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Still here!

I tried to slow down today. I only went to the nursing home this morning, which as you know I enjoy!

Then this afternoon a Bebefits rep or insurance came so I could sign up for a Medicare Plan. It will be such a finacial relief when that kicks in 10/1. Even called the doctor for an appointment after that date.

Then I took a nap. Lori was home today and she fixed supper.

I just of plugged along today.

Congrats to all the losers. And for us 1/2 pounders, at least it was down not up!

Take care. I am lurking and read, just can't sit for too long. At least the Board is slow and I can make a quick job of it.

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Evening-quick post before I hit the hay.

Feeling a bit barfy tonight-TOM didn't come as I expected it to, but it WILL come for sure, just taking it's time I guess. Definitely making me hungrier than normal, ate a bit more than I should of, but at least it was all food OP.

FRUIT, wish I could get to you and kick your butt, then go shopping! LOL! Honestly, I wish kicking someone's butt would do the trick, but you know as well as I that it's all in your own hands. I wanted to reach goal more than anything else and that's what I focused on and I, for once, got what I worked darned hard for-and there isn't one person on this board that can't do the same-including you!! Def. get back on the BIO BOARD, I need to get you back on my mailing list!!!

JRED, you must be a very smart and good teacher! My son started the gifted classes in 2nd grade (that's the grade they started here back then), he left me in the dust in 3rd grade. I got him tested when he was in Kindergarten, and he had an IQ of 132 then (do they change?). He's now just started 10th grade in a magnet school, the IB acadamey and is taking, what his counselor said, is a full load. All AP courses but 1, I think, which if I am correct, is his 5th year French class. He really does amaze me-and I truly thank his Elementary gifted teachers for teaching him in a way that made him truly love school! As a teacher, you'll also be appreciative to know both my kids have perfect attendance I've been to Dallas, very nice city!!

SEF, glad to hear you took it a bit easier today-remember, be kind to yourself!!!

BOB, just who I thought would get evicted on BB did-should be an interesting week!!

Okay ladies, I'm outta here til tomorrow!!


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Red face Thursday night

I did a nice long post this morning and then my internet explorer messed up and I lost the whole thing. ARG! This will be much shorter!

Congrats to all the losers this week! I got home and the scale says 237. I tend to retain water when I fly so we'll give it a day or two to see if the flood gates open! I did get back to the gym today--60 minutes cardio plus the upper body weight circuit. It felt great!

It is so nice to sleep in my own bed after two weeks.mmmm I need to head there in a few minutes!

Nighty-nite everyone. I hope tomorrow is a good day for all!

July 10, 2000
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Wink Remember me?

Hey Y'all! I am having a busy week and haven't even lurked! But it appears that my internet connection at home is fully reconnected and I will be back posting wtih my usual regularity next week.

I have been exercising like a good girl. Disney Marathon is now less than 4 months away and that is no time to be slacking off. I have been running, even at the beach last weekend I ran 7.5 miles. Will run at the beach again this weekend. I joined a local gym and went and lifted weights last night for the first time in years. It was great!

I continue to show a slow and steady gain, which is NOT the direction I want to go. I find it hard to believe that I ran 13 miles or more last week and that I still managed to gain a pound But I have to keep on the wagon and hope that the scales will start going in the other direction!

I go back to the doc this month and plan to talk to him about this medication and the impact is has had on my metabolism! I am at full strength on the dosage now, and hope that he is not planning on me taking this stuff ever. I'll keep you posted on that.

SOL - Sorry to hear about your job. Wish there was something I could do to improve the situation!

FLY - Gap Creek is supposed to be a great book, let me know how you like it.

BOB - I know you are watching BigBro. I love WILL because he is so "crafty" and fully admits it. I think he is playing the game very well. Nicole is such a basket case! I think that if Monica can remain in the house one more week that she will win. Will may only get votes from Mike Boogie and Shannon, Nicole will get 'em from Hardy and maybe Bunky, but Monica will get them from Krista, Kent and maybe some of the people who left early. I think she'll get those votes because the early outs have been able to watch the show to see how messed up Nicole and Will are. What do you think?



I hope that all of you have a great weekend. Time to go pack for the beach and tidy the house. I have missed you all.


