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jecrites 11-12-2003 08:59 AM

Hello everyone.

Well I guess you could say the scales were good to me. I didn't gain but I didn't loose either. I'm still at 190, but that's way better then the 230 I started out at!!! I'm hoping that next week I'll hit the 180's, even if it's the high 180's, at least I'll be down to where I haven't seen the numbers in about 5 years. Heck, I'm already doing that.

Don't have much time since it's library day and I need to hit the shower and get Autumn up and ready to go. I just skimmed the posts that I didn't get to read yesterday, and have a few replies. I plan on reading them all when I get back from the library.

I decided to make chili last night. We haven't had that in a long long time, so I figured that would be good. I made twice the amount I would normally make thinking there would be left overs, NOT! There's enough left in there for hubby to have lunch and that's it! Of course I've been feeding hubby's friend that's been moved up here too, but really I don't mind. I also made some cornbread for everyone else, but I couldn't resist the urge to have a piece with some butter on it, I have always loved hot buttered cornbread, but one piece is all I had and won't be having any more. It turned out pretty good for someone that hasn't made it in a long long long time!

Monet, While we lived in Shreveport we would go to his mom's every Thanksgiving and then to my mom's for Christmas. We were only 2 1/2 hours away from his mom's house, and she's only 2 hours away from my mom's. Plus down there the kids would be out the whole week of Thanksgiving, here they only get Wed. Thurs. and Fri. and that's not enough time for me to go to his mom's and then to mine and have time to enjoy anything. And then there's the situation of his sister and her family staying with his parents right now too. It's all a big mess! I know how it is to always have holidays at grandparents house and then all of a sudden it stops. We would always go to my grandparents house for Christmas, and after I got married I couldn't do that anymore, and then in '93 my GF passed away, I think that was the hardest Christmas I ever had. To me, it's not any different when we do the holidays on our own, it's just that the rest of "the family" isn't there. The only reason hubby wants to go at Thanksgiving is to go hunting anway. I'd rather not go, but I'm sure we'll end up doing what he wants anyway, we normally always do.

Agape, It's funny that I don't really like cauliflower but I have grown to like broccoli!

Pancho, Wouldn't it be a dream if we could eat pizza 3x's a week and not gain an ounce?! My brother is like that, he can eat whatever he wants whenever he wants and he never gains anything. I want to know why I didn't get that gene too!!! He's a stick, and has cookies and milk just about every night before going to bed. I think I may have gotten through Katie on her homework mess, after the spanking she got yesterday morning for not fininshing something and having to rush to get it done before school started. Hubby also had a long chat with her about it all too. Lord help me when she gets into those stubborn teenage years!

BOB, You should def. give the faux taters a try. They are pretty good, and I don't like cauliflower!

Jackk, Yeah I agree. I'll cook just about anything (except for the wild animals hubby kills)! I just get so sick and tired of being the only one who has to think of what to cook. My DH is like yours too, he'll eat anything, and I mean anything. He has eaten animals that belong in the zoo while he was in Saudi and traveling to different places. Thanks for the advice on Katie, I'll try to remember to ask her everyday if she's turned the homework in, (I say try because my brain is getting old and fried and I sometimes can't remember what I've done and not done)!

Deb, She just tells me that she forgets to turn it in on time. I have no idea what story she gave her dad last night. I'm hoping that we got it worked out, and I'm going to be going through her backpack every day to make sure she's done everything, so if she's got stuff in there she doesn't want me to see then she'd better get it out! That stupid phone has now started telling people that all circuits are busy! Andy, the guy we know from Barksdale, tried calling hubby yesterday for about 2 hours and kept getting that message, then MIL called and got the same thing. Luckily when she called the phone started to ring and then stopped, but the caller ID picked her up and I called her back. Like I said, I'm checking into a reg. house phone after the first of the year, this is getting ridiculous!!!

Ok, off to the shower now. I'll be back later on.


fatboydrew 11-12-2003 09:17 AM

Please help
I posted this in the main forum, but decided to post here.....hoping some of you can help.

I have been on SB for about 2 1/2 weeks. I have almost gained all my weight back. I had about a week ago lost 12 pounds.

I am not cheating, nothing has changed really. Any ideas or thoughts on what my problem my be?


mom2jared 11-12-2003 09:26 AM


Thought I would report in for WIW. Looks like I am down 1 lb which I will take since I have had TOM since Monday. Since TOM is not gone yet, I may have lost more but we will have to see. Something is going on because I returned the size 12 pants to Ann Taylor and tried on the size 10. It was a little tight but I can at least breathe. Hopefully by the time TOM leaves for the month, I can zip up the pants without it being tight. I am seeing quite a change since starting SB because my pants are looser and my stomach has gone down. I sware that since Jared was born, the shape of my tummy has changed. Maybe its just me but I can definitely tell that something is different. I spoke to my mother yesterday and told her that although I am losing weight like I want to, I am making a lifestyle change that will help my blood sugar levels so even if I don't lose all the weight I want, at least my blood sugar levels will be under control. Its a big adjustment but I can do it.

