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agape3737 11-16-2003 12:06 PM

Good Sunday Morning,

I had one of those Debbie nights. I didn't sleep that great last night, kept tossing and turning and waking up. I will make up for it today. I can't afford to be sluggish with little ones being here later today.

I have to run off to Flint today, however, I should b/b in about 3hrs. Not going to shop, but going to get a much needed med. I like seeing what kind of supplement they have on sale (don't consider supplements) shopping.

Bob, Thanks for the recipes, surely want to try them. Loved the carb counter also. I put in my ww bread carbs which had 18 carbs, however, the CC indicated 15.5, I said to myself simply wonderful.

Monet, I love seeing Miss Bell pic. I used to dream about tornadoes. Always trying to get to one of my kids and not being able to. That's when I was living in MS. The wheather is rainy but not too cold at this time. We had snow flurries this past Friday. Hmmm, wonder when the big wind fall will occur.

Mom2, What can we say about some people, sounds like a jerk in the first degree. Probably doesn't have any friends with an attitude like that.

Sef, I can imagine how disheartening that was. That's really bad...

Deb, Man alive, I wish I lived closer to take some of those avocadoes off of your hands. I like putting them in my eggs(just a tad bit). My bro eats avocado sandwiches, haven't tried those yet. TJ's prices are great too, considering the quality of their foods. I read in Montignac's book that we could have basmati rice and maize (not hybrid), can you tell be what you think. If we can, will you please help me find the maize? I called World Market and asked if their corn meal was made from original maize and they said it was non GMO. PLEASE HELP! I get the basmati at TJ's. Would you believe that I tried to find a store in Mexico that might would have non GMO MEAL! I even went to Mexican stores to find it, all of their meal products came from TX. Debbie I heard a man of tv state that his wife is French and they spend several months in France because of her family and he loses weight eating the sauces and everything, but as soon as start eating here, he gains the weight back. It really makes me angry the CRAP they try to feed us.

Well I'd better be making a move before it gets too late for me to go to Flint. B/B later.


cherylco 11-16-2003 12:11 PM

Wow Deb good for Michael on his SAT's!!
I know how important those are because those scores can really help get a nice scholarship!
My DD just took her PSAT's. haven't got scores yet. She made high honors at school this marking period. Finally! She dropped Spanish after 2 years of crappy teachers and that's made a world of difference in her average.
I blame it on the teachers cause this kid has taught herself to read and understand Japanese from all the Anime she reads and watches. She's had to learn to sing in sing Italian. has no problem. Anyway is Michael planning on college?

I'm a daily weigher also. It helps to remind me that I gotta stay on track!

Welcome to the board!

BOB glad you found the source of the stink! eeewwwww! Thanks for the Chili recipe, I'll try anything I can cook in a crock pot :)

I went to my cousins yesterday for her daughters b-day. I hate my cousin cause she's a good cook LOL I always eat to much whenever I go to her parties! I did ok except for the 8 chocolate chip cookies, piece of chocolate pudding pie. Well that was pretty bad huh? hee hee
Oh well had a great time anyway.

Fillise 11-16-2003 12:38 PM

Good Sunday Morning
Morning all!

I am happy to report a great visit with Monet and her DD and friend yesterday! It was so much fun to show the girls campus and visiting with Monet! She brought me the most gorgeous roses from her garden! They look beautiful on my dining room table and so far Miss Belle has not decided to knock them over (she has thing thing about wanting things up high to be down low). I did get to introduce everyone to Belle, but she is very shy and soon wriggled out of my arms and crawled uner the bed. Now that Monet knows where I am I hope she will visit again soon!!!! (Nah--I won't have to move--I'd love to have you!)

Monet's visit was definately the highlight of my Saturday--to put it bluntly the football s****d!

Monet--congrats--the Dawgs looked great and we were not up to the challenge! My NC STate lost in Fla State in a double overtime. But that loss was easier to take since State played hard and was in a position to win at the end of the game. AU was never in the game and that is unforgivable!

BOB--Only UT and LSU cooperated yesterday. On behalf of AU--my apologies--but I told you what happens when you root for Auburn!!!!!