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Default TGIF!!

Hello all!

I have a question.... Have any of you seen the latest on the SweetTalk board about the "fruit rule"? Apparantly, the new Kids SB book says it is OK to eat fruit with a meal if it doesn't cause you to have indigestion.... but isn't there other reasons why we have been told to do fruit alone?? What do you guys do, or think about it? I would love to have a piece of SGWW toast with SFPB and a Granny Smith apple in the morning for BF! What do you think??

I finally had my bloodwork done yesterday for the thyroid issue. I was supposed to get it done last week, but when I went the Doc had changed his hours and I couldn't get my paperwork! I didn't realize until they started increasing my dosage, and I started researching hypothyroidism, that some of the problems I have been complaining with could be related to my condition becoming worse (resulting in the need for my dosage to be increased, as has been happening). My hair has been coming out 2 or 3 x normal in the last couple of months and I've been having nighttime leg cramps, like the kind you get when you are pregnant (and I'm definately not PG). I've been taking calcuim supplements and they seemed to help for awhile, but not anymore - both legs cramped up on me at the same time early this morning I'm really anxious to see what the results look like this time!

My little one hit the ball 2 times in his first game last night! He was so cute. I got him a shirt and put his name and number on the back of it and got him a hat, cleats, ballpants and socks to match! He was styling on the baseball field (he knew it too!). It was hard to see my baby (only 4 years old) on the ballfield as a member of a real team!! They grow up so fast!!

Gotta go quick!
will check back later.
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Thumbs up Friday Monring

I'm up another lb this morning. Aarrgghh! I'm getting discouraged--I've been floating around the same 240-137 for two months now. I'm ready to move past this level.

Frog--See above--I sympathize! Have you checked progress with the tape measure? While my weight loss has stalled I have seen my wainst and hips shrink 1/2 inch each since July. I attribite that to the resumption of workouts. You should be seeing some progress somewhere! Also if you are adding muscle--remember that it does weigh more than fat, but also increases your metabolism! Hang in there!

Welcome to all the newcomers in the past couple of weeks!

This will be short since I posted last night.

BOB, GATOR, All the SEC gals--I have tickets to the Auburn/Ole Miss game tomorrow. I'm so excited. I was able to watch NC State beat up on Indiana last night (they are my REAL team, beingh the NC girl I am). I hope everyone's teams do well--except for Ole Miss of course!

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July 10, 2000
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Good Friday Morning Everyone!

Can't believe it's already the end of the week and the weekend is almost upon us-geez, I can't believe we're already a week in to September!

Went to take the garbage out this morning and it was sprinkling-but luckily, by the time Michael was ready to leave, it stopped, so I was able to get in the usual 4.5 miles-I did my 17 jogs as usual, time wise that is, but extended the length of them and was able to bring in a time of 50:15, not my fastest time, but a lot better than I've been doing recently, this was actually my SECOND FASTEST TIME! So, not to boast, but I'm pretty proud of myself To look back and see where I was just a few months ago and now this, it does amaze me!!!

Finally, TOM arrived, not that I was worried, I knew it would come, but I was hoping it would of been on time because now it seems next month it will come right on my birthday! Oh, what a lovely present for my 40th! Oh well, maybe next month it will be late again!

I heard from BEACHFAN via e-mail-she told me to tell everyone hello and that she misses the board. She's been really busy with work and hasn't been exercising as she'd like, but is trying to stay OP as best she can, esp. through many lunches out at restaurants. One thing she said really hit home for me in regards to making goal I do think maintaining is harder than losing. There is no immediate satisfaction that you have made a goal She mentioned maybe doing a 10K. Made me think-with SB, this is the first time I made a goal and actually made it and, even though it's only been 3 months that I've been at goal, staying here. What next?? I guess my next mini goal? A new time of walking goal? Does have me pondering my thoughts!

FILLISE, hope you are making those potty calls today-hope I make potty calls as well! Glad to have you back, safe and sound Don't worry about being up, you know it's just temporary!!!!

