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Hi y'all.

Geez the board got busy after I wasn't able to check back. Nothing going on at all here. Still have to clean this house.

I made the cauliflower "mashed potatoes" last night, and hubby's friend (who has been having dinner here almost every night since he got up here) wasn't even going to try it after I told him what it was. I told him that he had to try it and not just think it's nasty because it's cauliflower. Well after he tasted it, he liked it. I think he was shocked that cauliflower can taste like potatoes! I would have never thought to do that with cauliflower without you all.

Hubby is off today since it's Veteran's Day and all, but he sure isn't hanging around here. He's out in the wooods. I told him last night that I didn't want to go home for TG or Christmas either one because his sister and her family of 5 is living with his parents right now. It's bad enough with just my 3 kids there, but when you get my 3 and her 3 together, it sounds like WW3 has broke out, and besides that, there would be no where for us to sleep. MIL only has one extra bed, and I don't want to be stuck in the LR with all of the kids AND be woke up before the crack of dawn by hubby and his dad going hunting. I feel bad about it because he's always gone home during TG to go hunting, and I do want to go in a way, but then when I start thinking about all the people that would be in that house, I just don't like the way the outcome comes out in my head. Plus I know that MIL would be making all this off plan stuff the whole entire time we're there, and I really don't want to get off plan right now. Oh what to do what to do?!!!

Today seems to be better then yesterday, at least so far. I think the only thing that went right yesterday was getting some of the laundry done.

The school here has this thing called study hall (not the normal study hall we all had at school either). This is more like detention. If they don't do their homework or hand in their assignments on time, they have to spend their lunch recess in "study hall" and work on it or whatever the teacher gives them. Well after 5 times they are supposed to send a note home, I never got one, after 10 you are supposed to meet with the teacher, which I haven't gotten an appt. to do so yet, after 15 you meet with the principal, and I have no clue what happens after 20. Well anyway, Katie has been 11 times now, and she still doesn't finish her homework. This morning I found something else she didn't even act like she had last night. The only thing I can think of is she thinks she doesn't have to do anything because the little girl across the street does this and her mom evidentally doesn't care. She's come in telling me about this other kid doing something or not doing something and her mom just ignores it. I've had all the talks with her about "I don't care what other kids do, I only care about what you do" thing that I always got from my parents. She's even gotten her tail torn up about it. I have never had problems out of her with homework before. I've lost my patients with her, and honestly don't know what to do next. She's already been told no t.v., no friends over, no game boy, and there's really nothing left to take away.

Geez this is turning into a book. I better get on with my replies and get some breakfast going; Autumn has already started in about waffles.

Deb, I'll have to remember to ask them about it. It will be just as easy to go talk to them next time I'm in town as it would be to call them, and I've got to go pick up some "snack foods" (legal ones of course) for my candle party on monday night. Oh and I informed hubby that after the first of the year I'm planning on getting a regular old house phone because I don't like not being called when my kids get hurt at school; that and I've got friends that like to call and talk forever during the day.

Monet, Oh yes I do indeed know what you mean. I feel like that every week at the library! I don't know any of the other moms there and they all seem to have their own little "groups" that know each other and talk all the time. They are so different from the other wives I know from hubby's work. They are all so nice and they include everyone in everything. Praying that things work out with Ruth. Did her DH look them up on That's where I've looked up things before, and on just about every med out there it has the same "warnings"

Mom, Way to go on the pants! It does feel so good to get into a smaller size no matter what the scales tell you

Ok, sorry this ended up being so long. Gotta go now and get this kid some waffles and me some oatmeal. Talk to y'all later.

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Here is the ww pie crust recipe:

1 1/2 sticks butter
2 cups ww pastry flour
1 teaspoon salt
about 1/2 cups of ice water

Cut the butter into the flour and salt until it resembles coarse meal. Add water and stir to form a ball. The trick is not to use too much should not be at all sticky, but just holding together. Divide in half, roll out on floured board and fold gently to lift and unfold to fit into pie pan. Roll out second half for top. Moisten edges of bottom crust with water, lay top crust over bottom and press to seal, then roll and crimp edges with fingers. The less you work the dough, the flakier the crust will turn out. Use cold butter, and very cold ice water.

DEB: The praline chiffon cake with the caramel turned out ok. I had never made a caramel icing like that before, and it did not turn out right, but it was good anyway. I noticed it is still creeping off the cake! It never set up properly. The chiffon cake is something I would like to experiment with. As far as cakes go, it is rather light, and mostly egg an angel food cake. I am wondering if it could be made with agave and ww pastry flour.

