving??? LOL!!! How are you liking the agave??? How did your cookies come out??? Inquiring mouths, I mean, minds, want to know!

BOB, why not try to omit one thing at a time, if you do them all at once you may not know that you can handle dairy, but not wheat. Glad you had a good game this weekend, I hate to see a grown woman cry!

MEL, you are a trip! I'm sure those 2lbs you found aren't pounds at all, but a mysterious phenomenon named after that old popular song called "drive me crazy". Unexplained weight comes and goes with no explanation-trust me, as easy as this phenomenon appears, it disappears. I'm surprised FRESH FIELDS doesn't carry the agave nectar-you should ask them if they can get it, I know some stores will special order things if their suppliers carry it. I've shopped at FF when I was at my cousins house in MD-nice store. DRAGONLADY has one near her, I can't remember if she said they carry it, you should ask her, if they do in MD, then they should be able to get it for you. Fresh figs are fine, it's the dried we aren't suppose to eat. They have a GI of 35, considered low glycemic, so enjoy!

GATOR, another month without stepping on the scale? How are you doing with upping your calories?

ZANNE, don't apologize for not being able to respond to everyone all the time. We all know how busy life gets, and for many people, just getting on the board is a feat in itself, much less trying to reply to everyone. No matter how short/long a post is, just the fact that you are checking in and staying active on the board is what's important:) Is the Canadian version of Thanksgiving about the same as the US when it comes to food? We have some great SB LEGAL recipes on last years November Recipe Board. Whenever I go to family's houses for dinner, I never hesitate to ask what's being served and how it's prepared, then I know if I need to take something for myself, or not. I have to do the same with my son Michael, since he's a strict vegetarian:rolleyes: As everyone is so different, I would say you could easily have great results from day one-keep focused and you'll continue to see new results all over yourself, on the scale, in your clothes, on how you feel, etc...Sorry, can't help you out on that recipe, you'll have to ask CATLOVER, but I do have another oatmealrecipe on the board, it too seems a little runny, but they crisp right up once they cool off-they are delicious!

LIZ, you aren't being nosey at all about that pic from 1984. Actually, you bring up a point that I've pondered for a long time-that we should have a board called MY STORY. But, to put it in nutshell, I've been fat all my life, after I got married in 1981 I, as my Mother said, ballooned over night until I found myself 284lbs in 1984. That picture was taken right before I had my stomach stapled, about a month or two before. Of course, I lost well over a hundred pounds, then gained all but 40 back. THEN when my sister was going to get married, she asked me to be in the wedding, and that's when I started Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal (or as we called it, Steal-A-Meal), which was about 7-8 years ago, I think. I did very well on that, got down to 129, but that was when everything was fine and dandy, it's when things started happening with our business and other aspects in my life did I start seeing the scale rise. I did go to WW, not much good it did though, I lost 17lbs and that was it. Went off, gained those 17lbs back, plus quite a few more. I always knew I ate emotionally, but never could get a handle on it. With each lb I went up, I swore I wouldn't go up any more-5lbs, became 10, 10 became 20 and, well you know the rest of the story on that. Before I turned around, I found myself back to 194. I can't explain, but that little light finally popped on in my head, and I KNEW I had to get a grip on myself as I found myself near 200lbs again-I knew I was ready to do something. Went to the library and got my hands on every book that I could read that sounded new, sensible or popular. I read them all, and finally decided to start SB, as it seemed not only the most sensible, I hadn't tried it before (I have a awful track record for trying a diet in the past and trying it again and it not working), but most of all, it sounded like something that I could do easily and without feeling deprived. Something I'd be able to follow the rest of my life. So with that, I started on a Wednesday and I've been following it ever since. That's about it, my story in a nutshell. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions, ever-I'm always happy to answer, best I can.

BUSDEB, congrats that you all won your game and a bigger congrats for not giving in to the temptations at the consession stand! Just think of all that stuff as garbage with magets, that will keep you from even thinking about eating that stuff! You'll get to where I am, just stay focused. The graphics you see are from all over the web. You just need to find a free graphics pages and you right mouse click on the picture you want to save, hit SAVE AS, and then that's it. When you post, you hit the BROWSE BUTTON, find that pic in your files, double click on that, and viola, it should show up in your post. Just keep in mind, it has to be in gif or jpg format and smaller than 40K. Here's on the sites you can find some pics: http://www.freegraphics.com/04_Animated_Graphics/

FRUIT, glad to see your post!!! Keep them coming as best you can.

JRED, glad to see the pic worked for you! Yell for help anytime!!!

SEF, never, we'd never laugh, maybe a snicker, but not a full blown laugh! When that happens to me, I just go back a page, I never lose my posts when I do that, the little arrow at the top to go back. But when I write my posts, I do them as if I was writing an e-mail. The only time I lose those are when my computer locks on me and I have to shut it down, but usually I try to remember to push SEND LATER so it goes in my filing cabinet, so if I do lose the post, I've only lost what I didn't already save - did you follow that mumbo-jumbo? I won't be giving up the cow, I love cheese too much, and my shakes. I don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but I'm going to wait a few more days and then see what happens.