FROG, glad to have you back full force, missed ya! I agree on what you say about BB-Will was right in voting Hardy out, if he stayed he'd have a chance to win, but Nicole, I don't think she'd get many votes is she were staying-hopefully, she'll be outta there next! Don't worry about the scale-I'm sure it's the medication and the muscle you are probably gaining. When I look back at my WC program I see that I am the same weight today that I was as far back as 2 months ago-and 2lbs higher than my lowest weight-but I'm confident that staying OP and being patient will show a loss one day soon-so keep the faith, my dear!

TV, here's the skinny on the fruit rule. If fruit doesn't bother you at all, you can eat it with other foods-BUT, the reasoning behind that is best explained by Montignacs Book (hope this helps answer your question):

Fresh fruit should preferably be eaten on an empty stomach. This particular advice has little to do with the weight loss in which we are interested. It is instead to assure better digestive comfort because the consumption of fruit at the end of a meal, as is often the habit, can cause digestive problems.

The digestion of fruit begins in the mouth with the chewing and ends in the small intestine. Fruit, then, has nothing to do in the stomach but go through it. When fresh fruit is eaten after foods containing proteins, such as meat or cheese, it is blocked for a certain amount of time in the stomach by the digestion of the proteins even though it would prefer to pass quickly to the intestines. Fruit is imprisoned in the stomach and, under the effects of heat and humidity, may ferment, sometimes even causing a small amount of alcohol to be produced. The whole digestive process could then suffer (bloating).

Fruit should be eaten whenever you have an empty stomach - in the morning for example, before breakfast. But you should wait about fifteen minutes before beginning to eat something else, in order to allow it to pass easily through the stomach. You could also eat fruit late at night before going to bed, that is, at least three hours after the end of dinner. A piece of fruit could be eaten in the middle of the afternoon. But you should also be sure to leave a sufficient amount of time following lunch (about 3 hours) and before dinner.

As all rules have exceptions, some kinds of fruit, because they have a very low concentration of sugar, do not ferment easily. Included in this category are STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, BLACK CURRANTS, RED CURRANTS and BLACKBERRIES, which can be eaten with no problem at the end of a meal.

Cooked fruits can also be eaten at the end of meals because they lose the ability to ferment in the stomach. Lemon does not ferment either, so you can drink its juice (unsweetened) at any time or use it to flavor food.

Well, today is FRIDAY FACTS and I don't think I've ever posted this entire article before, and usually, I just post a link to the site, but have found many times that sites have a tendency to just disappear, never to be seen again, so I am posting the whole enchilada below-thought it was interesting enough to share with you all.

This article was published in FDA Consumer magazine several years ago. It is no longer being maintained and may contain information that is out of date. You may find more current information on this topic in more recent issues of FDA Consumer or elsewhere on the FDA Website, by checking the site index or home page, or by searching the site.

Not Only Sugar Is Sweet
by Alexandra Greeley

Plain table sugar and its numerous taste-alikes may be one of our most
popular food commodities. People come by their love for sweetness naturally. According to the experts, humans are born generally preferring sweet over bitter or sour tastes.

Sweeteners make many foods taste better. And natural sugars have a host of other valuable culinary?and practical?uses, including adding bulk to baked goods, helping foods to brown, and facilitating fermentation. But despite their immense popularity, sweeteners, particularly table sugar, have generated their share of sour publicity because of health concerns.

What Is Sugar?

Traditionally for most consumers the generic term ?sugar? means simply the white sugar crystals, or table sugar, that are stirred into or sprinkled on foods.

These familiar crystals are technically known as sucrose. Sucrose is a
disaccharide--that is, it's composed of two simple sugar units, in this case, glucose and fructose. White sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets that have undergone a rigorous refining process. White sugar crystals can be used as is, compressed into cubes, or further pulverized to superfine, then to confectioner?s, or powdered, sugar. Brown sugar results from mixing white sugar crystals with molasses. Other forms of sucrose are beet sugar, maple sugar, turbinado sugar, and raw sugar.

Sucrose, however, is only one of a subgroup of sugars (see accompanying chart), and all sugars are carbohydrates. Monosaccharides, or single sugar units, include glucose, fructose and galactose. Monosaccharides also are the digestive end product of polysaccharides, the complex carbohydrates (starches) in fruits, grains and vegetables. Other disaccharides besides sucrose include lactose (glucose and galactose), also called milk sugar, and
maltose (two units of glucose), also called malt sugar.