JACK: Thank you for your kind words. I don't think the situation would have bothered me as much if I had felt comfortable with the woman I ended up with. I have known her a while, but we have not 'connected' really, unless there is something she wants from me. It was obvious to me that she really wanted to join another group...she had been at my table and was one of the ones who jumped up and hurried to another group as soon as possible...but felt obligated to come back. The pastor may have caught her eye, I suppose. All in all, a very uncomfortable situation that does not do much for ones self esteem....

JECRITES: Thanks for the mention of that web page. I am going to go and check it out and see what they say about the drugs I take that the doctor wants Ruth on. I feel like if you dwell on all the negatives, you are never going to be able to experience the positives...and the drugs CAN be positive if used properly! I know how you feel about that library group. Just keep reminding yourself when there that you DO have other friends! Last night, my mind just froze and I could not even talk myself out of the overwhelming feeling of being alone. I had to call my husband while I was driving home on my cellphone and talk to someone who I knew cared.
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HAPPY VETERANS DAY & TUESDAY EVERYONE!! I was at 121.5# this morning; I think I may have officially lost another 1/2 pound. We will see for WIW. My parents are going to watch the girls for a few hours on Saturday so DH & I can go out for our anniversary. I am excited, but also very nervous. They have a pool with no gate, and they know how uncomfortable I am leaving Lane there. Britt is fine, and knows how to swim well, and knows not to go near it. I am going to have my parents close the doggie door and put a broom stick in the door before I leave. We are going to have dinner at a restaurant near their home, so we won't be gone more than a few hours.

I enjoyed the pumpkin cheesecake, but not enough for it to tempt me to eat too much. Here is the recipe for that, as well as the crust I made with it:

Rissa's Pumpkin Cheesecake:

2 packages of cream cheese, softened
1 29 ounce can of pumpkin (I prefer Libby's)
2 TB of lemon juice (Nat used 1/2 TB)
8 packets of artificial sweetener
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pint whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Place all ingredients EXCEPT FOR whipping cream and cinnamon into a mixer (this is a good recipe for my Kitchenaide - it does all the work). Mix at low speed for three minutes, then medium speed for an additional three to five minutes.

In a separate container, mix or blend the whipping cream until thick and frothy.

Fold whipped cream into the cream cheese/pumpkin mixture.

Blend on high for five or more minutes until well mixed.

Place in spring form pan, and sprinkle top of cheesecake with cinnamon.

Bake in 350 degree oven for approximately one hour, until the top sets (I had to bake nearly 90 minutes).


Chocolate Almond Crust: (I found this on our recipe board, but couldn't find a name to credit to):

2 1/2 cups ground almonds
2 TB splenda
4 TB melted butter
2TB unsweetened cocoa powder

Place nuts in a bowl of food processor and pulse until ground into a meal (I don't crush mine into a meal...I like it to be a little crunchy). Add sugar substitute, cocoa powder and butter and pulse or stir to combine. Transfer to a 9" springform pan. With your finger, gently press nut mixture to form a crust on bottom of pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes; remove from oven and cool. I DID NOT BAKE PRIOR FOR THE PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE, SINCE I KNEW IT WOULD BE BAKING FOR SO LONG ANYWAY..IT MIGHT HAVE BURNED.


Kitty: A lot of people experience withdrawal type symptoms when they cut the sugar out of their diets. That's why it is like a drug. I love the cold weather; I'd rather have that than the sweaty hot weather anyday. BUT I live in Phoenix and we get our fair share of hot weather. Remember the juice in moderation; it's always better to eat the actual fruit. Keep up the good work.

Dave: It is people like yuo who make a lot of people's holidays brighter!!

Deb: Yes, it does say 7g of fiber. They advertise it all over their page. They say that their others have 2g, but the WW one has 7 grams. I just typed in Auntie Anne's Pretzels in my search engine, and it took me to their site. I went to the products section, and then to nutritional info. Hope you have a great day.

Monet: Glad everyone enjoyed the food. Sorry you felt left out; that is a truly awful feeling. People are sometimes so oblivious. to other's feelings. It was nice of that other lady to come over to you and join you. Ruth is lucky to have you; you are so informative when it comes to this woe/wol.

Mom: You are probably losing inches. It is soooo exciting to get into those smaller sizes. I remember when I was able to get back into an 8....I was ecstatic. I told my husband that I wanted to get back into a 5/6 like when we got married, and he said that I never would. He said that after having two kids, and getting older, I'd never see them again. Well, my official size now is a 5/6, and I can even fit into some 4's. I showed him. I guess in a way, he gave me some definate incentive (to prove him wrong - ha). Keep up the great work.

