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Angry back again

Hi again,
Debbie, the jokes cracked me up. I have already printed them to read to my mom. Oh my goodness you have an avocado tree. Does it produce good. Avocado can cost as much as a buck/fifty here. I appreciate what's in them, omega fatty acids. Glad you found someone to do your lawn. In your opinion, is Wild Oats comparable to TJ's? Sue up loaded the gifs for me, still don't know where I went wrong. I asked her to explain to me where I missed it (just an update).

Jack-K, I won't decieve myself. When the time is right. along with doc's help, I will see what's available naturally to replace tradional meds. I have begun some of it now. I will definitely not be a nut about and hurt mysef. I would advise anyone to do it with the help of a well versed doctor. Have a good time tonite.

Pancho, I tried to posted this for you yesterday, but was unable to. So here it is today:

:-) better late than never, in some cases! Tea is beneficial.

Jecrites, yes indeed, it was terrible. It is a lot better today. It was a first for me, too (winds) in this area. That is hurricane strength, they said so on the news.

Well I have to go now and so I can get dressed and feed the baby.

Will be back later, if not tonite in the morning.
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Height: 5'8"


DEB- Liked the redneck joke, and it's sad but I know people who can relate! Also, Boogie and I enjoyed the Made a Poop trio,lol. As for the speckled butter beans, they were frozen. I really don't care for them. I ate about 1/2 what I had on my plate. To me they taste like dirt. Doesn't matter how you fix them. I like butter peas and baby limas though.

I weighed again(yea, I know, but it's a habit that's hard to break) and it said 174. I hope it sticks! I think it's going down because I've been watching my starches and portions. PANCHO- I'm actually pretty regular with my exercise, I try to get in at least 3 days a week, but aim for 5. If I get less than 3 days, then I feel "guilty." But it's been known to happen,lol. I've gotten in either 3 or 4 days this week. My yard sale is tomorrow, so I doubt I exercise. I'll TRY to squeeze in a tape on Sunday, but being the weekend... Alright, I stink so off to the tub I go!
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Good Afternoon! This will be a quick check in. I am beat! I need to fill up my mug with hot tea and chill out a bit.

I did have a talk with my boss. I told him I felt the asst managers behavior was unprofessional and that I thought Friday next week should be my last day. He was floored. He talked me into waiting it out a bit. He told me he wanted to let me come in the next week, and do whatever I wanted, so he could see what all I was capable of. I did tell him he was not using my abilities and gifts to his advantage. I have a degree in art education and could teach the whole department some of the stuff he would like for us to be doing, like rolled fondant and stuff like that. I told him I would think about continuing and would let him know my decision next week. Now that he knows I will leave if things do not change, I imagine he will do something about it. I will confront the asst manager next week, and hopefully that will go well. She needs to learn to be more professional in how she treats her employees. I suggested to the manager that he only schedule me the days she is off. I will talk it over with Tom tonight and wait until after my meeting with the pastor on Monday afternoon, before making a final decision. If the pastor wants me to take on more of the arts ministry, I am going to quit so I can have the time to do the ministry. I know with the holidays coming, the bakery really needs me, but I am not going to let that influence my decision.

I am pleased with myself...the cake is still on the table, but I have not touched it for two days now. I am feeling encouraged. I have a doctor's appointment on the 24th, and I hope I will be down a pound of two, or he is not going to be happy with me!

Ok, off to chill out. I got two new books in the mail today, from HALF.COM, so I am going to go drink hot tea and read! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Hi y'all. Hope everyone's having a good day. I'm still doing good. Yea, me!! I even passed up the birthday cake in the teachers' lounge today. Dennis and I are going to Longview tomorrow to shop for a new dishwasher and do some Christmas shopping. MIL is keeping the kids.

QUILTER: Glad your dad didn't have a heart attack.

MONET: Hope the job situation works itself out.

DEB: Loved the jokes!

Gotta run. Sorry I didn't get to you all, but it's time for the kiddies to come to class.
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when you cry...
no one sees your tears.

when you are in pain...
no one sees your hurt.

when you are worried...
no one sees your stress.

when you are happy...
no one sees your smile.

But FART!! just ONE time...