For labeling use and for making comparative claims, the Food and Drug
Administration defines sugars as all mono-, di-, tri-, and tetrasaccharides and their derivatives, such as sugar alcohol, says Youngme Park, Ph.D., a nutritionist with FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. He says this includes all carbohydrate sweeteners with the same functional and physiological effect that can be used interchangeably in the food supply.

After complex carbohydrates are broken down to simple sugars (most sugars and carbohydrates are eventually broken down to glucose), the sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream and go to the liver. There they may be stored as glycogen or used immediately as glucose for energy by the body or brain.

"The body uses glucose as its simplest form of energy," says Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., research scientist in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "So for people who need calories, that is, those who are recovering from an operation or who are shipwrecked, sugar can keep them alive."

Thomas Jukes, Ph.D., professor of biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley, tells of his experiments feeding laboratory rats protein, vitamins, minerals, and sugar as the sole source of carbohydrates. The rats thrived, he says. "Fish is not a brain food," concludes Jukes. "Glucose is."

Sucrose occurs naturally in most green plants, says Sarah Setton, vice
president for public affairs, The Sugar Association, Washington, D.C. It is produced by photosynthesis, which is the use of the sun's energy in the formation of food by plants. People would have to stop eating fruits and vegetables and any products incorporating them to cut sugar out of their diet. People seem to think that there is a difference between sugar in an apple and sugar in the sugar bowl," she adds. "But the way the body uses sugar is all the same. The body can?t tell where the sugar is from."

A Taste for Sweets

Americans have become conspicuous consumers of sugar and sweet-tasting foods and beverages. We have developed a relentless sweet tooth, "a severe addiction to sweetness," says Joan Gussow, Ed.D., professor of nutrition and education at Columbia Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture data on the amount of caloric sweeteners used in food, there has been an increase of more than 16 percent on a per person basis over the past two decades, and more than half of the increase has occurred in the past five years. Caloric sweeteners include sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, pure honey, and edible syrups.

Paul Lachance, chairman of the department of food science at Rutgers
University in New Jersey states it another way. He estimates that, based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, the average American consumes about 300 calories from sugars added to food. That comes to nearly 14 teaspoons of table sugar a day.

Gussow has her own theory about why sugar is so prominent in the American diet. It's for taste, she says. "I grow my own vegetables and fruit. And when I pick, cook and eat my parsnips, for example, they are as sweet as sugar," she says. "But food is shipped all over the place, and when food gets too old, much of the sugar turns to starch. The natural sweetness is gone, and people sugar food to give it flavor."

As yet, no scientist has established any limits for sugar consumption. In the typical American diet today (composed of about 45 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent protein, and 30 to 35 percent fat) all added and naturally occurring sugars account for about 21 percent of the total daily caloric intake. A 1986 FDA report estimated that sugars added to food accounted for 11 percent of calories consumed.

Yet if people eat increasingly larger quantities of caloric (nutritive)
sweeteners in general, these could compete with and crowd out other
nutrients, warns Jane Hurley, associate nutritionist at the Center for
Science in the Public Interest, Washington, D.C. People may consume many of their calories each day from a sugary soft drink or candy bar. "Those foods have few important nutrients we need," she says. "People are better off having an apple as a snack than a candy bar."

The Safety Issue

Over the last several decades, sugar has taken on the villain's role in the American diet. General sugar-bashing has led to "sugarphobia" as Jukes calls it and the unfounded fear that eating refined sugar causes many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, and even criminal behavior.

But, in fact, added sugar at current levels is not detrimental to health.
According to the landmark 1986 FDA Report of Sugars Task Force, sugar, when consumed normal or moderate quantities, cannot be linked to any disease, nor does it create a dependency.

Walter Glinsmann, M.D., FDA's associate director for clinical nutrition and senior author of the task force report, explains that members of the task force estimated the intake figures and trends of both added and naturally occurring sugars, based on USDA data. They also reviewed the scientific literature dealing with possible harmful effects of sugar consumption on numerous conditions, including tooth decay, glucose tolerance, diabetes mellitus, lipidemias (high blood fat), cardiovascular diseases, obesity, gallstones, and cancer. "Based on that work," says Glinsmann, "we decided that sugars are safe as they are now used in the food supply." If there is a significant change in the way Americans consume sugars, he adds, then scientists must reevaluate their role.

