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I'm BACK!!!!

Quick note....

MONET...I received the book I ordered from Dr Mercola...The No Grain Diet,
and THE ADAM AND EVE DIET by Roderick Lane & Sarah Stacey
I also got THE ROSEDALE DIET....

Can't wait to read these and I'll let y'all know abou them...

I'm off to bed...THE SWAN starts at 8p.m. and I need to get reclined and comfortable before it starts!

I'll talk to y'all tomorrow!

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Just popping in. Had stuffed peppers for dinner. I've done really well on the starchy carbs. Read some in the South Beach diet book. It sure is like Sugar Busters. Glad you're getting some steps in Monet. Bob I can't wait for you to read the books and let us know what you think.
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Hi everyone...add two cups of decaf coffee with cream to my menu! I love sitting having coffee after dinner with Tom. He is such a gem! How did I luck up? I know its nothing I did...God just felt like blessing me I guess. He ran off to the drug store to get me something I need to tend to my incision.

Good night! If I don't get back tonight, I bid you all sweet dreams!
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Just popping in to say hi.....been very busy with a sick hubby all last week, (he even missed opening day of hunting season.....and that has NEVER happened before) then Brant showed up at 6 am on Thursdays morning. He finally drug dh's butt out the door for a drive to look for deer. He spent the whole weekend with us. Didn't get anything until after he left on Sunday, then we got my deer. So one down and two to go.

Been trying to use up my apples......not going to be able to do much more. I hope they will keep in the cool shop. As cold as it is, it is like a refer out there. I had a total blow out on Sunday......I think I ate everything that we had in the house that wasn't legal.......why do I do this to myself?? I was doing so well. Anyway I am going totally low carb (no starches or fruit) for a bit until I can get control again. Have been over doing even the legal sweets.....guess that is what I get for trying to make all these goodies with my apples. I have to make one apple pie for Ted's hunting buddy tomorrow (lets Ted hunt on his 800 acres) and then I am done for awhile. Have made 19 quarts of SF apple pie filling, 18 pints of SF apple butter, 2 Apple Betty's (one in the freezer and one dh is slowly working on) and leftover apple cobbler. Apples anyone???

Menu for the day......

B--2 eggs scrambled with 1 oz cheddar cheese.

snack-- 1 oz venison german hot link

L-- 8 hot wing pieces, salad with 2 T bleu cheese dressing.

snack-- 1/2 oz pork rinds, 1 ham slice with 4 black olives.

D-- leftover grilled T-bone, salad with 2 T bleu cheese dressing, 1/2 c spaghetti squash.

Didn't miss any starches today, so maybe I can get a handle easier than I thought. Will be busy the next few days, so will stop in when I can. Hope you all have a great and OP week!!
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Good morning! I slept kind of late this morning. I usually wake up at 5, then again at 6 when Tom gets up . This morning, I did not wake up until 6:30, and did not crawl out of the recliner until 7. Tom brought me coffee, and oat bran muffin and my three prunes, and three apricots. I will wander downstairs in a bit and get another cup of coffee, and take my plate down. Maybe I will be able to talk Laura into making me an egg. We have big plans for today...small group is coming over tonight. I think I will enjoy the company. I told them if I did not feel up to it, I will just come back upstairs and nap in my recliner. Obviously, I am not cooking dinner. We are going to order pizza, and have some salad. I will behave, and only eat one or two small pieces.
I am going to get off here and go read some. Hope everyone has a great day!

BOB: Let me know what you think of Mercola's No Grain Diet. I got the book he was pushing a year or so ago, about metabolic typing. It was not very helpful.

TEENSY: I love apples, but could not get up to North Georgia to get any this year. I have an apple cake recipe that is SB legal and I use them in oat bran muffins that are legal. You can use apples when cooking pork, too. I hope your hubby is all better. Nothing worse than a sick man on your hands!
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Good Tuesday Morning,

It is going to be int he low 70's here again. I hope it holds out for the trick/treaters on Sunday. It is so much easier when they don't have to fool with coats, etc.

Ran home last night and threw a meatloaf in the oven. DH got home before I thought so we got a 2 mile walk in while it was cooking. Then I had to sub at a friend's bunco so we rushed through dinner and I had been browning some steak for tonight so got all that together and DH cleaned up for me. I was very proud. I only had 2 glasses of ice tea and never touched the candy, food or dessert. Their bunco ends early so when I got home arond 10 I had a small bowl of frozen yogurt.

BF was 1 egg, 1/2 ww bagle with cream cheese, black coffee.
Lunch will be leftover meatloaf and slaw, maybe an apple.
Dinner, round steak, veggies.

