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Old 02-23-2004, 01:03 AM   #1  
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Default Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 2/23-2/29

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

Look for our QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARDS to post your favorite recipes and to see the most recently posted recipes. Recipes from the quarterly boards will be archived in proper categories at some point.

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit POST REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's 2 of them to read today-both very good


Pay attention to what is probable. Yet never lose sight of all that is possible.

The difference between what is probable and what is possible for you is based on your attitude, your thoughts, your actions. With enough commitment, you can make the most unlikely possibilities happen.

Settling for what is probable is just an excuse to abandon the best of what is possible. There is never any good reason to settle for less than the best of what can be.

Embrace the possibilities. Make the best of them yours by making the necessary effort to bring them to life.

Though something may be probable, its not a foregone conclusion. Now is the moment to take the best of what is possible, and make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston



Some days it's difficult to see the progress you're making. Some days it may even seem that you're moving backwards. Keep going. The moment you've been working toward gets ever closer as you move persistently through each day.
Each effort, whether you can see it or not, moves you forward. Even the seeming failures make you stronger and push you in the direction of your goal.

Those who keep going only when the going is good, will never make it all the way. The value of achievement is built upon the difficulties you must cross through in order to reach it.

Keep going not only when the going is good. Persist in your efforts even when they seem to be pointless, even when you cannot feel any progress. For the progress is most certainly there. Keep going, and you will surely see it soon enough.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Old 02-23-2004, 07:48 AM   #3  
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Default Morning . . .

When I read Deb's MM, I felt it on a personal level - being at this plateau. But, I'll keep chugging away at it and see what happens.

Not much new here - finally starting to warm up with temps in the 30s and 40s this weekend. I think that I am ready for spring. Watched S&C last night - it was good, but as I'm sure most of us will agree, predictible. Makes me wonder what the other three endings were that they shot . . .

Worked out last night and went food shopping yesterday to stock up on a lot of "legal" foods to keep me going throughout the week.

Well, gonna get ready for work. Kids go back to school today also, so our routine is back in progress.

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Old 02-23-2004, 10:54 AM   #4  
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Good Monday morning:

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. My TOM started yesterday, and I self-destructed; ate a lot of stuff I shouldn't have, including a small order of McDonald's FF, that not only are potatoes to begin with fried in that saturated fat, but I just learned that McDonald's also adds sugar to their FF. So, I'm surprised I survived that splurge. I also had other stuff I shouldn't have, but won't go into listing it all...I'd run out of room. I hope everyone else had an OP weekend.

It is pouring here, and has been since around 2:30 a.m., at least that's when I first noticed it. We have a wash nearby our home, and I hope it's not running, or Britt won't be going to school. If she does go, then I plan to go to the gym today.

GUESS WHAT????? I am so pumped. I wrote my paper on Saturday night; I was up until 12:30 a.m. This is the paper that is due tomorrow night for my Nutrition class, and I wrote it on SB. I haven't written a paper in so long that I was feeling quite discouraged. I couldn't even remember the correct way to write a References page. Anyway, I e-mailed it to my instructor, asking for any input and for a sample of a References page, or a site I could go to to find one, and this was her reply....."This is a great paper! I would not suggest any changes and I have all the references I need. Consider yourself done! 100% points!" Can you imagine my surprise...whew...done. I can watch BFOF tonight without worrying about finishing up my paper.

BOB: I didn't go to that site....I'm too superstitious and paranoid, I guess. I've had lots of friends who have gone to fortune readers, Tarot readers (for fun), and I just can't bring myself to do it. I guess I don't want to know, even if it is "for fun." I wish our dog would want to sleep in her own bed; she sleeps at the foot of our bed in between our legs. She is over 40#'s though. Your little one would probably get caught somewhere under the covers and you wouldn't be able to find the poor little thing come morning.

fruit: Glad to hear the updates!! It sounds like you are all having such a fabulous time! I'm having to really stop and think since you are using "real" names vs user names; I think I have it figured out now. I hope the weather is staying good. We are getting enough rain here to make up for any you are not getting. Keep us posted!! I love to read about how much fun you are all having. If my kids were at an age to get up and go without me, I'd be there with you all.

cheryl: Glad your DS decided to skip BB this year to give you a much needed break. Great job on eating and exercising!

Suzy: Way to stock up on those legal foods; it makes all the difference in the world. I know I would have hit my goal much sooner if I had lived alone and only had "legal" foods in the house. I am taking my mom to Whole Foods on Friday since she has never been. I will stock up on a few items while I am there.

I still haven't had breakfast, so I better go eat!

Take care,
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It sounds like we are missing out on some great fun. Cant wait to see some pictures of that.

Deb- wow to the mm. the keep going really hit home. I started my TOM yesterday and was ready to eat the house. I even almost convinced myself it might jump start me Well i stayed good. And now im soo glad i did.

Suzyb- It sounds like the mm went to heart for you to. I love those...where does deb find them all.

Nat - Congrats on the paper!!! That is soo awesome. I know your proud as you should be. Dont feel bad about your splurge...i was almost with ya. Today is a whole new day. I didnt know they put sugar in their ff's!!! omg!

well im gonna go try to do my WATP. im really not in the mood.
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My MM contribution:

As the twig is bent, the tree inclines.

