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I worry I will be up 5lbs or more from where I am now. 0 0%
I believe I will have lost 1-2lbs from where I am now. 0 0%
I hope I will have lost 3-4lbs from where I am now. 8 33.33%
I expect I will have lost 5-10lbs from where I am now. 6 25.00%
I trust I will have lost more than 10lbs from where I am now. 3 12.50%
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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


Gotta make this quick- just poppin' in to say HELLO! Oh, and I'm at 175(my low). Funny how your weight can flunctuate like that from day to day. I hope it sticks this time,lol. I did my 3 mile again today(skipped yesterday), and my resistance belt broke! The band snapped in two. I have 5 pound weights but that's too much for the tape. Guess I'll have to pick up a pair of 2#'s and use that in place of the belt,ugh. I'm getting cold, so I need to light the heater. Yesterday was over 80 degrees. Today the high was 60 and the low tonight is 32! Big difference. Hubby is self employed(construction) and they don't have anything to do since yesterday. So I guess I will have my yard sale this Sat, so that I can put the money towards bills. I wanted to use it on XMAS,oh well. ALright, gotta go..
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Default Hapyy Thursday Everyone

It is just about 6:00 p.m. here and my family is finishing dinner. We tend to eat separate meals in this house because my husband and sons have very active metabolisms and can eat just about anything they want - at least right now they can. I believe that my husband's metabolism is slowing down a little because I have noticed a few little love handles that were never there before! I'm just not sure if he would ever be able to handle a "restricted" diet since he has never had to worry about it before. That is where I am envious of you, SuperDave. Congrats on getting your wife to share SB with you! I fly a solo act over here at our house when it comes to dieting and watching what I eat. Perhaps that is why I am attracted to your board . . .

In any event, thank you all for the warm welcomes and great advice.

DEBELLI - I don't know for sure if there is a TJ's around my area. I will have to check it out on the internet and find out. Distance doesn't really bother me too much - I am always up for a road trip.

JACK-K - If I can't find a TJ's around here, I will most certainly use your tortilla recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. My husband and I like to have "chips&salsa" and some QT time every now and again after the little guys go to bed. I would hate to have to miss out!

PANCHO - Thanks for your advice on the exercising. I believe that both you and my doctor are right - variation is a good thing. In fact, I will be doing several floor exercises and lifting some weights in a little while - as well as a little walking on treadmill. However, I'm not doing this everyday - just every other day. Additionally, happy anniversary! Yes, ten years do fly by very quickly. My husband and I just celebrated our 12th last month. We try to go away every year (just the two of us) for a night or two. This year we went to NYC and had a great time.

Okay - that is it for me. Going to grab my 1 cup of pasta and the fresh scallops I picked up today for dinner and then get in my work-out clothes. I hope all of you have a great night - stay grounded - the weather over here is quite windy as well . . .
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Unhappy Cold and windy

Wonder how long will we have this weather. Jess and I went outside to play for few mins and it was too cold so we had to get back in.

jecrites : I have too much hardwood floors to use the Swiffer so I only used it on small area like bathrooms and spot cleaning. Do you sweep the floor beforehand? I checked out the link and you are right, there are all kinds of response and lots of scarsm in their feedback. I wonder, have they read the book? Often, when we only based our judgement on a little portion, in this case some sample menu, we make wrong judgement. I do agree with some posters that I am surprise margerine is in the menu. I haven't read the book (SB for kids) but I am imagining that it should have the same based as regular SB. DD and dh eat what I cooked and most of the time, legal SB way. I don't see why there is a problem with it...afterall it is healthy and delicious! Also, some complained that the amount of food in the menu is too little and their kids will starve. I look at it and I think to myself, how much do they actually feed your kids? Anyway...just some observations. Btw, I post regularly on ivillage and I stay away from debate boards because they get very nasty and often unreasonable.

