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Default Sugar Busters Weekl Y Support Board 1/12-1/18

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

Look for our QUARTERLY RECIPE BOARDS to post your favorite recipes and to see the most recently posted recipes. Recipes from the quarterly boards will be archived in proper categories at some point.

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit POST REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's 2 of them to read today-both very good

Before you quit, give it one more attempt. Before you stop, take one more step. While you have the opportunity, make an extra effort. The day will come when that extra effort can make an enormous positive difference.

You're far more effective when you get a little ahead, than when you have to catch up. Rather than stopping just as soon as you've pulled even, make that one more effort to put yourself ahead.

That way, when your big break comes along, you'll be in a position to make the most of it. That way, if times get tough, you'll be in a position to weather the storm. Do what must be done, and then do a little more. Take one more step, make one more effort every chance you get, and soon you'll be far, far ahead.

One more step isn't really that much. But, oh what a difference it can make.

-- Ralph Marston


If you look at your problems as problems, they will continue to hold you down. See them instead as blessings in disguise, and that is what they will truly become.

If you treat the challenges as excuses for failure, you'll have plenty of excuses but not much else. Approach those challenges instead as pathways to success, and that is precisely what they will be.

There is more than enough richness in life for all those who are willing to recognize it. That richness most often comes wrapped in challenge so as to keep its value intact.

For if the good things in life had no cost at all, they would not be worth very much. It is the effort, the discipline, the commitment to overcome any challenge, that makes a dream worth reaching.

So whatever stands in the way of your dream is really a blessing in disguise. For when you work your way through it, you arrive at the place you most want to be.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
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Wow, looks like the boards went nutso again this week-end. We're in the process of getting a new computer (with DSL, yippee!!!) and our old one at home is disabled until we get the new one up.

Didn't do much this week-end, went to Outback Saturday night, ran a couple of errands. Mostly just sat around and read. Eating was good Saturday, except I had way too many starchy carbs. At least I skipped the bread at Outback, but I did have the sweet potato. Sunday, I was doing fine until I came back from shopping with Seth, and Joe had made cookies. We had a tub leftover of that cookie-dough that the kids sell for fundraisers and he made up the cookies. I was ready to kill him. Yikes, I had 3 of them. They were good but then I felt nauseous afterwards. I wanted another one before I went to bed but grabbed a SF popsicle instead. I think I'm going to have Seth take some to the neighbor's today and get them out of the house.

Got to get to work now. Talk to ya'll later.

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Height: 5'1


Yes it's the new Subway wraps by Atkins

Fillise--Thanks for the info on the Bare Minerals.


Hey the bagel was a better choice then a donut!! good job!

My dad used to say "I don't care what people think about me, they don't pay my bills" Kind of a weird saying but it stuck in my mind. People will judge you no matter how fat, thin, rich, poor, ugly beautiful, dumb or smart you are. It can only affect you if you let it.
I was 263 at my highest! Don't be picking on yourself! It's awesome that your whole family is getting into it! Both my kids eat like me now. My husband tried for a week the slipped back into bad eating habits. There is no crap food in the house now so when he eats home he has no choice but healthy foods but most of his meals he eats out. Your hubby will probably lose faster then you but men just lose faster! Oh I LOVE Dr. Phil!!
good for you staying legal all weekend!

That 110 pounds must have been one of those "Fruedian Slips" because I'm 210! LOL


You might have some spyware junking up your computer
Do you have Spybot?

Ok for me my Sunday was not happy. I woke up Sunday at 8 am and as usual my dog was stretched out in front of the kitchen door so I did a big step over him and he did not move. I looked back at him and he just looked wrong. Sometime between 4 am and 8 am he died in his sleep
I got up at 4 to go to the bathroom and he was not there so he died sometime after 4.
It really was kinda a shock because he was only 10 but I knew out that German Shepherd don't live very long healthy lives but guess I just didn't think it was true. His legs have been bothering him but that was it. I guess it's better to go quick then linger in sickness. I kinda feel like God gave me back my cat because he knew the dog was going.
Very emotional weekend! But instead of eating I cleaned! I cleaned big time! I started cleaning at 9 am and didn't stop till 9 pm!!

