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Default Sugarbusters Weekly Support Board 1/30 - 2/5

Welcome to Sugarbusters!

This is the Sugarbusters support board, where anyone following, or interested in following, Sugarbusters is welcome to come for discussion, and support. We hope you will become a part of our great group!

We try to have different themes for different days of the week.

MONDAY: MMM, or Metal Monster Monday, is when we weigh in, and post our progress. This is voluntary.

TUESDAY: Is tip day- we try to share a tip, or two to help each other.

WEDNESDAY: Is Wonderful Wednesday. On Wednesdays, we share something wonderful about our selves, or our lives.

THURSDAY: Is Thirst Day! A reminder to drink your water! Its a good day to share a recipe too!

FRIDAY: Is FF, for Friday funnies. Everyone needs a laugh on Friday!

You are welcome to post questions, vent frustrations, whatever, but please be respectful of others and their beliefs.

Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

Look for our QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARDS to post your favorite recipes and to see the most recently posted recipes. Recipes from the quarterly boards will be archived in proper categories at some point.

We have FIVE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

NEWBIES: To post a reply, please hit reply and NOT new thread
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Default Happy Monday All!

Well I was not able to get on line this weekend... boy it flew by so fast and I have a bit to do today at work so I am going to make this quick.

I lost 2 pounds last week and did get some exercise in so that is good. My total is 9 pounds lost so far.

Have to run.

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Ok, trying not to panic. I jsut got on the scale and I'm UP 5 POUNDS !!!!! That brings me back to my prepreg weight of 195.'s ok...I'm supposed to gain...... Although, I know that it's because I ate JUNK all weekend. Ate out every meal, pizza, mexican, bbq chicken,... I even ate Iie cream cake at my brother's birthday party last night. ALthough, I took a small piece and didn't even finish it. So, needless to say, I'm off to the YMCA to KICK MY BUTT BACK INTO GEAR!!!!

We got a WONDERFUL babysitter at the last minute for Saturday. It wasn't cheap, but worth it to have someone who actually fed my kids correctly. THe conference was awesome. I'm re-motivated, and I love the new business plan. No more parties!! It's sooo much easier!

I'm going to make a menu for the week when I get home from the Y. I did do really well at drinking my water last week. I average about 100 oz a day. I just need to stop EATING OUT!!!

Princess- Good morning! 9 pounds so far? You're awesome!!!!!
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Good Morning
House news still depressing

I gained a lb. Not sure why except I must be eating too much of legal foods

DH is leaving today and will be gone all week. That happens every week but this week I'm really sick
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Good morning! I woke up this morning with my hand/arm tingling like the nerve is mad at me. I think I must have slept on it funny. I hope it gets better soon, cause I don't like the way it feels. I got a new pillow on Thursday, and I think it stretches my neck wrong. I will probably go back to my old one tonight and see if it helps.

I got on the metal monster this morning, expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised to be down 1.5. I now only have two of the holiday pounds to get rid of. I think the walk yesterday helped a lot. I feel encouraged about it. I love eating a very light dinner, but most nights, my dear husband wants a 'real meal'. Last night, I ate very little and I think that helps. I am often not really hungry at why bother? He works out after work though, and is starving. Why is it that I can't prepare a meal for him and NOT eat any???

PRINCESS: You are doing awesome! Congrats on another loss this week!

TALITHA: Don't get ARE pregnant, and as long as you are eating well, not over doing it, you shouldn't worry about it. Is this market week? I am thinking it is...I hope I can drag Laura along.

I apologize for not getting to challenges. Let's do a 'make your own' week... SO, make a challenge for yourself and share it in a post here. Share how the rest of us can hold you accountable for it as well....
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ROSANNE: We were posting at the same time.. I hope you feel better. I am so sorry that the house news is not better. Hang in there... as for the gain, it can be water or anything. If you are not eating enough, you can actually gain too, from your body freaking out and thinking you are starving.
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Another week and still no loss! I guess I am going to be one of those who fights for every pound! I have been drinking more water and eating better, but it's just so frustrating! Ya know? I walked about two miles yesterday and am feeling it today! I will go this afternoon if it is not raining. Maybe increasing exercise will help, otherwise my sanity will suffer!
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Happy Monday Ladies

Hope everyone had a great OP weekend.

