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THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-11-2003 05:33 PM


Another holy terror computer day! At 4p.m. I just got up and left! Now there are more glitches...this new program is web based, and I don't like it! BUT DANGIT...I'M BOUND AND DETERMINED!!!!

JACKIE...the HICKORY SAUCE has 7grams of sugar...that's not too bad, and I think a lot of it burns off on the grill. It's WONDERFUL, and for my chicken to taste that good, I'll do without something else just to have it!
Your CHRISTMAS TREE for the city of Louisville is coming from the front yard of a co-workers MIL! They planted it after using it in their home one Christmas, and it is now over 70 feet tall! They plan to move it some time next week, and will have to shut down I-64 to get it downtown! :eek: I thought this was so neat, to know the people where the tree is coming from! Evidently, the tree was planted when Laurie's husband was a child. Cathy doesn't read the paper, so if you see a picture or article in the Courier Journal, would you please send it to me?
I'll email you my snail mail address.

LAURIE...So sorry to hear about the little munchkin..prayers and good thought go out to the family.

MONET....I'm interested in hearing about that cake too....can you post a picture of it?


AGAPE....it's CHOW CHOW and it's made from cabbage. Kate used to make it and I'll ask her if she still has her recipe to pass along to you.


JEC...I've never tried the faux tators...guess I'll have to give them a try!

DEB....guess we better plan a road trip to CINCY and kidnap KIM...

WELL...Sorry I missed some of you, but know that I'm thinking about each and every one of you! :grouphug:


THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-11-2003 05:41 PM

Another new virus!
virus alert...
I thought you would want to know about this email virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care ofthis one.
It appears to mostly affect those of us who were born prior to 1965 Symptoms:
1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.
2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail.
3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person.
4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.
5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.
6. Causes you to hit SEND before you've finished.
7. Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND.

It is called the C-Nile Virus!

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-11-2003 05:59 PM


Celibacy can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by environmental encounters. While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Walter and his wife, Ann, listened to the instructor declare, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He addressed the men, "Can you name and describe your wife's favorite flower?"
Walter leaned over, touched Ann's arm gently and whispered, "Pillsbury All-purpose, isn't it?
And thus began Walter's life of celibacy.

Pancho 11-11-2003 06:49 PM

Good afternoon everybody:

I was not so good today. I had a slice of pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast. I always eat a good healthy breakfast, but didn't feel like it today. I also ate a chicken bowl from Taco bell (minus the chips -but did eat the rice), and a few FF. I am going to have an OP dinner and have a better OP day tomorow. They are calling for rain the next few days....we'll see if it comes to pass.

Kitty: You have educated yourself so much, and you will do great; better than those who walk into this woe blind.

chrisd: Thanks for the update on the cookies; I hope to make them this weekend. Hang in there, and don't give up. I alway weigh 3-4 pounds more in the afternoon than I do in the morning.

agape: My body fat percentage is going down, slowly but surely. It does feel good to know that I am replacing the fat with muscle.

music: I did not know you before, but look forward to getting to know you. Welcome back!

heart: I am so sorry to hear about Chloe; I will pray for her family tonight.

Jack-K: Thanks for the advice. I will enjoy myself at dinner. Being nervous will just make my mom nervous, so I will not let on that I am worried.

jecrites: I get so tired of deciding what's for dinner everynight. Thank goodness they don't deliver pizza to our area, or we'd be eating it 3x a week (just kidding). I follow you on the homework ordeal...good luck getting her straightened out!

I didn't thaw anything out for dinner, so we will finish off the pita bread topped with ref. beans, cheese, black olives, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes. Better go get it in the oven.

I hope everyone has a great WIW. See you then!

Take care,

agape3737 11-11-2003 07:12 PM

Hey Yall,
Just popping in before I head to the showers. I am going to retire early tonight. The little ones wore me out today. I have the two girls most of the day, and boy oh boy, their brother is here for about 45 mins and he thinks he is Bruce Lee, energy, energy, energy, what can I say?

