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Angry Good Monday evening...

Yesterday and today are dhs off days so we have been out and about. I didn't ate too well over the weekend. Had few pieces of sushi and today had some takeout from Harry's Farmers Market. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day

Debbie : Thanks for your concern and advice on my goal weight. It is just a rough goal but I assure you, it has nothing to do with how I feel inside. My main goal is to have a healthier lifestyle. I am still eating too much but compared to what I used to eat, it wasn't too

Monet : Dh and I went to Harry's at Paces Ferry Road (Marietta) since it was closer to dh's office where we were earlier. To my disappointment, they do not carry much of any sweeteners except Stevia. That was what the lady there told me and I did take a look at the Health section. She was right! The carry a bit of Atkins stuff too. Stevia was so expensive, about almost $10 per bottle. Anyway, I will visit another HFS nearby to check if they have Agave but I bet it is expensive. When I get the chance sometime in the future, I will go to the one in Gwinnet.

Got to go...dh is almost home. Good day everyone and will catch up soon.
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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


Pancho- I'm 5'8"- I've always been told that I carry my weight well because of my build. Hmmm, not that I agree,lol.

Country- DH MISSED his deer last night! Everyone's been teasing him about it. He lives for hunting season. He's already informed me that Thanksgiving dinner better be over quick, because he's headed for the woods. I don't see him much this time of year

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, something's not right. I feel tired and drained, no energy. Today while exercising, I felt nauseous and dizzy. I hope it goes away soon, since I'm a mild hypochondriac and I'll start thinking all kinds of things soon. Anyway, I decided to step on the scale today and I'm at 176, so only up 1 pound. I'm glad I waited, because with all the fluid I had on me I probably got up to 180-181, maybe more. Eating today hasn't been great, again- I'm overdoing the starches. Got to get a grip. Alright, the kids are splashing water all over the bathroom floor, gotta go...
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Good afternoon/evening:

I did get to the gym (ooops...forgot to post on exercise board, but I will) and got my full workout in. I also returned a pair of shoes to Payless. My DH and I usually do an ab tape together 2-3 days a week, and I always forget to post that too. better get back to posting. Other than that, not too much going on. I am going to make dinner here soon, and try the pumpkin cheesecake...can't wait!

Deb: As far as the pretzels...I couldn't find the ingredients listing, but finding the nutritional info. was enough to steer me clear of them. Although they have 7 grams of fiber -vs- their ordinary pretzels 2 grams, they have a ton of sodium 1120 mg -vs- 620 mg. They have 10g sugar -vs- 7g. The fat & calories and cholesterol levels are all higher. Since I don't eat them often enough, I will just stick with the regular ones that I like.

Country: Sorry to hear about those scales going up. Maybe if we instill our "good" habits into our children, they will grow up to be neat too. I don't mind messy from time to time, but clutter drives me batty!!

Quilter: Glad you are getting back on track. I hope the steroids help your dog. When I was a child, I had a Collie that was born with hip dysplasia and we had to have him put to sleep at age 7. We probably should have done it sooner, but kept hanging on. It was so tough for me.

Kitty: You can have Triscuits.

Jack-K: We usually do our Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We always get our tree Thanksgiving weekend, especially when Thanksgiving falls late, like this year.

Toni: I will post the recipe for the crust in the morning. I will taste the cheesecake tonight, and if I think it is worth posting, I will post them both.

Sef: Sorry DD is giving you headaches. I hope it all works itself out soon for you. As far as the pretzels, you should read my post to Deb above. Thanks for the Monday Funnies....loved them.

heart: If you are 5'8", you probably are not too far from goal weight, are you? Yea on 176#!!!

Well, better run and get a few things done.

