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  • Good Morning! Its Motivational Monday! We are streaking into the holiday season, with all kinds of temptations. What are we going to do about that? Have a plan! You have to wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and say, "I am worth it". And of course, you ARE worth it. Perhaps we can all share something we do that we are good at. Something you are proud of, but maybe not many people know about you.

    You CAN do can walk through this week, and be proud of yourself. You can feel good and not guilt. Make a list of why you want to reach your goal and tack it to the fridge and read it every time you reach for something to eat.....

    Have a great week my friends!
  • Good Monday morning!
    Hello all! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

    It was a grand weekend in Auburn--despite the disappointment about the BCS. It's so rare to go through the SEC unbeaten--as BOB, Gator, Missy, Jackie, and Monet can attest that we are thrilled here are celebrating! UT played a great game on Saturday. I noticed that USC and OK played mediocre teams (at best), but AU played a very fine # 15 UT who was up to the challenge and gave us H**L! Ya gotta love SEC football.

    BOB--What a game! I thought y'all were going to pull it out. WHEW! Time to go bowling now!

    Monet--Thanks for starting the board today--is Deb ok? See you Thursday?

    I made a pot of split pea soup last night for supper--mmmmm. It's been rainy and cool here and so it was perfect. I had it with a slice of my WW bread--perfect. I have enough left over for three lunches this week. I"m going to try to make a big pot of some type of soup on Sunday nights through the winter so I can have hot lunches during the week. That should keep me on track through the winter months--at least help anyway!
    Next Sunday I think I'll make chili!

    OK got to go get some breakfast and get to work. Have a great OP day everyone!

  • Dieting during the holidays is absolute torture!! But we can do it!!

    I'm reporting that my ticker is once again accurate. No change to it, but I'm just really 174 again. One step at a least it's going in the right direction, right?

    One day at a time...let's be good cats and kittens and STICK TO IT

    Here's to all of us losers!!!


    OH, and here's my menu thus far today...I'm trying to cut down on the bread!

    2 eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar cheese on top
    1 slice of onion bagel bread
    1 kiwi

    Will add lunch, dinner and snacks as I eat them via editing...
  • FILLISE: Deb has computer troubles again, and asked me to start the board through BOB...who she called! Looks like it may be next Tuesday for the trip to Auburn...stay tuned!

    TECH: Way to go on getting your ticker correct! snicker..
  • i was in such a good mood this morning...y did i have to ruin it?!?!!?!?! why why why why why????? im not a self destructive person!!!!

    on the good side we have an appt to get the cats seen at the vet for their shots and fleas/deworming tomorrow very nervous as this is my first ever visit to the vets office...the cats i had before all had shots and never got sick...lets hope this is my last visit....

    now as to all the 'woe-is-me' stuff up top...i went to see my surgen for my followup appt and of course everything is all healed up and he said he didnt want to see me anymore but i just HAD to get on their scale.....

    my thinking was that i would just see how far off my scale at home is.....somebody smack me silly for even thinking this please

    so the scale at the doctors office said my scale is 6 pounds off so instead of 175 im really only 182....but im going to ignor it because i think his scale isnt 'tuned' or something...that has to be the only explination....cause if its true that ive only lost 4 pounds ill just get so depressed and stuff my face with all kinds of sugary sweet things and just end up being a blimp my whole life

    somebody please show me the bright side to all this

    and no im NOT going to change my ticker cause my scale is right and his is wrong!!!
  • Good morning Ladies

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is raining here again. But warmer 60-65 today.

    Did lots of shopping this weekend. Didn't get finished, but lots accomplished. Everything is wrapped and under the tree. Still don't have anything for my youngest DD> Of course everyting I bought previously went for her birthday today. It's hard to believe my baby is 22. I feel old.

    Went ot the eye dr on Sat. My eyes have changed drastically. No wonder I couldn't see. I went from being near-sighted to being far-sighted. I am trying wearing 1 contact to make one eye see close and the other see far. Hoping it works. i just hate glasses. Things are a little blurry right now. They say it takes 2 weeks for your braint o figure it out. It may take mine a little longer.

    Eating through the weekend was much better tha usual. I did have some bread at the Italian rest for DD's birthday, but I had not had any starches at all that day. I had a couple bites of DD's pasta dish. Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse. We told the waiter no bread, and I had a grilled prok chop and veggies and a salad. No cake at the wedding either. So I feel like I did pretty good.

    Monet, thanks for tarting the board. You have some good ideas. Have a plan and be prepared at all times. We are worth it. We sometimes have to chosse what we want most. That piece of_____ or to be thin.

    Sysan, Congrats to the tigers. That was a good game. BSC is a mess. At least we have 2 SEC teams in bowls. I am making a big pot of bean soup tongiht. Beans are soaking as we speak. Just wish I could have some cornbread with it.

    Techwife, I'm at the same point at you. 174. Hopefully after 3 wate pills today it will be closer to 170. We have to stay on track throught he holidays. It is tough but we can do it.

    Have a great day. Hope to be back later.
  • Good morning everyone. Hope everyone had a good week end. We went to Lowe's, which is about 2 1/2 hours away. Did some Christmas shopping and had a nice day. Theres so much to look at when you get out of this little town (population 600). I couldn't help filling the cart up with lots of Christmas goodies. I hate I was to tired to go to our little town parade afterwards. But it was a big day for me. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. Just a couple more things to go. Now I need to get started on my cards and maybe get them out this week. Eating hasn't been well and I'm having a bit of a problem with it. But will hang in and hope it will click in my head!

    Just brought Kate home from the Pain Mgmt Clinic where she got her injection.
    I've got her proped up in the recliner. She still a little woozy from the shot they gave her to relax her. PLEASE....KEEP ALL FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED THAT THIS STARTS TO GIVE HER SOME RELIEF!

