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This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I don't have but a few minutes to post this morning, I finally have my appt. with the groinocologist this morning at 8am, so I have to get a move on. At noon, I have to go to Michael's school until he gets out, they are doing testing and I'm one of the parents who has to help (plus get other parents to help as well), so it's a full day for me.

I have to boast a bit today, I'm really surprised at myself. I was up really early this morning with the full intention of going to walk before I got a start on my day-it must really have been important to me because I've been up since 4am, finally out of the bed at 5am and was out walking by 5:30am! I knew if I didn' get in a walk early, there would be no walking today. I did my 4.5 miles in the dark, jogged a little more than I had before and felt great! What a way to start the day and a new week. Even though the scale is back up a 1/2lb to 131, I still feel good!!!

TODAY IS MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY and here's my contribution:


Self discipline is the way to turn your intentions into reality. Self discipline is the way to transform your weaknesses into strengths. Without discipline, even when you know what you want, you're unable to achieve it. Without discipline, even though you know what you don't want, you're unable to avoid it.

Self discipline is essential to living life on your own terms. It takes effort, it takes determination, it takes sacrifice, yet it is not a punishment. Rather, it is a fulfillment, the means to reaching your highest and best possibilities.

How do you "get" self discipline? You already have it. It involves nothing more than controlling your own actions, and you've been doing that since you were a child. To discipline yourself, you simply must decide to do it. The powerful tool of self discipline is yours to use whenever you're ready to start living life on your own terms.

-- Ralph Marston

I'll check in with you all sometime later on today!! Time to hit the shower!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know I did! I think the best part was playing scabble out on our patio under the twinkle lights with candles. This is a happy week for me. WHY??? Because I'm only working 4 days this week! This up coming weekend is my 3 day camping weekend. Any camping food suggestions are welcome.

Everyone loved the food! No complains there! I even gace them a taste of the scraped up cookie crumbs, just so they could taste it and said"It's sugar-free!". I will get my parchment paper and I will conquer that recipe!
The recipe for Zucchini bread sounds delicious. I haven't looked at the May recipe board, I wanted to wait until it was full and then print it all out. Is that where it is?
My family did fine eating SB food. Most of my family is trying to loose anyhow, and although we are on different plans, alot of things are similar. No sugar, etc.
but some family members aren't eating carbs. That's their funeral. One of my brothers(who thinks he's an expert a dieting since he lost 35-40 pounds, said"If you REALLY want to lose weight fast, you have to cut out the carbs completely". I told him I wasn't interested, and this plan was working just fine for me. He can be a little overbearing at best! His intentions are good but....
sometimes I just want to tell him to can it!

I can't remember what town my KY friend is from. I will ask her today. My husband tried you triple layer jello and said to me "That's SF, are you SURE???" and I told him yes! I think he was surprised a SB SF dessert recipe could taste so good!

Hope I see you today! Are you thru training? Is this going to be a 'normal" week????

I will catch up with everyone shortly. I have something for motivational Monday...I just need to find it!

Hugs! Nancy
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Good Monday morning everyone

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was out early Saturday morning to watch my grandson play soccer. It was a cold and windy day and not very nice sitting outside. Everyone was huddled up in blankets. He played Sunday morning also which turned out to be a better day but I decided to stay in bed (he was playing at 8 a.m.). I got some plants from 2 of my grandchildren for mother's day. I planted them yesterday and boy, was I stiff afterwards. It feels a little better this morning. I've been slacking in my exercises lately. Since starting badminton I haven't been doing much else except the occasional walk. I need to get back doing some of my videos but I don't have the same incentive since the weather has improved and I like to get out of the house as soon as I can. I also got a promise of 2 theatre trickets from my kids for MD. I just have to decide what show I want to see, but I may leave it until after my holiday.

Deb - You were a real early-bird this morning. Good for you getting out there every morning for your walk. And I wouldn't worry about that half a pound this morning. According to what you posted a day or two ago you are beginning to lose again and the 1/2 pound is probably just water weight.

Nancemeister - Glad you were able to have a good SB meal with your family.

Gotta run. Have some running around to do this morning before I go to badminton.