Have a great evening!
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I'm having a really bad headache since after lunchtime. I guess I'll take some aspirin. I wonder if it's the sugar emptying out of my cells!
It's getting cold here in Atlanta. Lows in the 40's...Brrrrr I'd rather be sweating! I need to move to Tampa or Miami! I'm going to crank up the heat and go to bed early! I think that's why I gain more weight in the winter because I tend to hibernate.
Who cares! It feels good to wear my Winnie The Pooh flannels and get into a warm bed and sleep for 10 hours! I don't sleep in clothes. I always did until I met BF, he insists on being nude all the time that he's not outside the house. It took a while for me to get used to it. I grew up wearing clothes! He grew up with his sisters running around in their panties & bras. People don't understand why I sweat when I spend the night...I'm not used to wearing clothes in bed! I know! TMI, TMI!
I did pretty good today on the plan. I did find some candy in my purse leftover from Halloween. One smartie and one pc of butterscotch. I ate the smartie and attempted to eat the other but it was so sweet I had to spit it out. Nasty! Ewe! I've always been a butterscotch lover.
This is what I ate today:
B-2 oz. each of milk & oj, 3 oz. bb lite 85 stwby yogurt & 4 oz. applesauce
L-turkey breast on ww w/ lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard & 2 slices dill pickle
S-spinach dip w/ crackers (about 12)
D-broccoli w/ cheese, zucchini and smoked sausage in salsa
S-1/2 cup carb smart chocolate ice cream
Check in tomorrow.
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Default Happy week 10-15

Thank You, I was lucky 20 years and I never had to go in vietnam,I always think of our service people as this is the hollidays coming up and believe me I spent many of them away from home.

Sef: Yes your place sounds wonderful and thats the way I want to live, unfortunately my wife is a big shopper and cramps her style.
Yes I think humor is whats makes life exciting. It helps people from taking everything so serious you add stress to your life.

Greenrn: can you believe those Cowboys, won again and they do not have a very seasoned team.They have been my favorite team for 25 + yrs. But I have to admit when, Buffalo, Giants play I secrectly root for them.

I sure hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season, this is the time of the year when I get real generous like tip the waitress 20- 25 % or but gifts for the gift tree at church, buy a bunch of toys for the salvation Army and wrap them and drop off at one of their locations. Say extra prayers for peoples needs. Try and be more cheerfull around people. Every year I say to my self is it not a shame I could not do that year around, still working on that one.

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Ola amigos and amigas!

Hope everyone is well today. Finally able to get on the board, that's only because ALEX showed up and MICHAEL finally got off the computer the first time since he walked in the house!:

Hungry today - totally OP but eating more than I should. I guess it has to do with TOM coming in soon Speaking of food...I was at Target yesterday and they had some new apples I had never heard of called SONYA APPLES-if you see them, get one, they are delish! They are a cross between a gala and another type - so sweet and juicy!

Oh, if anyone needs a copy of the pianostripper mpeg, just LMK and I'll send it to you. I had lost my copy and thanks for SEF, she sent me another. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? If you're daring, I'll send it upon your request Many of you have seen this "piece of work" before

Not much to tell about today, just ran some errands with DM. Will hop right in to the replies...

CHERYL, I thought on SOBE you can't have breading? Did I miss someting? Well, whatever, as long as you are feeling better now, that's what's important. What does DD want to do after she gets out of school?

COUNTRY, okay, for us dumb city folk, would you please explain what the heck an 8 point is? Will look for the PS Pro. I remember you said #6 was good. I'll keep my eye out at the garage sales. I don't think I'd use it enough to justify spending more than a couple dollars on it.

TRISH, thanks for checking in. Hope things settle down for you soon.

CHRIS, glad to hear the pitas worked out well for you. LMK when you do make the tortillas. How's your GM???? Sent you a better copy of the piano guy, but it came back for some reason.

QUILTER, geez, does it take a stick of dynamite to get you on here??? Lord, call out the troups, that's an understatement. NARDA and I were going to come find out what was going on, that's a lot scarier than troops being called to come get you! Sorry to hear about Maddie. Try to get on when you can. I second what JACKK said!!! WE MISS YOU!

KITTY, if you can find them, I personally like the Barbaras Wheatine Crackers. I would ask MONET what can be found up in your area. Some people like the Ry Vita, I got some great crackers similar to them at IKEA that were from Sweden, but both those I wouldn't eat plain, whereas the Barbaras I would. The headaches are normal and it is from the detoxing of the refined crap-good sign. Don't let the cravings get to you, they too shall pass if you are experiencing them. Hope BF has a nice bod since he runs around in the nude all the time. ELI, thankfully, doesn't do it outside the bedroom-that's more than enough for me! Oh, I love butterscotch too, esp. on ice cream - caramel is good too

JACKIE, it's hard to stay OP at events such as a wedding and I think you did fine. Esp. with you getting to the gym this weekend, I sure wouldn't worry if I were you. Hope you're back is feeling better!

JEC, I forgot to mention, I called you yesterday and got that dang message again!!! Weird that I keep getting it. Any ideas Can you call your cell phone company and ask why this may be happening?