Jack-K: I don't buy the BB ice cream, but have seen it, and I think it says, "no sugar added, sweetend with splenda." Sounds like you got in a great walk. I haven't decided if I will shop the day after TG or not; guess I'll see what the sales look like. We will celebrate my mom & sister's birthdays on TG. My mom's is on Thanksgiving this year (27th), and my sisters is on Dec. 3rd. It is always fun to combine the celebration when we can all get together.

jecrites: I don't know if I am following the study hall ordeal. Is she going because she is not finishing the homework she brings home? Can you ask her to look over her homework every night and make sure she has completed it. OR, is she finishing it, and just not turning it in? Kids are so impressionable, and it is difficult for them to think that what they are doing is wrong, when someone else does it and it is o.k. Good luck!

I will be volunteering in Britt's class for the first part of class today. Friday is Dads for Doughnuts, so Dad will be picking her up. That will save me a trip!

I have to return some bras sometime this week. My DH says I spend as much time making returns as I do purchases, and it sometimes seems that way. I had to return some shoes yesterday because one fit tighter than the other and were totally uncomfortable. The bras fit well until I have them on for about an hour, and then they start to pull up and pucker above the nipple area. Gheez, hopefully I will find some bras to fit right.

Well, have a great day all....I better go get in the shower and get the kids dressed.

Take care,
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Pancho-I won't drink very much juice! I do love OJ though! I know they say its better to eat the fruit or squeeze juice directly from the fruit because it still has all the nutrients and vitamins in in? I hate pulp though so it's hard for me! I buy the no pulp, low acid kind-all natural of course.
Jack-BF does not eat in the nude that I know of!

I can't wait to try some of these dessert recipes! They look so good!
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To anyone that was interested in this...I think Pancho was going to make it soon. I goofed on the amount of Agave..its not 1 cup..its 3/4 cup. It really made a difference in the consistency. Sorry about that!
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Angry Hello Hello Hello

Good Tuesday Evening to Yas,
Hope everyone is faring well today. I'm up and at with the little ones. What a joy they can be, full of energy. Only wish I had 1/10 of their energy. lol The wheather here is nice. We are suppose to approach 58, which is good for us. A few nights ago we had a low of 17 with the wind chill factor. That's cold.

Quilter ~~ Good to see you back, I have been in and out myself. I do feel good being here and participating. I'm trying to stay focused here. I have been tremedously busy, too.

Toni ~~ Thanks, it was good wasn't it.

Monet ~~ You must be one heck of cook. The foods you describe sound so incredibly good. I appreciate the pie crust recipe. I tried to make one about a month ago and it literally stood alone lol. I ate the filling and left the crust. Sorry about DD. It is rough when you look meds up and find out the downside of them. I have not taken meds for that very reason. The side affects seem to do more harm than what the doctor is treating you for at times. My doctor is an MD and well versed in supplementations or alternatives. When we were having Word Cell, my job was to greet and sit with people who it was their first being there, so they would not feel alone and wouldn't want to come back. I do know how you must've felt.

Fillise ~~ I feel really good when I see you're feeling up to pare. I just love your avatar. I have been seeing a few food products trying to get healthy. Some are still nono's for us. I appreciate them acknowledging that some of the ingedients are real killers.

Pancho ~~ WTO on your weight loss. It feels so good doesn't, sounds like you are gaining a lot of muscle. Thanx for the recipes.

Debbie ~~ Whoa, my daughter is going to have that done, along with her husband. She has tried a few diets, even this one, with no long standing success. Have you heard of the one that is less invasive, I believe it is same day surgery? My SIL's DS indicated it was a hot thing in Hotlanta. Can't find out anything, if you have info could you share it please? Thanx in advance. I wanted to do it a few years ago, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. The bedding is great, I would put that on my bed.

Jecrites ~~ I really must try that "cauliflower" mashed potatoes. I heard about it some time back, but, never tried it. Sounds delicious.

Gotta go and get dressed, it is well pass my time. Hopefully, I will be back later today. Have the very best day you can.


LJunel (slim and healthy)
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I know sometimes it can't be avoided (eating out) I figured Chinese would be ok if you stick with steamed veggies and no rice. We actually have a place here that does brown rice!
But then I found out that MSG, which is not good for you anyway, was made from beets. Beets have a high GI so I just stay away from Chinese period.