A positive self-image is critical to our recovery. Why? Because it is the glasses through which we look, the gloves with which we touch, the door by which we enter into a relationship with life. Self-image is not who we really are, but a combination of what we wish we were, who we're afraid we are, and who we imagine other people think we are.

We act out in detail the role we've assigned ourselves in this world. That role, our self-image, works like a key that either fits or doesn't fit a world full of locked doors. Different keys open different doors. And some doors lead to bad places, as we all know. It isn't easy to change keys, but it is infinitely worth it. One reason is that we always pass our self-image on to our children; they know us too well to be fooled. If we want our children to walk tall, laugh happily, and sing joyously - we ourselves must do these things for them to see.

You are reading from the book: Days of Healing - Days of Joy by Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty

This weekend was full of choices, (you know where this is going don't you ) my DH and I went on a date to the movies (we saw 50 dates - FUNNY), but I went hungry. My choices were nachos and peanut mm's. Sunday we went to the fair again I got hungry, my choices: corn dog, butter toffee sunflower seeds and cashews, a few salt water taffy, and orange slices. Last night a couple saltine crackers for my sore tummy. Today I feel puffy and uncomfortable and Sunday I actually weighed in at 168.5 today the scale says 172.5! Enough said, I've already saddled my horse can get back on the wagon again today. My DH and I went grocery shopping and my fridge is full of SB foods.

VMOORE: I thought of you first when I was thinking about the choices I had made this weekend and that I had to be accountable. I feel like I owe you an apology. Here I am telling you how to make good choices and I couldn't even follow my own advice. I'm sorry for being a hypocrite.

Beth: It's LDBLOND, thanks for asking, they are my first and middle initials and before having my son I was blond for 28 years. How's your little one doing?

Jack-K: I hope your DH is feeling better soon, glad to hear they have his health situation figured out.

SEF: Sounds like you really enjoy yourself and the time you spend giving happiness to others is wonderful!

Cheryl: I'm happy to hear your DD is doing better. How many children do you have? All 3 of my little ones have allergies and the oldest and youngest have asthma. Looks like the Zyrtec the Dr. put my son on is working, Claritin just didn't help him like it does my girls.

Suzy: And here I am talking about being cold and wet in the So. Cal., boy am I a desert rat. I'd probably freeze to death if I moved east! !lol!

Pancho: You go girl! 100%!

BOB: Hope you are feeling better after a weekend of rest and meds.

Have a good Monday, everybody!

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Lara- being human doesnt make you a hypocrite. I enjoy being with ppl that are human and make mistakes just like i do. Thats why im here...I get all the support I need and know that everyone will understand when i fall off the wagon because everyone has been there.

I loved that movie. I went to see it Saturday. ( 50 first dates) I even got teary eyed at the end!! Now that is love.

After a 2 day break I just did my WATP. Im still on the 1 mile because my upper body is very weak and the 2 mile uses the weights more. I dont think im ready for that. Maybe a few more days and i will try it.

Today is week 7 of being back on SB. Im kinda in a funky mood of "why arent i skinny yet"...lmaooo funny huh? Im gonna keep on keepin on. This is just one of those days I wish there really was a miracle pill. Its TOM right now, i hope that is why i feel this way. I know im actually doing really good but at the same time i feel FAT.

My 6 year old son, Dylan, is home sick today...grrr really messed up my plans for the day. I have to get my house really really clean this week. My parents are coming to visit. I always freak out about my mom seeing my house. I guess thats normal, isnt it? lol

Gotta go for now
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Height: 5'6"


Good Monday Morning,

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

DH cleaned out the fridge and pantry yesterday. It looks so pretty now, but bare.We are going to the grocery tonight for a few things. No big excitement for the weekend. Had a couple visitors and went out to dinner on Sat nite. ATe too much and was miserable all night long.

Suzy, hang in there, you may not be losing on the scale but I bet those inches are moving down. One of the endings for S&TC was Big and Carrie at the bridge and he told her he was there and she told him it was too late. I'm not a BIg fan, but didn't like the Russian at all.

Pancho, that is great about your paper. I thought it would be easy for you since doing this WOE.

VMoore. congrats on fighting that urge to cheat. You should be proud of yourself. Hope your DS feels better. Oh yes, it is perfectly normal to not want your mom to see a dirty house.

LdBlond, don't let the weekend get you down. Start again today and you will be fine. It's when we let those binges go on and on that get us. Thank for the MM, loved it.

Missy, sounds like a partay! So glad you all are having a great time. What is Lynn "showing" to get those beads? You do things in NO that you wouldn't ever do. Have fun.

DH just came home for lunch and ran on so I guess I had better find something for me. Need to do a little work too. Be back later.

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Default Howdy!

Good to see ya'll this afternoon. The weekend was glorious. The kids even had a chance to get to the pond and fish a little bit. Nothing was biting but it was good just to get out there. When they were riding their bikes a hugh snake was laying in the road. It ran off in the woods eventually. Probably poisonous but I wasn't gonna get any closer to find out.