Mom ~~ What is HLHS and CHD? I had a grandbaby to die a few yrs ago. It was indeed a nightmare. She died in my home from SIDS. It still takes my breathe away when I just look at her picture. I can tell you that God was the only source for my comfort and He didn't let me down. I, too, will pray for that family.

Welcome Back, Music Teach, we all fall by the wayside. You already know what to do, that's why you're here, so again welcome.

Jack-K ~~ You are mighty right about it getting cold here. If your head is stopped up, just go outside and the air will open you right up. The coldest it's been while I was here, back in '81, the temp dropped to -60. Can you believe that, there was an advisory not to go out unless there was an emergency. I will ask the experts about Cha Cha and Chutney.

Jecrites ~~ I like cauliflower so this should be a wiz for me. I need something different now and definitely feel you on trying to decide what to fix for dinner everyday.

Bob ~~ lol Well thank you mam, my mom was saying cha cha. That's why I asked her to spell it. That would be good if you could get the recipe for me. You will no doubt get that puter stuff straighten out. Good luck.
Oh my goodness, just read the joke, too much lol...ok, both of 'em

Pancho ~~ Keep up the good work, and we know that muscle burns fat, you go girl!

Monet and CountryMom ~~ Bob is trying to get recipe for Chow Chow, do you have any? Thanks in advance.

See yas later,

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-11-2003 07:13 PM


This is one of the BEST RECIPE SITES that I've seen in a long time.
It's done in pdf, so give the sections time to load

Let me know what y'all think!


KittyKat77 11-11-2003 07:28 PM

Cheryl-I think I'll skip the crackers or eat the ones I have until gone (not all at once!) and hopefully they won't stall me.

Agape-I was 16 when my Mom gave birth to my brother. I had read about SIDS not long before he was born and was so scared to death of it. I didn't sleep for a solid night for the first two weeks he was on earth. I figured after that and being so tired, he would be okay! Luckily he is a 10 year old 'boy'...UGH~

What is that other disease that you were talking about HEART?

I've done pretty good these first few days. I just hope this works for me!

ATTN EVERYONE: What were your success rates when you started SB and were legal for the first few months...long enough to tell the rate of weight loss. I know everyone is different but I just want a general idea. I have heard that since you can have more whole grains and fruits it's slower. I lost 20 pounds in seven weeks Somersizing before but you can't combine like you can on SB. No carbs w/ pro/fats...So, no more sandwiches, no more buttered bread...I just couldn't stand the thought of never being able to eat a sandwich again! :dizzy:

sef 11-11-2003 07:51 PM

HiedieHo All!

I had good intentions today but that was all!

Went to swim group, then to mall to pick-up DS & DIL's anniversary gift. Was going to use it for Christmas but thought a 20th was a special celebration, It is a picture frame with a mat that is cut out "OUR FIST CRUISE" thought it was neat.

I had intended to type up HFH minutes but I had a headache so thought a little snooze might help (have been sleeping lousy lately) that was 2p and I just worke up about 5:15p! Headache is a little better.

HEART: Hope you are feeling better. It's hard when you can't quite put your finger on the whole problem. Prayers for little girls family.

PANCHO: As I said I passed the pretzels by. Glad I did. Thanx.

DEB: You can give me your 2 cents anytime! I know you're right. I am lucky to have DS, DIL and GD, I know they really care. I did say I emailed DD that I would not go back with her as I was saving for an event in February, didn't I? City folk really need an education from us country folk! Bed set not so weird, I think modern is the word. Not my cuppa tho.

MONET: Know that lonesome feeling. I have a hard time mingling, so to speak, and hate those kind of get togethers. I just feel I never fit in! I wanted to hug you. Will have to llok for Thomas' here. I love english muffins and miss them.

TONI: Glad you enjoyed poem. I think the younger generation does not have the feeling about it that old foks like me do. Here they don't even consider it a holiday, there is school and business as usual. When the VFW etc have a ceremony there is only a handful of old folks there. Thanx about family, I know they mean well, and I do feel in the middle. You're right about getting to know people here on the internet. I hope we are all comfortable with one another in February.

JACKK: Thanx. Our Wally here has both kinds of ice cream. The SF caomes in a couple of flavors which now escape me.