As Glinsmann observes, FDA does not say that eating unlimited amounts of sugars is safe. "There are not good or bad foods, only good or bad diets," he says. "If half your diet is pure sugar, that is not healthy. ... In a normal, varied diet, there are no adverse effects of sugar itself."

The task force did find that sugar can cause dental cavities, he says, but adds that so can other fermentable carbohydrates, such as dried fruit and honey, under the right conditions.

Despite the report, some consumers persist in linking sugar consumption with assorted ills, such as hyperactivity and aggressive behavior in children. This is often reported by parents who say that their children are uncontrollable after eating candy and other sugary sweets.

Glinsmann points out that sugar has not been shown to be a factor in
hyperactivity. Studies of children and adolescents at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., and elsewhere have looked at groups of individuals served sugar or a placebo (an inactive substance given as a control when testing another substance). Glinsmann points out that no researcher has found that sugar has had any discernible negative effect on children's behavior. To the contrary, sugar often has a soothing effect.

It also calms adults, says Wurtman, who has studied the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and mood. When people report having a sugar high or jitters, Wurtman asks them what was happening before they took a mouthful of something sweet. "When people feel the need to eat," she says, "They usually are jittery. But 20 minutes after eating, they are no longer jittery." In fact, the opposite happens: After eating sugar, people become calm or even sleepy, she says, an effect caused by sugar raising the level of a calming rain chemical called serotonin. Sugar in its pure form is the best
nonprescription antidepressant, she says.

Sugar by Other Names

Numerous nutritive and nonnutritive substitutes for sucrose vie for its place as a sweetener. All nutritive substitutes - such as honey, concentrated fruit juices, dextrose (also known as glucose), maple and corn syrups, fructose (levulose or fruit sugar), sugar alcohols, and high-fructose corn syrup contain and contribute calories.

Perhaps the most commonly used nutritive sweetener is high-fructose corn syrup, a sweet product manufactured from cornstarch and containing a high level of fructose, explains Kyd Brenner, director of public affairs for the Corn Refiners Association in Washington, D.C. High-fructose corn syrup is very close to the composition and calorie content of cane sugar, he says, and the syrup can be used as a direct and inexpensive substitute for cane sugar when liquid sweeteners are called for. It is used extensively in soft drinks, condiments, jams, jellies, and wine and is not available for home use.

Of the sugar alcohols, sorbitol (60 percent as sweet as sucrose with about the same number of calories per gram) is used in such products as hard and soft candies and chewing gums. Xylitol, another sugar alcohol, has limited FDA approval for special dietary uses. A third sugar alcohol, mannitol, has been removed from the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list, and is regulated as an 'interim' food additive. This means that its current use is considered safe, but some questions have been raised that must be resolved to fully determine what limitations, if any, should be imposed. Mannitol is still being used in some products.

Both mannitol and sorbitol, when taken in large amounts, can cause diarrhea. Products whose reasonably foreseeable consumption may result in a daily ingestion of 50 grams of sorbitol or 20 grams mannitol must bear the labeling statement: "Excess consumption may have a laxative effect."

The sugar polymer polydextrose, because of its bulking properties, is used to replace a number of the technical effects of sucrose in various baked goods, salad dressings, frozen desserts, and candies. Because of its structure, polydextrose is not readily digested, so it is a low-calorie sucrose substitute. But it does not provide sweetness, so it is likely to be used with a nonnutritive sweetener. FDA is presently considering petitions for its use in other products such as in fruit and peanut butter spreads, sweet sauces, toppings, and syrups, and as a formulation aid in film coatings in vitamin and mineral supplement tablets.

Nonnutritive Sweeteners

Nonnutritive, or high-intensity, sweeteners satisfy America's sweet tooth without adding calories. Presently, manufacturers are using three such sweeteners to replace sugar in a variety of food and nonfood items such as mouthwashes and pill coatings.

