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agape3737 11-13-2003 10:19 AM

Good Morning All,
Hope all is well with everybody. What a night and morning we have had in the Detroit area. In some places, they had wind gales of 74 mph. In my area it was at least 40 mph, nearing 50mph, we might get a little snow. Things should start to subside by noon. A lady was about to put her baby to bed, about 10pm last night, and a big tree fell into the baby's room. We could literally see the wallpaper of the baby's roon. All I can say is God is good.

Sef ~~ You can say that again. It was definitely funny, however, we need to take heed as to what was said :smile:.

SuperDave ~~ Thanks for what you said, what a sight for sore eyes. It is indeed GOOD NEWS, in more ways than one. Most people are afraid to say Christ or Jesus, thank you for boldness.

Quilter ~~ I am so sorry about your DD, I don't know how I missed that, I think it was exhaustion. I will pray for your family. And please know that I pray for the very best and hope that you know that the Lord is with you.

SuzyB ~~ Welcome to the board. You seem to be on ball. People here are very friendly and supportive, no matter what your issues may be. This a FIRST CLASS BOARD. Our moderator is Debbie, who is also FIRST CLASS. You're doing good so far with the message board.

GreenRN ~~ Happy Birthday and best wishes. May you have many, many more. :flow1: :balloons: :flow1:

Jenn ~~ Welcome to SB...this is the place to be.

Jack-K ~~ I heard the winds before I went to sleep and thank you, I slept like a baby thru wind gales and all. The salad dressing sounds delish, will give it a try. What's RA?

Keng ~~ Thank you for the site. I haven't heard of this sweetner before. Hmm, very interesting tho, the agave pricing is great, too, if the shipping is not outstanding.

Toni ~~ My grands do for me what your friend is doing for you. It isn't easy at first, but, it gets better as time moves on. I must put the article on STRESS on this board, it's hard to believe it can stunt weight loss and cause you to gain weight, esp. in the gut.

I just looked it up on the web and found these, first time using this feature, so here goes:

P.S. operative WORD is cortisol...

Gotta go, three kids are up and at it, see ya later...

http://www.newhope.com/nutritionsciencenews/NSN_backs/Apr_01/cortisol.cfm?path=ex http://altmedicine.about.com/library/weekly/aa062101a.htm

fatboydrew 11-13-2003 10:22 AM

THanks so much guys. I have started a journal today and yesterday I drank around 10-11 cups of water. (I think, i have aready forgotten)

today, i plan on drinking 12 cups and to add some veggies.

I am going to do this, one way or another.

Pancho 11-13-2003 10:40 AM

Good Thursday morning. Today is my 10th wedding anniversary....where did the time go. We have spent a decade together; doesn't seem possible. Time can really get away from you. We will have our special dinner on Saturday; I can't wait.

I have a little bit of shopping to do today, and will do that when Britt is in school. I went to Wal-mart yesterday and bought some fresh pecans & walnuts. They had them in the produce section for $3.48 per package. They are really fresh and taste delicous. I will be using them up for my zucc. bread and a few other recipes. I've been assigned to make the German Chocolate Cake for Thanksgiving and a Pumpkin Pie.

BOB: Thanks for the recipe sites; you can never have too many recipes.

Suzy: This is a great place to be. Welcome to our little corner of the world...we are glad to have you. Your doctor is right about mixing up your routine, and giving your body a break as well. Some resistance training would be great, and your metabolism stays up much longer after weight training than cardio. I do know that there are some soy chips out there that taste like tortilla chips; I'll have to find the name for you. Most tortilla chips are made from corn, and corn is a no-no on SB. Good luck to you meeting your goal!

Dave: Way to recruit your wife; way to go. You keep up the good work, and enjoy this wol together.

Deb: I've never had much of a weight problem. I was actually a very skinny child; my mom bought me slim pants, and still had to safety pin them. I gained a few pounds in my high school years due to steroid shots I got for allergies/asthma, but was still not overweight. I gained my weight from my pregnancies. When I met DH, I was 24 y.o., and weighed around 116-118. Before I got preg. with Britt, I was around 128-130, and then after giving birth, I stayed at about 150#, because I did nothing to change it. I got down to 138# prior getting preg. w/ Delaney and then was at 152# after having her. I know now that I've lost it, I won't get back up there again. I really feel confident about that. I like food, but don't gorge or overeat, and I am not a comfort eater; never have been. I like to splurge from time to time, and then I get back on track. I like the way I eat now, and rarely, if ever, feel deprived. I know that so many people are interested in looking good on the outside that they will compromise the "inside" to get there. I know that my insides are as healthy as the outside now, and that feels GREAT!

