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Going to Meet My Goal!
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ok so call me flakey but i just love that snowflake im gonna share a couple with everyone that i made


ok so i wont...their too big and i have no clue how to make them smaller
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Its 12:30 and Monet is NOT sleepy...AT all. I think I will blame it on BOB.....

Dinner tonight was a roast cooked in the crockpot, with lentils on the side and brussel sprouts. I can't claim that I have been good though...the candy for the gingerbread houses is still laying around, and shame on me, but I keep snitching bits of it. I just finished a serving of Premium ice cream ...and it was NOT a NSA type.

The cold has been bothering my joints. I think it is also due to the wet. It was very foggy today, and rainy. We brought the Christmas tree in tonight. The cats were very curious. We did not decorate it though. I guess I will have to do that tomorrow. I started stringing popcorn and decided it was too much like work! I bought tinsel garland at the store. I still plan on making snowflakes though. I may get everyone in small group tomorrow night to make one or two to help!

Iam going to try to go to sleep now...I am hoping for five hours....but I think that is a pipe dream. Insomnia sucks...

BOB: I went to that game Text Twist... Then bought Insaniquarium. I LOVE that game and it is SOOOO addicting! I accomplished NOTHING today, and everytime I close my eyes, I see fish and gold coins...
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Hey all-- Spent the day decorating the house. It isn't done, but it is looking very Christmasie, hehe. Will finish up tomorrow, then head to town on Wednesday for some shopping. Got my lighted deer out in the yard also.

Ds wrecked his truck this weekend, and of course alcohol was involved!! I have begged him not to drink and drive. When I left my Mom's on Saturday the last thing I asked him was to give my Mom his truck keys because he was drinking. He promised he wasn't going anywhere, or that he would ride with his brother. Well.......there is about 7 -8 thousand dollars worth of damage to the truck, and thank the Lord that Bill wasn't hurt. This is going to be a pretty spendy mistake, but if it wises him up it will be worth it. We just helped him get this truck in September. It just makes me sick when I think about it. And he could possibly lose his license for 1 year.

Here is my menu today---

B-- 1 venison hot link, 1/2 c Fiber One with 1/4 c FF milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 8 drops liquid Splenda.

snack-- apple

L-- PB & J sandwich, Lite 85 yogurt.

snack-- orange

D-- 4 oz grilled sirloin steak, salad with bleu cheese dressing, 1/2 c green beans.

dessert-- 1/2 c SF Jell-o with light whipped cream.

Sweet dreams all......
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Default Morning all!

It's 5:30 and I have a long day ahead of me. A meeting in one town at 10:00 and then the rest of the day in Montgomery with meetings and a Christmas party this evening.

Eating was good yesterday:

B- 1 "green" bananna, 2 soft boiled eggs, 1 slice WW toast with marg.

s-6 oz SF FF yogurt

L- 1 1/2 cups of split pea soup and 1 slice WW bread w marg.

s-tricsuits with cheddar cheese and pepperoni

d-1 chicken breast with 1/2 large cucumber sliced.

This morning so far,

I've had coffee and 1/2 grpefruit. I'm going to have some oatmeal in a little while. On cool mornings I love oatmeal with agave and cinnamon ( microwave mine in milk to get some protein). I'll take a cup of yogurt with me for a snack, but after that I'll be eating out for lunch, dinner and then the party (there will probably be a chocolate fountain at the party--heaven help me!).

Sebray--A loss is a loss--if you Drs scale is higher it just means you would have started at a higher point, so you've lost what you thought you lost. Go by the scale at home--Mr. Drs scale is actually lower than mine--but I use the numbers on the scale most readily available to me!

Teensy--here's hoping that DH learns his lesson! At least he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. Trucks can be repaired or replaced--people can't.

Monet--did you get some sleep? Stay away from those computer games--they will sap all your mental energy!

BOB--Hope you and Tippy had a good evening in front of the TV. I have taken Belles favorite Christmas Throw out of the closet (it is very soft and she loves it) so she is curling up in my lap every chance she gets.

Jackie--Know that water pill shuffle!!!!! Did you get the stuff for your family? I have a group of friends that gets together to adopt a family every year. Friday night we will get together and pool our money and then shop for the family. We come back and have dinner and wrap all the presents. it really puts me in the festive mood--can't wait! I put my change in a jar all year. Thursday I will take it to the bank to be counted and that's what I use for the family--you'd be amazed how much change you can collect in a year!

Heart--Pampered Chef--LOVE IT! I hope you had fun! Are the kids getting excited about Christmas?