Monet : Sorry your boss is so unreasonable and inconsiderate. Hope he realized his mistakes and treat his employess right. Whatever you decide, wish you all the best! Oh, I just realized that the Harry's you were talking about is the one in Duluth where my friend used to stay. I will have to plan a trip there again but don't think it will be soon though. In the meantime, I will search if I can get hold of some sample of Agave around my area.

jackie-O : Thanks for looking at dd's website. She is definitely an entertainer in the house. I laugh so hard everyday just watching her. Just for your record, I once told dh that I am not sure if dd will be safe with me because there were many times, I wanted to "eat her up" Then again, any babies are not safe with me...ROTFLOL!!

Toni : Looks like your day has been very productive. Mine wasn't much and dd and I stayed at home. Monet told me that I could get Agave in Harrys' Farmers Market in north of GA so I will have to go there but since it is a little far, I might not get there until weeks later. So, I am definitely going to visit some nearby HFS to get a taste of it.

Got to go...Jess is up to
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Going to jump right in to replies...

TONI, I think it's wonderful that you have someone to walk with and if you're feeling good effects from it already, I think it's even more wonderful! I'm thrilled and delighted to hear the scale is moving in the right direction. News like that makes my day

JACKK, I always joke with MICHAEL that when I get old and feeble and need help, he'll be saying "Mom who?" I just sent the kid to bed, where I feel I should be. He's just pooped beyond words and doesn't know when to stop. He use to be able to get right up in the mornings, now, he sleeps through his alarm. Thank goodness his DM gets up every morning and makes sure he's up already, or that he should be I'm glad you came aboard too - as I said, I can't imagine the boards without you. It's not for everyone-some just want quick answers to questions and aren't in to stuff like this, but for those who are looking for more than just questions, our board just can't be beat!! Hey, you never know when DD will do something, I did, it took me almost 40 years, but I did - hopefully it won't take her that long. I just hope, for LAUREN'S sake, the slow losing won't discourage her. So far I think she's doing great.

KEN, I've heard about the whey low but haven't really checked in to it. Will try to do so tomorrow and see what I can find to make an assumption. I don't think it can be fructose from milk, milk sugars are called lactose. I'll let you know if I get any info. WOW, I can't believe they're charging that much for a 4oz bottle of agave - highway robbery!

WOOD, Hawaii, sounds devine. Never been there either. I'm sure you'll have a great time!!

AGAPE, sounds like you've sure had some wicked weather up there!

DREW, I second that, bravo on your determination Keep it and you'll get to your goal. Thanks so much for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD. It was a pleasure to learn more about you

PANCHO, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 10 years - a milestone!! Hope DH treats you right You are so lucky not to be a comfort eater-wish I could say the same

CHRISD, seeeeee!!!!!!!!! Told you! Can't let the ups on the scale discourage you, it doesn't help the situation at all and as I always say, just be patient and it will go right back down. Will talk to you this weekend, I'm sure

JEC, would love to talk. Since you have all those minutes, call me! I e-mailed you the info, let me know if you don't get it. If you tell me what day you could call on the weeknights I'd be sure to be up at 10ish, if that's easier than the weekend. Hope you can get a LD call out on that stinkin phone. I like what you wrote on that website!

MOM, sorry to hear that not only are you feeling bad, but that you're having a/c problems. Well, the only good thing is that it's going to be cooler tonight and not hotter than the dickens out there. If the carpet is really wet you need to get someone to come extract the water, otherwise it's going to ruin your carpet and possibly the walls and probably start to stink. Hope you get it resolved.

KEN, thanks for posting the website, sounds like a great place to stop. I forwarded it to my parents, they love going to Atlanta ( I was conceived there ) I think I may have a small sample packet of agave in the cupboard. If you e-mail me your snail mail addy, if you'd like, I can send a sample.

MUSIC, good job!!! Thanks for checking in!!!

MONET, okay, I had to think for a minute, what the heck was a humpty dumpty sandwich - I've never heard it referred as such! Good luck with the mgr tomorrow, I hope he apologizes long before you say anything. Sounds like they have some *****y people working there and I sure wouldn't be able to take being treated badly. Good for RUTH for giving him some of his own medicine! Hey, since FILLISE isn't going to LA, we need to find an alternative to get you there. Have you thought of any ideas? Can we pick you up somewhere?