Anything that say's "unbleached" is not legal. It means the flour has been processed, which takes out all the stuff that makes it healthy. Legal crackers: Triscuits, Whole wheat matzo crackers, Ak-Mak Original Whole Wheat Sesame crackers.

My daughter is continuing on SBD. She lost 7 pounds in a week! I think because the menu is so limited she has been forced to eat salad or starve, so she's been eating a salad at every meal! I mix Romaine, Red leaf lettuces and Iceberg in a huge bowl and keep it in the fridge so it's always there.
I didn't like the induction for myself but it got me into the habit of not eating bread or a starchy carb with every meal at least.

Deb I was talking about why I've been stalled on SB. I was eating bad foods! I was thinking "Oh it won't hurt to eat these yummy boneless chicken pieces breaded and deep fried once in a while" well once in a while turned into like 2 to 3 times a week! So I'm really determined to be totally legal I realized how many tiny little illegal foods had slipped into my diet. Which I guess will be ok one I reach maintenance but they are keeping me stalled.

Heartmom, any chance of you being pregnant?
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Did not think I get back so quickly. I have a question to throw out, is cha cha the same as chutney and does anyone know how to make it? My sis called to ask if I knew how to make it. All I know is what I have heard and that it is hot and some type of condiment. Thanx

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Hi y'all. I know I haven't been here in so long that many of you won't know me or remember me. But here I am again, back on the wagon after much time spent dragging along behind it. I've finally decided that it's time to put the stress excuse aside and get myself back together. I've been OP 4 days now and hope that I can stick with it. I'm really disgusted with myself. I managed to gain back all my weight plus another 10 lbs. Anyway, it's good to be back.
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Ok guys its official. I weighed myself today and Im up 5lbs. I did weigh in the afternoon, but I dont think that would of made THAT much of a difference. i am really sick to my stomach over this. there goes my goal for Christmas. I just really dont know how this could of happened. Granted I have been eating a little more than normal..but it was all legal and it wasnt THAT much more than normal. I feel like crap guys, Im very depressed over this.
Well Im gonna go sulk some more, just thought I would share my lovely news with you guys!

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I'm so angry and sad right now. Another HLHS child is gone. Very unexpectantly,too. She would have been a year old next month. She had been doing so good. Goes to show that CHD can take away precious life without warning. It's not fair that a child has to suffer and then do good and still be taken away without notice. Her mother said that she seemed fussy last night, and she gave her a bottle,etc. Then they went back to sleep, she awoke to Chloe making a strange moaning sound that she never heard before, so she immediately called 911. SHe went into respiratory failure on the way to the hospital and by the time she got there, she was brain dead and pupils were fixed. I'm sickened by this. I don't understand why it has to work this way. I just pray to the Lord that she will be comforted in this time, that she has the strength to get thru this. I'll be lighting a candle for Chloe(no I'm not Cathlioc, just doing it to honor her) this evening.

Okay, DEB- I'll forgive you for not knowing about the deer! When we were in Philly, we went to a Target there, and hubby was looking for hunting gear, there wasn't anything! He couldn't believe it.

CHERYL- Nope, not preggers!! I'm fixed, and TOM is here to prove it.

I'm still eating too many starches! I need to find better things for lunch and snacks other than sandwiches and triscuits, plus stay away from the SF ice cream. I'm still at 176 this AM. My exercise class is cancelled for the entire week, the instructor is in the hospital for a kidney infection(OW!). I did my 3 mile tape yesterday. Trying to talk myself into doing it again in just a few..
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CHRIS- I never weigh myself in the afternoon! It makes a HUGE difference for me, as much as 6 lbs. I could weigh myself right now and I bet I'm at least 4 pounds heavier than I was this morning. For every 16 oz. of water,etc that you drink, there's a pound, plus the weight of food. Best time to weigh is in the AM, after going to the bathroom. Don't be depressed, yet! Wait until the morning,lol. Seriously, you also could be retaining some fluid, which I'm famous for.
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Good afternoon,

Getting ready to head home. I am trying to avoid getting some cashews. I haven't had one thing between meals today and I'm not hungry, just bored and killing time.

I fixed Ziti for dinner tonight. I guess that is what it is. Never fixed it before. I could feed an army there is so much. After I get out my 1 cup and DH's we will be eating on it for a week.

It is not raining here yet so I guess we will get our walk in. DH wouldn't let me miss it for the world. More hills again tonight. Secretly I think he's trying to kill me.