Will check in later.

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Here is a "thought" for Motivational Monday.


I got that from a catalog called "Femail Creations" It is the coolest catalog. It says on the cover "Gifts to celebrate and Inspire Women"...and of course they have a web-site: Don't go there unless you're prepared to bust out your visa card!
They have the NEATEST stuff!
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Good Monday morning! I wrote a post yesterday and lost it in cyberland somewhere!!! soooo I missed saying Happy Mothers day to you all. Even to those who don't have children by choice or not! It was soooo true what i read iin the posts yesterday! You all are so honest and usualy right on!!!! I had a good day with my family both mine and his actually. Did better food wise at my moms than at his!! I have no self control!!! and of course i am paying for it today-and last night -i was tired and had a head ache and today am full of the old gas!!! ( a new thing for me!) anyway enough about me. Oh and hubby bought me a perometer (?) to measure how much you walk-didn't even ask for that! i was really thrilled this showed me he is soooo suportive of my way of life now. Lately he has been hinting he would like to lose 50 lbs-I told him i would help but he hasn't really tryed! (just like taking over the finances 3 months ago.) I got a Precious Moments too (a usual gift from the kids!) The kids made cards -my two little ones. The older one just mumbled Happy Mothers day!
Enought about me!

Deb-I knew that your "big cheat" would bring your weight down. sometimes thats what we need!! your soooo close girl! I was sooooo proud that you went for a walk too Saturday after your "big cheat"! when you think about it this should be what everyone does! It makes sense! No i didn't go for a walk yesterday like i should of!! I set my clock to get up yesterday morning before church but never moved!!! I just did my Firm tape soooo good to go now!! I am trying to start 6x a week excersise.

Nance-your meal sounded awsome!! We had baked haddock sweek potato and beans and summer squash and salad. Not to bad. I also made strawberry short cake with sugar free angel food. sooooo i tryed to stay on track!

Rosalie- YOu sound like you had a good week end! How many grandchildren do you have??? Get back with the old excersise!!!!!

I have to go shower! I am due for my "friend" sooo i doubt i will weigh this week! I will be lurking if i am not posting!!!

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Hey All...

Just wanted to post quickly and say Hi! I'm off to CA tomoro...and cannot wait to come home and get back OP and on track with my life.....
The surgery is scheduled for Weds, so please keep great thoughts coming all day....
Hope all of you are well and having OP success!!

Can you believe this...someone at work erased all my gifs.....unreall...will reload when I return!
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Happy Monday to all my loser friends!

My kids came over yesterday and fixed "lunch" but by the time it was done it was 3 pm. They have no idea of SB and it was a miracle that we ate at all. A delicious pork recipe in some sort of carribean sauce with soy and ginger, and noodles with peanut butter sauce and a shrimp dish. Of course, they squabbled, even as grown ups (30 and 28), and my daughter got her feelings hurt because she thought her brother was being overbearing. But she has a chip on her shoulder to make matters worse. Never a dull moment. Maybe they will grow up one day. We never get a gold watch for being a mother!

Have lots of work to do today to get ready for the big function beginning Thursday. I'll be glad when it starts. The waiting is hard.

Talk later.
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We're still waiting for word on whether we can move back into our building or not today. My company is so cool in that we can wear shorts, jeans, ALMOST anything we want to -- UNLESS there are going to be clients in the office - then it's business casual dress. Today we (IS Dept.) were told to wear bus. casual clothes but to bring comfy clothes in anticipation of moving all the computers back to our other office. They just sent word that the clients were gone and we can change clothes if we want to even though we don't know for sure if we're going to get to move back into our building.

This afternoon is my evaluation with the personal trainer at GATORGAL's gym. I've made a chart of everything I ate last week - the calories, fat, carbs, protein, sugar, WW Points, etc. to take with me. I completely stayed within my point range for Weight Watchers and ate according to SB plan and exercised 5 days last week with no weight loss. (My diet last week is typical so I really don't think I've had a problem with eating too much.) Someone asked about my thyroid and it's been checked and it's fine. The only thing they've been able to diagnose is high insulin levels (C-Peptides) and PCOS symptoms. They don't really have a lot of answers for me. That's why I'm going to try cutting back on the carbs a little more and see if that will help along with getting a professional opinion on my work-outs. It's VERY frustrating.