Everyone--Thinking about Boogie has reminded me. . . remember the friends I told you about this summer with the baby girl born with the heart troubles? She is in Boston now and undergoing surgery this morning to fix the problem. Most of the holes in her heart appear to be closing on their own, but she is having the aorta an the pulmonary vein switched this morning so the right blood will be going into the right chambers of the heart.

Toni--Wow--that's a long way just to go to Lowes!

Techwife--Good motivational message!

Have agreat OP day everyone!

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Going to Meet My Goal!
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have to take dev to school but when i get back ill let u know if i succeded in convincing myself to go for a walk
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Morning! I actually slept about four hours before I woke up. I easily fell back asleep before my crack head husband woke me up.... I slept maybe another 30 minutes, and decided I was not sleepy enough to stay in bed, so I got up and fixed breakfast. I was rather piggy this morning... I had two waffles and a small serving of granola.

Its another gloomy day, and I have to get things organized here in the house for small group tonight. (notice I did NOT use that nasty five letter word that starts with C...this is my mind game to try and convince myself its ok to do that) Dinner tonight will be chicken stir fry, brown rice, and egg drop soup. All if I can just make it through the rest of the day. Part of the 'organizing' will include the gingerbread house stuff...and the temptation will be overwhelming.

I got bad news insurance has dropped my doctor. If I have to change to someone else, I just don't know what I am going to do. I feel so despondent about that. If he doesn't get it straightened out, I will have to pay full price, and I am not sure I can afford that. I don't know of another doctor in the area that is as progressive in treating thyroid issues as he is....

TEENSY: Oh, I am so sorry about Bill and the truck. I know how those issues lay like lead on your heart. I hope and pray he learns from this... My son will be 26 Thursday, and I am almost ready to pray for whatever it will take to help him get his life in order. Right before he moved in here, he was in a wreck and found out his license had been revoked. I had seen evidence of it a year before and mentioned to him and he never did anything about it. Thankfully, they did not throw him in jail, but in some ways, I wonder if it might have helped him to be more responsible if they HAD.

FILLISE: Have a good day... Enjoy the party. I know you would have RATHER had us come over today! I hope the weather is better next week....
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Little Engine That Could
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Monet--Maybe your doctor will give you a better rate if you pay cash. I've read articles about people w/o insurance negotiating prices with their doctors, and actually getting pretty good prices. Same for hospitals.

Sebray--I agree with Fillise (Susan). Just look at the pounds LOST rather than the actual weight. What you've lost is gonna be the same regardless of the scale. Set your goal for the amount you want to lose and focus on that. Don't let a starting number get you down.

Jackie--Good luck on the monocular vision with one contact lens. I do that and LOVE it! I've worn just one contact for reading for years. It took me about 2 months to get fully used to it, but I was determined, as I hated to wear glasses. Once my brain got it all figured out, it was great. I watched a lot of TV at a mid-range distance during the breaking in time to help my eyes--and brain--get used to the change. If you persevere, it should work.

I've been real busy. We have our Christmas tree sitting up in our family room. No decoration, but at least the tree is UP! We probably will decorate it the end of the week.

Eating has been OK. Staying about 1200 calories, with lots of protein and fiber. I'm trying to do a lot of walking and yesterday I got about 11000 steps.

Today--grocery shopping, other shopping, meeting with the student I mentor, figuring out the final details for our vacation this coming May.
Getting the reservations for vacations can be a bear. Yesterday I was on the phone for 3 hours--yes, that's THREE hours--with a reservation clerk for Delta. It took that long for her to finally find flights where we could use our frequent flier miles. The airlines are happy to sell you tickets so you can earn frequent flier miles, but when you go to use those rewards it is almost impossible to do so. We will be spending about 3.5 weeks in both France and Italy. We will have to fly into Milan and drive to Grasse, France, which is near Nice, where we will be staying in a house we are renting there. About 6 months in advance, and it is nearly impossible to use the rewards miles. Disgusting!

There is a really neat picture making the rounds of an alligator swimming in a bayou in LA, with a whole deer in its jaws. It's really impressive to see the size of that gator and even the deer. It's not a baby deer. Those Gators are really ferocious! Hopefully they will be even more ferocious next fall. LOL

Gotta go. I have lots to do today. I'm down another .5.