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GOOD Monday Morning!
I had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too!
I had a momentary lapse in sanity on Friday evening...Brandon had been out of town and didn't return home until after 10 pm. I had promised him that I would make Amish Friendship Bread (for those of you who know this bread...only enemies would give it to you...I've been making it weekly for about 2 months). It honestly doesn't tempt me...usually. I ate two pieces!!! I'm such a closet eater! If he'd been home, I would have never considered eating it, but there I was, stuffing my face. The good news is that I came to my senses and did well for the rest of the weekend.
Saturday, me, mom and sis went to Opry Mills in Nashville to shop and see a movie. We saw "Mona Lisa Smile". What a great movie! It's all about GIRL POWER! I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.
I was on plan with eating on Saturday and Sunday. I was even down 1# to 189 yesterday and today. I hope it sticks! It gives me incentive to really be faithful in my diet and exercise.
Me and my sister are going to a meeting tonight regarding a program that helps people who already have their bachelor's go back to school to get certified to teach in a shorter period of time. I could kick myself for listening to all the people who told me there was no money in teaching and convinced me to do something else. Now here I sit with a degree in Sociology (yes I realize there's no money there either!). I love working with kids and I've come to realize that sometimes the perks of a job ( a teacher's work hours, for example) can far outweigh becoming rich. PLUS, I was lucky enough to fall in love with and marry a guy with a really good job and lots of opportunities for advancement. So now I realize that summers off would be really nice if and when we have kids. Going back to school is so BIG. I'm just not sure if I'm ready. We'll see...
I hope everyone has a great day. QUESTION: What does everyone think of all the new "Low Carb" stuff? I realize this is not a low carb WOE, but it still seems to fit. Specifially, what about all the of Atkins products and the new Subway wrap? Does low carb equal SF?

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Good morning everyone,
Had a busy weekend, Saturday ran errands took a print in to get framed, had lunch with a friend, and cleaned up to get ready for the post-baptism party on Sunday. Ate pretty well, soup and salad for lunch, then went out for dinner and had a very small helping of tortellini in pesto. My sisters also came over, supposedly to get the house cleaned and ready, but it looked pretty good, so they just dropped off food and scooted off.
Sunday had WW toast and milk, went to church for the baptism(littlest niece) and then ran home to try and set before people started arriving. Didn’t happen that way, but a lot of food got eaten. Had a great party, lots of relatives, etc etc. The cake was amazing! My sister is incredibly talented(she’s a cake decorator in a local bakery). She made a small bear cake for the littlest one(not only was it her baptism, but her 1st birthday was Sat), and then a cheesecake dipped in ganache(chocolate) for our Mom(she’s 60 at the end of the month), and then a huge party Barbie cake for the other little girls(2 nieces born on Jan 13th a year apart), plus for all the other Jan bday’s(grandparents, etc). Quite the concoction, raspberry mousse, chocolate mouse, and carousel horse pillars between the main cake and the Barbie part. And with all this food I ate: a pickle, some salami, and a piece each of the cheesecake and the raspberry mousse cake. Since I had no lunch and very little else, that was my justification…for dinner later on there was leftover chicken and broccoli w/ rice. I sent almost all the leftover home with my sisters, who helped clean up and do the dishes. But I was exhausted at the end. I think jet lag may have finally caught up with me.
Today’s eating is going much better, egg and cheese on WW. And I have some cheddar and WW crackers for later. Plus going to the gym later today too.

Cherylco - sorry to hear about your dog, what a horrible way to wake up .
You're right though, at least he didn't linger. Our white cat is still missing, I think he's just reverted to nature. Which is kind of weird, because he was such a skittish cat. Glad that you got yours back! What a relief it must have been. I saw cat print in the snow this morning, but no way to tell if it was ours or not.

Hope that everyone is doing well, and hopefully the boards will stay up for awhile. Thanks to Suzanne for all her hard work.

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Morning all!

It's sunny and warmer here today! When I went to get the paper it was actually pleasant (for January).