They offered me a prescription for Xenical, but it's for helping you regulate how much fat you eat 2 ways - 1. keeping your body from absorbing too much fat and 2. undesirable side effects from eating too much fat. BUT, I don't eat too much fat - my diet is actually pretty low fat because it's so much chicken, veggies and cereal. So I declined.

DEBBIE, I have 2 Splenda's in my coffee in the morning and 1-2 packets on my cereal or oatmeal, then a diet cola with lunch every day. Other than that I drink water or unsweet tea. I try to drink 100 oz. of water a day since I weigh 208. Is that too much Splenda/sweetener stuff?

I'm glad everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. We send out cards to some of our favorite "mothers" who aren't our mothers but are very special to us every year. We have a couple of friends who celebrated their very first Mother's Day ever this year and we sent them cards too. It sure is fun recognizing them. One of these women was trying to get pregnant for 12 years and at 42 years old she got pregnant with TWINS. They are not identical twins and have very distinctive personalities. Vince and I got to be there when they were born so we're extremely attached to them - the first kids either one of us has ever even desired to be around. (We're not really "kid people", I guess. We both don't care to be around kids.) These little fellers may change our minds.

MARIE - My mom is back from England in full force - I got 5 e-mails with at least 3 pictures each in them from their trip. They had a blast!! They sent pictures of them at the Roman baths, in Bath, with the tour guide from Jack the Ripper, with a family they met having tea (I told you that would happen!) and others I can't remember off the top of my head.

GOSH, there was more I was going to say but I can't remember............ senior moment. Have a GREAT MONDAY! If I can think of anything motivational I'll add it, but I'm at a loss today.
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Default Good Monday morning everybody

Well it's 6:30 and if I leave a minute later I won't get to the gym and get to work in time! I'm determined to start the week off right.

Most of this was composed last night:

A slightly belated Happy Motherís Day to everyone! I did the family thing and showed up at a gathering with the whole to hang out with my lovely sis. The buffet was challenging but I did pretty darn well. There was lots of inappropriate food but I filled up half my plate with a zucchini/mushroom dish and worked from there, picking the breading off of the eggplant tempura and chinese dumplings. For dessert, they served tiny (maybe 2 ounce) mini cones of sherbet with ďno table sugar...sweetened with fructose.Ē Well folks, as you know that sweetened with fructose thing is a load of crap because fructose behaves the same way in the body as sucrose. But it was one of those occasions where I would be really grouchy if I didnít taste it, so I did eat the sherbet part and left the cone. Will be interested to read how everybody else coped as Iím sure youíve posted (composing and reading at the same time).

You said, ďSparkle- what does the wrist have to do with weight? der me?!! I laughed when i read that because my oldest son said to me today when i was driving "look how small your wrist is!" It was a true compliement i guess!!!! you sound stressed- are you o.k? hope so. thanks for your great posts! i want to see your web site when its done are you going to let us peek???? Ē

LOL! Well I figured BOB could start off with her wrist measurement and work up to revealing her waist measurement! Actually my wrists have gotten smaller too. Isnít it a great feeling? And yes, Iím okay, thanks for asking. Got the house cleaned up and my toenails painted, ready to face the coming week with a smile!

Website is basically pau (finished), will be updated regularly, as I mentioned, Iíll post a link to the site in my sig in every post.

Nice to hear from you! Quite the glamour life lately huh?

You said, ďI've found that when I'm concentrating more on how I can help others or learn from others (even if it's just their life experiences and/or opinions) that I'm not so focused on myself, but it also helps put my issues in perspective. That's why this site is so great! We learn so much about each other and feel better knowing we're human, everyone has their own "issues" to deal with, and that, sometimes, we wouldn't trade our issues with anyone for the world.Ē

You are pretty darn amazing chick. Your insights really make things click in my head sometimes. Iím the type who doesnít ďknowĒ anything until I make the mistake myself, and am always trying to reinvent the wheel...but I have learned in the past year or so to listen to others and itís quite powerful. You are so right....I wouldnít trade my issues even if given a chance! In fact, Iím figuring out how to use my ďissuesĒ (like being compulsive etc.) to my advantage instead of beating myself up over them.