Deb, have a good day with the kids. Or do they not want to do things with Mom except let her be the driver?

Jecrites, my kids always had to write down their homework in a book. That way we could see that everything was done. You would think she would get tired of losing her lunch period. Maybe you should call the teacher.

Monet, thanks for the pie crust recipe. I sent it to my DS for her to make me. I can't make them myself. When you figure out that caramel cake to make it legal, I will be your tester. We care about you too!

Pancho, don't worry about your kids and enjoy your dinner. I'm sure you parents will watch them closely, they raised you alright. My niece's birthday is also the 27th

Agape, you all get more snow and cold weather then we do, but I am ready for summer already. Sorry I can't answer your question. Ask one of the cookers like Monet or Country.

Cheryl, glad your DD is doing so well on the SBD. She will be happy when she gets over the induction period I bet. I try to keep my carbs at 1 or 2 at the most.

Chrisd, Weighing in the afternoon, after 2 meals, will definately make you heavier. Don't get upset over it. Weigh again in the morning and see what you get.

Musicteach, Welcome back, Yes I do remember you. It seems if we leave this board, we gain out wt back. Glad you are resolved to do this again. WTG on 4 days OP.

Heartmom, how sad for that poor child and her family. I hate the loss of a child anytime, but during the holidays is 100 times worse. I pray for that family that they can find peace somehow.

Have a great evening. I'm off to check that link Deb posted for the recipes.

Good luck to everyone on WIW. Let's see some big losses.
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I'm just popping in for a few replies. Gotta figure out what's for dinner and I haven't thawed a thing out either. Do any of you ever get tired of being the one to decide what's for dinner?

Pancho, You hit the study hall thing right on the head. She's going because she's not doing some of it and then some of it she doesn't "remember" to turn it in on time. All the kids, except for Kindergarten and maybe 1st grade have a notebook thingy called an agenda that they have to write down their homework assignments. Well that's all fine and good, but what in the heck are you as a parent supposed to do when the child says yes they have completed that? And parents are required to sign the flippin thing every night just to prove to the teachers that we see it. It's very frustrating!

Agape, Honestly, I was afraid to try the cauliflower mashed taters because I don't like cauliflower, but I decided one day while at the grocery store we were gonna jump right in and try something different and new. I made sure to tell the girls to take just one bite because they may actually like it and not know it because they've never had it before. To my surprise, everyone likes it!

Heart, I am so sorry to hear about this little girl. I'll say a prayer for her family to be comforted.

Jack-k, She does write her assignments down in a notebook, but thing is how do I know she's actually done them? I guess I could always make her do it right there in front of me no matter if she has already done it and left it at school. I think she's thinking that whatever her little friends can get away with she can too, but boy oh boy is she in for another story!!!

Monet, I should call some of the other wives that have children older than tiny babies and see if they want to go to story time too, then I would have someone to talk to too. No really, I don't go there to be with people my age or anything like that, I go there because it's something good for Autumn to do and it gets me out of the house. I do have mornings where I would rather stay at home and not have to get myself and her ready to head out the door, but I tell myself that she'll be so disappointed and she really enjoys going, so I get my lazy self ready and we go. I used to be the type of person that cared about what other people thought of me, but now that I've been married for 11 years and have 3 kids, I could care less; I guess I've finally realized that there's no one that I have to impress anymore except myself, and if others can't or won't like me because of who I am, then I don't need them anyway. I was always left out of things growing up, even by my own cousins, and I can't stand that feeling now, and boy does hubby ever know it when he "accidentally" does that to me too.

Ok, now off to the kitchen to figure something out. I'll talk to y'all later.

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Oh, wow! I found 100% whole wheat bagels today! They are made by Thomas- the English muffin people. They are not great, but ok. I ate two of them! Shame on me! From that, I went back to the cake, and ate a piece of each. Some body shoot me!

I had to run out and sign papers for Laura for joint enrollment for next semester. The coordinator of the program told me he wants to put her in the honors program at the college. Her SAT scores qualify her for it. She is thinking about staying at the junior college for another year to get core classes out of the way cheaply. We are still thinking of running over to Auburn this weekend to look at the campus there. It sure is going to be weird to have her out of high school next semester! Where did the time go?

Tonight is "Make Dinner for Your Massage Therapist" night. I am roasting a whole organic chicken stuffed with onions and rosemary out of the garden. I am also going to fix salad and yellow squash. I will be glad when they get past the first two weeks of the SoBe, so I can start fixing more 'normal' meals!

Off to check on dinner....
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