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  • Challenges!
    The Weekly challenges....

    1. Do something special for yourself. Treat yourself to a pedicure, or something. It can't be food related.

    2. Set a mini goal for yourself. Share your goal so we can all cheer you on.

    3. Try a new recipe this week in anticipation of Thursday, when we will share our critique of the recipe. You can find lots of recipes on the recipe board, or find a new one, then post it.

    Ok, go out there and MAKE this a great week!
  • Good morning all....starts out with a small bummer...I told the Brownie Leader Cookie Dad that I would go to Council and get two cases of Tagalongs and a case of Do Si Do's (used to be Savannahs) for us to split because we ran out between the two troops (I have Juniors) and just realized my NYS Inspection ran out on Saturday. It's a nice hefty fine if you're caught with a sticker that is out of date and it's right there in the windshield for all the cops to see . AND, my emergency brake froze over the summer (because I NEVER use's flat as a pancake around here...but my husband insists on using it since he's from CA, I guess he's always afraid the van is gonna roll off to somewhere), since I never use my Ebrake, it gets bad, but never freezes, but he just had to go and use it and it froze, so he disconnected it. Up here they get all gummed up with salt and road treatment things if you don't use them regularly. Soooo, my van won't pass inspection with the Ebrake not hooked up and you all know the seething temper that starts to rage inside me at the mere mention of going to the mechanic!! First, it'll be the Ebrake, then it'll be the shocks are shot and then it'll be the muffler is about to go and he'll make up all these horrendous stories after scraping the sticker off the van and make me let him fix all of the above...and so...I'm really getting ticked off!!! I have to take Junior to the vet for shots in the middle of it all and you know...I don'tlive in a normal area where everything is situated five mins from my house....everything is at least a half hour away from my house...the vet is a half hour away from here AND the Council in Watertown.'s setting up to be a frustrating day.

    Anyhow...gotta run and take a shower so I can get the day rolling...hopefully in the right direction...

  • TECH: I am sorry you have to deal with that kind of stuff. I tell Tom that is what I married him take car of the cars, and boy he better do it! Is there a different mechanic you could use? Sounds like you need a new one. Does your dad know about cars? Doesn't he live close by? Mechanics don't try that crap on men for some reason, or if they do, its not as big a lie for some reason. Speaking of cars, I have to call and see if they will look at mine, since we are driving four hours away tonight for a funeral. I am not going to like having to sit there while they look at it. I just hope they CAN look at it!
  • Good Monday Morning!
    This will be quick as I have a LOT to do today! I'm so exictied, I can't stand it. . .

    Monet--Well, I think I can do pretty good on one of your challenges. . . I'm having a manicure and pedicure this morning and then treating myself to a two-week vacation--does that count as doing something special for myself?????

    Tech--Sounds like a VERY frustrating day. I don't like to go to the mechanic either. Hope it's not so bad for you.

    Miss Belle has been very snuggly last night and today, I think she is sensing I will be away. . . I will miss her.

    Ok off to have some breakfast and get my stuff done. Have a great OP day everyone!

  • First of all...a little funny that my mom forwarded to me 12 Step Program for Computer Addicts LOL...I didn't know anyone had been watching me!!

    AND, regarding the dad recommended me to a guy named 'Stubby', whom he claims is honest, so I made sure when I called that I mentioned that my dad recommended him and that he said he was an honest if he is, he should be. BUT, Stubby doesn't do, he's going to fix the Ebrake and go over the car for inspection-type problems and then send me on my way to get it inspected. One of the places in town that does inspections, last year, inspected my dad's old truck that we bought from him and said that the brake line had cracks in it, so I drove it home without the sticker and had my husband look at it and it was creased, not cracked and was fine, so my husband replaced it and it finally passed...but he was going to charge me about $200 to replace it. What a PAIN!! We only use the truck to take the boat to the launch that is 2 miles from our house...and for dump runs, which is 5 miles from the house. But, you can't imagine the hassles I've gotten from mechanics over the years. Once at a Midas Muffler place, the guy told me my shocks were shot and the car was barely a year old...then another guy told me my shocks were shot at a GoodYear, and they were probably ready at the point, but he had to use a blow torch to get the bolts off and the sparks started my hatchback on fire and since it was on the lift, nobody noticed it until you could see the flames in the windows!! It started the roof on fire and the entire back of the car...including my carseat. They had someone with a van of aphusltry (I know its spelled wrong) things come and strip it out and since it was 1999 and my car was a 1991, they didn't make the seats anymore, so they got seats out of a junkyard that didn't match exactly and were in worse shape than my originals...and the whole time they were soooo consdescending to me, like, "Lady, it's just an old hatchback and its just the interior and we're gonna get it fixed...just calm down...." And I thought...if this had happened to my brother-in-law and this were his brand new Lexus, it would be a whole nother attitude. And my DH is in NJ...and my dad is like, "I have a Dr. appointment at 9:30 tomorrow, so I can't help ya..." So, once again...I feel like I need to go in with a tank aimed at the front desk and dress in camos, saying..."Fix ONLY what needs fixing or the entire garage GETS IT!!" I really should just go to school to become a mechanic so I can fix the friggen thing myself!!