Glad your parents had a blast in England.

You said, ďIf you read Gary Null's latest book, it's interesting what he found happened to mental patients when they were no longer allowed the garbage foods, like candy, cakes and soda-many got better! Anyhow, whatever your final decision happens to be, and whatever does help, we are always behind you 100%.Ē Yes, I am learning so much more about how sugar works on the body chemistry. Itís ridiculous to think that our bodies donít have anything to do with mental functioning but not only did it take me a long time to realize it, but our entire medical industry has been separated into ďmentalĒ and ďregularĒ health when they are one and the same.

Glad you figured out the image conversion mystery. Your Outback dinner sounds pretty normal to me....relax! And see, the scale doesnít seem to care! Take care of that bump on your head.

Your letter to your friend was quite an inspiration. Youíve really come a long way. I can especially relate since weíre about the same weight and a year and a half ago, I was 194 pounds.

Thanks for the compliments. Web design is pretty complicated stuff, but if you are interested in learning, an adult education class at your local college would be a good place to start. Thatís where I started learning (but it was a regular class). Turns out they only taught web design using a web editor (Netscape Composer) but once I learned the basics I taught myself to hand-code HTML. Iím currently taking a step in the opposite direction and learning another web editor, but a MUCH more powerful one, Dreamweaver.

Thanks for the gif links!

You said, ďFor all you long-to-be mothers who are having a little bit of trouble with the holiday tomorrow, my thoughts and heart is with you. We were married for 7 years before we adopted our 2 kids, and I know how I felt when everyone made such a big deal on MD, and I felt like a fifth wheel. I would say that we are ďwiredĒ to ultimately desire to have offspring, but when that doesnít happen it can be frustrating and heart breaking. Iíve been there. But for those of you experiencing some of these emotions, never forget that your significance doesnít rest in your ability to reproduce, but in whether or not you invest yourself in others. Ē

I guess I feel a little out of sorts even though Iím single and donít have a suitable sperm donor. In Russia they have International Womenís Day which I think is much better! Your ďinvestmentĒ in your kids is just awesome.

At the buffet this morning, they were handing out little good luck charms (frogs and turtles) to all the mothers. I love turtles and I wanted one. So I went up and asked for one for me and my sister (who is a mother) and the lady handing them out said with a simpering smile, ďAre you a mother?Ē And I said, YES. She gave me a weird look and I grabbed my prize and lit out.

Hugs to you. Makes me grateful for my mother and father while they are still alive. Remember that Mothers Day was just made up by Hallmark anyway!!!!!

Hello to Thatgirl, Karen, Iceskatefan and everybody else!



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Default My contribution to Motivational Monday


This is in response to Nancyís question about the fear of being thin. This fear is quite different for a woman who has never been thin, even as a child. At age 8 I wore a bigger size jeans than my mother. Every year since I was 12 I dreamed of being thin the following year, but it never happened.

Being thin enough to be considered attractive by societyís standards is something Iíve never experienced. Currently, Iím 157 pounds and a size 12, and even now am having a very difficult time mentally breaking through that size 10/12 barrier, which Iíve stayed above for almost a year now. Therefore, this subject is worth exploring. Sometimes I dream of the future and imagine myself being 140 pounds, or a size 8 or 6. Panic sets in. Iím baffled, because being thin is what I want to accomplish more than anything.

The reasons why I am afraid of being thin are nebulous in my own mind, but I will make an attempt to address them.

The fantasy fulfilled is the fantasy lost

As someone who has always been fat, Iíve built a lot of fantasies in my head about what it will be like to be thin. As I teenager, I imagined I would wear certain lovely clothes, which I imagined in detail, and live in a perfectly clean house (with a pool, of course). I would eat nothing but fruits, vegetables and chocolate. I would have plenty of friends, especially guys, who would be welcome to walk in my doors (French windows, of course) whenever they pleased. And I would have a perfect boyfriend to match my perfect life.