Deb--Contrats to Michael on the fabulous SAT score!!!!! Even if he did scare you to death telling you about it! Sounds like you got rid of a lot of stuff yesterday--good for you! Try Ruby Tuesdays--the salad bar is great and with the new menu there are may more options. I think we should try to support cooperative restaurants!

Better go it's almost time for the race to begin!

Have a great day everyone!

THE BIG ORANGE BABE 11-16-2003 01:24 PM


As USUAL.....I was in a dead sleep this morning and was awakened by the DUNGEON MISTRESS!!! I always have to tell her that I was awake (not that she cares!) but just not up yet.
We had a good chat, and then we performed surgery on her Mom's DVD player...we lost connection during the surgery, but she called back and told Kate that we had SUCCESS!!!

It's beautiful here today...79 degrees, but NO HUMIDITY!! I'm still
celebrating my teams win from yesterday, but without the cooperation that I needed from AUBURN and SC, my dreams of
being on top of the SEC EAST were doused! Oh well, maybe we'll still get and invite to the toilet bowl at the end of the year!

I've really enjoyed the OSBOURNES tapes...the first year I was able to get the censor off and it made it more real. I'm now watching the second season, but can't find the spot to turn off the censor.
I just love LOLA the dog...she's such a cutie...

No plans for the day here...I've got a touch of the back door trots and am crossing my fingers that it's not the virus that's making it's way around my office. Can't afford to miss any work because of that damn computer saga!
I do have to do my weekly laundry, got Kate's done yesterday, so only mine is left.
I've taken out some filets (beef) to fix on the grill for supper. Have some sweet potatoes to throw in the oven to go with it.

SUSAN...don't fret...it's just not meant to be this year..I can only hope that next year will be better. GATOR will probably do well in the standings, and
THEM DAWGS will take it all! DANGIT!
Sorry we can't do the AUBURN - UT game next season. Maybe the next time. I completely understand your delima with the elections. I still want to come up and spend some time with your and MS BELLE...maybe we can work that in. Maybe DEB can scoot over and the two of us can come up for a weekend or something. Enjoy your day...be a slug...I am!

JACKIE...I know that everyone has to lose every now and then, BUT VANDY????? I hope you've got your head in the sand...if you don't have any, I would be glad to send you some! :lol: I can tell you this though....the CATS vs VOLS will be a heart stopper! I so wish that I could come up for that one!

AGAPE...so glad you liked the links...that calculator is a GOD SEND!
I've used it countless times..the lady who developed it is a vegetarian and uses it daily. She's lost a lot of weight doing low carb veggie...and that's a hard thing to do since their whole life revolves around carbs!
That chili recipe is the way that make chili in TEXAS...CHUNKY!!
Can't wait to try that one. I have another one that you might like.
Cincinnati Chili...it's got chocolate in it! If you've never tried it, you will love it! I'll dig it out and post it.

MONET...So glad you had a good time. It was a good time to visit the Hamlet since the colors are still visable. I've never been to Auburn, but have seen pictures...I'll get there one day!


I'm missing so many of you, but please know that I'm thinking about each and every one of you!

Gotta go


YellowRose 11-16-2003 01:34 PM


I can't seem to get motivated about getting things done around here. I need to unpack the boxes that we had shipped and start to get ready for our visit to Galveston. I did manage to get my hair cut...twice and a manicure and a pedicure.

I was at a Kroger's and they carry SB bread. They were out but I will go back to try again next week. They carry the bagette as well as the SGWW sliced bread. It is nice to be so close to several big grocery stores.

I have been watching what I am eating but I have not been recording it.

Deb: Yes, DH does, indeed, dream about the avacados. I am sorry that you have been having such trouble with sleep as well as that terrible headache. Do you have them often? Did you get the sofa fixed? It wasn't that wonderful one in the family room was it?

Monet: Lucky you getting to see Fillise as well as Miss Belle. My "girls" seem to be picking up a bit of weight since we returned to Dallas. Mom cat had gotten down to 5 pounds and I am happy to report she is up to 5 1/2 now. We have been giving them some Digestive Tablets and they seem to have increased their appetite. They did very well with the travel this time. I think they know what to expect now.