Ours was busy, with really nothing major to do.

My goal this week is to count calories. I have been journaling, but this week I am going to count the calories too. Maybe that will help. I stayed the same this week. I was down 2 more on Sat, but up on Sunday.

We ate out on Saturday, but I had a steak, green beans and a salad. I did have 2 bites out of my croissant.

Yesterday we had the new DiJorno (sp) ww frozen pizzas. They were really good. I'll definately buy them again.

Princess, Congrats on your 2 lb loss this week. Nine pounds, you should be seeing a change in your clothes. Keep up the good work.

Talitha, that 5 lbs is probably baby. I wouldn't worry about it, just watch what you eat.

Rosanne, sorry the house huntingis not working out. Hang in there. Feel better.

Monet, congrats on your loss too. Hope that arm gets better quickly.

Thin,I feel your pain. I am going to the gym 3 nights and staying legal, but the pounds refuse to budge. My meds also prvent me from losing so I have to work twice as hard. Hang in there. It will happen.

Got to run,have a great OP day.
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Every time you make an ethical decision, offer your support, choose honesty, or lend a helping hand, you make a difference. Every time you are polite, pick up a piece of litter, or send someone a thank-you note, you make a difference.

To think we can keep it going - 100 percent of the time, to keep so many balls in the air, stay on top of everything, be in touch with so many people, be mistake-free, and do it all with a smile - is ludicrous!

Good Morning:

I changed my ticker to reflect my weight gain since it has stuck for awhile. I've actually been at 124#, but was at 123# this morning, so I will keep it there, and hope to bring it back down next week. I hope to get to the gym 4 times this week. I've gotta keep a closer eye on portion sizes too. My kids made a birthday cake for me this weekend (my favorite....carrot), and I had a few slices of that. It will be gone by my birthday, so no more temptation. It was easier to pull off the surprise for me over the weekend, with my DH home to help them.

I went to the gym on Saturday morning, and then to run some errands before my massage at 10 a.m. I drove my DH's truck, which has 250,000 miles on it. I went to get gas before my massage, and couldn't start the vehicle after that. I was so BUMMED! I called the massage place, and Triple A, but was able to start it 15 minutes later. I was able to make my massage, but only got a 40-minute one for the price of an hour. It was still good, and I really needed it then. I told my DH that I am never driving his vehicle again; I can't stand it; it always acts up for me. I wish he would just break down and get a new one, but he is "cheap" when it comes to spending money on anything he thinks he doesn't need. He is convinced he can drive it to 300,000.

I have my follow-up appt. with my gastro doctor today. I will have to inquire about the Diverticular disease.

Princess: Congrats on your loss; you're doing great!! Keep up the fantastic job!

Talitha: RELAX.... ! You are pregnant and supposed to gain weight. Just concentrate on not eating out, and eating healthy foods. You can concentrate on the wt. loss after the baby arrives. 7 more days, right???? We can't wait to hear if the baby is a he or a she.

Rosanne: Hang in there!!!!

Monet: Congrats on the loss! I hope your arm/hand if back to normal soon; I hate that tingly feeling.

Thin: I think exercise is crucial to weight loss....keep it up, and hang in there. Sometimes we go through stalls, but stay consistent and you will pull through it. Maybe cut back on carbs or fruits, nuts, cheese, etc....Or make sure that you are eating enough; your body may be holding on to the calories since there aren't enough to burn.

Gotta run!

I'll check in later!

Have a great OP day!
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Good Morning, bustin buddies! Today is off to a good start. I have this e-mail to share with you ...not a Friday Funny...but a Monday Morning inspirational...these are prayers from little ones to God. I hope you like them...