Idblond..thanks for the MM today. Hang in there...we all make bad choices from time to time. Start overs are GREAT! Today is your start over.

Jack-K good to see you. Are you getting bored being off of work?

Vmoore..woo hoo on getting your workout in. It's extra hard when you are tired or sore and you pushed through..awesome.

Nat..WTG on your paper.

Deb...hope you are finding some Deb time. Know you are loved and thought about often.

Suzyb...hang in there. Plateaus bite but eventually they do end. Remind me of this when I'm whinging...cause I do whine..A LOT

Woo hoo to all the party people. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to hear the stories and see some photos.

God bless,

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HI ALL!! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back home. Trish dropped me off about 3pm & she is heading back to Austin area. She estimated she'd make it home around 10-11pm. Hoping she has a safe trip, as it is still raining.

The weekend was lots & lots of fun, but I'm afraid Missy's parade for tonight may not roll. She left us about 7 this am in good spirits. We had a wonderful lunch at her dad's. They made us all feel like family. The food was great.

Ashley, Shirley & Lyn were still there when Trish & I left for home. I do have quiet a few pictures that I will try to upload after while & get a couple posted.

Idblond, thanks for the MM. I really liked it. Don't beat yourself up too bad about those choices you made over the weekend. We all have to make the BETTER choice sometimes & it's NOT always the right one, but when all the choices are bad, then you make the best one & live with it. We all put ourselves in that position sometimes.

Jack-k, hope you're not over doing it! Sounds like you're doing so much for this soon post-op. Take care girl!

Will try to get back in a while & get pics up as soon as I can. I am pooped! Soooo sleepy I could just crawl in bed & take a nap but have things I need to do, as I have to return to work in am.
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Wow, it's kinda slow today, but that's o.k., I have to do some research on food items that Britt can eat. She seems to have allergies to a lot of products that we are going to have to wean her off of for awhile, including corn, wheat & honey. She can't eat any sugar (even fructose) since she has high amounts of yeast in her body. I have to find some things that are rice & oat based. She can't even have regular milk right now. This s/b a real challenge. She started to cry, thinking she had to give up all that she loves.

I got to the gym and got a good workout. It is still raining here, so I'll make this quick and get off the puter.

ldblond: Sounds like a food-filled weekend; glad you found your horse and got back on; I had to do the same today. I am going to have my popcorn and m&m's while watching my BFOF tonight.

vmoore: I'm right there with you girlfriend; it's that TOM, and I feel full and fat. Keep on keepin on and you will see the rewards of all your hard work before you know it. If it only took a few weeks to get our bodies into shape, we'd all look awesome. Think about how many years it took us to get out of shape, and try to be patient. I know, I'm one to talk .

Jack-K: How are you feeling? When is your next check up?

Melf: Glad you made it home safely. Sounds like you had an awesome time; can't wait to see pictures!!!

Well, better run!

Take care,
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Talking Howdy!!

Good Monday everyone!! I am -yes I am!- STILL ON TRACK!! I'm really quite proud of myself!! I can't wait to see what WIW brings, although it probably won't be down much since I haven't been drinking as much water! BAD ME! But hey, being OP for the last week is better than being OFF plan and drinking no water! I haven't had caffeine in 2 days either... and boy do I FEEL IT!

Lara - I always wondered which it was, since so many people address your posts "ID" and I thought I was missing something...LOL. I figured I'd ask! My son is feeling much better, and actually has slept ALL NIGHT every night this week! Usually he wakes up and then begs to sleep in my bed, which I wouldn't mind except he's a ROUGH sleeper!! And YOU ARE NOT A HYPOCRITE!!! We have ALL fallen off the wagon, and I've been where you are! The support and encouragement you give, and the good advise you give even when you can't seem to follow it yourself, are STILL uplifting to others! You just need to read it and take it to your own heart!! Listen, after 6 months of pop tarts and pizza and french fries, if I can get my butt back on track, you can do it after a weekend!! GO FOR IT!!

Nat - I hear that rain is headed MY WAY. We are supposed to get rain starting tomorrow, and I have to walk a block to work from the parking garage!! Time to dig out the old umbrella!!!! WTG on the paper!! Can't get much better than that!!!

Jackie - You are really amazing!! So soon after your surgery and you're out and about, I'd be home milking it, and begging for mashed potatoes! LOL!! What a woman!!! WTG on filling the fridge with OP stuff! I need to do that myself!

vmoore - I hate when my parents pop in without calling, because I didn't have time to clean!! I want my house perfect when they come over, I know it's strange!! Hope your little one is feeling better!

HI to everyone I missed, I have to go scrounge up something for dinner. I have been craving chicken fingers for WEEKS and I might just make some! Have a great night all!!

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Quick post...well, the weekend was horrendous for me! I won't go into detail. Today is a new day, right? I liked the MM today. I will NEVER give up. I'm all puffy and swollen from all my "misbehaving" this weekend. Anyway, I did get a good workout in today. That always makes me feel better. Don't have time to post much..gotta fix supper.

BOB- The test said I live to be 79. Hmmm...
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Default Missy, how was that King cake?

Hey Missy, was that King cake any good?
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At the parade
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