JACKIE, crawfish pie? Okay, I don't think I will be trying any of that when we come to LA! Doesn't sound too appealing to me.

HEART, glad to see you down to your low - 1lb away from being under 175, it's a big breakthrough to get under 175, and you're just about there - gung ho!!!!!!
Good luck with your garage sale Sat., I'm having one too

SUZY, we all eat at different times here too. LAUREN eats whenever and whatever, MICHAEL eats constantly and is vegetarian, ELI works weird hours and eats whenever he comes home and me, I eat whatever I can easily find that I don't have to really cook. I'm such a bad cook, I don't like cooking even for myself. With everyone wanting something different at different times, it's no wonder I hate cooking!!! Have you ever been to TJ's? Gosh how I wish they'd come to FL!!!!! Lots of great stuff there.

Time for survivor to start in a half hour - going to clean up the dinner mess.


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Hi y'all.

I think this is the latest that I've been on in a long long time. Hubby is working late because they started an exercise. I hate those dang things! They just had one a few weekends ago.

I just found out that the kids get out of school early tomorrow. I wasn't too happy to hear that. Now I have to plan my day around all 3 of them instead of just Autumn.

Ok, now for a couple of replies, then off to clean up what's in the kitchen.

Keng, I understand about hardwood floors. We used to have them, and I have to say that I don't miss them at all. They are pretty, but man I hated the whole house having that! I have to sweep before using the swiffer. With 3 kids in the house there's always a mess in the floors. My kids definately don't starve on SB! I was telling a friend that she should get on it, and she said that she didn't want her kids to lose weight since they are already skinny. I told her that they won't be loosing weight, they'll just be eating healthy and that my kids haven't lost weight eating this way. The only reason I posted on there today was because they have no clue what they are talking about, at least those who have only seen the "menu", and they kind of made me mad.

Deb, Yeah I got your e-mail and I sent one back. I'll have to try to remember to give you a ring. It's a little easier to make calls on the weekends then during the week because most times I forget that I was gonna call someone until it's too late! I haven't had a problem calling out, it's the calls coming in that don't always get through. That website, well, I just get so disgusted with people who have no idea what they are talking about. I really wanted to tell them all off, but decided it was better to just stay calm and tell them that there's nothing wrong with feeding children this way, it's healthy.

I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.

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S/C/G: 285/210/130

Height: 5'1


Loved the "in the beginning"

Yeah Dave and wife of Dave!! Great loss.

Do you have a wet vac or borrow one for sucking up the water?

I ran across that site yesterday was going to post but forgot, am going to today!

I don't know what I'd do without Trader Joes
Here's the link to their store

The wind is unbelievable today!!!
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Well, the saga of the WWoB gets worse. After I left today, she proceeded to complain about how I did not put out enough strawberry shortcakes. (she insists on putting out like 8 of them, even though they consistently throw out like 7 of them as stales!) Her line on the whole thing was that I did not listen to her, or the manager! She was complaining about me to my daughter, of all people! I don't understand why she is such a B, but I was so mad when Ruth told me about it, I was ready to let her have it! Unfortunately, she doesn't work tomorrow. She is so two faced! She was talking to me today, and telling me all about her son, and his cancer, and her mother and her recovery from a stroke, and then as soon as I leave, she is shredding me to other employees! How unprofessional can you be? Tomorrow, I will be giving my notice- with or without an apology from the manager. No one should have to deal with a manager bad mouthing them for no reason behind their back. My guess is she is jealous that the other employees like me, and look up to me as a kind of mother figure, and in addition, I am not cowed by her. I have better things to do with my time than deal with this kind of crap!

JACKK: I don't think I have been terribly unhappy, but I do admit the job has been less satisfying than I had hoped it would be. Its been since this new asst. manager came that I have really been thinking of quitting. I like the money, but we can get by without it. Maybe something else will come along that will be better for me....

TONI: A humpty dumpty sandwich is scrambled eggs, and melted cheese. I used to call it that to entice my kids to eat them when they were young. They became family favorites, and are still referred to as Humpty Dumptys. Organic eggs were on sale this week, and I stocked up, so I am eating a lot of eggs!