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Going to Meet My Goal!
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well i did it..i walked 4 miles today!!!!!
it was a glorious morning today and as soon as i was done walking and got in the car the sky opened up and poured down rain

had 3 scrambled eggs this morning and im not sure what ill have the rest of the day as my cupboard is bare until tomorrow

have a great day..have to shower and get the cats to the vet
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Height: 5'6"


Good Tuesday Morning,

How is everyone today? It has been raining here and now the sun is out and 65. I love it.

We went out and got my adopted family stuff last night. I had the parents so that was easy. I got 20 minutes on the treadmill in. My goal is 6 times this week. I'm afraid to do too much wt lifting incase my arms get sore again. Don't know what caused that, but it is gone and I don't want to trigure it again.

BF; 3 pcs of bacon, oatmeal with splenda
Lunch, egg salad and veggies and dip, clementime
Dinner, bean soup

Monet, Are you worried the cats will get in your tree? I hate that you can't sleep. Are you trying any pills at all? It's so hard to find a good doctor and then for insurance to prevent you from going to them. That sucks. Hope he can get it worked out.

Teensy, sorry to hear about your son's accident. Some lessons are hard learned.

Susan, another busy day for you. At least you are prepared. Yes I got all my family stuff last night. My DH does keeps his money in a jar for Christmas. Used to give it to me to spend on the kids but now I think he spends it on me. He needs to put more away every day Prayers for the little baby. Sure hope things go ok and this fixes all her problems. Will she be home for Christmas?

Gator, congrats on the .5. Every little bit helps. I am determined to make this contact thing work. I hate wearing glasses. People have commented on how blue my eyes are w/o glasses. I'm wure it will take my brain longer than the 2 weeks to adjust. You amaze me with all the steps youget in a day.

Sebray, congrats on getting out there and gettign that walk in. Now youneed to do it again this week. 4 miles is awesome too!

have a great day
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I 'organized' the kitchen some...and started to 'organize' the gingerbread house stuff, but got some resistance from Laura. She is planning on working on them more this afternoon. Ok...I will leave it for last, but I am not going to hold my breath! She was supposed to get up and leave here at 8:15, but over slept and got up at 10! She was very upset, which makes me wonder if she was missing a final. She hates to tell me anything....she is very stubborn about that. If she had told me she had to be up then, I could have woken her up. BUT, if her father had heard, he would have expected her to be in bed by 12:15 so she could get 8 hours sleep. When I got up at 12:30 and stayed up until 1:30, she was still awake.... Kids! She is 18...I figure I have at least another year, to year and a half before she becomes more human.

Well, I expected it...I have had to squirt the kittens several times this of them was half way up the Christmas tree, the other two were watching from below. Its going to be a LONG holiday season I am afraid!

SEBRAY: Good for you getting in your walking! Its awful outside today, and Tom has fixed the treadmill so I can't whine about not being able to put it down to use. Guess I better get my butt on it today!

GATOR: I'm with you...I got my tree UP, but not decorated. Way to go on the .5 gone! I think I probably found it, as bad as I have been.....
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Addicted to potato salad!
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SEBRAY: Whaddya trying to do, pass me on our race to 120 (that's our goal, right?) WOWOW!! 4 miles is a great walk and quite a distance. How long did it take you? I was walking about six miles out to the lighthouse and back before it got cold and my son decided to boycott his rediscovery of the stroller. Now I just get out and walk to pick up my daughter from school and swing by the post office on the way...probably a mile and a half. But if I do it everyday, not only will I get used to the friggen cold sooner (thus being more tolerant of it), it'll add up nicely, I think.

Just a question for those of us with toddlers...anyone ever seen Lazy Town? That Sportacus can come motivate me N E TIME!!

Anyhow...yesterday I had my aforementioned breakfast, but didn't eat the kiwi because it was too unripe and bitter.

But for lunch:

Ham Sandwich on WWbread with slices of green pepper and lettuce and swiss cheese and mayo
an apple


1 pork chop broiled with olive oil and mrs dash
steamed broccoli and baby carrots (about 5 - I'm running low on produce!)
half cup of NSA applesause
FF milk



This morning I had the same breakfast, but with a slice of cantaloupe.


I'm down a pound, but I'm not changing my ticker till I get to 170!! So, that brings me to 173!! Seven down, 43 to go!! I'll officially weigh in tomorrow and see if I can change my ticker!! I'm cutting back on bread...such as one slice of onion bagel toast this mornign with my eggs and fruit and then two slices on my sandwich for lunch and then none at dinner...or maybe just one slice. I think this might be helping a tad. And I'm drinking more water, too.

OMG!! Wild turkeys just blew past my living room window! They are usually out there, but today they were haulin _ _ _!! I wonder what scared them...Thanksgiving's over!!