TONI, did you get the e-mail ???

SEF, I so wish I could help you in your situation within the family. I think your DS is so worried about you because, as it seems from an outsider looking in that you seem to want to have a better relationship with DD (which no one could blame you) that you're willing to do anything, even at the expense of your feelings and you being hurt and it seems it keeps happening time and time again. Your DS sees this and doesn't want it to continue and is probably saying this out of his love for you. It probably bothers him just as much as it does you. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I was DS and I saw the way my DS was treating you, I'd probably feel as such. Hope you don't mind me throwing in my 2 cents
Oh SEF, thanks again for sending me the piano man, I've had a ton of smiles watching it today

FILLISE, your recipe sounds good, pretty much like the one I make, but mine uses artichoke hearts instead of oysters. Can't use oysters since MICHAEL doesn't eat them and there's only a few foods he can eat during TG dinner, this being one. I even make it with veggie broth. Rissa's site also has one on there, which I did copy long ago on to this board. Should I ever want to make this, ummm, fresh oysters? Are you suppose to cook them first? What kind of flavor do they give to the dish and how would it be if you were to leave them out?

BOB, glad to see you were finally able to get on the board. Wasn't able to get back on the computer until now so couldn't reply. Hope you get all caught up with your work. Just called yesterday to congratulate you on your teams win over Suntan U

KEN, I think that's the Harry's that I met MONET at when I was there last year. I use to love Harry's when it was Harry's. They took away some of the things that made me like it, like the feta and spinach pies. I still like going there but my heart still belongs to Trader Joes! I use the Stevia in packets, it too is expensive, but being the shopper I am, I get it for $3.99 a box right now, compared to $6 a box and up, not too bad. You can check on line for it too.

HEART, please watch yourself and see, if you continue to feel weird, go to the doctor. Are you drinking enough water? Eating enough? Not doing one or the other or both can do that to you as well, but it could be something else, so be careful.

PANCHO, are you SURE it says 7 gram of fiber? Sounds like a lot to me. I wasn't able to find their website to look.

DAVE, HAPPY VETERANS DAY! You are a very giving man - good for you, it shows us even more of what a great person you are

If anyone is interested in some of the archived recipes for the holidays, just click on the link below and scan down the page.

Okay, I'm outta here. Will check in tomorrow morning!


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Good Evening, everyone!

The dinner tonight went well. The group inhaled the chili, dabbled at the biscuits, and made short work of the salad. They ate about half the cakes I took- a praline chiffon cake with caramel icing and a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Yes, I did sample the cakes. I was bad enough to even eat one of the biscuits, made with white flour.

The meeting afterwards was strange for me. After some teaching time, the pastor had us break into smaller groups to pray, but due to the nature of what we were to pray about, he suggested finding people you knew well enough to be open with. Everyone quickly split into groups and as I looked around, I realized I did not know anyone in the room very well, and no group seemed open to me to join. My head felt like it was buzzing and I was trying to decide what to do when one of the staff members..a woman...seemed to notice that I was alone. She came over and we made a group, but it just felt so like fourth grade, and I was the only one without a partner.... As soon as I could, I disappeared into the kitchen to help the administrator clean up and carry stuff out to my car. I hate that feeling of being alone when you are in the middle of a large group. Anyone know what I mean?

I went to the doctor with Ruth today. She has the same metabolic problems I have...hyperinsulinemia, low T3, positive ANA antibodies. He gave her a few medications to take. When she got home, her husband looked them up on some internet site and did not like what he read. He does not want her to take them, and she is feeling rather frustrated about the whole situation. She is going to follow the doctor's orders about diet, and will start on SugarBusters immediately. We went to lunch to day, and I gave her an indoctrination lecture. Hopefully, she will do well on it.

I am going to go put on my nightie and climb up in bed and read for a while. I need some down time.

Sweet dreams everyone!
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Good Evening to All,
I had started writing earlier and my comnputer froze on me. So I had to start over after I got back home. I wanted to put this article on earlier in the day, but, it's better late than never. So here goes, it meant a lot to me, hope it does something great for you.

Make Up Excuses Why You Can - By Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, MCC

We all have excuses as to why we can't do something. Ask anyone and they can give you a million excuses why it can't be done, why they haven't moved forward on their goals, and on and on. Making up excuses takes a lot of energy and time. So since, as humans, we seem to enjoy making up excuses, I have a great idea. Lets make up excuses why we can.