1. Dear God, please put another holiday between Christmas and Easter.

There is nothing good in there now.


2. Dear God, Thank you for the baby brother but what I asked for was a puppy.

I never asked for anything before. You can look it up.

3. Dear Mr. God, I wish you would not make it so easy for people to come apart

I had to have 3 stitches and a shot.


4. God, I read the bible. What does beget mean? Nobody will tell me.

Love Alison

5. Dear God, How did you know you were God? Who told you?


6. Dear God, Is it true my father won't get in Heaven if he uses his golf words in the house?


7. Dear God, I bet it's very hard for you to love all of everybody in the whole world. There are only 4 people in our family and I can never do it.


8. Dear God, I like the story about Noah the best of all of them. You really made up some good ones. I like walking on water, too.


9. Dear God, My Grandpa says you were around when he was a little boy. How far back do you go?

Love, Dennis

10. Dear God, Do you draw the lines around the countries? If you don't, who does?


11. Dear God, Did you mean for giraffes to look like that or was it an accident?


12. Dear God, In bible times, did they really talk that fancy?


13. Dear God, How come you did all those miracles in the old days and don't do any now?


14. Dear God, Please send Dennis Clark to a different summer camp this year.


15. Dear God, Maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each other so much if they each had their own rooms. It works out OK with me and my brother.


16. Dear God, I keep waiting for spring, but it never did come yet.

What's up? Don't forget.


17. Dear God, My brother told me about how you are born but it just doesn't sound right. What do you say?


18. Dear God, If you watch in Church on Sunday I will show you my new shoes.


19. Dear God, Is Reverend Coe a friend of yours, or do you just know him through the business?


20. Dear God, I do not think anybody could be a better God than you. Well, I just want you to know that.

I am not just saying that because you are already God.


21. Dear God, It is great the way you always get the stars in the right place. Why can't you do that with the moon?


22. Dear God, I am doing the best I can. Really !!!!


And, saving the best for last . .

23. Dear God, I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset you made on Tuesday night. That was really cool.

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Hello, all. At least a year ago, I spent some time with y'all and have since found that no eating plan works for me like SB. I am re-reading the newest book and had a few questions that I sure would appreciate y'all cluing me in on (I'm rusty so please bear with me).

(1) Is sourdough bread still allowed as an alternative to whole grain breads?
(2) Is whole wheat pasta the only kind of pasta we can eat (yuck) or are we still allowed to eat 100% semolina durham wheat pasta?

Thanks a million. Some of my dearest friends, Jackie and BOB were a part of this Board back when I was active -- are they still with us? If not, anyone know if they are well?

Y'all take care and if you'll have me, I'd love to be back a part of the "gang" here -- I love it!
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Okay, so husband is driving me bonkers iwth this whole moving thing. Just as I'm getting to a place in my mind where I'm looking forward to moving to Denver, now he says that he'd rather just take a lower paying job, send me back to work and stay where we are. I'm planning on going back to work when Kyle goes to kindergarden, anyway, so I don't mind that being in the equation, but there are so many variables in play as to what happens and I just wish we could pick a direction and go with it. Its emotionally draining to say the least.

The kids are home from school today from ice. Which I love because with Shelley being in the school play, she's hardly ever home to hang out with me and I've been dying to teach her to make friendship bracelets and today's the day!! We are also going to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl WITHOUT the headache inducing 3-D glasses (you can choose to watch the movie with or without it on the menu).

Derek is off to Vermont again for the week. Sucks. But now Shelley and I can watch American Idol and our taped shows. I've been watching with her a series on PBS called Frontier House. It was taped, I think, in 2001 and I missed it and wanted to watch it then, so now we're taping it and watching it when we have the time. Its about three families that are shoved off into Montana to live like the original frontiersmen and everything has to be authentic. They have a fancy family from Malibu, a young interracial couple and a family from Tennessee and it's really interesting to see how each family adapts to living like its the 1800's.