GreenRN: Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your day.

Jack-K: I stayed out shopping in the rain all day; got me in the mood for the holidays. My DD was splashing in all the puddles on the way to school. When I picked her up, it was pouring.

Ken: I've never heard of Whey Low, but am always interested in natural alternatives; I'll be anxious to see if anyone else responds to that.

Wood: Way to get that exercise in. It must stink not having a kitchen...yuck. Hang in there.

Well, I better go see if I won my latest e-bay auction!!

Take care,

chrisd 11-13-2003 10:49 AM

Wow, you guys have been very talkative over the past few days. I wasnt able to come on yesterday, and i couldnt believe the amount of posts. Who says it slows down this time of year! :) I havent had a chance to read through all of them...but I just wanted to thank everyone for my weight gain support. I went to my moms (thats where I weigh in) this morning and it was where it should of been. It would of been better if it were lower, but the same is fine considering I thought i gained 5lbs. I will NEVER weigh in the afternoon again, i have learned my lesson.
Well Dominic is out with my MIL for the day...so i will be doing some Christmas shopping. DH 30th b-day is Thanksgiving day, so I have to figure out what I am getting him.
Hope everyone has a great day.

DEB- Take a sleeping pill...you're gonna wipe yourself out!


jecrites 11-13-2003 11:36 AM

My word y'all have been busy busy busy since I was on here last. I got busy cleaning up on this house and didn't have time to get back on, and then next thing I know hubby is walking in from work and he took over the puter! Today I'm just gonna work on cleaning up some more of the messes around this house and be pretty much lazy. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and start all the running around for the weekend to get ready for this candle party I have on Monday. I pretty much have everything planned out that I want to have for snacks, fruits, veggies, cheeses, deviled eggs, triscuits, and some cookies that I'm sure won't be left over.

On to some replies and then gotta get busy, and have something to eat.

Deb, I've never used a mix for cornbread. All of them I've ever had that someone else has made is too sweet. I don't like sugar being added in there. Really it's not all that hard to make. I don't know if the teacher actually asks for the homework and collects it all at one time, or if there's just a table or desk where they are supposed to put it at the beginning of class. Oh yes, we've started checking her stuff before she starts on it and then again when she says she's finished. I'm sure she's gonna get tired of this since BOTH of us are doing it! Oh well, she brought it on herself is all I have to say. I have like 5000 mins after 9 during the week and on weekends, but my after 9 here is your after 10. I know I'll be out and about this weekend, so hopefully I'll remember to stop by the phone place and have a chat with them about this mess.

Jackk, Oh man, that was some kind of wind you were having! I've been stuck on a road before because a BIG RIG was in the way, ended up turning around and taking another route home. I wasn't too happy about it either, so I can sympathize (sp) with your DH. For the cauliflower taters, I did what Monet told me, some salt, pepper, and sour cream, then I decided to add in a little butter.

Agape, What a scary thing to have happen!

Pancho, Happy anniversary! Isn't it weird at how time is? Have a wonderful time at your dinner on Saturday.

I know I didn't get to everyone and I apologize for that, but I do wish you all a wonderful happy day and a great big HELLO!!!

Talk to y'all later.


chrisd 11-13-2003 11:38 AM



mom2jared 11-13-2003 11:48 AM

Hi Everyone!

I am having the worst day today. I went to bed with a bad cold and it kept me up most of the night. My son on the other hand slept like a baby and woke me up at 6 a.m. Then, I found out that my closet floor is soaking wet which is because my A/C is leaking so I called for service and they were supposed to come today but because of a snafu on their part, they can't come till Sat. What do I do with wet burber carpet? Will I have to get it replaced.

Now I'm sick and worried about drinking OJ which I really need right now as it always makes my blood sugar levels go coo coo. I think I'll go back to bed.


kengjw 11-13-2003 12:11 PM

Windy morning...berrrr
What a windy day today and tonight will be coldddddd. Nothing much happening today, staying at home with dd.