Since we all are experts in making up excuses, we won't need much training in this area, just a shift of focus. Instead of focusing on what we can't do, lets focus on what we can do. Instead of coming up with all kinds of excuses why it won't work, lets focus on why it can work. Get the idea?

Instead of focusing energy on excuses that don't serve you in moving forward, make up excuses that inspire and enthuse you to do what you want to do. Excuses like "there is no time like the present, I am old enough, I am just the person to do the job, I know all the ways it can work." Actually, there are an unlimited number of excuses as to why you can. Be creative and think of as many as you like.

Coach Lee is a Certified Master Coach specializing in working with business owners and professionals in being more profitable and productive while staying sane and balanced. Coach Lee is the publisher of the award winning e-zine, 365 Days of Coaching, because life happens every day. Visit Coach Lee at her websites <> and <>. True Direction, Inc. Copyright

Debbie ~~ I, too, am sorry for the hole in your couch, I know your heart just sank. Hopefully I can repaired. Sometime when it rains it really, really pours. I happy that Lauren is doing good on her diet and I am rooting for you that she will switch to SB, which I truly believe will be easier for her because of you having done so great on it. Hang in there baby girl. I didn't know that you had your stomach stapled, was it for weight loss?

I must get some rest now. I really got behind when I had to leave earlier. Will be back in the morning to get a good head start on the postings. have a good night everybody...

See ya Later,
LJunel (slim and Healthy)

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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


DEB- I can't believe you don't know what an 8 point is! It's the points on the antlers of a deer. The more points(bigger), the better. As for me, I eat more than I should lately, and I drink more water than anyone else I know, so I know it's not related to that.
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Eek!!! I go to the office for one day and look how many posts. How am I ever going to keep up. What, you people must have the internet at work. I don't have that luxury.

I emailed Deb this morning so I guess I should share what I am so happy about. TOM is here which is not so great but not so terrible either. What I am happy about is that I bought these pants on Friday night (size 12) and they fit great so I bought them. They are from Ann Taylor and I'm a petite and it is so hard to find pants that actually down down to my ankles and not to the floor. Anyway, when I put them on this morning, I couldn't keep them up. Now I have to return them and get size 10 which hopefully will fit since they don't have in between sizes like an 11. I weighed myself yesterday and I sware the scale hasn't moved but my pants fit so loosely now. Something is happening to my stomach.

I actually was a bad girl tonight which I am very ashamed of. I go to this Divorce Support meeting and they had cake and tortilla chips. Well my blood sugar level dropped and since I have TOM I craved chocolate and well, (gulp) I had a slice of cake. I feel so horrible. I told myself I wouldn't do that and I did. My TOM always gives me cravings and they are so hard to fight sometimes. Tomorrow I will be a good girl I promise.

Night all!

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Default Trully a Real Keeper!!

I just had a get back here to post this, it is so touching that I didn't want to wait until tomorrow.

~* keeper*~

It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy.

All that re-fixing, reheating, renewing,

I wanted just once to be wasteful.

Waste meant affluence.

Throwing things away meant you knew there'd always be more.

But then my Mother died, and on that clear summer's night,

In the warmth of the hospital room,

I was struck with the pain of learning that

sometimes there isn't any 'more.'

Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up

and goes away...never to return.

So...while we have's best we love it.....

and care for it ......and fix it when it's broken.....and heal it when it's sick.

This is true.....for marriage.....and old cars.....

and children with bad report cards.....and dogs with bad hips.....

and aging parents.....and grandparents.

We keep them because they are worth it,

because we are worth it. Some things we keep.

Like a best friend that moved away --

or -- a classmate we grew up with. :

There are just some things that make life important,

like people we know who are special.....

and so, we keep them close!

I received this from someone who thought I was a 'keeper'!

Then I sent it to the people I think of in the same way.

Now it's your turn to send this to all those people that are "keepers" in your you!!


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Okay, 2nd day in a row. I hope none of you pass out and hit your heads on your monitors. Just trying to get back into the habit. One thing I've done is turned off that damned tv in the morning. Geesh, that stupid machine can suck you in and waste so much time.