One of these is saccharin, 300 times sweeter than table sugar and with zero calories. It is sold in liquid, tablets, packets, and in bulk. Saccharin has had a stormy past, with studies in the United States and Canada implicating it in the development of certain cancers. In the late 1970s, FDA contracted with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to study cancer-causing agents and toxic substances in foods, including saccharin. NAS reports showed that saccharin is a potential cancer-causing agent in humans. A congressional moratorium protecting saccharin's continued use has been renewed periodically
by Congress. The required label warning on saccharin states, "Use of this product may be hazardous to your health. This product contains saccharin which has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals."

Aspartame - about 200 times sweeter than table sugar and with the same number of calories per teaspoonful has been shown to be safe. However, some people have reported that they are sensitive to it, although such a sensitivity has not been confirmed by scientific studies. Certain individuals suffering from a rare genetic disease called phenylketonuria cannot tolerate the amino acid phenylalanine, one of the building blocks of aspartame as well as naturally occurring proteins. Therefore, products containing aspartame must bear on the
label a statement that they contain phenylalanine. Aspartame is available in packets and is used in numerous foods, including cereals, beverage bases, and ready-to-drink iced tea, but because it is not generally heat stable, it is not used for cooking. Food technologists have been working on ways to overcome this instability.

Acesulfame K (K is the chemical symbol for potassium)-130 times sweeter than table sugar?was approved by FDA in July 1988 as a sugar substitute in packets or tablets and as an ingredient in such products as chewing gum, dry drink mixes, and gelatins. The body does not metabolize acesulfame K so itcontributes no calories. Soluble in water, it is stable at normal temperatures and does not break down during cooking.

FDA banned the use of the sweetener cyclamate in 1970 because of concerns over its safety, but cyclamate is again under consideration for use in specific products, such as tabletop sweeteners and nonalcoholic beverages.

Under Development

Scientists continue to develop new sugar substitutes. For example, among the nutritive sweeteners, petitions for the use of the sugar alcohols isomalt (in gelatins, hard and soft candies, and baked goods), maltitol (in candy and cough drops), lactitol (in candy, chewing gum, baked goods, and frozen dairy desserts), and hydrogenated starch hydrolisates (in candy, chewing gum, and confections) are under current FDA review, says Art Lipman, Ph.D., a supervisory consumer safety officer with FDA's direct additives branch.

FDA has also received numerous inquiries about the regulatory status of a naturally occurring high-intensity sweetener known as stevia (or stevioside), says Lipman. Extracted from a plant grown in South America, stevia is 300 times sweeter than table sugar and is used for sweetening in Japan and other countries. Lipman says no petition has been filed for its use in the United States.

Two nonnutritive sweeteners being studied, says George Pauli, Ph.D.,
chief of the novel ingredients and policy development branch. These are alitame (Pfizer), which is chemically similar to aspartame, and sucralose (McNeil Specialty Products Co.), a chlorinated sucrose that has been made indigestible. FDA is also considering petitions for additional uses of the sweetener acesulfame K in beverages and baked goods and of aspartame for bulk use and in breakfast cereals, malt beverages, candies, and cooked foods.

Eating foods sweetened with nonnutritive sweeteners rather than sugar is an individual choice, says Laura Tarantino, an FDA consumer safety officer. Our law says only that we [FDA] need to assess the safety of a new food additive and its technical effect," she says. "Nonnutritive sweeteners are safe to use. But we don't tell people to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners."

In the future, consumers wanting to know which sweeteners are present in their foods need only read the label. According to an FDA labeling proposal, all sweeteners will be listed together in the ingredient list, under the collective term 'sweetener,' when more than one sweetener is used in a product (following the collective term, each sweetener would be listed in parentheses in descending order of predominance by weight of the sweetener in the food). According to an FDA proposal published late in 1991, it would be mandatory for all complex carbohydrates and simple sugars to be listed on the
nutrition label, says Lynn Larsen, Ph.D., director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's Executive Operations Staff.

People may have an inherent preference for sweetness, and that may have helped our ancestors survive, since bitter-tasting plants are generally not fit to eat. But beyond survival, people seem to have discovered that sweet flavors really help make eating pleasurable.

