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  • Hey, guys. I didn't do too well over the weekend. Actually, eating really sucked. It seems that everytime I get back to my low of 159, I go and screw it up. Eating was "okay" yesterday but could have been better. At least today seems to be on track although I wish I hadn't endulged in a cup of LC ice cream I have gas Yesterday I went to Jackson just to get seen my a doc who would look at this thing on my leg without me having insurance. He said it's "probably" benign, but would be a good idea to remove it. Said he could file it with my insurance and then remove it. Told him the whole reason I traveled 2 hours to his office was because I DIDN'T have insurance. He then told me the importance of insurance,um, really? Some people need a dose of reality from time to time. So needless to say, the lesion is staying on my leg for the time being. It was a Plastic Surgery clinic that I went to. I felt a little awkard being there. I kept glancing around wondering what others were there for,lol. And hoping I wouldn't see anyone I knew that might think I was getting something "done." Today has been pretty uneventful. I cleaned up, exercised, took a bath and now am getting caught up on the computer. Well, I need to run...

    BF- was a navel orange and yogurt
    Snack- heaping tbsp of PB
    Lunch- HUGE salad made with tuna, cheese, egg, green onions, cuke, brocolli, cauliflower, and Ranch dressing...THEN, I had 1 cup(2 servings) of LC ice cream
    Supper- don't know yet. Suppossed to grab something in town after exercise class. Don't worry, I'll keep it legal. Probably will be a salad from Mickey D's or Wendy's.
  • Well I think I'm to behind to catch up. But read all the posts. I got my walking in today before the rain. I'm hopeing I show a loss tomorrow even tho I didn't do as well as I could on the week end. B- ww peanut butter toast L- eggs and bacon D- eggplant casserole and broccli S-nuts. Today is DH birthday. I bought him a cake but he is taking it to work tomorrow. Everyone have a good evening.
  • I'm getting ready to crawl up in the bed to watch TV..Hope everyone has a good

  • Hey my long lost buddies!

    I was just popping in to say hello and to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about y'all! I've just been swamped with school work and I don't have much time! But, I'm still around, eating terribly, and missing all of you!!!

    I'll try to check back in soon! I love you all and miss you!!!

  • Hey, all. Supper ended up being at McDonald's. I had the grilled bacon ranch salad with the Casear dressing and a large diet coke. I'm glad I didn't give in to the smell of the french fries,lol. We had a good workout tonight at church. I'll probably be sore tomorrow since I've done 2 workouts today with squats and lunges. Not much going on. Gotta take Boogie to Speech tomorrow and then will probably stop by the thrift store before going home. My church doesn't celebrate Halloween but I still do. We're throwing a Halloween party for all the kids at my friends house Saturday. I need to see what I can find online for games and stuff that the kids can do...

    Fruit- HEY!!
  • Good evening,

    I have been a bump today, didn't do much. Eating was legal and good though. I am way behind in catching up here so I better get started :

    PANCHO : We all understand how busy lives can be especially when the holidays are near. That's a good thing especially when you will be having lotsa fun. Just post whenever you can. Hope your tongue is feeling much better already.

    RUBY : Thanks for your compliment on my "encouragement" thoughts. I had no idea they were coming out but I was glad I typed it out since I needed to read it myself.

    JACK-K : How cool being interviewed! Wow, love your willpower, shoo candy, shoo!!

    TONI : My house is in a mess too. It's time to clean again. Sighhh...never ending job You are so right, keep trying and every effort you make is valuable and will feed you positively. I have only mafe stuffed peppers once. It was okay but need some improvement. How did you make yours?

    FILLISE : Every little choices help so just do whatever you can at your busy situation now. The election will be over soon.

    MONET : WTG on your steps! Sounds like you are healing very well. I am glad I am sure Tom is a gem but it takes a gem to attract and stay with another gem, don't you think? Oh no, not the brownies, they are so irresistable!! lol.

    TEENSY : I am sorry hubby is still sicked. Poor thing..hope he feels better soon. Hey, just hop back into the wagon and you are just fine

    DEB : Sorry to hear about your problems about voting. That is really a hassle!! Yes, I liked Kate and Leopold a lot, besides that Leopold is so, he is also sooo gentleman, like every girl's prince charming. If you like romantic movies, it is definitely worth watching.

    COUNTRY : Hope you had a great vacation! I hate it when it is over. Well, I am sure the 6 lbs has a lot of water weight which will melt away soon.

    RUBY : Oh no...hope the flu passes by quickly. Just try to eat as balance as you can, drink plenty of fluid and that's the best you can do to help your body fight the flu. Oh, plenty of rest too!