And everybody knows!!
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OH...MY...GAWD.....It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL over here! The temp is in the high 60's, the sun is shinning but not hot, and best of all....THERE IS NO HUMIDITY!!

I've already *****ed and moaned to MONET this afternoon via email, so I won't bother y'all with the computer saga! It will get better next week because our Boss will be back in the saddle! The Managers have been manning a 24hr help desk since we went live, and she hasn't been around
at all! She wants to sit with each of us to see what we're doing, and that's fine with me, cause I really thing that I'm missing an important step to the process! SO...I'm looking forward to next week....

Kate told me last night to remember that she had to go to the Dr today at 3:30pm....I hurried and got my work done, came home, and IT'S NEXT FRIDAY THAT WE GO!!! oh well...whatcha gonna do????? Just means that I got home early

I read an interesting article about laxatives last night. Suggestion is to use RHUBARB CAPSULES
instead of OTC ones. Said that it actually helps better, and of course if better for you. I had to go to the HFS and pick up my peppermint oils so I looked for some. The little store where I go is a discount HFS, and they carry just about anthing that you want....EXCEPT WHAT I WANTED! They did offer to order it for me, but I hate for them to order a case and then I buy one bottle and they don't sell anymore. So I'll check a few more of the stores here in town before asking them to do that. I also found a pair of cool gel foot put them in the fridge or freezer for a short time to get them cold and then strap them on your feet to ease the burning sensation. My DSIL
loves anything to do with pampering, they were half price, so I got them for $7.99 and will put them in her CHRISTMAS BOX
They had a lot of stuff marked half price in two shampoos etc but I've got a closet full of stuff that I don't use now, so there was no use in getting them because they were a good deal.

Kate wants WENDY'S CHILI for supper, so that will be an easy fix.
I'll run down there around 5p.m. and pick that up for her.

No good movies came out on DVD this week, so I'll have to dig for something to watch tonight...

Tomorrow, I've got to clean out my den. We've developed a terrible closed up smell out there from not using the rrom, and my PEST MAN was here yesterday and I had him check just in case there was something (mouse) dead in the attic...he said there wasn't anything dead, and to pick up moth balls and scatter them around to absorb the odor. I'll open the windows and turn the fan on full blast to help it along.

MUSIC....Good going girlfriend on passing up that cake!

LAURIE.....SHOOY....I smell you all the way down here....soap up good!

DEB.... GOOD LUCK WITH THE YARD SALE TOMORROW!!! Glad you got that grass mowed...You ought to put ELI'S big ARSE out there with the mower as punishment for forgetting your birthday! That would teach him a lesson!
I'm so glad they voted RYNO off last night, but I'm afraid they will start to attack THE FISHERMAN and I don't want that to happen.

CHRIS...DOn't you just love this weather...I'm just afraid it won't last...I'm ready for more cool weather! Glad to hear that your DGM is home...

SUSAN...{{{{{Sorry about your friend}}}}} We've lost about 7 people from our class, and it's hard...
I'll be watching the game tomorrow...My
GUYS play MS STATE so none of the channels want to waste their time with that one!

CHERYL...that pizza sounds so good...I take it the crust comes from TJ'S?? We have a place here in town that makes nothing but WW crust for their pizzas and it's one of the best!!!

PANCHO....I'm rooting for KELLY JO as well. I just don't think a relationship with the whiner would last..I think he was truly sorry for letting Mary go...but she was pushing for the kidlets to come right away and he's just not ready for that! Can't wait for next week's show...should be interesting! that stress....I know what you're talking about..I've been there myself!

JACKIE and JEC....have a great weekend!

Hope I've not missed anyone...I've got to get off here and do something productive!


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Gotta hurry and get this posted. Boss has something he needs to go out tonight. Of course it is 4:45

Hope everyone has a great OP weekend. I will miss talking to you all all weekend.

Jecrites, glad you got the homework thing worked out. Don't buy too much at the grocery.

Trish, congrats on the 1 pound loss even with all your stress.

Pancho, sure hope DD doesn't get sick and ruin your dinner out. If it is just a cold, they could probably still keep her couldn't they? I didn't end up taking the bread, as I had bought 2 loaves at the store, and DH went through one of them and when I went to get out the bread it was smashed and in funny shape. It is still edible, but I would not want to give it to someone to use. I just counted the rye bread as my 2 carbs for the day. How sweet to get roses. I haven't gotten them since we were dating (31 years ago).