Well gals, that's enough for now. Have to go watch CROSSING OVER then run a bunch of Monday errands.

Please don't forget TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST Hope to see you all there!

I'll check in with you all sometime later today.

Have a great week!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01

Mel 10-01-2001 11:56 AM


Hey! It worked!!!:D
Thanks, Deb.

Actually, I didn't run this morning- good workout, but met a neighbor I haven't seen for a while when I stepped outside so we walked and talked instead. Hopefully the flapping jaw burn't some calories. It's a really gray, almost rainy day here and it's real hard to get motivated. My boss called and told me she was sick and not to go in to work this am, so I have a morning off. Feels weird.


The scale is still playing "pound up, pound down" games- gearing up for TOM I'm afraid. Maybe I'll see a drop after that, but at my age is getting so weird I never know what to expect!

Speaking of age- didn't you leave someone out of the birthday list, Deb??

Was last week a fluke or does the board get that busy as soon as the weather gets cooler? 5 pages! I can't keep up and reply personally, but it's great to see everybody all revved up.


lizery 10-01-2001 12:24 PM


Well good morning everyone!!! We are having glorious cool weather here in NW Florida. So nice! I walked yesterday for 2 miles. I could have went longer but it was getting dark and my little girl wanted to swing !

I am going to write up my story and post it if you all want :) Would love to hear everyone elses stories.


Debelli 10-01-2001 12:38 PM


How do you all feel about making a board titled MY STORY or something a bit more catchy? We could put our stories (in my case, much a horror story) about our weight struggles.

Any ideas? Throw them at me!

Gotta run


lizery 10-01-2001 12:44 PM

I think that sounds wonderful Deb. I just wrote my story up so I am game whenever you make it!


Fillise 10-01-2001 01:09 PM

Good Monday Morning!
Hello--I know I was AWOL over the weekend--but the yard sale just wiped me out! I spent all day FRiday getting set up--then didn't sleep very well Friday night afraid I wouldn't hear the 5 AM alarm. The sale went very well--it was a gorgeous cool morning and the crowds were good and steady all day. I sold the vast majority of stuff that I put out. My closet is so empty now! We ended at 12:00 but as I was toting up the money a car load of large size women arrived about 12:30--they didn't want to go through all the stuff I had so neatly packed up--but I told them they could have the entire basket of sweaters and slacks for thirty bucks--they took it! I was going to send it to the Salvation Army anyway and they promised that whatever they couldn't use they would see that someone got it. It's amazing what people will buy. My YS partner put out empty wine bottles--I thought it was stupid--but she sold all but one of them!!!!! Any way I made a nice chunk of money so it was a good day.

I also came home with a kitten. She's black and tiny--at 12 weeks she was the runt of the litter--but is as sweet as she can be. As soon as I brough her home she ran under the sofa and stayed there for the first 24 hours. Yesterday I took an afternoon nap on the sofa and when I woke up she was curled up next to me. She's still suffering some separation anxiety from her litter, but is becoming braver each day about exploring her environment. It was be nice to have a companion in the house! Oh yes--she was born on the fouth of July so her name is Miss Belle--after the Liberty Bell!

BOB and Gator--WAR EAGLE! The game wasn't on TV here so I had to content myself with watching Bama getting beat by SC! I'm not even going to talk about the State-UNC game. Of course you'd think Auburn lost from the way the coaches are grumbling. Apparently it was a very sloppy game! Nest week Mississippi State--those D**m cowbells always give us fits.

I went back and read all the post from the weekend--my it was a busy week! It seems we had a lot of losers last week.

Deb--congrats on your new low!

I can't respond to everyone personally, but hope everyone has a good week!

July 10, 2000

Fillise 10-01-2001 01:11 PM

My story
Deb--I like the my story idea!


Melf 10-01-2001 01:13 PM

Good Morning all!!
Sorry I have been MIA for so long, but it was necessary. First let me say that BIL is OFF the heart pump & the respirator . We are so happy that he has come so far. He is still CRITICAL, but alive & gaining.

Next I'd like to welcome ALL you NEWBIES . I SCANNED THE LAST BOARD VERY BRIEFLY & SAW LOTS OF NEW NAMES. tHIS IS WONDERFUL! Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Now, about reaching goal. I did manage to stay at my goal weight several days, but yesterday was a diaster. I ate verything in site. Friday night we did Chinese food, then yesterday at work someone brought in chocholate cookies, fig tarts, & fudge brownies & my will power went out the door! By the time I got home I truely could have kicked myself if I could have reached. But too late for that I guess.

Today is a new day & I started it out right by walking. It has been so beautiful here in SW LA that I have been yearning to be out there walking again, but just have not been able to get to it till today. It really felt good, but let me tell you that I am really OUT OF SHAPE. My heart was racing so fast that I could not get an acturate count, but it was over 160 :o . Even 5 minutes after cool down it was still 135 :mad: It's my own fault for not keeping up with the exercise during the summer months. I can only start back from today.