Some replies :

Jack-K : Will try your ziti recipe, sounds easy and delicious too! The problem might be, can I eat only 1 cup?? Hmmm..... :lol:

Rosalie : Your meals sound great! There is nothing like homecooked food. As much as I like eating out, I know I can't do it often. I am sure there will be some loss soon.

drew : You can do it! Yep, get the water and lotsa veges in and make sure you eat enough otherwise your body may think that it needs to hold on to whatever you eat :)

Pancho : I have been following the Bachelor too. I have a love-hate relationship with this show though....lol. Anyway, what is your forecast for next week's season finale, if I may ask? :lol:

BOB : ROTFLOL!! Living in the south, your posts sound really familiar!! LOL. Thanks for the laugh!

Agape : Hope you slept earlier and better than I did last night. Gosh, for some reasons, I am just so awake in the late hours. Hopefully I will sleep earlier tonight. As for the Agave (the link I gave this morning), the price was only for "4oz" bottle, so NOT really a good buy. For some reasons, I thought it was for 8 oz. Oh well..

Here is the Chow Chow recipe, looks rather simple though. I actually like Bob's recipe better so I might try to make that :

1 peck green tomatoes
10 large onions
6 green hot peppers
2 small heads cabbage
1 green bell pepper
6 cups water
2 cups salt
1 quart vinegar
2 cups of sugar (substitute with splenda??)

1) Wash and chop all veges finely.
2) Combine water and salt in saucepan and bring to a boil to make brine.
3) Pour scalding brine over veges.
4) Let stand for three hours.
5) Combine vinegar and sugar and bring to a boil.
6) Drain veges and add to vinegar/sugar mixture.
7) Simmer for 15 mins.
8) Cool.

Yield : 6 to 8 pints.

Suzy : Welcome to the board!! You are right, this board has great people and support as well. Looking forward to know you.

Monet : Ouuu..sorry that you forgot the cake. So, what happened to the cake now? I go to the Buford Highway Farmer Market in Doraville, it is located off the exit (Buford/Doraville) I am terrible at directions, forgive me. I used to go there every 2 weeks or so to stock up on my asian dry food and some asian veges. Before I started SB, that was where I go to buy my 25 lbs of Jasmine rice. I love the seafood there, fresh and much cheaper! Is this the one you go to? I have been to 2 more in Buford but prefer this one.

Sef : Sorry, you lost some files. Glad you were able to get a copy of it. I used to be a secretary cum do-it-all and always seem to be looking for missing files...lol. I am sure you do better than I was :)

SuperDave : Congrats on your 3 lbs loss! I am glad your wife is doing SB with you, it is definitely a healthier way to eat.

Debbie : I go to Buford Highway Farmers Market located in Doraville. I am terrible with driving directions but here is the link to an article I found on the web :


I can spend hours there as well and the food, meats and especially seafood is fresh! Thanks for the 2 sweet potatoes recipes. Sounds really simple to make. I am going to try one of them soon.

Green RN : Happy Birthday!! Hope you are spoilt-rotten by your friends and family today :)

Toni : I stay at home a lot too but plan on doing more as time goesby. It is certainly so much fun being able to do things with a friend. Have fun and keep busy:)

Pancho : Happy Anniversary!! Are you and dh going to do anything special for tonight?

jecrites : I hate cleaning...especially mopping! That was what I had to do yesterday night. I feel like an old women now because after all the house work yesterday, I felt that my back is sore...lol. Gosh, I am only 29!! Needs lotsa exercise, lots! LOL.

mom2jared : Hope you feel better today. Leaks are not fun. Hopefully the service guy get to it on Sat and the carpet suffer minor damage.

Alright, have to lay down with Jess for nap, then make lunch. Lunch menu is pork peppercorn, green beans and pasta. See you guys later!

music teach 11-13-2003 12:56 PM

Hi y'all. Thanks for all the welcome backs. I've only got a minute but I thought I'd check in today. I've still managed to stay OP.:D I haven't weighed yet. TOM is right around the corner so I thought I would avoid that. Hope to check back in later.

jecrites 11-13-2003 01:13 PM

Hi y'all.

If you get a chance go to this site and read what some of these people have to say. I posted on there because some of what I read made me mad.