Well, as an adult, I know that just being thin doesnít make life perfect. Intellectually, I know Iíll still have the same struggles, fears and insecurities as I do now. Emotionally, however, part of me still hangs on to the dream of the perfect life Iíll have when Iím finally thin.

If I achieve the ultimate goal, whatís left?

I met a wonderful man at a seminar a few months back who had climbed Mt. Everest. The speaker, in addressing the manís current life situation, told him, ďYouíve already achieved the ultimate goal. Thereís nothing left for you to strive for.Ē The man sadly nodded his head.

Life will always hold a challenge for me. But reaching my ideal weight has been my ultimate goal for as long as I can remember. When I achieve that goal, nothing else will seem quite as exciting. Itís easy and comfortable to put off that moment for a few more months, to have something to look forward to in the near future.

Itís the Big League, baby

Being fat gives me an excuse to play in the Little League. I can use my weight as an excuse to settle for less than the best in my career, romantic life, home, clothes and car.

I am compulsive and competitive. I want to do the best job possible at whatever I undertake. I am good at my job. I have achieved what I have always achieved by doing what Iíve always done . . . being a good secretary. I can be a big fish in a little pond so long as I use my weight as an excuse that being a key support person is all I am good for. But there is more out there for me. Even after accomplishing the major step of completing my licensing exams in securities sales, Iím stalling in my career just like Iím stalling in my weight, and for the same reasons. When Iím thin, I imagine, there will be no excuses left for me to play in the Little League. Because I have to be the best, that means I have to achieve on a higher level.

I have used my weight as an excuse not to date the kind of person I would want to marry, the kind of person who is capable of making a commitment, or the kind of person who treats me the way I deserve to be treated. I imagine myself with someone handsome, kind, caring, committed, good with money; and Iím intimidated by the vision. I still have the idea in the back of my head that such a man would never be attracted to me, and even if he is, heíll see through the facade in time.

I have a specific vision of what my house should look like, along with my wardrobe and car. But I settle for less because I imagine Iíll have all those things when Iím thin. While Iím still fat, thereís no point in trying because my very presence ruins my perfect vision of my perfect life.

Fear of the unknown

I donít know what itís like to be considered an attractive female. In a way, there is great comfort in this. I donít have to worry about men pursuing me for my looks alone. I donít have to worry about my female friends playing little jealous games behind my back over men. I can choose not to fully participate in relationships and in my own life, simply by staying fat.

Whatís wrong with this picture?

Most of you are shaking your heads by now. I can see the fallacies in the above logic and thus, work to change my core beliefs about myself. I donít have to be perfect. I donít have to have the perfect house or car before I can do little things to improve my life.

Things wonít be any different when Iím thin. Iíll still be the same person, and the people around me will still be the same. I may get more sexual attention, but those men will still have the same values inside . . . just like now, it takes time to get to know a person and find out what he is really like.

Most of all, the idea of using my weight as an excuse not to fully participate in my own life is a trap I must avoid at any cost.

I have confidence that with my newfound nutritional knowledge, I will break through this barrier Iíve built in my head. My progress will not be instant, but one pound at a time, I will reach my goal.

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Default Whoa, where is everybody?

Is there a major Internet outage in the SE?

Well I just have to vent. I did my run this morning, forced myself and only did 2.5 miles instead of 3 but I made an appearance. Then I weighed in at 161, FOUR pounds more than Friday, and I must admit that it ruined my whole day so far. But I thought, I did eat tons over the weekend...too much cereal, that buffet, that skillet full of that yummy rice dish I made (okay, a good portion of it over the course of a day.) And the decadent steak dinner last night. But I'm still grouchy. Time to get aggressive.

I have a question: what do you all think of Cheerios as an appropriate food? NOTHING was on sale so I found a "block" of 2 boxes Cheerios and 1 box Wheaties for $6.99 and bought it. It says oats including oat fiber, less than 1 gram of sugar.