Well I'm off to the Dermatologist to get some meds for my Psyorsis and then picking up Jared from day care.

Talk to you later!


The Quilter 11-12-2003 09:41 AM

Day three and counting. Look who's on a roll!!

I don't know how much I'll be on. We are off to northern Ohio. My dad was rushed to the hospital last night with severe shortness of breath. There was fluid in his lungs. Could be emphazema or congestive heart failure. We aren't sure. So we are leaving in the next few minutes to go and see what's what. My bro and SIL sound exhausted. Thank God Mom and Dad were with them when this happened. Please pray for our safety and my family.

Sorry I can't respond to everyone. I have so much to say to each of you my sweet friends. I guess it will have to wait.

BTW, I was up 2.2 pounds last night at WW. That's not too bad. At least I went to the meeting and didn't just quit.

Gotta run. Hugs to all.

Pancho 11-12-2003 10:40 AM

Just lost a novel-long post when my computer disconnected....pisses me off. Anyway, I am up up 2# from yesterday; I am at 123.5# today. Jack is right about those little cheats adding up. BUT, I am really o.k. with it. My true ultimate goal is TO NEVER SEE ANYTHING ABOVE 125# EVER AGAIN. I don't mind fluctuating between 120-125#, and don't want to go too much below 120#.

I got up at 4:15 to get to gym by 5 since DH had an early morning meeting. I got a great workout in, and even drove to the gym when it was raining outside.

Kitty: I lost about 18 pounds in 4 1/2 months when I started SB and didn't have a lot to lose. I have maintained that loss for the past few months.

Sef: Congrats on the 7# loss; who cares if it could have been more, it could have been less too. Be proud of your loss.

Monet: Sorry to hear about your 4# gain, as well as your restless night's sleep. Hope today/tonight is better for you.

Jack-K: Holding steady is not a bad thing; at least you had no gain. I know what you mean about those cheats adding up. I am going to enjoy my anniversary dinner on Saturday and then it is 100% OP until Thanksgiving.

Toni: Congrats on the 2# loss.

Deb: It is raining here as well today. Sorry to hear about your crappy night's sleep. I slept o.k, but just didn't get enough of it. Congrats on the 1#. I am going to enjoy my dinner on Saturday and not worry about the girls; my parents are capable. I am just a worrier by nature, when it comes to my girls.

jecrites: You'll see the 180's soon; you've done so well. My DH is like your DB; he can eat anything he wants, but tends to eat healthier than most. He has got an awesome metabolism and great body to show for it. It makes me sick! Not the great body, but the lack of work he has to show for it. He lifts weights 2-3x a week and does cardio on those days as well, and stays active, but he can eat anything/everything. We do have our work cut out for us when our girls turn into teenagers:dizzy: .

drew: I will let someone else answer your question, since I have no explanation, but hope you will stay around and give SB a fair trial. Welcome aboard.

Mom: Congrats on the 1# loss. Guess you need a size 11; too bad they don't size pants that way, huh? My stomach has never been the same since having kids, esp. my last one. My stomach stretched out so far, and now I have saggy skin. I am starting to finally develop some muscle tone on tummy, but if I bend over, watch out...for saggy, baggy elephant:lol: .

Quilter: I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated on your DD's condition. Have a safe trip!

Well, I have gotta run. I have done well today. I had a zucc. muffin on way to gym, and just had some nsa yogurt with flax meal and nuts. I am going to be good today and the rest of the week...promise!!

Talk to you all later!

Pancho 11-12-2003 10:43 AM

Forgot to mention...when I was at the gym today I was looking at a magazine called Fitness RX for Women. I do have to say that I am going to subscribe. It did have the typical beautiful people and ads in it, but it was chock full of very informative articles. There were articles about supplements, foods, exercises, etc.....So many of the magazines I look at when I am there, is nothing more than one ad after another with a few decent articles in between the pages. I really think this one will be well worth the money. You may want to check it out!!

Take care,

Fillise 11-12-2003 11:15 AM

Good WEdnesday Morning!
Oh my goodness. I got on the board this morning and realized that I didn't get on yesterday and the # of posts has exploded again! Yesterday was a looooong day. Fortunatly a totally OP day--which was good considering my schedule.