I was almost back home from my walk when a neighbor pulled up along side of my & said, "You're just going to waste away if you don't stop losing!" :lol: I :love: it!! I told her no, that I'm right where I need to be but!!! I HAVE GIVEN IT ALOT OF THOUGHT & HAVE DECIDED TO LOWER MY GOAL WEIGHT TO 135.

Well ladies, it's not a personal hello to each of you, but I got to go. I'm working 3-11 today. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll try to read & post some replies then. Hope each of you have a blessed day & enjoy this wonderful sunshine!! :wave:

jmuir9668 10-01-2001 01:57 PM

Sorry I was AWOL this weekend. Had to go out of town for a bridal shower. Unfortunately, I also ate everything this weekend. It was very hard since I had just started the program again and I was at my grandmothers. She always has good food. We had Bar-B-Q on Saturday night. It was really good!

Anyway, it is back on the wagon today. I'm going for my walk this afternoon. It isn't very long, but very hilly so I get a good cardia workout.

I did have one good thing this weekend. My massage therapist (who is also one of my best friends) said that my flexibility was improving and that she could tell that my thighs were becomming a bit firmer. :smug: Always good to hear.

Im not looking forward to WIW due to this past weekend and TOM, but we'll see. As long as I don't go up, I'll be fine.

Couldn't get caught up with the weekend posts. You folks were a loquacious bunch so I can't respond personnaly, but I hope everyone has a good week. I happy to find a group of real women who are in the same boat I am.

Check back later.


TVthatsME 10-01-2001 02:04 PM

Good Morning!
Hello all,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather here in AL was, and is still GREAT :smug: - Hope it holds out through the week so we can finish fall baseball up. I'm so tired of running to the ballfield. It was OK last year because fall ball is very laid back and I only had my oldest one playing - this fall, with both playing, I am ready to throw the scorebook to someone else and say "I'm done!" and go to the house. :dizzy: I've had no time for exercise since the beginning of September because of this! I need my normal routine to come back to me!!! If I get through this week, things should be back to normal - thank goodness!!

My neice is much better - thanks to all for the kind thoughts. She is a bit of a handful and adding to that the diabetes, it will be a full time job for all family members in trying to keep her out of trouble in the next few years!!

BOB - did I miss the season opener for ER??? Oh no! That is one of the few shows I still watch regularly!! How can I find out the details of what I missed???

Fillise - I'm with ya on the WAR EAGLE!! ;) Glad you made it through the yard sale. I love kittens, but my dh hates them, so I can't have one :( . They are soo sweet.

DEB! - 121 WOW. That is so great!!!! BTW - I like the idea about the stories too!


Rhroo 10-01-2001 02:45 PM

Good Monday morning! Everyone sounds like they are hanging in there. Me-hmmmm.....I have had a full week end which included lots of food! oh well. Starting over today. Still hanging in there with the excersise. I am staying away from the scale for awhile. TOM is also due so why bother weighing!!
Deb -congrats on the 121!!!

Mel-keep us posted on the 135

gotta gooooo sorry so quick i probably bore u all anyway! LOL



Rosalie 10-01-2001 03:43 PM

Hi everyone

It is a beautiful day here again, sunny and cool. But I won't be having any bike rides to-day. I still have a sore hand and a sore knee. Hope I am fit enough for work tomorrow afternoon. And it looks like I will be missing badminton for a week or two. I guess I will have to get out my exercise videos. Can't afford to slack off too much.

Deb - Glad to hear the scale is still down for you to-day. Mine was up a little - but then I wasn't supposed to get on it to-day so I will just ignore it. But it was a reminder that I had better go easy on the cookies. I will let you know what happens with the cheese. I haven't cut down on it intentionally, just haven't been snacking as much. But who know's what'll happen this week. The cookies I made using agave nectar turned out really good. I have already posted the recipe on the RECIPE BOARD. They are called CRANBERRY OAT COOKIES. I have already finished one of the bottles of agave. I had some on a buckwheat waffle yesterday, some in my cooked apple, and the rest in the cookies. I must have used some on something else too but can't think what it was now. Thanks for doing the happy dance for me. I went back to the HFS to-day and brought some Sprouted Almond Bread. Have you ever heard of it? This one comes from the UK. Haven't tried it yet. Have some whole gain rye bread to use up first. I also bought some FANTASTIC Falafel Mix. I tried this once before and it was the nicest one I had tasted. Haven't seen the brand that you suggested to BOB. Maybe it is not available up here.

Melf - Glad to hear that bil is doing a little better. That heart rate of yours doesn't sound very good to me. It should never be that fast just from walking. Have you had a physical lately. I think it is something you should get checked out. You could be fibrillating. JMHO.

Rhroo - I am never bored with your posts. You usually are able to make me smile.

Jred and Lizery - Loved your pictures. And Lizery what a beautiful daughter you have. She has your lovely smile.

Fillise - Glad your yard sale went well. Sounds like you will get lots of enjoyment out of Miss Belle. I love them when they are tiny.

Gotta run. Have to go to get my glasses fixed. I broke an arm off when I fell yesterday. Luckily I had another pair to wear.

Have a good week everyone.


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