MUSIC: Of course we remember you. Welcome back.

BOB: It is thrilling about the tree. We gave a blue spruce to our town one year and it felt great. Tree looked good too!

DAVE: Hope your day was filled with good memories. Did you see on the news where "Taps" will soon be eliminated from funeral services. The buglers are volunteers and there are so many funerals they can't keep pace. What a shame that will be, there's something about "taps" that adds to the solemnity asnd finality of it all.

Oh, I forgot. Weighed myself today and am down 7 pounds since I started swimming. I know it should be lower but I have been struggleing with emotions and food so I am pleased.

See you all again.

Take care, Shirley

Ellen 11-11-2003 08:03 PM

I am trying desperately to drown out the siren call of the cakes. Its getting really hard! I did stick to program tonight. I roasted an organic chicken with rosemary from the garden and onions stuffed in it, and served it with salad and sauteed yellow squash with onions. I don't know why, but organic meats just taste SO much better than regular meat. This chicken was really delicious.

KITTY: Its not a good idea to try to determine a weight loss rate for SB. Everyone IS different. It has taken me four years to lose 45 pounds. I have a friend who lost 38 in eight weeks. There are just too many individual factors that effect it. If you start looking for a norm, you are only going to frustrate yourself if you end up being a turtle loser. Whatever you lose in the first month or so is going to be normal for you.

BOB: You want to see a picture of the caramel iced praline chiffon cake? It honestly was not that much to look at. Just a 1/4 sheet cake covered with what looks like melted caramel, and sprinkled with broken pecans. :shrug:

JECRITES: I know how you feel about Thanksgiving and Christmas. My MIL always wanted us to come, and it was always chaotic, and there was all kinds of problems with the kids. On top of everything else, I always got really sick. One year, my husband decided that was it. We were NOT going, we were staying here and making our own memories. They pitched a fit and ended up coming up to our house for one afternoon, and acting all snotty about it too. It was not easy, but he was firm about it, and we have done the holidays on our own ever since. I am glad we do. Kids need to have memories of THEIR family, and not always grandparents, or it is going to be difficult on them when the grandparents are gone, and all their holiday memories have to suddenly be changed. For us, it has been a blessing. I have not been sick for the holidays since! (well, except for Mononucleosis last year! :) )

Well, I feel like a really dull person tonight, but I am so tired, I am going to get ready for bed! Night everyone!

agape3737 11-12-2003 07:25 AM

Just a quickie
Good morning,
This is really early for me. I've been up since 5:15 this morning, waiting for grands. I have a nice cup of coffee, a must, so that I may see. I did not like getting up early, you might call me a nighthawk, back in the day. It doesn't bother me like it used to.
I try to be reasonable about getting to bed at a decent hour these days.

I hope everyone gets off to a good start:wave: . I'll be back a little later today.

LJunel (slim and healthy)

Ellen 11-12-2003 07:47 AM

Good Morning! I am sorry to start off WIW on a negative note. I am up four this week. I am not surprised...its kind of PMS time so probably water weight, and then the naughty snacking I have done the last couple days. I feel sufficiently sobered, and will do my best to avoid the siren call of the cakes. They go to small group tonight, so hopefully the young single guys will make short work of them.

Tomorrow, it is back to work. :( I am not looking forward to anything but the paycheck! I have been feeling rather down lately, and all I want to do is sleep and read. Unfortunately, I have not been able to indulge those desires. I slept poorly last night, and I finished the book I was reading yesterday afternoon, and do not have another to start!

Hope WIW is better for everyone else!

Be back later! I am going to go cook a few eggs for breakfast!

Solly 11-12-2003 08:25 AM

Happy WIW. I hope everyone is happy today with their results.

The scale stayed the same for me. Story of my life, if it's not up.

I had the best dinner last night that I have had in a long time. From start to finish is was delish. We had a spinach salad with strawberries and a milk/mayo dressing which was such a nice change from the regular salad. So light. Then the ziti turned out great. It was hard to eat just 1 cup. Then we had choc pudding for dessert. I was so satisfied. Food ususally doesn't satisfy me unless it's a hamburger, fried something or other.