I just had time to skim. But saw some welcome backs. Thanks! I wish I was as faithful as all of you. JACKK, you were cracking me up, but you are SOOOOO right. I need a good tongue lashing to set me straight. Keep on me, girlfriend. Yes, DEB, you and NARDA would be scarier than the troups. I certainly don't want that to happen. Although I think I would jump for joy if I ever opened my front door and you two were on the other side. Paul would go running because NARDA would be pinching him the minute she saw him. Ha!

I was down a pound this morning. Thank God! I think I have two more to get to my lowest. Do any of you ever feel like you lose your organization about this project. The first half of the year, I was journaling everything and keeping track of my weigh ins. And lately, I haven't done that at all. I did buy a new little hard back blank book and I'm thinking about using it to get my focus back and going.

Better run. Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning you all. Wow made it through a day. Each day as it comes is so important. I'm determined to do this.... We're supposed to warm up a bit today and get rain tomorrow. So we're going to let the wood stove go out so we can clean the ashes.

Sef- Your veterans poem was so beautiful. It made me teary eyed to read it. Don't you just hate the back and forth pull you get from your family. And always trying to please. Knock on wood mine has settled down to a slow roar!! I hope things go well for you...

Fillise- Thank you for the recipe for the dressing. I am going to try to make some at Thanksgiving and if it turns out good I may make some at Christmas too.

kengjw- I have to pay 4.80 for an 8 oz. bottle of Agave. So I try to be really frugal with it.

Bob- We make cornbread and sausage dressing in my family. But think I will try a ww one. Of course we're going to my sisters and if it doesn't turn out I can always eat the real one. LOL.... I would really like to try a legal dinner including the pie...

heartmom- Sorry you're not feeling just right and hope its just a thing you're going through for a few days. Ut oh DH will have to get that deer especially since he missed or he'll never live it down. Deer season doesn't start here till next week.

Pancho- Thanks, I'll be looking forward to the almond crust. Yum that sounds good.

kittykat- I love to see other peoples menu, it always gives me an idea of what I'm doing wrong. And what else I could make.

SuperDave- It really sounds like you're a good and generous person. Hope you're doing well.

Debelli- Yes I got your e-mail, thanks so much. I didn't catch it till this morning cause I go to bed really early. I sent my menu I forgot I ate a blue bunny sf ice cream bar. Thank you so much for helping me.

Monet- I sure know what you mean about being alone in the middle of a crowd. I'm shy and once I get to know you pretty well I'm okay. But it always brings me back to my school years as a shy little girl when I get in a situation where I'm uncomfortable. Maybe thats why the internet is so good for me. Your cakes sound out of this world... Ummmmm.

agape- Your motivation was really good. Thanks for printing it... Don't you just hate when the computer freezes!!!

mom2jared- Wow what a wonder inspiration about those pants.. I'm sooo happy for you!!! Way to go.

Quilter- Woopie great to see you posting again!!!!!! Congradulations on that pound!!!

Well I think its getting time for me to have some oatmeal.... So off I go and will check in later........
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Height: 5'6"


Good Tueday Morning.

It is nice here today, 59 now and going almost to 70. Strange weather in the Ohio Valley.

Got in our walk. DH insists on increasing it. I was getting bored with our route so he worked out another one. This one has hills and boy my legs are sore today. We have to cross a busy street, but I guess I can live with that. The end of ithe route was too dark so we need to alter it a little. It was only .3 miles more but I could tell it and it seemed like forever. Took us 1 hour.

Question: I looked for the Blue Bunny ice cream in Wal Mart but could not find any SF. Does it say SF on the carton? Do they have both kinds. I did get the yogurt. I like it a lot better than Krogers.

Need to get busy so on to replies.

Toni, are you having a not so busy day? That's when I find all I want to do is eat. I have to find something to keep my hands and mind busy. I would like to try the ww stuffing too. Except my DS does Thanksgiving. Myother DS is doing SB too so I might make a few things and take with me. Glad you made it through yesterday. One day at a time. That's not too much to ask.

Sef, we have all said it before, you are not the dysfuntional one and your DD's problems are not due to something you did or didn't do. I agree with your DS, go to FL with them, let DD come at your convenience. Sorry you had such a bad night. I hate when your mind just won't quit working, especially with bad stuff. Hope tonight is better for you. Thanks for the jokes, loved the one about the boobs. The Veterans poem really touched me.

Fillise, thanks for the recipes. I hope to try them.

Bob, we were thinking alike. I made a crockpot full of veggie soup too. It wasn't too bad either. Is that Jack Daniels sauce legal? I thought it had too much sugar.