Hello to everyone and welcome to the new comers.

Bev 11-16-2003 02:14 PM

Sorry for the long post*******

Hi everyone, well I thought Iwould tell you all alittle bit about myself. I moved to High Point, NC after my husband retired from the Air Force. We were stationed in North dakota and I wanted someplace warm so we moved here along with my parents. I am originally from New Jersey ( and I sure do miss it there). I have been married for 14 years and i have two kids (that drive me crazy sometimes).

I am been battling my weight since my son was born 6 years ago. NO matter what I tryed nothing worked for me. I would exercise and diet until I was blue in the face and the weight still stayed on. About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS( irritable bowel syndrome) and about 5 months ago it got really bad. When I would eat certain foods I would be in such pain that I would cry. Well it took me awhile( just this month) but I went to the dr and since I have IBS so bad and my medication was not working he suggested a low carb eatting plan like south beach diet. Well I already had the book so I thought I would try it ( I had already tryed ww). I stayed on it for a few weeks but it didn't make me feel any better so I thought I would play with the plan until it fit me and my lifestyle. The dr also mentioned glycemic index. So I did some research and I played with my eatting plan and I was not as nausea (sp) as I had been so I thought there was something to this way of eatting. Well I was talking to some one and she said that my eatting plan sounded almost like Sugar busters. So I went to the library and picked up the book and decided I can do this. So here I am .

I have also been on the TOPS board, Curves board and ww board. But now this is my home.


mom2jared 11-16-2003 06:55 PM

Thanks for the replies Deb and Agape.

Agape: The friends that I went out with last night are a married couple and ever since my divorce, I have been sensing some distance with them. Maybe because they were friends with both my Ex and I and now that we are apart, they feel it is uncomfortable. I am now meeting some single people that I can go out with because I just don't feel comfortable around my married friends anymore. I would rather be alone than be with someone who doesn't feel comfortable around me.

Deb: Maybe you and I can meet for lunch one day.

Okay guys, I have a question. I have no idea why but the scale is stuck. Is this as far as I am going to go? I haven't gone back to any of my old habits and following the plan. What's up with that?


Rosalie 11-16-2003 09:02 PM

Hi Everyone

I've had a good couple of days of eating and those extra pounds are beginning to come off. I was down two pounds this morning. For lunch to-day I had a minute steak and some green beans and for dinner I had a chicken and veggie wrap. I was trying to duplicate something I had in Kelsey's a few days ago. I fried up some onions, red peppers, zucchini, tomato and chicken breast with some seasonings. I put it in a ww tortilla, topped it with some cheese and baked it in the oven for about 30 minutes. It was very yummy. And I have some chicken and veggies left over for lunch tomorrow.

Debbie - Sorry I won't be able to make it to the get together in February as much as I would have liked to come. But it'll be just a month after I get back from my Florida vacation and I will have to try and build up the bank balance again before taking another trip. :). Thanks for the offer of putting us all up in Miami but I wouldn't do that to you - there'll be six of us travelling together - as much as I would like to visit with you again. I also don't know exactly what we will be doing once we get to Bonita Springs apart from taking a trip to the Everglades. Congrats to Michael on doing so will in his SATS. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonite.

Toni - Glad to hear you are getting out and about a bit more and the weight is beginning to come off. It always makes life more pleasant if you have a friend to do things with. Hope you can keep up with the walking.

Jack-K - I agree that FitDay is time consuming but I do have lots of custom foods entered already so that makes it a little easier. I'll probably only do it for a few weeks again to see if I can get things moving in the right direction.

Pancho - Hope you enjoyed your anniversary dinner.

Mom2jared - It's not unusual to reach a plateau and for the weight loss to stop temporarily even if you are staying op. I was on a plateau for a LONG time before I started to lose again. Are you eating enough? If you are not taking in enough food the metabolism slows down.

Fillise and Monet - Sounds like you had wonderful visit together.


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