Jecrites, I'm with you on the dinner ideas. I could cook until the cows come home it someone would just tell me what to cook. I hate being the one to come up with the menu. I used to make the kids pick a menu for a night each week. Now it's just DH and me and he will eat anything. If DD tells you she has completed her homework, I would ask to see it. Doesn't hurt to check it out. Tehn ask her everyday if she turned it in. She will get tired of the ritual pretty soon.

Monet, those years go so quickly, once my girls got in HS they just flew. You better feed that cake to someone and not yourself. Sorry you are feeling so down.

Bob, sorry those computers are giving you so much trouble. New systems can be a nightmare. We don't get the weekly paper, but will keep an eye out for the tree article and send it to you. That is pretty neat. That's pretty tall.

Pancho, be careful with those cheats. They can get closer and closer.

Agape, I can't imagine what you went through with your grandbaby. I'm glad you found comfort and can go on.

Kitty, I lost 8-10 pounds a month, but I had over 100 pounds to lose. So that makes a difference. Plus I work out with wts and walk all the time and that helped. Oh and I never cheated until this year.

Sef, 7 pounds is awesome. Swimming is such great exercise. Keep up the good work. That was apower nap you had.

Have a great day! Be back later.


Toni48 11-12-2003 08:39 AM

Good morning everyone. Having some coffee and then I need to get around and get dressed etc. Having a busy day today so I'll just write a short note. I lost 2 lbs. this week. I'm really pleased with that. Hope it keeps going in the right direction.... Will try to catch up later this evening..

Solly 11-12-2003 08:42 AM

Toni, WTG girl on the 2 pounds. It is coming right back off. Good work.


Debelli 11-12-2003 08:43 AM


I am flat out pooped!:tired: I swear, sometimes I think SOMEONE is out for me! Last night I was tired, so I decided to go to bed early. Granted it was only 8:30pm:^: but I figured I'd get a really good nights sleep and get up and walk in the morning, that I'd be feeling rested and refreshed if I got in some extra hours. Come 2:30am I woke up to find ELI not in bed and the lights on in the house. Got up, he's watching TV (he had gotten home shortly before) and MICHAEL is still on the computer:eek: Went back to bed but couldn't fall back asleep. ELI finally came to bed but I couldn't do anything but lie there. Couldn't go to the computer since MICHAEL was on there so I just tossed and turned and tried to get back to bed. Not sure what time I finally dozed back off, that was, after MICHAEL went to bed and once again I had to get up and turn off the light from the 4th bedroom. So, this morning, I'm tired AND I'm feeling a slight headache coming on. Oh, and even if I'd of slept well, wouldn't you know it, it was raining this morning!:rain:

I had to look back on last weeks WIW to see if I had lost anything this week and thankfully it's 1lb. It was lower during the week but with TOM coming sometime soon I'll happily take it.

ELI is off today and we don't have to p/u the kids so we'll be doing the usual. Hoping maybe we can get in a movie today as well, depends on what's playing. I think he's off tomorrow as well. Will have to start getting ready for the garage sale on Saturday.

Not much else to say, so going to jump in to the replies...

JEC, I'm really surprised that they don't make the kids have the parents sign something and return it to the school when that happens so they KNOW the child gave it to the parents. What did KATIE say is the reason for all this? Hope you get it straightened out. I hope you can get the phone situation fixed. It would be terrible for someone to try and call you with an emergency and not be able to reach you.

MONET, I wouldn't care about how the cake looks, how it tastes is what I'm in for. My DM makes a really good cake called an apple dapple cake and it has a topping that sounds the same that's delish. I usually pick the outside of the cake to eat first. I also love my BIL's cream cheese pound cake - it's to die for!!! I've made a delicious ww angel food cake which the recipe is on the board - easy and not hard to do at all. LMK if you want the recipe and I'll search out for you. I'm sure you'll drown out those cake sirens, that or you can throw the darn *****es in the garbage!!!!

PANCHO, I may venture to try making some ww pretzels one day, a small batch. When we go to AA we always ask them to make our pretzels with no butter and very light salt, if any. Oh, and we like them extra crispy:) Hope you enjoy your dinner Sat without much worry about the kids. I'm sure your parents will watch them around the pool.