So far so good today. I had two soft boiled eggs and a slice of WW toast with country-time yogurt spread. I'll have a thingy of yogurt in a little while. I'm meeting some folks for lunch at a place where they have a yummy grilled chicken salad--so that will be no problem. The test will be tonight. After lunch I have to go to Montgomery to meet with a potential client. Then I'm going to a fund-raiser at the Governor's Mansion. I'm sure there will be all sorts of evil things there so I will have to be very very careful!

Monet--Enjoy your day today since you have to work tomorrow! Will I be seeing you this weekend?

Deb--Re: the oysters. Fresh means RAW! Don't cook them before you put them in the dressing--they will cook while the dressing is in the oven. It tastes just fine without the oysters, in fact I always have a make a small dish with no oysters for my SIL.

Heart--I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of that precious child. My heart goes out to you and to the family.

fatboydrew--Welcome! Hmmmm, that sounds very discouraging! We women are used to variations for a lot of water weight and hormonal changes, but that's a pretty big swing. Have you changed anything? A lot of time the first week's loss is mostly water and your body may be stabalizing. Drink as much water as you can during the day so your body won't feel the need to hang onto it. Also take your measurements. On SB we often find that even when the scale stalls we are losing inches. Others on the board will be able to offer more insights.

BOB--Seven dresses????? Wow, I've never ever found more than two or three that I've even liked at any given time. You hit the mother lode!

Oops--got to go and get material together for my meeting. Have a great day everyone!


YellowRose 11-12-2003 11:25 AM


Here I am in "Big D" all safe and sound. I thank all of you for asking about my trip and wishing me well. As some of you know, I have a very hard time riding in a car after the results of a head on collision last Oct. 2002. About the second day out, we stopped early for the day and I went to Wal*Mart and bought some yarn, etc and the next day in the car, I started knitting. I have always had problems with motion sickness and I was not sure what I would be able to do. Well, I was able to knit with no problem and this kept my eyes down so I didn' clutch with every movement along the road. My husband was grateful!

Monet: I waved as we passed near your house in Atlanta. I have found a place in Jackson, Miss to stay next year that will allow us to be 2 hours closer to Atlanta for the next day's travel, so get ready with the HFS tour.

Sef: I probably won't be trying to color the silver since even my hairdresser discourages me. My sweet husband likes the highlights this way.

SuperDave: Yes, we do have changing weather here in Dallas, warm this morning....cold this evening. It all looks good though.

I have not read through the posts, please pardon me, but I will do so later. Hope everyone is well. I will look closer but I have not seen a post from Fruitloupe recently....is everything okay?

Ellen 11-12-2003 11:40 AM

DREW: You say you lost 12 pounds in about 2 weeks, but now, without changing anything, you have almost gained it all back? That does sound very strange. Would you mind posting a typical day's menu so we can see what you are eating? Are you exercising at all? How much do you want to lose total? Has this gain happened suddenly, or gradually over several days? I am sure everyone here will be happy to give you pointers, and their opinions... we just need more information. If you have been eating something salty lately, you can retain water, and it will make your weight jump alarmingly in a very short time. The best way to correct that, is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I will be checking back to see what info you post, in hopes it will shed some light on your situation.

Ellen 11-12-2003 11:51 AM

FILLISE: I told Laura to get in touch with Grace, but to my knowledge, she has not yet. The problems that are hindering a quick decision are that Grace has to work Friday, and Laura has a babysitting job on Saturday evening. Once I know anything for sure, I will call you. If it doesn't work out this weekend, I hope we can figure out another one that will be convenient for you.

YELLOW: Glad you are home safe and sound! I am sorry you couldn't stop here on your way through.

JECRITES: Maybe you ought to tell your hubby he can go off to visit his parents and go hunting without you, and you can stay put with the kids, and not have to deal with the stress! I did that once, and assured my husband that we would be fine, afterall, I had HIS credit card to use in case I needed it. He did not go off for the weekend as he was planning. ;) You need to have a great logical campaign plotted to win this one. I hope you do! You might want to ask the teacher if the two of you can work out a system of both having to sign things so Katie is responsible for getting things in, and signed by you both. That way, you and the teacher are both keeping on her, and she will be more likely to be caught a lot quicker if she gets behind. We had to do that with my son when he was a freshman in high school. He had a weekly report form that had to be filled out and signed by all his teachers, then signed by us and returned. It sure helped to get him on track since he is very easily distracted.

woodfrogs 11-12-2003 12:11 PM

Good WIW afternoon,
The scales were down 1/2 a pound, not a huge loss, but I've been hovering between 226 and 229, so 225.5 was fine with me!
I went to the gym Monday, and plan on going this afternoon too, then dance class tonight.
I can sympathize with going to relatives houses for the holidays, it never seemed like we were home. But now we have TD at our house and let them come over. Christmas we're going on a trip, so won't see family, but that's OK too. I remember how much my Mom resented going to my great-aunts house for Christmas, so we only go for a short visit, if at all.
I've lost 44.5 pounds since starting SB the first week in May(6 months). The weight loss has tapered off, but the trend is still downward. I don't think you can do an avergae, everyone is so different, with different amounts of weight to lose, different levels of commitment....
that's all I can do for now, take care everyone!