Well, back to the daily routine!! And, thanks BOB for the new addiction!! I have to make some real ones now for the window with the little one!!

Talk to everyone later on!!

Techwife... dad used to keep the vaccuum cleaner under the tree to keep the cat out!! He was terrified of it and it worked!!

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Wow! Thanks BOB....I didn't know!

Happy Birthday, Country!
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Ok, I am a little bummed. I had planned to use the treadmill today, since its yucky out. I suppose I still could, but would it be rude when there is a 19 year old friend of my daughter's sleeping on the couch? I did not know the boy was here, and as I went to take James to work, he pointed him out. He is still sleeping....and the treadmill's motor would be less than three feet from his head, and sure to wake him. Decisions, decisions....

TECH: I love that idea of putting the vacuum under the tree!

JACK: Of course I am afraid the kittens will get in the tree! I have already run them out of it twice! My plan is to decorate it with all non breakables this year. Otherwise, they will be batting expensive glass ornaments out of it...and probably making me want to tear my hair out...and theirs!

BOB: Ok, I have one level left and I will have beaten Insaniquarium. How lame can I be? Something tells me the level is impossible to beat..I have not come even close yet.

I need to go find something to distract myself...when I close my eyes, I see fish....oh, for goodness sakes! Why do I get sucked into these things?
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I am back! I had a nice short but sweet trip. Most of all, Jess had a blast with grandpa and grandma. I really hate flying but that won't stop me from travelling to places The weather was great, very mild and not humid. I get to wear all my summer clothes which I love. The first day, we stayed at home with grandpa and grandma. The 2nd day, we drove to Miami to visit some friends and had lunch and dinner with them. 3rd day, we took Jess to the beach in "the" Palm Beach and had only planned to stay for 1 hour. We were thinking of just walking on the beach and then go home but of course, I forget that my daughter is super friendly and she always seem to find herself some little friends to hang out with. She saw this little girl and her grandma and immediately went over to introduce herself and then started playing with Michelle (her new friend). Since they were playing so nicely, Michelle grandparents and us decided to get to know each other as well. An hour had passed but the girls were playing so well so we decided to stay another hour. At that time, Jess had completely wet herself...which is fine with us although I didn't bring any towels with Jess soon spotted another girl that walked passed with her other and decided to ask this little girl to hang out with her and Michelle. Clarissa was her name. The 3 of them had a blast. Then, Deanna came with her father and wanted to play with the 3 girls. Deanna had been watching them from afar and she wanted to join the fun so the girls welcomed her with open arms. The 4 girls had a blast and then Jess saw a boy walking with her mother and decided to introduce herself to the boy. Poor boy was scared by her agressiveness plus hanging out with the other 3 girls probably scare him too so he didn't join We, the adults had such good time watching the kids played together. We had to go when our 2nd hour had passed because we only had enough quarters to last 2 hours plus Michelle had to leave as well. Jess was exhausted from all the fun and fell asleep on the way back to grandpa's house. We spent the rest of the day at grandpa's house, relaxing and chatting. The 4rd day, we came home. So, to summarise this trip, it was perrrrfect as we had just enough time to spend with our family and friends. We really didn't want to stay too long either, it would be really exhausting for everyone so 3 nights were perfect

I must confessed that I didn't eat too well. My carbs intake was more than I allowed myself to. FIL and MIL thought I was starving and depriving myself of food. I had to ask them to check with my husband on how much food I eat. They thought I needed to be more fleshy...LOL. I don't know if it has something to do with dh's culture but the women are pretty "fleshy" and I can understand why they think I am My MIL was on a mission to blow me up in that few days. She saw how much I could eat so she really couldn't say I am not eating. Anyway, it was quite a challenge to refuse one food after another, especially the cakes, candies, ice-creams etc. I had some but not as much as she wanted me to eat. With the SB knowledge that I have now, I really feel so bad for them for their food choices and portion control. I am more amaze at our bodies especially on how much "abuse" our bodies take from us. When I came home, my body craves for foods that I have neglected to eat during that trip. My craving for fruits was just overwhelming and not to mention lighter and more balance meal. So, today, I made 2 different kinds of fish for lunch (lol), a stir-fry nappa cabbage with brean thread noodles, onions and carrots and brown rice pilaf. It felt great to eat healthy again.

I won't be able to catch up now but will do that tonight. In the meantime, I want to wish "COUNTYMOM" a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!. Hope you have a fantastic time today with your family and friends.

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