I'm making a big pot of chicken soup today. It just sounded good. I love home made chicken soup. I think I'll add some sweet italian sausage to it later on with carrots and onions. I don't have any celery, but I think it'll be fine without it.

Oh...and it IS MMM, right? I'm holding fast to 155. Not putting my all into the WOE these days, so I 'm happy with 155. You get what you put into it, I guess.

Pancho: YOu are's the little things...or 'random acts of kindness' that mean a lot!

Solly: Were the pizzas chewy? I find that when I put WW anything that is usually made with white flour, it's chewy and no matter how much I convince myself I like it, I really can't take it for long.

Thin: I'm in the same boat as you with the fighting for every pound. It's really frustrating and not exactly inspirational! I'm goign to try really hard to use my stepper every day this week for at least 10 mins and stick to plan. Lets see if either of us can get past our walls!!

Monet: Maybe if you made the big meal at lunch time for you and gave DH the leftovers at dinner time? What a pain that would be. But it's an idea... I get annoyed when Derek eats lunch late and then at 5:30 - 6 I'm making dinner and he's not hungry and wants to eat more like at 7 or so...and then I'm washing dishes until it's time to put the kids to bed and then I come downstairs to plop on the couch with him and then he's like, "Well, time for bed!"

Rosanne: My DH leaves for a week at a time, also. I know how you feel. Think of it as a time for you to eat on plan without the man of the house demanding 'he-man' food.

Talitha: those babies have a way of getting you to eat what they want so they can have some!! Manipulators right from the beginning, aren't they!! Don't worry, I'm sure it'll all come off at the Y and the added oxygen from the exercise will be great for the baby, too! Drink your water!!

Princess: 9 pounds!! Woohoo!! What a motivator THAT has to be!! You are doing great!! Keep it up!!
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LKF: Welcome back!! Here are my answers to your questions. Sourdough. I have it all the time, but that's because the ingredients on the label says it's made with WW flour. Check the labels...I'm guessing the ingredients vary from brand to brand. WW pasta. I only eat WW pasta and I don't mind it. I have to admit, thought, that I don't like it with tomato sauce. I have it with butter and make a marinara-type sauce where I saute some onions and mushrooms in olive oil and then when they're golden, I cut up a tomato and cook it till the tomato breaks down to a marinara consistency and add other spices and veggies....depending on what I have on hand. SUmmer squash is good with it, actually, cut up in chunks. I think if you're on a fence with liking something that is legal, find other ways of cooking the WW pasta. Recreate it and maybe you'll like it?

Okay...I just added a boullion cube to my soup and it was brown. I put it in because I can't remember the last time I used boullion and thought it should have some color to add color to the soup a bit, but then the soup turned brown. I just got off the phone with their customer service people and they said it's not unhealthy, but will just look funny and probably won't add as much flavor. So...we'll see. I may keep it or chuck it.
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DARN IT! Sean and I were going walking this afternoon and now it is raining and thundering out! I was really looking forward to getting in two days in a row! Maybe it will let up before he gets off the bus, if not We'll try on Wednesday. (Tuesday is my crazy, driving back and forth day!)
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I went to the big Asian market and got some stuff this morning, then to Costco for a few things. I need to head over to Publix in a bit too. Breakfast was a piece of whole grain spelt crust quiche. Lunch was a hot dog, and a handful of macadamias. I left off the bun, as I am trying to avoid wheat as much as possible. I think I feel better when I do....

LKF: Welcome back! Sourdough is ok, if it is REAL sourdough and eaten in moderation. I would avoid it if you find you lose slowly. As for the pasta, yes, 100% durum wheat semolina pasta is ok. Whole grain IS better for you though. I again, would try to limit how often you eat it. There are a number of us old timers still around...jump right in and get to know the newbies too.

TECH: I imagine the buillion cube is fine. I buy instant stock stuff at Costco. It tastes really good and is pretty cheap. Its a paste...and has to be kept in the fridge. I hope you can feel settled with what direction you are taking soon. I know it will all work out just fine!
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