Here's my MM tidbit:

Watching Michelle Kwan skate this weekend got me to thinking. Here's a woman that has won every honor in the skating world except one--the Olympic Gold medal. Twice she was expected to win and twice she lost to much younger skaters. It had to be a great disappointment, but did she let it stop her from going out the next competition and doing her best--no. She appears to understand something many of us struggle with--some days you are just not at your best. Does that make all the other days useless? No. Does that mean you will never be at your best? No. It simply means that one day she was off--for whatever reason. But look at all the days she has been on. 8 National titles, five world titles and she's still at the top of here game.

What can we learn from Michelle? Some days are going to be good and some days aren't. But it's not the individual days that make us who we are, it is the sum total of our days. If we quit just because we have a day or two that isn't so hot, then we betray ourselves. The real battle is not being perfect every day--it is striving to be a little bit better each day--no matter what the day before was like. If Michelle Kwan had gotten discouraged and quit after not winning the first Olympic Gold, or the second, she would not be the 8 time national champion or the 5 time World champion. She would have lost much more than the one gold medal--she would have allowed herself to be defined by her failures.

If we allow ourselves to get discouraged after a bad day, week, or even month--we lose a lot more too. We let ourselves become defined by failure rather than success. We condition ourselves to expect failure rather than success. Everyone has a bad day now and again. What separates the champions in sport and in life is that the champions don't allow their failures to define them. Let's all be champions!

Have a good OP day everyone!

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Cherylco--So sorry to hear about your dog! It is wierd that you just got your cat back and that is was your dog that helped you know for sure! Maybe he had been ready to let go and once you got your kitty back he felt that you would be ok. I know it's tough, they really are so loved. My thoughts are with you!

Jenn--If you want to go back to school, I think you should do it!

Barbara--WOW that sounds like some party! Don't worry about the eating, you'll be better today!

I've got a quiet day today, but the rest of the week will be busy. Classes start tomorrow so I've got to get ready for that. 8 am--I hate teaching early in the winter. Oh heck--I hate winter!.

Deb--hope your walk was good today! I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym next month.

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Hmmm--What do I think of all the new low carb stuff--
Well, I've been following the guidelines in the book "Carb Careful" and although it is not NO carb, like Adkins, it is certainly LOW carb. And I have to say that I have had an amazing experience. Absolutely zero cravings. I just came home from shopping at Publix, and I would always go by the bakery section just to drool over the cookies, etc. Basically, I was always trying to tame my will to not give in to "temptations." But today, after my breakfast of chicken breast and stir fried/steamed broccoli (sounds wierd, I know!) I had absolutely no feeling of temptation. I felt comfortable, energetic, not hungry in the least, and didn't have that vague feeling of wanting just "a little something" to satisfy the little nagging craving that I usually had. So it is a new experience, and so far, I have not missed not eating those goodies. I used to miss them. I have been eating mostly meat protein, and tons of veggies. I normally have one slice of bread a day, and probably 1 piece of fruit a day, but some days I don't have the whole fruit because I'm already full. Also, I have learned that some "legal" things trigger cravings in me. So I have to be careful of fruit, and have it only with a bunch of protein. Fruit by itself will make me feel like I want a cookie or chips or whatever. So, back to the question: I think the low carb stuff is OK if it keeps us from craving those "no-nos." If we actually are always craving--even following the SB woe--but just exercising mind over matter and forcing ourselves to not eat the sugar stuff even though we want to, then SB is just another diet that we will get off of when we reach goal.

Nice to see the board back up.

Have a good day, everyone. I'll try to post later.

Cheryl--I'm sorry to hear about your dog. What a shock. Yes, I agree that maybe your kitty coming home was "providence."
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Hey guys...Happy Monday to everyone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. besides the bagel Friday night...everything else I ate was pretty good. i think I had way too many carbs yesterday though. I made a cheesecake last night...I have to say it wasnt good at all. Its the first time out of like 8 times that I have made it that it just didnt come out right. i dont think it was cooked enough...I was disappointed big time. Of course it didnt stop me from eating it though. My sister made an awesome cauliflower dish yesterday. It had capers in it ( ihope thats legal)....OMG it was the best cauliflower dish I ever had...I didnt find out until after the fact that there were anchovies in it...I probably wouldnt of eaten it had I known..but Im glad that I didnt find out until after. Anyway....

BOB - great game for the Colts...I was very happy that they won. Now they have to go against the Patriots...yikes...thats gonna be a tough game.