Alexandra Greeley is a freelance writer in Reston, Va.

Sweet Talk

Type of Sweetener Regulatory Status

Common Sugars
Glucose (also called dextrose) GRAS
Fructose (also called levulose) GRAS
fruit sugar
Galactose none; cannot be directly added
to food

Sucrose (glucose + fructose) GRAS
white table sugar, beet sugar,
turbinado sugar, raw sugar
Lactose (glucose + galactose) GRAS petition under
milk sugar
Maltose (glucose + glucose) GRAS
malt sugar

Sugar Alcohols
sorbitol GRAS
xylitol limited FDA approval for
special uses,
mannitol removed from GRAS; regulated as
"interim food additive"

Nonnutritive and High-Intensity Sweeteners
Aspartame approved
Acesulfame K approved
Cyclamate banned
Saccharin remains on market through
congressional moratorium

And on that note, I wish you all a wonderful day, and a great weekend!!!

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Hope everyone is having a good evening....







As usual, I'll let you know

SUSAN My boys are playing on TV again this week...
looks like BAMA may be out of the running....
Good luck to AUBURN this weekend....HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!



I'm off to start my movies...


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Hi everyone

Just checking in to say Hi to you all. Wasn't able to post yesterday. Had a very busy day at work then baby sat for a couple of hours in the evening which meant kids hogging the computer and then I had to play a game of dominoes. The favorite non-computer game at present. Had another busy day at work to-day, didn't even have time to lurk. I just sat down after finishing supper. Made pizza, SB legal of course. I always think of it as a quick and easy meal and then am surprised at how long it takes to get everything chopped up and ready. Also got delayed as Dr. Andrews came on TV at 6 p.m. talking about the new SB for Kids book. I made two pizzas and put one in the freezer. We'll see how it turns out.

Deb - Congrats on the walk. I really admire you getting out there every morning - even on the days that you don't feel like doing it. When it comes to making goals while maintaining I think the main goal has to be that you will NOT gain back what you have lost. Just tell yourself that in, say, three months time you will still be where you are now give or take a pound or two as there are always some fluctuations. It's good to keep up with the exercises and to try and improve your times but the #1 goal has to be to maintain the loss which you have worked so hard to achieve. Thanks for posting the article Not Only Sugar etc. I haven't had a chance te read it all yet but will get to it later. I picked up a copy of The Glucose Revolution Life Plan from the library yesterday. Haven't read much of it yet but will let you know if there is anything interesting in it.

Frog - Welcome back. Sorry to see that the scale is going in the wrong direction but I agree with what Filllise says about building muscle with all the exercise you are doing and of course muscle does weigh more than fat. Have you noticed any difference with your clothes. Maybe you are losing inches.

Fillise - Sorry to see you are up a pound but I am sure it is only temporary. Once you get lots of H2o in that pound should float away. I know what it is like though to stay the same for weeks on end but at least you have lost inches and that is just as important as the pounds.

TV - There was another reason that the SB authors gave for the fruit rule. This is a quote from page 131 of the book: "Most fruits contain the basic sugar fructose and stimulate approximately one third the insulin secretion stimulated by glucose. Consequently, fruit alone as a snack is very beneficial but in combination with other carbohydrates loses the advantage of lower insulin secretion that is achieved when eaten by itself." Personally I cannot see how this is beneficial as if eaten with other carbs it could lower the gi of the total meal (depending on whether the other foods were mainly absorbed in the stomach or intestines). Just MHO. I don't think this is mentioned in the new kids book (I've only skimmed through it in the book store) as it says that it is o.k. to eat fruit with a meal if it doesn't cause indigestion. So if you like to eat an apple in the morning with your breakfast I would go ahead and try it. I've eaten fresh fruit occasionally either before or immediately following a meal with no ill effects. That must be fun watching those little tikes playing baseball. They are so cute at that age.

Sef - How are you feeling to-day. Hope you had a good rest after your busy day yesterday.

Sol - How was the new bed. Did Vince have to bounce you out of it in the morning

Lamap - Half a pound down!!!!! - that's certainly better than staying the same or going up. Take every little bit you can.