DEB: I am working on Tom. He is thinking a trip to NO for a long weekend sounds kind of fun. If that doesn't work, I will go to plan B. I could try and ride the Crescent, which goes from Atlanta to NO. How are you driving? Along the gulf? I need to look at a map, and see what interstates go that way!

PANCHO: Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great day! And don't worry about your parents keeping your kids. You made it to adulthood, right? At least they are experienced!

Ok, I am going to go chill for a while. Good night everyone!
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Thanks for all of the advice regarding my leak. My Dad came over tonight and inspected my floor. He helped me take the carpet off of the floor and we put it outside to dry. He told me to go to Home Depot or Lowes to get some powder that you put on carpeting to get the stink out. He also looked at my A/C unit and said that it was definitely a blockage. Service America screwed up and instead of coming today like they were supposed to, I now have to dedicate my Saturday to them. Oh well, at least I won't have Jared and won't have to worry about him not having the A/C until they come. My cold is getting better so I guess things are looking up. The scale is also going down which makes me thrilled. I was 145 last Monday and now I am 140. What a difference. Hopefully it will continue in that direction.

Night all!

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Height: 5'8"


hey, guys. "settling" down for the night. Supper was pretty good. Ate too late though. About an hour later than usual. Had baked chicken, speckled butter beans, and my squash casserole. I think I've kept my starches around 2 today(finally). Not much too say, going to visit the ABC site and "browse" for Xmas ideas.

Chris- Told ya, you would be back down. Weighing in the afternoon can make a huge difference.
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Thursday Night---

We just got home from the trip to see what was going on with my dad. I'm glad to say that he did NOT have a heart attack. He has a bad valve that needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, Dad does not want to have surgery. And he's pretty scared about the future. The cardiologist is great and is not pressuring him. Another blessing is that Dad does not have to make thiis decision immediately. They think the meds will keep him okay until he can get his strength back and GAIN SOME WEIGHT. Yes, my dad is TOO skinny. But he's also 81, so that's kind of typical.

Sorry I can't catch up with the posts on here. I know that many of you have sent encouraging words and mentions of prayers and good thoughts. Thank you all so, so, so, so, so much!!! It's very comforting to know that all you wonderful people are sending out virtual hugs!

Take care.
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S/C/G: 285/210/130

Height: 5'1


I forgot to post these 2 recipes:
This is the mashed cauliflower one I have:

1 head of cauliflower, trimmed, washed and cut into chunks
Cream (low fat) or sour cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Steam the cauliflower until well-cooked. Add 2-3 tbsp. of butter and mash it up. If you like it a little chunky, use a potato masher or a mixer. If you like it very smooth, use a stem/wand-type mixer. Add cream, a tablespoon at a time, until desired consistency. Salt and pepper to taste.

Variation: Twice-baked not-potato casserole. Add grated cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, a beaten egg and put in a casserole dish. Broil until top is browned.

I also made this with sugar free jello and it was yummy!!

Pumpkin pudding
1 pkg (5.1 oz) sugar-free vanilla instant pudding and pie filling mix
1 can (12 oz) fat-free evaporated milk

1 can (15 oz) pumpkin pie filling
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Beat together pudding and milk. Refrigerate 5 minutes. Mix in pumpkin and spice. Refrigerate 10 minutes.
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Hello Again,
Oh my goodness, the wind gales in the surrounding communities were unreal. Flint had 83 mph WG, 3 towns has 60 mph WG and we had 57 mph. Limbs and leaves are everywhere. A tornado did touch down further north, don't recall what town. There was also a lot of power outage, my daughter's was off for a while, it's on now. Come to think of it, mine was off, too, but was on when I got up, clocks and microwave was the tell-tell sign. In spite of everything, I'm feeling great. Temp here is 32, with a WC of 21, that's pretty chilly!

Jecrites ~~ In bad wheather, I have a heart of graditude. I just look around me and say Thank You.

Pancho ~~ Happy Aniversary to you and yours. Hope you have more spectacular years ahead.