    Okay...rant over for now...I can't take the car to Stubby till tomorrow, so I have to have my dad drop me off tonight. That's if he can squeeze it in around his doctor appointment tomorrow!! And I have to take Junior to Alex Bay to the doctor illegal and hope nobody passes me. It's pretty remote, so I should be OK. to throw mudballs at the barn...
  • Good morning....

    I am so glad last week was over. was a little too much for me and dh. Yesterday was Jess birthday party and it was sure tiring. I much prefer a smaller birthday gathering instead of a "party". We didn't have a lot of kids (7 very active kids in total) but more than what I had in mind since dh invited 2 more "active" kids to the party last min. My house felt like it was being hit by many little tornadoes....LOL. We had to let the tornadoes out before they did more damage and they were really happy about it. The daddies took them out to the backyard and they were exhausted when they came in. Poor guys. I don't think I will do birthday party (for her friends) every year, maybe every other year and some years, I am thinking of a family celebration instead. I might let her pick out what restaurant she wants to go, what movie she wants to watch etc. Perhaps a little picnic at the park with very few friends...that's it. Yesterday was too overwhelming for Jess too. Too much going on with each kid. Oh well, I am glad it was over. I had some leftovers to take care of today, lots of cleaning and resting. Jess has music class today too. I won't be doing replies today but wanted to let you all know I survived the

    Take care everyone and will check in later or tomorrow.

  • This week's meditation
    Self Understanding

    I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.

    Helen Keller

    The greatest journey we will ever take is the journey into ourselves, for we are a microcosm of all that is. We can learn (and we need to learn) from all that is around us. Self-understanding is what will bring us the peace of balance.

    Self-understanding is soul awareness. It comes with allowing that knowledge that is within us to emerge. When we think we know everything about ourselves, we show our ignorance and our arrogance. The wonder of human beings is that we are constructed in such a way that we can spend our entire lives exploring our inner universe and its connection to the universe as a whole and still barely scratch the surface.

    Never stop learning about yourself or you will be an uninformed fool who has no peace. Self-understanding is a process that is never completed. We fool ourselves when we think we have had enough.

    My thoughts:

    Iím sure you may be wondering how this pertains to losing weight/maintaining. Well I know that for me, once I start thinking I know how to do something, I inevitably screw up lol. I think the gist of this is that we donít want to become complacent with who we are. Once we become comfortable doing something, we donít change. Change is very scary, especially when it is a major change like losing weight and becoming healthy. I made a comment to a friend of mine (you know who you are Monet hehe) that I thought I was afraid to lose weight and be healthy again. Iím scared of who I will become then. Yeah I know itís all psychological mumbo-jumbo but it really gets to the core of succeeding/failing with weight loss. It wasnít until I actually said those words to her that I realized it was true. And that because of that one little thing that was lurking in my brain, I was sabotaging my weight loss. HOWEVER, just acknowledging that I felt that way was very freeing for me. I truly do learn something new everyday J

    My challenge to everyone this week is this:

    Find some time to be alone and think, I mean really think, about why you have/have not succeeded with your goals lately. Write them down! This makes them real and tangible and easier to deal with. Now pick just one negative thing that you learned about yourself and every time you find yourself doing that divert yourself and do at least 3 things that you learned you do that are helpful to you. By replacing the negative with several positives we are telling our sub-conscious that we WANT to succeed!

  • Hello all:

    I am still alive, and finally feeling a bit better. I went to my doctor on Thursday, and he thought I might be getting pneumonia, since I had rattling in my lungs. He sent me in for a chest x-ray, that actually came back fine. He also thinks I may have mono, so he took a blood test, but I haven't heard back on that yet.