Keng, I don't mop! Really I don't unless it's so bad I have no other choice. I use the swiffer wet jet most of the times, and when I don't use that, I have one of those Eureka steam cleaners for the floors.

Mom, Sorry to hear about your wet carpet. Do you have a wet/dry vac? That's what my mom uses on her berber when the toilet overflows and gets it wet, then they put a fan in front of it to dry. I'm sure after that you could prob. use a carpet cleaner on it, something like Rug Doctor.

Be back later.


Ellen 11-13-2003 01:21 PM

Just got in from work. I grabbed a 'Humpty Dumpty' sandwich, and came up to read the posts. I only have a few minutes, since Ruth is coming over to drag me out to walk with her when she gets off work. :rolleyes: I could not get her to do anything remotely physical until the doctor told her she had Metabolic Syndrome on Monday....

Work was ok, but the manager called this morning from home. He had worked all night at a store reset and was very cranky. He wanted something, but it had not been done. He was blaming everyone, and tried to tell Ruth it was her responsibility, but she let him have it. When he was talking to me, he got mad about it, and hung up on me. If he does not apologize tomorrow, it may very well be my last day. Tom told me last night he thought I should quit, so I have the time and energy to do my housework, and not be too tired to get some exercise in. When I saw next weeks schedule, I thought he was really right. The manager scheduled me five days. He is NOT supposed to schedule me on Mondays...so we are going to have to talk. If I quit, he is going to be REALLY mad. Oh well! Its his fault. You can't expect employees to stay if you don't treat them with respect.

KENG: I know which farmer's market you are talking about. I go there too. I like their seafood too, though I tend to shop more at Harry's and get it there. If you are going to the farmer's market, you really ought to plan to swing by Harry's at the same time. They are not very far apart. You would just need to get back onto 285, and then take 85 north, and get off at Steve Reynolds, which is about three exits up. Go left, then turn left on Satellite Blvd., and Harry's is down one block on the left. They have the agave for $2.59 a bottle, and when Fillise and I were there the other day, they had a lot of it on the shelf. If you plan to go to Harry's, let me know. Maybe I can meet you there.

jackieO 11-13-2003 02:34 PM

Hey Everybody!! Haven't been on the board in 2 days due to office being closed on Tues. and being swamped as a result on Weds. I was only able to skim the posts. It seems you have all been busy. I agree with Chrisd, "Who said this board was slow this time of year?" WIW yesterday brought no good news to me. It said I was up a pound. I would like to think it was fluid retention but I need to keep it real and acknowledge that crawfish pie and chicken pasta is not exactly sugar buster friendly. My friend's wedding is next week and I need to get out of this vicious cycle of eating crap before it shows up on my hips. ANYWAYS..............

Pancho- Have a great anniversary. Try not to think too much about your parents watching the kids and RELAX. Have a good time!!!

Julia- I checked out those pictures of your daughter on that website and OH MY LORD, she is one of the cutest children I have ever seen. Absolutely precious. If I was left alone with her, she would have little bite marks all over those precious cheeks.

Mom2jared- Hope your day gets better. It's true.. when it rains, it pours. Feel better soon!!

JackK- The story about the 4 hour traffic jam sounded awful. Glad to see you are still finding the time to commit to your exercise.

Happy Birthday Green R.N!!!

Hello to Debelli, Heartmom, Countrymom, jecrites,chrisd, superdave, monet, sef, Colleen, yellowrose, toni, Bob, music teach, agape, woodfogs, suzyB, cheryl, Jen, and everyone else!!!!
I am sorry for not responding to you individually. Will hopefully be back on track tommorrow. Have a great day! -Ashley

woodfrogs 11-13-2003 02:51 PM

I was reading the Parentsoup article that jecrites mentioned, and then the posts responding to it. I was amazed that people were finding SB restrictive! I find all sorts of things to eat, and even get adventurous at restaurants. I really think that we've gotten away from the "home cooked meal" and have so far down the road to "convenience" that people have forgotten how to eat properly. Amazing to me! And I happen to be one of those people who, as I have aged, finds that pasta, potaotes, rice, corn and all those lovely other carbs just stick to me, even when on a better eating plan(low cal ediets), and it just didn't work. SB works for me and it's been the only thing that has. My whole family isn't on it, but they eat what I fix for dinner, whole wheat pasta, more veggies, whatever's on the table. When I was a kid I ate lots of sugar and it didn't matter, now it does. And my cholesterol has gone down too.