Susan, only one more week and all the craziness will be over. I can't wait. I'm sick of all this mud slinging.

Bob, OK you're forgiven. Just saw in the paper where Zook and team got fired. I hear Petrino from U of L is one on the list. He is good but not good enough for Florida yet. I bet Spurrier goes back. Glad you are feeling better and back to work.

Monet, tht is good walking for a sickie. It is so sweet that you appreciate Tom. It is amazing how they come through for you during these illnesses. I was shocked at mine but pleased. I think you will enjoy your small group tonight and won't even realize you are tired. The company will stimulate you. Have fun.

Toni, my DH would have liked dinner at your house. He loves stuffed peppers. I have never fixed them for him.

Teensy, we go along so well and then bam, we blow it open. Guess if we knew why we did these things we would never be in the shape we were. You will get straightened out quickly I'm sure. Man you have to be sick of apples by now. I sure would love to sample tha cobbler though.

Anyone know where Gator and Missy are?

Got to run. Be back later.
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Hi Everyone!

I just had lunch...a bit early but I was really hungry. I had one piece of ww bread with ham, 6 raw baby carrots, a glass of cranberry juice and a large brownie! Ack! A lady from church brought us dinner this morning, and one of the things she brought was a batch of brownies, warm from the oven. I could not resist! I have been neglecting the fifth food group, chocolate, so now that I have had some, I will do everything I can to avoid falling again!

I have not gotten in much walking today, but will after lunch settles. I am feeling pretty good today, but trying hard not to do all the things I feel like doing, just so I don't over do it. After reading up on the problems you can cause yourself by over doing it, I am determined to be a model patient, and not push too more than I should!

Ok, enough babbling for now....

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Morning All

Can't believe how late it is already - my morning is flying by quickly and I turn around and it's almost gone.

I'm a bit peeved. I registered to vote for the first time in my life and its been, so far, quite a problem. As those of you who know me, I'm a definite procrastinator, esp. when it comes to paperwork - I loathe it! Come to my home and find statements unopened from years ago, papers not filled or thrown away - well, you get the picture. Anyhow, the deadline in Miami to get in your application to vote was Oct. 4th, at midnight - I was at the PO around 9:30pm, so well in enough time to vote. Hadn't gotten my VRC yet, so called the local idiots at the election office to see if I can go for early voting without the card. Girl tells me I'm in the system, and that I can vote, just take my ID with me. Go to the library to do EV and they tell me I can't vote, that my application wasn't recieved in time. THEN, a person there tells me that I can vote by paper ballot, but that unless the race is so close, my vote won't count - only if it's close will they go through the paper ballots. So I left. Before leaving a gentleman approached me and said he was a lawyer and that he'd try to help with this problem - so far, haven't heard anything. Called the elections office again yesterday, was given the name of a supervisor - called and left 2 messages, no response - geez, why doesn't that surprise me Just called another office in hopes someone there will call me back. Oh, and I was told my application was received by the elections office on Oct. 5th - so there, in time without a doubt! I'm ready to chuck the whole friggin idea of voting - but boy oh boy, if this is what's going on in the elections with votes, you really have to wonder, whatever the outcome, what's happening behind the scenes that could possibly change the whole ball of wax in to a big melted mess! I'm actually on the phone at this moment with yet ANOTHER elections office trying to resolve this matter.

Car - took it to the mechanic the other day - he hooked up the computer to analyze it, shows nothing - he couldn't find anything though he felt it chugging. Gunned it a few times, chugging stopped. Told me to drive it around, if needed, bring it back - it's going back tomorrow! It's almost as if the car was farting, it's so weird!

Didn't sleep well again - 3 nights in a row - I keep waking up about every 2 hours, look at the clock and then try to go back to sleep. I had a weird dream last night - that LAUREN didn't wake up for school on time and I was literally racing to get her to school before 2pm - that after, they'd mark her abscent for the whole day, instead of just for particular classes - woke up before I found out if we made it or not, had only a minute to spare - that's more like a nightmare!!!!!

Want to get in some replies before the day wastes away any more....

MONET, glad to see your improving each and every day How did you luck out with TOM - maybe it's YOU who's the gem, and he knows it

JACKK, did you ever find out if you were on the TV? ELI did the breast cancer walk down here

PANCHO, hydregon peroxide, in your mouth?? I never heard of that one. As one who you KNOW hasn't been able to get on here as much as I use to, we totally understand that with the upcoming holidays, that if you can't make it on here it's not because you don't want to - other stuff takes presidence

KEN, I think I have KATE & LEOPOLD on hold at the library - was it good? I have so many on hold, when I do get them, I don't have time to watch them and they usually end up going back without seeing them, only to have to put them on hold once again. Sounds like you and I are on the same wave length when it comes to papers!!!!