Cheryl, a big woo hoo for you on those 2 lbs. Just a little more and you will be out of the 200's. Keep it up.

Fillise, Congrats on doing such a good job at the party. THe white bread won't kill you and sometimes you have to do that and if you count it as your starchy carbs, it should be ok. Sorry about the loss of your friend. It is important to take the time to keep in touch with friends,even if it is just a Christmas card.

Chris, glad your GM is home and doing well. Lots of kids tends to be too loud for older people (even me). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your BUCS this weekend. Have you had the bbq goldfish. The girl at work has them. I snuck 1 and they are great.

Bob, what a nice treat to get home early on a Friday. Enjoy the games tomorrow. UK SHOULD beat Vandy but GA and TN are questionalbe.

Music, good for you passing up that cake.

Monet, hope you come to a good and right decision for you about the job. Enjoy your weekend.

Have a good one!

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Old 11-14-2003, 05:37 PM   #173  
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Angry The weather is much better today..

but I think it is still going to be cool tonight. This morning, dh and I went to a nearby HFS. There have quite a lot of things but no Agave. The lady said she can order it for me but I need to know the price first. For some reasons, she couldn't find it in her file so she will call me back to let me know how much. They have other natural sweeteners such as Stevia, date sugar and fructose. Does anyone use fructose now? What about date sugar? Are the okay for SB?

I have just finished making two salads to bring to church tomorrow, a cucumber salad and carrot-raisins salad. They are for our local firemens, about 200 of them but we are just helping to feed them tomorrow. A neighbor called me earlier to tell me something really important (that was what she . She informed me that one of our neighbors up the block will be having a garage sale tomorrow and that they(she and her DIL) can't go but they are sending me over to check out what they will be missing. That neighbour who will be having the garage sale have 4 girls and a VERY nice house so they think I might be able to find some nice stuff for Jess. ...LOL. Anyway, I am looking forward to it.

Actually I meant to check in quickly but ended up babbling more than I A friend called a little while ago to ask if she can come over later (with her dd, who is one year older than Jess) which will be a little late when she arrives. I was reluctant but I think she needs a place to go since she is in the middle of a divorce. to go tidy the place and I hope to catch up with all the posts tonight if I didn't crash
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music teach
Good job passing up that evil cake!

BOB yup love my TJ WW pizza! We do have a place about 20 minutes from here that makes WW pizza, will have to ask them if it's real WW and not unbleached. I'm finding a lot of stuff claims to be WW but ends up unbleached WW!

You guys down south are finally turning off your AC's. Up here in Connecticut morning temps are in the 30's and daytime is like 40's. Here comes winter!

Got a Friday Funny. One that might help keep ya'll away from chocolate kisses:
A little tip for all of you Hershey Kisses lovers

Ever wonder how Hershey makes those chocolate Kisses?

Well, it's the little Chocolate Elf that makes them.
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Couldn't stand it....had to go on down to BLOCKBUSTER and scrounged around until I found some movies...


I was really digging, so I'll let y'all know how they were.

Getting ready to climb up in the four poster and I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend! I've got the windows open, and the breeze from the ocean is GREAT!! Right now the temp is 70 degrees, but it will dip down to the low 50's overnight.

I'll talk to y'all tomorrow!

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Thumbs down Good Evening!

I just got in from a Mary Kay party. Didn't intend to buy anything--came home with $150.00 worth of stuff!

From the "it's about dadgum time" file: I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's today. I can do well with their salad bar and a bowl of Cheddar brocolli soup. On the table they were advertising an extensive low-carb menu. They had WW tortillias for fajitas and other suitable menu items. They even advertised a low-carb cheesecake with a nut crust (though I didn't get a chance to ask anyone if they used sugar). So maybe the world is FINALLY starting to pay attention to us!

BOB--Hope you get that computer system down soon! Auburn plays UGA tomorrow so it's a big game and then next Saturday is Auburn-Alabama. The Rvs will start rolling into town tomorrow night after everyone leaves Athens and this place will be a zoo all week. If it weren't for the game I'd leave town this week!