Toni ~~ You should've seen my front door entrance. Leaves were evrywhere, at least 1/2 foot high. It is a real mess. I'll not even try to clean up until Sat., we were have the winds and it would just a waste of time and energy. 47 is nice to me .

Jack-K ~~ Reuben's are one of my favorites, yum! I take way too many meds to my liking. I have strong feeling that when I am down to size, there will be a lot less I'll have to take. Hope you enjoy your outing.

Mom ~~ Just noticed that you are from MS. I was born in Chicago, but grew up in Greenville when I was knee high to a duck's tail, up until '77 when I moved to this area (Det./Waterford). My mom still lives there. She has tried to get me to move back there. I can't stand the heat now. I like colder climate. My mom keeps me posted about the wheather.

Debbie ~~ I saw Oprah today. It was amazing, wasn't it? I e-mailed you a little while ago. I am checking into the Whey Low when I finish here. Just got your reply, we are here together.

Y'all I'm really getting sleepy now. I'll plant cha now and dig ya later.
Have a good nite all.....

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Post Whey Low..


Here is the website for Whey Low. After reading the info, I am still not sure what exactly Whey Low is made of? I know it is natural and it has lotsa health benefits and taste like sugar?? Maybe you will have a better understanding than I do especially when I speed read all the time. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Okay Debbie, I just went back to the website and check on the products and found what whey low is made of...fruit sugar, table sugar, and milk sugar. It really sounds great but still want to know what you and anyone thinks about this. Thanks.

Last edited by kengjw; 11-14-2003 at 01:34 AM.
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Default Sending love and hugs...

It is so past my bedtime. But I wanted to sneak on here before I got even more behind. I did pretty good on the starchy carbs yesterday...just a piece of toast for breakfast and ...sssshhh don't tell some of those little orange crunchy lowfat cheesnips that torture me from inside the cabinet. The kids just had to open them. But seriously it's okay. Over all I'm eating more and exercising less and it's working. The scales were back to the same weight they've been for the last 4 months.
I didn't walk today but spent an hour and a half rearranging the living looks so good now. Tomorrow I will walk for my 3rd time this week.

Poncho...I hope you had a blast this evening.

GreenRN....I hope you had a super B-day and it carries over into tomorrow. I think everyone should have birthday weeks.

ChrisD...woo hoo...glad the scales were kind to you.

Kim..I'm glad your daddy didn't have a heart attack. He is in my prayers.

Heartmom....Yeah on your new low!!!!!!!!

Monet...sorry your boss is being such a toot. That is not only rude but unacceptable to hang up on someone. Hopefully he will be remorseful tomorrow and let you know how sorry he is.

JackieO....maybe the food besides not being SB friendly was just really salty and the weight is water.

Howdy to all the new people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I didn't give you a proper howdy. I have been one busy beaver this week.

I'd like to get in a few more replies but it's late and I'd better get.

Love and hugs,

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Default Morning All

I just wanted to give everyone a quick hi and wish you all a great weekend. I have a long day at work today and am going out to play Bingo tonight with my girlfriend - so I wasn't sure if I would be able to get on the board again today. I work in a law firm and have about 4 new clients coming in, so that always makes my day kind of busy - but on the good side, makes the day go by quickly.

Cheryl - Thanks for the link to Trader Joe's. I checked it out and under the "coming soon" heading was a store in Hanover, Mass. - which is about an hour or so away from me. So, I was very excited and am looking forward to investigating all that they have to offer. I think I'll ask my mother to join me when I go - she is the one who introduced me to SB a few years ago. My mother, sisters and I are all a bunch of short Irish munkins who have always had to watch our weight. We have tried every kind of diet from ww to the zone to atkins, etc. - but somehow SB seems to be the best for me and my mother likes it the best also.

This will be my first weekend back on SB and I am facing it with a strong form of courage. I have two little boys - Ryan who is 10 and Daniel who is 7 - and (as I am sure most of you can relate) have me running here there and everywhere - which means we usually eat on the run. However, this weekend's calendar is light and I plan on writing out my "menus" for the weekend tomorrow morning and hopefully sticking to them. I find that journaling everything that I eat is very helpful.

Okay - hope you all have a great day! Will catch up soon -
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