TONI, wish I could say the mess in my house was just from over the weekend - I'd be happy to say that - I keep saying, "one day, one day!" Yes, the SOBE diet is almost identical to SB in Phase II - Dr. A was on TV this morning - something about turbo charging the SOBE for 2 weeks to drop weight quickly when needed. Something about waiting 15 minutes and something else I can't remember.

FILLISE, hope you were sitting in a STARBUCKS!!!!! As you can see from the above, I'm having election woes down here - not the same as you, but woes just the same. I sure can say I've loved and hated things at the same time - I'd say we all have!

BOB, hope you too are feeling better each and every day Hope you are getting good deals on the books - you know, it will KILL ME if you are paying regular prices! I thought the SWAN was good last night - how about you? Better TIPPY smacks you in the face then sits on it!!!!!

TEENSY, sorry to hear DH wasn't feeling well - you KNOW they're really sick when they miss out on something the first time in their lives! Do you ever sell your homemade goods to local stores? I've never canned anything - is it hard to do?

RUBY, I think I had that book at one point - I have so many cookbooks - but I don't cook! If you have the agave, you MUST try my CRUSTLESS CHEESECAKE recipe - that is, if you like cheesecake! LAUREN had me buy some cream cheese and wants me to make it. I've been putting it off as I know, once I make it, I will eat it!!!!

HEART, sounds like you're doing great! Recipe for cauliflower - I don't have any offhand, but give me an idea of what you'd like, and I'm sure I can find something to fit the bill.

CAROL, looked at your fitday for Oct. 22, and here's my 2 cents...too few calories for the first overview - if you were to stay at 200lbs, you'd be eating approx. 2400 calories - eating approx. 1200 is cutting this in half, too drastic of a reduction, I'd suggest more like 1800-2000 calories to start and then, you wittle down as your weight does. Fats are high, over 40%. I don't see any veggies - sorry, lettuce doesn't count. Too many artificial sweet things - try to get the idea of sugar out of your body & mind. Definitely not enough fiber, I'd bet my money on less than 10 grams for the day. Better to eat the orange than to drink it. Again, just my 2 cents worth of insight.

Did quickly read through the posts I misssed from last week - tried to reply to those I could. Hope I haven't missed anyone-never intentional if I have. MOM is on her way over to visit for a few, so going to close this. Will try to get on later today if I'm able.

Have a good Tuesday y'all!


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Default Good afternoon.

Vacation is over and we are back to real life. Let's took 9 months to lose 11 pounds and a week and a half to gain 6. Back up to 156. So unfair. LOL Hopefully today I will start back with the exercise. Drink more water and get back on track. I've missed ya'll and look forward to making the time to come to the board to read and post.

The kids are not doing their lessons so I need to get.

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Slow day here on purpose - I think I have the flu, but I'm not sure. Since Friday I have had headache, body ache, the big D (diarrhea), and am soooo tired, but no fever or coughing or congestion. Could be anything I guess, but just to pick up my carpool from school knocks me out. Actually it's a two hour commute round trip, so I shouldn't be surprised. This is the firtst year in ten that I have not gotten a flu shot, and I have been DEATHLY ill with the flu twice in the past.

Election troubles here in CA also - hubby voted absentee as he always does because he doesn't want to close the office down (horrible workaholic, that's another story). He got an incomplete ballot, pages of statewide initiatives missing. I think this election will make the 2000 election seem like a cakewalk. God help us all.

Deb: I LOVE cheesecake, I will look on the recipe forum to see if it's there.

Everybody: hello to all and stay healthy!
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Just got in from walking in the backyard around the pool. The weather is rather fine and I enjoyed it. I called my crazy cat, but he obviously was off having fun someplace and did not come. I had to walk all alone!

I screwed up and had another brownie. I had a glass of milk and another cup coffee with cream.

Now I am getting sleepy, so it is probably time for that afternoon nap....

DEB: Sorry things are so screwed up for the voting. I am going to go over and vote, and I am worried that I will be wiped out when I do.

RUBY: I hope you don't have the flu! Drink plenty of liquids and get some rest!

COUNTRY: I know exactly what you mean! It took me six years to lose 50 pounds and in three months of doing the same old same old, but with a ailing thyroid, I gained 20! Its just not fair! Good to see you back!