Cheryl--I'm going to think about that little elf everytime I'm tempted by one of those Chocolate kisses!

Keng--get the agave if you can! My favorite sweetner after that is Splenda. I've tried Stevia but didn't like it. I know Deb uses it so maybe she can tell you how to use it. But the agave does better than anything I've tried.

Jackie--You are right about keeping in touch. I've spent a good portion of the day talking to old friends from grad school that I haven't talked to in years. It's like we all felt the need to reconnect today.

Monet--what 's the plan for tomorrow? It sounds like you had a good talk with your boss so I hope it all works out. It would be great if you could actually use your talent!

Heart--sounds like you are still doing great and the scale is still moving down!

Deb--Thanks, I did find out more information. There isn't going to be a funeral. His family is only about 3 hours away so I would have tried to make a service if they had one.

Got to go get all this gunk off my face! I wear a mineral make-up so all this heavy foundation is diving me nuts. Didn't buy anyof that--just the stuff to wash, tone, moisturize, firm, lift, etc. You know me--always searching for the fountain of youth!

Have a good day everyone!

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Default Good evening!

I didn't get to exercise again today...but at least the boy's room is clean. I should get hazard pay for this job. I am going to have to adjust my eating though if I don't become more active. All the extra weight is settling in my stomach. It's the best guage for me to know about my true weight.

I made the best experimental meatloaf tonight. I used ground turkey and ground wild pork. It was wonderful. I ate too much but it was worth every bite. I hid some cheese in the center of it. And gave it a slightly Mexican flavor. Yum Yum. I don't have my walking buddy anymore. I can't seem to keep em.....LOL I wear em out I think.

Susan...I'm so sorry about your friend.

Deb...hope your sale goes well.

Poncho..I'm like you. I have to weigh everyday. It is too easy for the weight to sneak up on me.

Bob...LOL on your Friday funny.

Music..WTG passing on the cake.

Monet....awesome taking up for yourself and letting them know your talents and strong points. Praying for you as you make these important decisions about work and church.

HeartMom...I love fresh speckled butter beans. We can't get them here in Texas but I ate them grow up in the Carolinas. I like the big lima beans also. But for some reason can't stand those little green limas. Moma loves em with ketchup....bleck....LOL WTG on the 174.

Howdy everyone else!!!!!!!!!! Each of you is important. I'm just running out of time as always.

Also I'm attaching one of my newest sunset pictures. The sun was so bright it was hard to take but it came out so nice. If I attach the right one...LOL If not the pretty dark one will be attached.

Love and hugs,

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Do you THINK SOMEONE out there has it in for me not to get a good night's sleep

It's 1:48am, and I've been up for almost an hour now. Hoping to get back to sleep, but right now, adrenaline is flowing...

MICHAEL came in to my room and woke me up out of a truly sound deep sleep. At first I didn't know what he was saying, he was so excited, but whatever he said wasn't registering, I wasn't coherent at all. All I could say was "is your sister home?" "I don't know! Mom, I got 1500 on my SAT'S!" That's what he woke me up to tell me - those SAT'S he took a couple weeks ago, he had been wanting to break 1500 and he got exactly 1500. He got a perfect score on the math 800 out of 800 and 700 out of 800 on the other part. He went up on both areas from the last time. THAT was what he couldn't wait to wake me up to tell me. Of course, I was as excited as I could be in a dead persons way, but all I could think really was "was LAUREN home?" She had a Quince (Latin party for a 15 year old for all the other gringo's out there) and she said it was over a midnight, here it was after 1am and he went to check, and she wasn't home. Of course, I got worried, called her cell, no answer, girl she was with left her cell phone at my house. MICHAEL said it had rang. Decided to see if I could find the girls mother's number to call and there was a msg from the girls mom looking for her around 12:30am - of course, I was panicking. Called LAUREN'S cell phone again and got her this time - party was running on Latin time and it went later than expected, but she'd be home soon - she just got home. So now, the blood is pumping through my veins, I've sent both kids to bed (had to pry MICHAEL off the computer) and now, I will try to get a few hours of sleep if I'm lucky. ELI'S getting up around 3:30am, so let's hope either I don't fall asleep and get woken up by him, or that I don't just lie there all night long.