CHERYL - So sorry about your dog..they say with German Sheppards the first thing to go are the legs. Im so happy for you that you got your cat back now.

Everyone else that hasnt had a chance to post yet....HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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Good Monday Morning.

Just got to work from the physical therapy session.. Didn't do anything but an evalaution and walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes. I am not coordinated to use a treadmill. It was alkward. Maybe Wed I will get into the actual PT. I did get my brace. I have to wear it 4 times a day for 30 minutes this week. It is amazing how much you slump w/o thinking about it.

He did day I can walk and do Yoga or anything that does not affect my back. So I will try to do my Yoga tape and do some arm wts tonight.

I signed up for the Discovery challenge on line (I think I did anyway).

We went to Bearnos Pizza last night. Tehy have a no carb pizza. No crust. They use cheese for crust. You can get whatever topping you want. It was actually pretty good. Don't know how far the chain goes, but if you have one, check it out. My DN said the Hardees no carb burger was good. Very thick and quality meat.

Eating was pretty good this weekend. I did have 2 crackers and 3 tiny sausage balls, but everything else was legal. I did have way too much wine though. The scale was up 5 pounds today. I think I will give up drinking for lent and start now.

I quickly skimmed last week's post so if I didn't reply to you, it was not intentional.

Cheryl, so happy that you found your cat. So sorry to hear about your dog. I bet that is whyyou got your cat back. WTG cleaning instead of eating.

Deb, sounds like your ebay is starting to do better. I'm sure it takes a while for it to get up and going.

ChrisD, What did you think of S&C last night. What a bummer.

Fruit, people are idiots. You are doing so great, don't let stupid people ruin your progress.

Pancho, Congrats to your DS. That is great motivation.

Bob, how is the patch doing? You can do it girl, I have faith in you. Plus you can't smoke in Missy's house.

Bella, you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work.

Trish, you can work off those 3 cookies in no time. But get rid of them before you do any damage.

Jenn, I am such a closet eater too. I almost panic when I know DH won't be home. Luckily I don't keep any junk in my house.

Woodfrogs, sounds like you had cake running out your ears. Sounds like you did pretty good though.

Susan, what a great MM. Makes so much sense.

Oh, Deb, today I Don't have a quick reply box.

Have a great day, be back later.

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Height: 5'6"


Gater, we were posting at the same time. It sounds like you have found something that really works for you. That is the main thing. We have to change our eating patterns or we will just gain it all back. Even though you have to eat some strange things, you seem to be adjusting well.

Chris, post that cauliflower recipe. I think I would leave out the anchovies too.

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Good morning all! :-)

Got a quiet day planned. Hubby is home today and hangin' out the with babies so I can get some work done. Read the first few chapters in my SB book last night. Wow! So much good info there. The whole wheat vs. cracked wheat, etc. info shocked me! Hubby is Type 2 Diabetic and I'm stunned that things that we thought we were doing right for him were really bad LOL

Debbie ~ Fantastic passages! Thank you so much :-) Printed for the fridge, too. Good advice for one of my kids who is struggling in school. :-)

cherylco ~ So sorry about your dog :-( Take comfort in the fact that he did not suffer and that it was quick. Good job at curbing your emotions into something constructive! --- I totally agree with your Dad! Funny, I try to teach my kids to be confident in who they are, no matter what people think. Dr. Phil's preaching - don't let your body image damage your self image. This is something I am actively working on. :-) I appreciate the encouragement! TY!

Susan ~ Michelle is an amazing and talented girl and you are so right! Have included your post in my daily print for the fridge!

Have a great Monday all! Hope you are warmer that I am! hehe

:-) Amanda
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JACKIE - I thought S&C was better this week than about Samantha though. I could definitley do without whats his face that Carrie is seeing.
I will get the recipe from my sister and post it. I have to say I HATE anchovies...but didnt even know that they were there. I will get back on later and post the recipe.
Im a slumper too...I have to stop it. I told Dh to tell me when he sees me standing like that or sitting like that....I had back surgery and should not be sitting or standing like that!

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Default Hi everyone.

Did anyone stand in the long lines and sign up for the Discovery National Body Challenge? It was a mad house at my location but I weighed in. I am happy the boards are up and running again. Look forward to reading everyone's postings.
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