Guess I will go nap some! Later!
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I just wanted to jump on quickly and say hello. I have an eggplant parm. in the oven for lunch, and I have to get some stuff done around here before we p/u Britt and go to Physical Therapy.

I exercised yesterday and today, so two days down. I plan to workout the rest of the week too.

Eating has been pretty good (mostly due to sore tongue). But hope to keep on track.

We have a Halloween Party for the Mom's Club tomorrow and we have already pre-paid for pizza, so I will only have a few slices, if my tongue is up to it.

Well, there's the timer for my lunch. I hope to check in later.

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Monet, if you are going to mess up, brownies are definately worth messing up for.

Deb, can't you just go to the polls on election day and vote? Sounds like a typical gov screw-up. No never did find out if I was on TV. You shouldhave went with Eli to walk. It was fun.

Country, glad to see you back. Someone explained why we gain more wt back quicker than losing it. No matter what the explanation, is just isn't fair.

Ruby, sure hope it's not the flu. Get some rest and drink lots of liquids.
2 hr commute to school and back? Wow Don't know that I could do that every day.
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Hi everyone,

Sorry for not able to get on yesterday and this morning. Whenever dh is off, I will try to spend as much time with him as possible. I did go to Office Depot to get some filling boxes so I will have to organize the file of papers soon. I didn't manage to get the down comforter as they were out of king size. I am not surprised. Yesterday night, we also watched "The Day After Tomorrow" after Jess is asleep. I actually liked it.

This morning, we were out at the attorney office for a closing, then cooked lunch and then put a chuck roast in the crockpot for tomorrow's lunch. Here I am My menu for today :

Breakfast : Half of chicken salad sandwich. Water.

Snack : Mixed fruits.

Lunch : Baked salmon (Teensy's marinade...yum!), stir-fry spaghetti with broccoli, onions, bell-peppers, muchrooms and nappa cabbage.

Snack : Mixed fruits and nuts.

Dinner : Not sure yet as I do not have appetize for anything right now.

Jess is here asking for snack so I better go. It's time for my fruits too. I will catch up with you all later.

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Had to come home early to take Kate to a Drs appointment....TOMORROW is my ESI procedure...have to be there by 8a.m. and then home for the day.
JACKIE....I've decided to do the sedation for the 1st one to see how it goes, then I'll go from there for the next two!

MONET...I ordered THEMETABOLIC TESTING DIET BY WILLIAM WOLCOTT who is the Doc that Mercola took his test from....I'm a protein person which is what I was hoping for....I love protein, and if it will help me along, I'll be happy!

DEBBIE....You know me better that I would NEVER pay full price if I don't have to!!! I've ordered all these books from either "HALF.COM" or "OVERSTOCK.COM" and got really good prices.... The most I've paid is $13.95 for a $35 cook book by Karen Barnaby..."THE LOW-CARB GOURMET" She's the developer of , and also the CHEF
at The Fish House in Vancouver, British Columbia...she has written quite a few cook books, but they have all been the dishes that she cooks at the
restaurant. This time, she decided to take those recipes and convert them
to low carb and believe me, there are some WONDERFUL recipes in this book!

JACKIE....YOU ARE FORGIVEN!!! As for ZOOK....there was a picture of SPURRIER playing in a golf tourney at LAKE MARY...he was on the green and behind him on the fence, a sign printed on a sheet that says "STEVE...PLEASE COME HOME....WE NEED YOU"
I'll be interested to see what he does....I think if Zook and his staff had decided to leave yesterday, he would have come in in a heart beat to help, but as for going back full time, I just don't know....WE'LL SEE!!!

CRYSTLE...I know you're glad to be back home...everything will fall back into place before you know it!

JULIA....I guess we'll forgive you for missing your posting....I rented that was good, but now I wish I had gone to the theater to see it...The sound effects would have been remarkable!

RUBY....DANG GIRL...I sure do hope you're not getting what I had! At the FIRST sign of congestion, get yourself to the DOC for some antibiotics....after what I went through...I sure don't want you to suffer like that! Those were the symptoms I started with! you make apple butter? I absolutely love it! Do you dry any apples for fried pies?

TONI....I love stuffed peppers...can't eat the peppers, butI love the flavor that they put into the meat! I'll let you know about the books!

Fixing baked fish for I better get started....Kate thinks that she HAS TO EAT at 5:30 p.m. !!!!

Went to SAVEBENJAMIN.COM and was lucky to get a free copy of SCRABBLE software...I had one, but my Nephew took possession, so it will be good to get it back in my collection!

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