    BOB : Hope your procedure goes as smooth as can be!! Will be thinking of you. Oh yea, I bet the sound effect at the theater would have made a great difference in the movie. The movie still gives me chills!!

    HEART : I screwed up over and over again too so lets move on and do better! WTG on the exercise tonight!

    FRUIT : Hello!! Glad to see ya. Hope all is well. Please visit us whenever you can.

    I think I am all caught up. If I miss anyone, it is definitely unintentional. Nighty night!! See you tomorrow.

  • Happy WIW everyone! I am not going to get on the scale this week, as I am still having way too much swelling from the surgery. Next week, maybe.... I hope the scale is good to everyone!

    Tom just left for work. Laura has class this morning at 7, so she is gone already. Before he left, Tom brought me breakfast...2 eggs fried, and 1/2 a ww bagel with cream cheese, and a cup of coffee with cream. I slept fairly well last night, did not even wake up to go to the potty, which is unusual for me. It may mean that the swelling is going down and everything is getting back to normal. That was one problem with the fibroids that I will be glad to see improved!

    Yesterday, I tried to lay on the bed, and get on my side the way I like to sleep. No way...I had the hardest time getting back up, and just could not get comfortable! I will be so glad when I can be comfortable on the bed again.

    I will be back later for replies!
  • Happy WIW. I forgot about it, but I did weight this morning and was the same as last week I think. We got in our 3 mile walk last night. it started to rain about half way through, but it cleared up before we got home. Should get another one in tonight. That will make 4 nights in a row. Eating has been 100% legal too. :clap:

    Bob, hope the procedure goes well. Keep me posted.

    Heart, when I go to the plastic surgeon, I always try to figure out what everyone is there for. THere were 2 young girls last time, and yes, they were getting boob jobs and liposuction. Hope that spot on your leg is nothing, Keep an eye on it.

    Toni, way to get that cake out of the house. Good job on your exercise.

    Missy, we miss you. How is the adoption process going.

    Monet, here's a trick on how to get up. I have to do it even to get off the couch if I am sitting back. Put both hands under your knee and roll up. It really helps if you are laying down.

    Ken, have a good day.

    Have to run to a meeting, be back late this afternoon. Have a great day and congrats to all the losers today.
  • Good morning...

    Again, slept later last night. Well, I am feeling okay this morning. I have got some cleaning to do today. My scale is still back at the manufacturer's so so no weight in for me. My clothes are feeling okay so hopefully I haven't put on weight.

    Well, it has confirmed, we are going to visit my FIL in West Palm Beach in Dec. We finally found a cheaper airfare and booked it last night. It has been a while since we visited him in FL. I will be quite an adventure for Jess since she is now big enough to enjoy her flight, at least I hope so because I hate being on a plane. I am the queen of throwing up so that's why.

    Nothing much planned for today except cleaning...argh! My menu today :

    Breakfast : 2 leftover ww pancakes. Water. No appetite for protein today.

    Snack : Mixed fruits.

    Lunch : Crockpot chuck roast and spaghetti squash (first time experimenting with it).

    Snack : Mixed fruits and nuts.

    Dinner : Probably leftovers from lunch.

    MONET : Good morning!! Glad you slept well.

    JACK-K : Clap! Clap! Clap! WTG on staying op, exercizing and maintaining!!

    Jess is here and she has started to do damage in my room so I better go. Will check in later. Hope the rest of you have a good WIW!!

  • Happy WIW to all. I'm so excited I've lost 7 1/2 lbs. in the last 9 days. I was so worried that the week end had messed me up but it didn't. Wish this could be and average weight loss LOL! But its for a first week back OP to give me the boost I need. The dog and cat got me up early today. The rain was just pouring so no walk in the campground. May have to get the old treadmill going.
    Yea Jackie for 4 days in a row!!! And what a good walk.

    Monet it won't be to long till you're back in the bed. You'll never want to sit in that recliner again!

    Julia- I just used my some of my meatloaf for my stuffed pepper filling this time. It wasn't bad at all.

    Fruitloupe- We miss you girl. Hope things settle down where you can come back regular.

    Bob- Hope you got a good nights sleep.

    HeartMom- good job staying legal at MCD's.
  • Good WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY Morning!

    Just hoping on to say good morning - ELI is off today and we are headed out the door. Car has already been taken to the shop - ELI'S is too, hoping to get that picked up today (he has a loaner) and the plumber has to come back today -

    Gotta run - his car's not ready and neither am I!!!