Toni48 11-13-2003 04:52 PM

Good afternoon all. Well I've run my legs off today and am so tired. But yippee I got my walk in and a hair cut. So I'm well pleased. Not to mention going to the farm store and getting 50 lbs of dog food. Plus bought a nice pork roast for 1.29 a lb. Tomorrow I'll go to my sister's and grocery shop with her at the big store!! LOL.... Its so fun living in the woods everything is so far away.

kengjw- Sorry the agave turned out not to be such a good deal. Do you have a HFS near you that could order it. Mine did, they even had to keep back ordering it awhile before they could get it in. Your chow chow looks yummy. It sounds so good....

woodfrogs- I'm insanely jealous of your trip to Hawaii in two weeks. I just chucked a big log into the wood stove a few minutes ago.

agape- Wow those winds are really bad. We had them here in Missouri and it blew our power line down yesterday. They had to come out and fix it. It sure blew in some cool weather. The high today is 47.

fatboydrew- Good for your determination!!! Hang in there and just take a day at a time. I got a big cup that holds thirty oz. and fill that two and a half times a day.

Pancho- I'll have to see if my Wal Mart has those nuts tomorrow. I want to start some of my holiday baking next week. I'm like you I didn't have a weight problem as a child. I was real tiny and skinny. And then when I started having children I gained. Wonder what happens....

Chrisd- Thats what happened to me this morning when I started to post. Wowie Zowie I was soooo behind.

jecrites- I've just got to try those cauliflower taters !!!! It sounds so good. But then I love cauliflower, I just hate to make them and my DH turn his nose up. Which wouldn't be surpriseing.

mom2jared- I'm so sorry you're having a miserable day. I hope you cold clears up fast. What a mess with the carpet.. Its a shame you don't have a carpet shampooer where you could suck that water up...

music teach- Better wait till Wed. to weigh in so you won't be disappointed. Sure good to see you posting again.

Monet- What a horrible boss you have. He or she needs a hit up the side of the head. And I don't blame you if you quit. And then who cares if he gets mad. I'm dying to know whats a humpty dumpty sand. ?

jackieO- Sounds like you're really busy. Hope you're not stressing out.... Get you a good nights sleep...

Wow wheres the rest of the page? I know there was a post by Debilli, sef, and Bob and who else did I miss. Sorry I missed people. You all have a good evening.

Solly 11-13-2003 05:00 PM

Running out the door. GOing to dinner with a friend. Where we are going I always get a Reuben sandwich. I think I will take my ww bread and ask them to fix it on that. DH will probably die of embarrassment. Oh well. I haven't had any carbs today so that will be my 2 for the day. Guess I will get my floor exercises in when we get home.

Woodfrogs, Wow, Hawaii, how exciting. Enjoy That ballroom dancing sounds like so much fun. DH would never do it though.

Agape, Rheumatoid Arthritis. I take 7 metho tablets each week, plus other things. It is under control so that is all that matters, but I hate taking so many drugs. Glad you didn't get any damage from the winds. Don't mention that "S" word.

Drew, I like your determination.

Pancho, Happy Anniversary. 10 years may seem short, but I bet you can't remember life w/o him. Congrats.

Jecrites, thanks for the info on the "taters" I willgive them a try.

Mom, hope you feel better soon. The last cold I had I got Tylenol day and night cold pills. They worked great. Helped me sleep at night and dried my head up during the day. I was surprised b/c Tylenol doesn't do much for me.

Ken, it was hard eating just 1 cup of the zita. Have a salad along with it and it will help.

Music, You are doing great, congrats for being OP so far.

Monet, I'm glad your DD is getting out and getting some exercise. Some time it takes things like that to make people do something. I think I agree with Tom about you quitting your job. It doesn't seem you have been happy since you started. Just think, then you would have more time to spend with us.;)

Ashlkey, I was wondering where you had gotten too. Those vacation days are hardly worth the pile up of work that results. I'm sure that pound will be worked off in no time.

Toni, sounnds like you are getting in the exercise. Keep up the good work.

have a great night.


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