KITTY, more important with eating the fruit is you get the fiber. What people don't realize is how many oranges does it take to make the glass of juice you drink. If you realized what an actual serving of an orange would be, you'd be surprised. My kids drink a huge glass of oj, probably the equivalent of eating 6 oranges:eek: I hardly buy it due to this reason. The old days, those little juice glasses that are so hard to find in homes these days, that's a serving. As for the rates of loss, as MONET said, it's so different in every person. Body composition, how much they have to lose, do they exercise, etc. Don't worry about the numbers, look more at how you feel. One - two pounds a week are a good average, but there may be some weeks you don't lose a thing-it happens and one can't get discouraged - easier to say than to be, but I think that happens to so many people and they throw in the towel whereas if they were patient a little while longer they'd see their efforts pay off.

AGAPE, I can only tell you about my personal experiences and those of people I know who know someone who's had it. The way mine was done is outdated but still, the problems one can have are some of the same. Just to let you know, you can lose the weight and you can gain it right back if you're not careful. Let's just say, ice cream and chocolate slide down very easily:s: Don't let people think there's not risks, no matter what procedure. People have died, from something as much as drinking too much water (article was in the paper). My friend GAIL knows a lot of people at work doing it and she would tell me how she'd see people gaining the weight back, that they were eating nacho chips and other junk food. It's not something to go in to lightly. I think if someone has tried all other avenues whole hearted and can't lose, then fine, but if they do a ridiculous diet, or something like SB half assed, they can't say they can't lose weight, they never really tried and if they don't learn to eat properly, this won't work in the long run. I speak from expereince.

CHERYL, LAUREN is off Phase I and was thrilled to eat a sandwich yesterday. I think she ate too many starchy carbs, but she wants to do this HER way and doesn't want me to say anything unless she asks - teenage attitude!

MUSIC, glad to see you back again - FYI, we're having an SB GET TOGETHER not far from you in Feb - you should come so we can kick your butt back in to high gear;) Seriosuly, glad to see you've gotten 4 days OP under your belt, those are the hardest.

CHRIS, NEVER weigh yourself after the morning, your body can go up hourly. As mentioned, there's too many reasons to see the scale fluctuate. I highly doubt you've eaten calories so in excess that you'd gain 5lbs. One thing I always say, PATIENCE IS A MAIN KEY TO THIS WOE. I've learned that if you wait it out you'll see the scale drop. So many diets in the past I'd see a gain such as yours, when I was being 100% OP and I knew I shouldn't of gained but here I was gaining, so I'd just throw in the towel and pig out:pig: BUT, when I started SB I realized that there are certain times of the month, among other things, that you can easily gain and I found if I was patient and just continued OP as I had been, those pounds would disappear as easily as they appeared. I even kept a graph of my weight losses and gains for a couple years and I could show you every month when I'd expect the scale to go up - so don't fret!!!!

HEART, sorry to hear about the other child, that's so sad. Okay, would you believe, I was telling my DM about the deer thing and SHE knew what an 8 point was! I was shocked! I asked her how she knew and she said, "we do have deer in Rochester!" Born an raised in Miami, I have a good excuse for not knowing;)

JACKK, kids don't even want me to be the driver since they got their restricted!!

BOB, you KNOW I'm game to go just about anywhere! Hmm, how far is Cin from NO? Hope work isn't so bad today.

SEF, CONGRATS!!!! WOO HOO 7lbs! That's awesome!!!:bravo: Good job!! I'm so excited to see that loss for you. You hadn't mentioned that about going back with DD, but I'm glad you did:D I'm looking forward to getting some country folk talking to at the SB GET TOGETHER. When Harry Conick Jr. was on Oprah last week he said when you go to NO you have to talk the language - guess you'll have to teach me some of that when I get there, okay dahling???;)

TONI, CONGRATS on your 2lb loss this week!!!!:cp:

Okay, going to go see what I can make for breakfast. Already had some raspberries. Maybe make a mini pizza on a low carb tortilla, not sure, hmmm, maybe some eggs.

I'll check in later.




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