  • I just wanted to say hello and happy WIW. I will be glad when I am actually able to reply to posts again . I did manage to read all the posts for this week.

    Lane and I will be heading out shortly for our Mom's Club Halloween Party; she seems to be excited, even though I don't think she knows what to expect. She just wants to wear her Snow White costume.

    I weighed 121.5# this morning, so up 1.5# from my normal low of 120. It may have been down more, but I had chicken soup again last night with a few lots of sodium. I also made a shake for myself last night at 8:30 with mixed berries, agave, soy milk and a little bit of apple juice & protein powder. That was much later than I normally eat anything, but it seemed to help get me through my workout this morning. I never eat before working's supposed to be best to workout on an empty stomach. I got up at 4 a.m. to go to the gym, and also worked out on Mon & I'm on a roll.

    My menu so far today:
    1/2 trioplex bar after working out
    BF: Omelet (1 Omega-3 rich egg w/ 3 egg whites, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, salsa and lite cheese).
    Lunch: Will be pizza at the party
    Dinner: Will be Chicken, beans & salad

    I have to pick up Britt and get her home to make a cake for my DH's birthday today. We also have to wrap his gifts still. Aye yie yie...where does the time go?

    I gotta go put some make-up on and get dressed.

    Have a great OP day.


    I got brave and hopped on the scale. I figured I could rationalize it being late in the morning and I had already eaten and am wearing flannel pj pants and a shirt....(I usually weigh nude first thing in the morning...)

    Well, I was HAPPY! I am down 7.5 pounds since Sunday morning! I KNOW its all water weight, but I was really excited to see that! I feel encouraged!
  • Lunch was pretty good except the chuck roast which was a little too oily. I should use a leaner cut next time. I did skim as much of the fats off but still more that I couldn't. I love cooking enough for lunch, dinner and for dh to bring to work...LOL. Oh, the spaghetti squash is pretty good too. This is my first time making it so not too I split the squash in half and baked it in the oven for 45 to 1 hr at 325 degrees. Then, I scoped the squash out and let it cool while I sauteed some chopped onions, bell-peppers, fresh herbs and spices in a pan, then I just add the squash in the mixtures. Salt and pepper of course and lastly, grated some parmesan cheese on top before serving. Yum! Jess wasn't sure about it until she tried it and then couldn't stop eating Dh thought the squash is so cool as it shredded like noodles. The chuck roast wasn't legal since I put red potatoes in it but it was a total plan cheat for me. I had about 1 red potatoes with the chuck roast and spaghetti squash.

    TONI : Woo Hooo!!!! That is a fantastic results!! Your efforts are paying off wonderfully! I can tell from your posts that you not only eat well but the best of all, you feel fantastic! I am so happy for you. You meatloaf fillings for stuffed bell-peppers are a great idea! I love it when I learn new tricks every now and then. Thanks for sharing.

    DEB : Have a good day!

    PANCHO : I sure missed your posts Halloween party sounds great. I am sure the kds will have a blast! Jess has a snow white costume too. She wore it few weeks ago for a friend's birthday party. She was the roughest snow white I have ever seen. She even ride a toy tractor in her dress, not to mention, jumping up and down in the trempoline, sommersault, sand box It was so funny to watch. WTG on the exercises!!

    MONET : You cheated!!! You are not supposed to weigh but I am so happy for you. Woo Hoo...that is fantastic. Water weight or not, that is awesome! I know your weight will continue to drop

    I had Jess do the laundry for me, he! he! I asked her to take my pillow cases out (I did the bedsheets in my room) and her bedsheets from her room and put them in the washing machine and then I ran it for Ahhh...nice to have a little help and that bought me sometime to post Okay, my time is up! Got to go...

  • Hey Long Time!
    Well well well - Its me again. Been a long time since I have been here. However, not sure if anyone remembers me much.

    Lots of things have changed I had baby boy Lundon in April 2004. He is now 6 months and the love of my life. I am trying now to get my b*tt in gear. I am trying to lose lots of weight before my vacation to Phoenix and Las Vegas in November. I have lost some already but things are going slow on ww so, I have decided to do SB with no legal bread or potatoes for 2 weeks. Just to see.

    Well just dropping in to say hello and I will chat again later on.

    Hope all is doing well!

    Todays Menu:

    2 eggs / cup of milk
    15 dry roaster pistachios
    tuna, egg and mayo - diet 7-up
    2 Russell Stovers sugar free truffle cups (should have only had one, but.......)
    Plans for dinner:
    Taco salad and diet drink (on the run today for Bible Study)