    The ER doc that I saw put me on augmentin, so by the time I went to see my doctor on Thursday; I had been on it for two days, and did not feel better at all! AND, to top it off, it gave me diarrhea so bad I had to stop at Walgreens on the way to my dr. appt. to buy new underwear. By the time I knew I had to go, it was too late to even get to a was terrible. My doctor took me off the augmentin, and put me on a different antibiotic, but my diarrhea still has not completely ceased. I have one more day of this other antibiotic and then I will be done! I volunteered weeks ago to bring a lunch for Britt's teacher today for Staff appreciation week, so I wil bring lunch for Britt too, and pray I don't have a "poop problem." I will bring a change of clothes, just in case. AND, to top it off, I am now raw down "there." I guess I know what diaper rash feels like now. I wonder if one of Lane's pull-ups would fit me; I could wear it to Britt's school today .

    I am going to continue to take it easy this week. I may try to start getting back to the gym on Saturday. I will have missed two weeks by then. I got as low as 118#'s yesterday, but was up to 119.5# this morning. NOT a fun way to lose weight at all!

    I am happy to report that Lane is almost completely potty trained. I still have her wear pull-ups when we leave the house just in case. We might try leaving the house in panties in a few more weeks.

    Tech: So sorry about the "not so good" start to you week. I can totally relate to the distance issue. We drive Britt 40 minutes to school each way, every day. Our vet is 45 minutes away as well. Every time we go anywhere, we plan to be gone for awhile. Hang in there; it will get better. Every single time I even go to get my oil changed at Jiffy Lube, they try to tell me that I need to do a bunch of stuff for the truck. I just tell them to write it all down, and I will talk to my DH when I get home. That usually shuts them up.

    Fillise: Have a fantastic vacation. I can't wait to hear all about it when you return!!

    Ken: Birthday parties are exhausting. Britt is in first grade now, and in kindergarten and 1st grade every student invites the entire class. So, Britt wanted to do the same. She only has 24 kids in her class, but by the time her party rolled around, she had 30 kids at her party (with cousins and siblings, etc). Thank Goodness we had it at a park. But planning for it was exhausting, and it got very expensive too. She originally wanted to invite only the girls and go to a Girly Girlz party, but when I called it was so expensive (around $350), so I said, "no way." Well, once this party was said and done (paying the Mad Science people for presentation and party bags, the subs and chips, the ramada fee, etc....her party was nealy $500). I know in a few years, it will be sleepovers and smaller gatherings. They are only young once, and these are memories they will have forever. That is my way of justifying paying a ridiculous amount of money for the party . We are just going to take Britt and Lane to Build A Bear workshop for Lane's birthday this year and let them both make a bear. I hope you get some rest today!

    Monet: Thanks for starting the board, as usual, and for the challenges. I am not sure that I am up to anything this week. I will check in to read what everyone else posts though. I think I remember reading that you got your shower fixed; that's great. Are all the cars working now?

    Well, I better go find some butt cream to put on my behind!

    Have a great OP day!

  • ok well scale said 183.5 again this morning so if it says that tomorrow too im going to count it as permanent

    gonna grab some breakfast here in a min....kevin was such a sweetheart for me and took the kids to school this morning so i could get plenty of rest for my history final tonight

    my goal for this week is kinda simple i guess....last month i did 15 days of exercise (thats 15 gold stars on my calendar ) which was 1/2 the month...this month i want to exercise 2/3 of the month....and to get me off on the right path my goal for this week is to exercise for 30 mins on my gazelle everyday.....that will give me 7 days this week and will beat my personal best from last week of 6 days

    well need to find breakfast and get in the grove of studying...only 6.5 more hours till my final

  • Whew...what a morning! My car smells like it has a gas leak, so I took it over to the Toyota repair place we use. They were going to get it in this morning... A friend picked me up and took me to the church office where I did some work and handed in a bunch of stuff from the festival. I finally called the mechanic and asked him if there was any word on the car and the &$#^ had JUST taken it in... why, why did I have to be down there so early then? I have not heard anything and its been another hour and a half. Oh well. I don't want to drive it with a gas leak, especially if its a dangerous one, all the way to my mother in law's for the funeral.

    I had a salad and some hummus and pita chips for lunch. Breakfast was four strips of bacon, two eggs, and that Nature's Own cinnamon bread toasted.

    I need to go pack, and finish tying up lose ends before we leave. I am sure I will be back before we leave this afternoon...
  • Good afternoon
    Howdy ya'll. I think I'm finally getting over this nasty cold. Yesterday if it was wrong I ate it...LOL But it was my first time really eating in a couple of days. We put a few sad looking zucchini plants in the ground this morning. And I have some seeds soaking to speed up germination. Once they are in the ground I think the garden is pretty much planted for the season. The white radishes are growing really well and when they are just about eaten up we'll put in a few more of those. Most of the tomatoes are blooming like crazy. I picked two green ones this morning to take the load off of one plant that is just covered. It's the only one with tomatoes already. A couple of the smaller squash plants have little tiny squash on them. It's too funny. They are barely big enough to have leaves much less squash.