So, there's another night in the saga of "WILL DEBBIE GET SOME SLEEP!

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Default Hey!

Saturday Morning---Hallelujah, we made it to the weekend. Nothing scheduled until church tonight, so we are taking it easy today. Besides it's cold and rainy so that means no yard work. Aw shucks! Besides everything else going on with my Dad being sick, we scheduled for Paul's uncle to come stay with us for the weekend. He has mild mental ******ation and lives with Paul's mom. She wanted to go to a music teacher's conference in northern OH and asked us months ago if he could stay. He's not any trouble and loves being here. He is diabetic and knows what he should and shouldn't eat, but will go off the wagon if no one is watching. So I have to keep an eye on him. He will just gorge himself and then lie about it. At least that's what he does with Paul's mom, but I think he's on his best behavior here. She probably gave him a good tongue lashing if he was thinking about pulling some stunts with us. He's pretty funny and loves Maddie.

I will try to answer a few personals:
CHERYLCO—those recipes you posted sound wonderful. I can't wait to try the mashed cauliflower. YUM! Thanks a lot!

COUNTRY---Thanks for the prayers. You are so wonderful. I'm glad to hear that trying a new tactic is working for you. Hang in there. You've worked too hard to give in now. Keep going!!! We are all cheering you on!!!!

AGAPE---Those winds sound so scary. We were in Akron a couple of days ago and that's pretty close to Lake Erie and it sounded like we were in a wind tunnel the entire night. The town of Wooster had a tornado (at this time of year!) and the Rubbermaid plant lost its roof. Hold on to your hat! And don't wear a dress in that kind of weather. I sure am hoping my DD comes to the same conclusion as you. It's just such a shock and so scary. He feels very weak right now. I'm hoping that he has time to get better and stronger. Thanks for your good thoughts!

DEB---Paul and I are watching Survivor and like you, were holding our breath for Rupert. I like him so much. I think he's probably the most popular person ever to be on that show. Did you know that Lil is from Cincinnati? I'm not all that crazy about her, but she seems like a person with a lot of integrity. Thanks for your thoughts about Dad. I didn't get a report from my bro yesterday. So will call later today to see what's up. I wish Dad would get in a regular room so that we could call him. CCU does not have phones in the patients' rooms. I thought of you and your Dad being so sick this year. It's really tough to see your parents in that situation.

JACKK---I know that I wish I could give Dad some of my extra girth around my hiney. He weighs 132. Wow, I would love to be that thin. But of course, it's way too thin for him. He and my mom eat like birds. They will split ONE ENGLISH MUFFIN. My wonderful SIL is going to make them eat more. The morning we were up there, she poured my mom some cereal and filled the bowl. Of course, Mom was saying that's too much, but she finished the bowl. I think they still have leftover fears of the depression and being so poor. Must keep that pantry full even if it means going hungry a little bit.

JECRITES---Why do your girls get out of school so early? Is that normal? I love that feeling of just coming home from the grocery and having everything you wanted. Of course, my dingy brain usually misses a few things. As long as we have milk and yogurt, I am okay.

PANCHO---I'm with you about weighing daily. I need to keep on top (no pun) of it and keep my brain wrapped around that number. If I miss for a few days, then I'm not as focused. Keep up the great work.

Well, that's it for me. I think I hear Uncle Chris up down there and he probably wants to breakfast. He can make his own coffee so that will hold him over for a while. He's a coffee freak! That and Diet Mountain Dew. Paul and I are so cheap that we buy the Big K pop from Kroger (SORRY BOB) because it's just as good, but so much less in price. Well, UC refused to drink the Diet Citrus Drop. We had to stop and get him some of the real stuff. I think I'm going to do a taste test with him later today and see if there really is a difference. We like to give him a hard time about stuff like that. He loves the extra attention.

Take care you all. Have a GREAT weekend.
Warm hugs,
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Hi everyone, If there is room for one more I would like to join your group. I am totally new to SB. I was on another board here and I was telling them what I was doing and they told me to check you guys out. Well I went to the library and picked up the book so here I am. I look forward to talking to everyone

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