Rhroo - Your kids soccer games are just starting and my daughters kids are just finishing. Where do they play, inside or outside? Hope you enjoy the games. Coaching too - WOW - that should be fun. I think it is always fun to watch the little ones play.

Have to stop rambling and get my lunch ready for tomorrow as I am off to work again in the morning (and Sunday) so should try to get an early night.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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What a day! Will the rain stay away? Will he barometer go up? Someday I hope. Did wash, defrosted my little fridge up here, went to Sam's (that meant unloading everything) and made a huge pot of chili to be able to freeze some.

Of course, all that made my hand flare up again and I am aching all over; but you can't sit and do nothing for so long. Besides it didn't seem to be helping!

I cleaned up the mess I made cooking and filled a bowl for the freezer. I ate early and brought my supper up here. I know they don't mind cleaning up after themselves.

I am so far behind on posts can't possibly answer all. Just know I am thinking of y'all and miss the give and take of the posts.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to write more.

Take care, I am lurking!!!

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Hurrahh the cookie cravings have abated and Im getting my energy back
Its a beaut day here and Ive just come in from the garden. I have had no inclination to get out there for months so its a real turn up

Read the SUGAR ARTICLE posted above with interest but thought it gave sugar the thumbs up???

I bought the book 'Protein Power' a few days ago and its really interesting. Its packed with so much info!
Have worked out my body fat and lean body mass. From that if I want to 22% BF at goal which is the low average for my age, my goal weight needs to be 130 not 125 as in Bee125. 130 will do me fine. At 28% which is the high average Id be 140. Unless my lean body mass changes along with my weight, but its something to go by for now anyway.
I am really watching my carbs now Im getting into the swing of things.

Got some gourgeous jam couple of days ago, no not the Jokn'Al still havnt seen that , but St.Dalfour and it comes from France.Its just like the real fruit very tasty and yum. Gotta have something nice to put on those few and far between bits of toast eh.

Ok Im off for a nice bath
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Good Saturday Morning Everyone

Went to a few garage sales today, or should I rename them GARBAGE SALES-very few and such junk! Should of had mine today as I had thought I would weeks ago, yet the procrastinator in me put it off once again.

BOB, any good movies?

ROSALIE, how was your pizza? I mentioned to Eli last night that I couldn't believe it's been 1 1/2 years since I had a real slice of pizza. Thanks for your insight on maintenance and where to go from here. I do have the goal of hiding the scale after the New Year, does that count??? Let me know what you think about The Glucose Revolution Life Plan book-will be interested in knowing.

SEF, hate hearing that your hand bothers you so much-please, take care of yourself-you need to just sit there and pretend to be QUEEN FOR THE DAY, or maybe longer!

BEE, glad to hear someone has nice weather, it's been raining here the past few days. I posted the article cause I thought it was informative-gosh knows, how anyone in their right mind could give sugar a thumbs up is beyond me, but I guess when compared to all the imitation stuff, one would think it was better than aspertame, saccarhine, etc. Glad you found some good jam-did JoknAl write you back yet?

Gonna go make an omelette, already had 2 fruits, Asian pear and raspberries-that gives me 21 grams of fiber all ready for the day!!!! Found more Monsterra at the market-YEAH! I love that fruit, now, just have to be patient and wait for it to ripen.

Hope you all have a wonderful SB legal weekend!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default It's today!!

Yes, my birthday has finally arrived & I did NOT get to goal which was 140, but the consolation is that I'm only 4 lbs away, so I can cope with that.

I had to work another hectic 12 hr shift yesterday, so we did not leave for Texas till 7:30 pm, so we got to DD's about 11pm last night. It has been raining alot here the past few weeks, so since she has a long muddy drive, we had to park at the road & walk in. *she lives in rural are* So I', walking down the drive carrying a couple of bags & the next thing I know, I'm looking at the stars LOL I can laugh about it this am, but trust me, I was not happy about it then. I was still in my white uniform & shoes & bot was I a mess. My head even bounced as I hit the ground. But I'm ok...just hurt my pride... Anyway, wanted to check in & say hi...Thanks for the Birthday card, gals


We're attending a gospel concert tonight after we go out to eat, but first, DD & I are off to WalMart...
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