    Monet...Thanks for starting the board today. This weeks challenges are great. Praying it's nothing too serious with the car.

    Julia...I'm not much on parties. So on their birthdays they get to pick what they want me to cook and I usually make them a cake. You would think they would want a store bought cake but they prefer when I make it. I hope you have a restful week this week.

    Poncho...hope you are feeling better soon.

    Tech...hope you get your car fixed without any "extras" being thrown in. And that you pass inspection.

    Sebray....hope you do well on your finals today. I visited your sight the other night. All the pages did fine for me except the blinkie page wouldn't come up.

    Susan...woo hoo..almost vacation time. ((hugzz))


    Love and hugs,
  • well thats final #2 down!!! i brought my teacher a bribe too lol...a couple weeks ago he happened to mention in class that his biggest weakness was the angus burger from today on my way to take the final i stopped and bought him one and a coke...when i brought it to him his little face lit up like the sun....apparently he was extremely hungry......boy was i glad to hear that lol....he couldnt thank me enough for his dinner let's just hope i get some bonus points for it

    i didnt have time to work out today cause i was studying all day but im gonna hop on the gazelle now....dinner was a chicken sandwhich from BK cause i forgot to eat before i left

    Crystle: thanks for going to my site....did you get an error from yahoo that said it couldnt be viewed? if that is what happened all you have to do is hit your refresh button a couple times and it should show up....that page is my pride and joy right now lol...i have over 200 blinkies atm but only 100 up on the site now....kevin has been showing me how to put them in a table so they look tons nicer now

    Monet: i totally feel you about the car...mine STILL isnt fixed..they want to keep it overnight but im not letting them take it til they give me a loaner....and so far they havent been able to get one for me and its been a hoping that they'll have one for me tomorrow...i really feel like my car is gonna fall apart soon if they dont fix it

    well off to get moving on the gazelle Im GOING to have 7 days this week!!!
  • Hi all ! Its Monday! I just LOVE Mondays... LOL
    We actually had small tiny balls of hail today. This weather is crazy ! This coming Saturday is supposed to be high 70's..go figure.
    Im trying to plan a dinner for Saturday night to celebrate Mothers day with my mom and celebrate my dds birthday ( which if May 11) . So I thought why dont I cook dinner and just have them all over. Well, talking to my mom the idea of them coming to my house might be out pending how my dad is doing that day, which is no problem, I said we could come over there and I will cook there. Then after chatting a bit my mom says shes going to the grocery tomorrow and shell get some chicken and the makings for rubarb pie ! Im like.."Mom, the whole point is you not having to cook" ! Geesh. She does this everytime we do something like this . She just cant handle not doing a thing ! LOL

    Tech - So sorry your having a bad Monday. Sometimes life can be a series of hurdles cant it !

    Fillise- dont get yourself to wore out before you leave !

    Kengjw- Its been a long long time since Ive had kids bday parties but I remember like it was yesterday! It is alot of work and stress. Think of it this way..those could of been all "your" kids... at least they all went home.

    Sebray- That was great ! And your so right. I think Im gonna find sometime before bed to do just that ! Thanks.

    Pancho- sounds like you might have been allergic to that one medication. I was hospitalized one time with a antibiotic gave me that problem so bad it was like every 15 mins. I couldnt leave the house ! They put me in the hospital cause they didnt know what was wrong until they had me off that medicine for a few days and added one and one together.

    Crystle-Glad to hear your feeling better. Im so jealous that you have veges already. I cant even get mine started with all the horrid weather we are having. Tonight it to be at freezing between 1-7 am. UGH

    Hi and well wishes to everyone else !

    Mondays menu
    b- blueberry smoothie
    s- 1 cup grapes, 1 slice of colby/jack cheese
    l- romaine/spinach salad with diced brocilli & red peppers with LF ranch , oh and 1/4 cup of leftover chicken.
    s- 6 grape tomatoes
    d- one LC ww tortilla with diced marinated steak , 1tb dill sour cream and a sprinle of chedder, 1 cup steamed brocilli
  • Cindy: wow, its so nice to know that my meditations are acctually being read i was afraid that everyone would just look over them.....but im happy knowing that if a particular meditation is supposed to touch someone that week then they will read it

    got my 30 mins on the gazelle today...the last 10 were backwards so i could go faster lol....need to find something to snack on though, i worked up a bit of an appetite