    Speaking of cooking...I fixed a HUGE pot of VEGGIE was a little cool over the weekend and Sunday proved a good day to cook some up! BEAN SOUP sounds good too as does PEA SOUP...but SUSAN'S idea for CHILLI sounds even better! I haven't made that in such a long time that I would probably have to get out my grandmother's recipe!

    I'm watching the GRACE KELLEY storey...Cheryl Ladd is playing the lead and it's been a wonderful movie so far. I started it last night, but as usual, went to sleep! Thank goodness for the WE network and their playbacks! She is going into meet the Prince now...

    I rented a really good movie over the weekend....the storey of ROBERT JONES
    (Bobby) the was absolutely wonderful..don't miss this one!

    Debbie called me the other day in such a tither....her computer had crashed and she couldn't figure out the problem. I still think her problem is AOL...
    but that's just my opinion.
    She called me yesterday to BRAG about her purchases....she is the world's best at finding deals, and where there aren't any, she talks her way into one!

    MONET...did you get the link to work from the site I sent to you? I just love to play TEXT TWIST and the bigger version has so many more bells and whistles. Are you feeling better today?

    I see that Phantom of the Opera is coming to the big screen..I saw it on stage and it was great...I won't miss this movie...the music alone is worth
    going to see it again!

    SHOPPING....Not finished yet. I still have to get a few more things to send Cathy's way. They are leaving on the 17th to go to Gregs parents in KY and I want to get the box to Winston Salem before they leave! I better get my arse on the move....I got Jay's things from TOYS R US through Amazon and sent it straight to their house...that saved me two shipping charges.
    Before they left Louisville, one of those big electrical storms hit and lightening got Greg's XBOX...he has bought another one and I probably will get him a gift card from BEST BUY so he can get himself something to play on the BOX.
    BUT..I still need to get him something else...Gift card are good, but they are personal...

    I better get off for now....

    I'll check in later

  • Here's a fun careful's addictive!!!!

  • BOB: where o where do u get all those wonderful pictures from???
  • Hey, guys. I started the day off in the right direction. I just got thru with my exercise, did the 4 mile WATP tape. I plan on working out 5 days in a row this week for a total of 7 workouts. This evening I have a Pampered Chef party to attend, but there is NO WAY I will eat a crumb that isn't legal. It's at 6:30, so I'm going to eat supper before I go so that I won't be tempted in the first place. Not doing alot today. Today is my cleaning day, sucks. Got most of it done though because I started early this morning. I'm doing good on my water intake, already took my supplements(vitamin, fish oil caps, calcium 600 with added Vit.D and Zinc). I haven't been taking them like I should. Here's my menu for the day:

    Breakfast(8:45)- was 2 eggs, 2 1/2 slices bacon, 1 cup 2% CC milk, 1 bite of Boogie's grilled cheese that was legal,lol.

    Morning snack(10:20)- LC yogurt

    Lunch(should be around 1:15)- my famous tuna salad with veggies, cheese, 1 egg, Ranch dressing..Diet Dr.Pepper

    Snack-?? maybe a spoon of Smucker's PB?

    Supper(after 5)- making cheeseburgers and salad. Plan on having 1 fully loaded cheeseburger on legal bun and probably an additional patty, plenty of salad with Ranch dressing..Diet Dr.P.

    I'll let you know if I have anything at the party to nibble on. BUT I promise it will be legal and not much if I do.

    SEBRAY- Doctor scales suck! Do this...put a 10 pound weight or something you know the EXACT weight of on it and if it says the right #, then your scale is fine. Alot of times, the doc scales need to be reset because of all the people who step on it all the time. Plus, take accord if you ate or drank, the time of day you weighed, clothes, compared to when you weigh at home. For example, at home, I weigh just about naked in the morning after I pee and before I drink or eat anything. If I ate and was dressed, then naturally I would weigh several pounds more. If you orginally went my your scale to begin with(starting weight) then you're still down the same amount regardless if you still use the same scale.
  • Just making a quick check-in. Nothing goin on except bathroom runs. I can tell I didn't take any water pills over the weekend, as I am running avery 10 minutes. I really must be retaining fluids.

    No plans for tonight. Having prok chops on the grill. May run to Meiers and get some dishes and household items for a family was adopted for Christmas.

    I got the stuff for the kids off the tree at church yesterday. It is hard buying for kids you don't know what they look like or like. they give ages and sizes but that doesn't help too much.

    Sebray, if you had any food to eat before the Dr, the food weighed something, plus your clothes. I go by the scale I started losing on and stick to that. Don't let it get you down.

    Toni, Gosh, i wish I had my shopping done. I don have my cards ready to go. Just have to get stamps.

    Bob, Hope that shot does the trick for Kate. How is your finger today?

    Heart, good luck at the party tonight. You can do it I know you can. I just love their stuff.
  • Hi Y'all!!

    Alison...I use they have the best selection that I've ever found. Click on the index page and start looking!

    JACKIE...the "BIRD" is still sticking straight up! I go Wednesday to the hand therapist, so we'll see then.

    LAURIE....good luck at the party...they fix the best things! I've got faith in you! Don't let me down!

    Time for Emergency Vets....Tippy is already up in my lap ready to watch!


  • you guys are the best ... i didnt eat anything but had some water and was clothed with the scale....i normally weigh myself first thing in the morning, after i pee, before i eat or drink anything and fully nude....dont want to have any excuse for being fat other then i am kinda like a real life wake up call for me...keeps me balanced hehe...

    BOB: i LOVE the smileys...there are soooooo many...but i think this one is my fav so far hehe

    well off to finish dinner