Now the Wheaties (at 5 grams of sugar per serving) were a big mistake. Even without reading the label (which I did) I could tell it had way too much sugar because I ate two bowls this morning and was still starving to death...that doesn't happen with the other cereals I've been eating (cream of wheat mixed with wheat bran, shredded wheat). I knew it was flirting with danger to eat them but it ended up being a good experiment: I can tell when a food is inappropriate just by the way I FEEL...sleepy, sluggish, hungry, grouchy, irritable. I have been so out of touch with my feelings for so long.

K gotta go!


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Hey Everyone!

I feel like the walking dead, I'm so pooped! After not sleeping well last night, pounding the pavement at 5:30am and then out and about all day long, well darn, this spring chicken ain't what she use to be!!!

NANCE, are you going to rough it out in the wilderness camping? There are some great books I've seen at the library with food ideas, but one I think is great is to take your cereal in a baggie and put powdered milk along in the same back, just dump out and add water (or just keep it in the baggie and eat out of there!). Glad to hear the foods you made were good. My Mother always uses parchment paper, I never did, but my daughter does when she makes cookies and it really does wonders. Oh, and your brother, don't worry about what he says, you know better. I sent away for that catalog, thanks for the link. What would I do if I know I couldn't fail...hmmm, I off the top of my head, I'd say try to become a model! Hey, if I couldn't fail, what's the worse that could happen!!!!

ROSALIE, glad to hear you had a good weekend. Hope you had a good day at badminton today. I'm not really worrying about that 1/2lb, I know it will go down again

RHROO, I've had many a post end up in cyberspace. Good luck with the new exercise regimen. Just do your best, if you don't get in 6 days, don't get discouraged, as long as you are doing your BEST, what more can you ask for

VIV, good luck to your father, please let us know what happens. Have a safe trip!!!!

SOL, let us know how the meeting at the gym went. Forget the Xenical, you DON'T need it! Have you tried using only 1 Splenda in each instead of 2? Otherwise, I don't think it's too much, but maybe your body reacts to it differently than others-you can always try only 1 packet instead and see if it makes any difference, or try an alternate sweetener.

SPARKLE, glad to hear you had a nice time yesterday and got your "prize" What did you finally decide to do about OA? Did you go to the meeting the other day??? Sorry, I don't eat either of those cereals, though I do believe one of the Cherrios is consdered SB legal. Your site is looking good girl!

Gotta run, please don't forget TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15pm EST

Will check in later, if I don't fall asleep first!!!


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Hi everyone!

Had a great time this weekend. I took my mom out to Outback and had steak and sweet potato (couldn't even eat it all). It was good though.

For those of you who like to munch on carrot sticks (I know they are a no no). Well, I like to cut up a sweet potato into sticks and eat it raw. Tastes much better than carrots. Also, I was reading in Prevention Walking Fit magazine about drinking water. Here I though I was doing good drinking my 8 glasses. Well, it says that you should take your weight and divide it in half and that is how many ounces of water you should drink per day. I'm going to be living in the bath room (277 lbs. divided in half = 138.5 ounces per day!!!!!) AND if you exercise or if it's hot, you could need more.

Well, you all have a great day!

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Make the choice

It's difficult to make choices, to commit to those choices, and to actually act on those choices. For everything you choose to do, you must also choose not to do other things. Each choice necessarily involves selecting one thing and rejecting a whole lot of other things, focusing on one possibility and putting the other possibilities aside.

Making a choice means walking away from those possibilities you don't choose. Why would you want to do that? Because the alternative to choosing one thing over all the others is to choose nothing. When you keep all your possibilities open, none of them ever becomes a reality.

Every aspect of your life is overflowing with possibilities, and you have the good fortune of being able to choose the very best ones. Yet if you're too greedy and attempt to "have it all" you end up with nothing.

Choices can be difficult. Yet they must be made if you're to fulfill any of those wonderful possibilities in front of you. Decide who you want to be, what life you want to live, what work you want to do, the ways in which you can make a difference. Make a choice and commit to that choice with your time, your effort, your attention and your passion. Rather than leaving all your options open, choose those you can build into a greatness all your own.

-- Ralph Marston

I found a new website this afternoon ... I'll post why I chose this later, (when I'm not at work).
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