jecrites 11-12-2003 12:43 PM

Monet, Great idea about Katie's homework. I'll have to get with her teacher and discuss something like a simple folder saying that I saw her do it and then the teacher saying she turned it in, that shouldn't be so complicated. Oh I've tried the "you go on and go hunting and we'll stay here" before, and he went. Of course at that time we were only 2 1/2 hours away from where he was going, but I'd say that he'd go with no second thoughts about it. He's a spoiled brat, and had I known about this before we married, I might would have thought long and hard before jumping right in. I might get my way this time though, I explained to him how it is during that time at his mom's. He's always in the woods and I'm left there to deal with his sister and his mom (they like to aruge), and then have 6 kids there to deal with, and my 3 are bad enough without the other 3 added in. Then there's the fact that there's no where for us to sleep except for in the living room with ALL of these kids, it's one thing to have to sleep in the same room with my 3, but it's not fair to be stuck with others that aren't mine that won't listen to me either. If he can figure out a way for that not to happen without making his sister or mom mad, then I'd be happy to go, but I don't see that happening either, the house is just too small to fit 12 people in. I've complained about this enough to you, and everyone else, and going back and reading it over, I sound like a whining bratty kid myself! Sorry about that.


kengjw 11-12-2003 01:09 PM

Gosh, I am way behind...
in catching up with this board :( I made miniature meatloaf, bakes sweet potatoes and stir-fry green beans for lunch today. Hopefully, that will be enough for my dinner as well.

Some replies :

Debbie : I have only been to Harry's twice but haven't been able to spend too much time there each time. I imagine I can go crazy in there...lol. I frequent another Int' Farmers Market that has a lot of asian foods mostly. I love Farmers' Market!

Monet : I know how you feel. Dh and I started to attend this church a year ago. Many times after the service, I find myself feeling alone when it comes time for fellowship. Sometimes, I feel the pressure like I have to go mingle just like the rest. However, I find that when I feel that way is when I am very conscious about myself. If I put "myself" behind, my fears are less and I can easily walk up to people and get to know them better. {{hugs}}

mom2jared : Wow, that is a great feeling isn't it. I feel the same about my body these days. My stubborn tummy fat (after dd was born) has gone down quite a but, not to mention my spare tires. I feel so much lighter (maybe just my imagination) but it feels great because the previously tight pants are now very loose. I agree with you about SB WOE and even if I don't lose weight, I know I am eating right and that feels great! Keep it up!

The Quilter : My late welcome back! I am fairly new here so we haven't met yet but I am looking forward to know you :)

Toni48 : I found agave for $3.30 (can't remember the exact amount but not over $3.50) and $4.07) on two websites but I havent make any order yet. I am not sure how "secure" they are. Where did you get yours?

Oops, dh is home and I have got to get lunch ready for him before be goes to work at 2pm. Will be back to finish my catch up later. Good day!

Jenn28 11-12-2003 01:11 PM

Hi everyone :D ,

I'm new here...not new to SB. I post pretty regularly over at Sweettalk Plus, but that board seems to be down, so I decided to visit over here. It's always good to get new opinions on the program. I lost about 35# on SB three years ago and slowly but surely gained about 25 of it back. 15# of that has been since I got married in May. Go figure! Looking back (which I try not to do) it really pisses me off, but I did it to myself. This time, it is HARD. I am having NO success. And in some ways, it's like I've forgotten what I did that made it work so well. Last time, I lost 15# in the first month and a half. But this time, my body has picked a weight that it WILL NOT budge from. I've got to get more strict with my food and exercise. How much exercise does everyone do? I know I'm not doing enough b/c I only do jazzercise 2-3 times a week, which is 45min of cardio and 15 of strength. I think I should be walking on my off days, even if it's just 20 min.
I feel a sense of urgency because a friend just asked me to be her Matron of Honor at her Jan. 31 wedding. YIKES! Right now I am in a tight size 16 and it just makes me miserable! 11 weeks isn't much, but hopefully with determination, I can do it.

28 YO female
192/ 192/ 165 (first goal...we'll see after that)

fatboydrew 11-12-2003 01:17 PM

Hello Monet, I am around 283 and want to lose around 75 lbs. Actually, i started at 283. My menu is mostly cheese and meat and salads. I have cut my diet drinks back alot.

I think maybe my problem is not enough water and too much salt. I don't know.

we'll see

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