Heartmom, Do you take a multi-vitamin? Hope you are feeling better.

Pancho, we ususally put oour tree up on the Sat after TG. Friday is a shopping day. DD's birthday is Dec 6th and she likes the tree and decorations up by then.

Kitty, take some asprin, it will help. It is detox. Hope BF doesn't eat in the nude The rest of the time would be ok.

Dave, Happy Veterans Day! What a generous man you are. You have such a wonderful outlook on life. I hope you are very contagious.

Deb, I want to meet that piano man in person Thanks for the link to the recipes. I will check them out.

Monet, my heart broke for you when I read your post. How alone you must have felt. I'm glad someone opened up to you. It was her gain as you have so much to give and are so wonderful. Man I'm starving now that I read about those cakes. I don't blame you for tasting them. Sorry to hear Ruth has similar problems. Now you will have to be a SB inspiration to her. Do you mind posting your ww pie crust again?

Agape, really like the execuses piece. Thanks.

Mom, Congrats on your too big britches. Isn't that a great feeling. I think I like that more than the numbers on the scale.

Kim, yes I almost passed out when I saw your post. If you only have 2 more pounds to gt back to your lowest, you have been doing great w/o us. yes that TV can suck you in quickly. I have to have mine on for noise i the morning, but I catch myself standing there watching instead of doing what I'm supposed to do. ARe you still making jewelry?

I'll check in later.

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Morning All

No school today, so kids are home. MICHAEL just woke up and LAUREN'S still sound asleep. Not sure what we'll do today

I've been bidding on a comforter set for MICHAEL on Ebay for a while. I had done so long ago when I had seen it in an ad at MACY'S and then lost the ad and had forgotten about it. Found the ad as I was cleaning up and started to look for it again. I even saw the set at MACY'S over the weekend, at $279.00. Anyhow, I finally got him one, brand new but missing one of the shams, no big deal I think, with shipping and tax, since it's in FL it was $74.59. It's a really cool looking set, something weird, like him. Check it out (click on link below)

MONET, okay, spill the beans, how was your praline chiffon cake with caramel icing? This is something I would SURELY blow this WOE to try, OMG, it sounds delish! I would of felt bad too if that would of happened to me, I was always picked last in school because of my size, I'd of felt it was happening all over again. Good luck to RUTH on SB, she's lucky she has you to look up to and guide her on this WOE

AGAPE, thanks for posting that article, it was awesome!!! Yes, I had my stomach stapled oh, almost 20 years ago-gosh, it's been a long time. Lose weight, sure did, and gained all but 40 back!

HEART, it's not like we have deer down here in Miami, other than at the zoo. I hadn't a clue, what do you want from a city gal?

MOM, I see you have small downslides that don't have to happen if you plan accordingly. When you go to a meeting and know there's going to be food and/or you're going to be hungry, pack something to take. Ditto with shopping. You can keep things in your car that don't require refridgeration in emergencies. Remember Tillie Tooter? I always joke, gawd forbid it happen to me, that I'd be just fine, I always have food stashed in my car and could eat for days. Same with my suitcase. I always tell ELI when we go on a trip that should we crash in the wilderness and survive, grab my suitcase, we can eat for days with what I usually bring home from trips - all about planning, my dear

QUILTER, of course, we'd love to see posts from you on a daily basis but do what you can, when you can and you'd be surprised how often you can get here, even if it's just a quicky. I'm so glad to see you are only a couple pounds above your goal. For not being on the board for so long, that's great!! You'll be back down and below that before you know it. Yes, BOB and I knocking at your door, scarier than you think and NOT something you'd want to happen if we were coming to search for you Now, if it was just a regular visit, that's another story Yes, BOB does have a love for pinching the opposite sex - ELI even feels her wrath when she's not here - I get instructions to pinch him for her! Yes, I get just like you mentioned - we get comfortable and sloppy, it happens to the best of us

TONI, thanks for e-mailing the menu. We'll get you up and losing again, it's really not all that bad.

JACKK, yeah, yeah, just rub it in! I'm dying of the heat and you have just the weather I'd love to be in right now. I'm not sure about the BB SF ice cream, something I rarely buy, not easy to find near me, which I guess is a good thing Yeah, I'd like to meet the pianoman too - he can tickle my ivories any day!

Okay, I'm outta here for now, will check in later today.


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